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IJLP Articles

Effect of non-genetic factors on milk production of Holstein Friesian × Deoni crossbred cows

September 2013

Author(s): Zewdu Wondifraw, B. M. Thombre and D. V. Bainwad

Causes of village chicken mortality and interventions by farmers in Ada’a District, Ethiopia

August 2013

  The research was conducted in Ada’a district of the Eastern Shoa Zone, Ethiopia. This study was undertaken to investigate the major causes of chicken mortality under village production system and the intervention measures by farmers against the major causes of chicken mortality under village conditions. Data were collected through structured questionnaire from 180 households. Simple random sampling...

Author(s): Selam M. and Kelay B.

Market weight and carcass characteristics of intact yearling afar goats under semi-intensive feeding management

August 2013

  This study was conducted at Werer Agricultural Research Center with the objective to investigate the effect of diets on growth and carcass characteristics and to identify the economic ration and duration required to meet the market body weight (25 to 30 kg) of Afar goats under semi- intensive feeding management. Grazing goat kids were supplemented with a concentrate mix composed of 75% Leucaena leaf (LL) hay...

Author(s): Endashaw Terefe, Yibra Yaqob, Kidanie Dessalegn, Abebe Tafa, Ashebir Kifle, Weldegebrel Gebregziabher and Weldegebrel Tesfamariam

Feasibility of household broiler production with the use of hay box brooder in Ethiopia

June 2013

  In Ethiopia, chicks are raised by broody hen, the success of which depends on the prevalence of predators. Hay box brooder was successfully used to raise layer type chicks. In this study, a total of 270 cobb, 500 broiler chicks were used to evaluate the brooding performance of electric, modified and existing hay-box brooders of 30 chick’s capacity, in completely randomized design. Chick mortality,...

Author(s): A. Getinet, D. Solomon and D. Tadelle

Non-linear growth models for Beetal goats

June 2013

  The data were taken from the “Enhancing of Mutton Production through goat breeding” a Project run at Livestock Production Research Institute Bahadurnagar (Okara); the growth performance of Beetal goats were compared by statistical non-linear models, like Exponential, Gompertz and Logistic models. These models were based to obtain the best fitted model by following the criteria of mean absolute...

Author(s): Shakeel Nouman and Yasir Abrar

Evaluation of the fertility of broiler breeder cocks fed on diets containing differently processed sweet potato tuber in a humid tropical environment

June 2013

  The high cost of poultry feedstuffs has led to the use of tropical root and tuber crops to formulate the balanced and low cost poultry diets. However, utilization of feeds compounded from roots and tubers has been low due to some identified anti-nutritional factors such as cyanide in cassava and high sugar levels in sweet potato which cause diarrhea in chicken. Furthermore, the few studies done on them have...

Author(s): Etchu K. A., Egbunike G. N. and Woogeng I. N.

Reproductive potentials of rabbit does fed diets containing processed cassava peel/blood meal mixtures

May 2013

  A study was conducted for 12 weeks using sixty crossbred (Newzealand white x Chinchilla) female rabbits to investigate the effect of  feeding  cassava peel/blood meal (CPBM) mixture (3:2) on their performance. Ten experimental diets were formulated with diets 1 serving as control. Diets 2, 3 and 4 had 10, 20 and 30% inclusion of ash treated  CPBM mixture (ATD+BM); diets 5, 6 and 7 had 10, 20...

Author(s): Ojebiyi O. O., Farinu G. O., Babatunde G. M., Togun V. A., Oseni S. O., Shittu M. D.  and Amao O. A.

The application of animal welfare standards in intensive production systems using the assessment protocols of Welfare Quality®: Fattening pig husbandry in Northwest Germany

May 2013

  The increased requirements for animal welfare have raised the need for a comprehensive on-farm assessment system. This paper is a first step to analysing the reliability and feasibility of the on-farm welfare assessment with regard to the animal-related measures of Welfare Quality© in intensive fattening pig husbandries. Based on the 2009 Welfare Quality® assessment protocols for pigs, six analyses...

Author(s): D. Otten, E. Annas and H. F. A. Van den Weghe

Nitrogen and phosphorus management on pig farms in Northwest Germany – nutrient balances and challenges for better sustainability

May 2013

  The study analyses the nutrient flow of nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) on six intensive pig farms in Northwest Germany over a period of 5 years. The study investigated the farmers’ management of nutrient flows associated with intensive pig farming, focusing especially on the management of manure. It could be shown that in intensive pig production, high performance and performance-related feeding...

Author(s): D. Otten and H. F. A. Van den Weghe

Carcass and physiological response of broilers fed dry heat treated mango (Magnifera indica) kernel based diet

March 2013

  This study examined the replacement of dry heat treated mango kernel at different levels (0, 10, 20 and 30%) in the diet of 120 Anak broiler birds. The birds were allotted to four treatments of 10 birds each and the experiment was replicated 3 times. They were fed ad libitum and data were collected on performance [feed intake, weight gain, and feed conversion ratio (FCR)], blood and serum parameters...

Author(s): AMAO Emmanuel Ayodele and SIYANBOLA Mojisola Funmilayo

The effect of feeding different levels of dried tomato pomace on the performance of Rhode Island Red (RIR) grower chicks

March 2013

  This experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of feeding dried tomato pomace (DTP) with commercial ration on the performance of Rhode Island Red (RIR) grower chicks. A total of one hundred RIR grower chicks at eight weeks of age were grouped into 20 pens of 5 chicks each, and randomly assigned to five treatments (control; 5% DTP; 10% DTP; 15% DTP; 20% DTP) according to a completely randomized design...

Author(s): Melkamu Bezabih Yitbarek

Seroprevalence of two Important viral diseases in small ruminants in Marawi Province Northern State, Sudan

February 2013

A survey was conducted to investigate the prevalence of Peste des petits ruminants (PPR) and sheep pox (SP) as the most economically important viral diseases of small ruminants in Marawi province at Northern state, Sudan. A total of 254 sera samples (164 ovine and 90 caprine) were collected from various localities in Marawi province during May, 2008. All collected sera were examined for PPR antibodies using competitive...

Author(s): K. A. Enan, K. S. Intisar, M. A. Haj, M. O. Hussien, K. M. Taha, A. M. Elfahal, Y. H. Ali and A. M. El Hussein

The effect of effective microorganisms on production and quality performance of Rhode Island Red layers

February 2013

Rhode Island Red (RIR) breed of chickens are reported to be capable of acclimatization to the Ethiopian rural production environment. However, there have been serious complaints that the reproduction performance of RIR breeds of chicken is low. This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of Effective Micro-organisms (EM) on reproduction performance of Rhode Island Red (RIR) layers. A total of 96 RIR pullets of 16...

Author(s): M. Simeamelak, D. Solomon and T. Taye

Salmonella control in poultry breeder farms in Sri Lanka: Effects of oral antibiotic treatment on whole blood agglutination test with Salmonella pullorum antigen

February 2013

  Salmonella pullorum is a common disease in local poultry industry, which causes severe economic impact on the industry. Whole blood agglutination test (WBAT) is a screening test done to individual birds in a poultry breeder flock. It is compulsory to maintain a free status of this disease in line with the regulation declared by the Department of Animal Production and Health (2010). It is believed that of...

Author(s): M. A. R. Priyantha, A. A. Vipulasiri and G. A.Gunawardana

Socio-economic and policy issues determining sustainable fish farming In Nigeria

January 2013

A major agricultural sub-sector where achieving food security has become elusive in Nigeria is the fish production subsector. Demand for fish in Nigeria stands at about 1.5 million metric tonnes per annum while domestic production is just 511,700 metric tonnes. The wide gap between demand and supply is attributed to increasing population, improved nutrition, underdeveloped local fish farming potentials and depletion of...

Author(s): Oluwasola Oluwemimo and Ajayi Damilola

Estimates of phenotypic and genetic parameters for ewe productivity traits of Lohi sheep in Pakistan

January 2013

The aims of the study were to investigate the fixed effects which are considered to influence ewe productivity and to estimate the genetic parameters for ewe productivity traits of Lohi sheep. Genetic parameters were estimated by restricted maximum likelihood (REML) procedure using the GENSTAT program. The effects of year and age of ewe were significant for fertility, litter size at birth (LSB), litter size at weaning...

Author(s): Shakeel Nouman and Yasir Abrar

Multiple and stepwise regression of reproduction efficiency on linear type traits in Sahiwal cows

January 2013

Data on some production performance traits of 1000 milch Sahiwal cows from 3451 cows maintained at the Livestock Experiment Station, Bahadurnagar, Okara, Pakistan during the period from 2000 to 2009 were selected to study the relationship between 12 linear type traits and reproductive performance of the Sahiwal cows. The reproductive efficiency (RE) was measured in terms of calving interval from the first five...

Author(s): Shakeel Nouman and Yasir Abrar

Influence of non-genetic factors on growth traits of Horro (Zebu) and their crosses with Holstein Friesian and Jersey cattle

December 2012

  The present study was carried out to determine non-genetics effects on the growth performance (birth, weaning, one year weight and weight gains) of Horro cattle and their crosses (Friesian-Horro (FH) and Jersey-Horro (JH)) at Bako Agricultural Research center. The data used in the study included weight records of animals born between 1980 and 2008. Least squares means were analyzed using General Linear Model...

Author(s): Habtamu Abera, Solomon Abegaz and Yoseph Mekasha

Effects of feed supplementation period on some reproductive parameters of female cane rats (Tryonomys swinderianus)

December 2012

Cane rat is a wild histricomorph rodent hunted in Africa for its meat. Domestication attempts have not been as successful as desired due to paucity of informations on its reproduction and fertility. In the present study, we investigated the effects of feed supplementation period on some reproductive parameters of cane rats. For this purpose, two experimental diets: Control diet (40% wheat brand and 60% maize) commonly...

Author(s): F. Ngoula, F. Ajiahoung Kemassong, H. Defang Fualefac, A. Kenfack, A. Téguia and J. Tchoumboué

Relationship between phenotypic and sperm traits of South African indigenous cockerels

November 2012

  The aim of the present study was to investigate the relationship between body measurements such as body weight, shank, comb and wattle length and semen traits. A total of 33 Indigenous cockerels (Naked Neck, Ovambo and Potchefstroom Koekoek) were used in this experiment. Semen was collected by abdominal massage technique from each individual cockerel. Semen was analysed macroscopically (colour,...

Author(s): Makhafola, M. B., Umesiobi, D. O. and Nedambale, T. L.,

Effect of direct-fed microbial and antibiotics supplementation on the health status and growth performance of broiler chickens under hot humid environmental conditions

November 2012

  The effect of dietary direct-fed microbial (DFM) and antibiotics supplementation on health status and growth performance of broiler chickens under hot humid environmental conditions was studied. A total of 600 one-day-old Cobb hybrid broilers were randomly allotted to three dietary treatments. Three hundred and twenty (320) birds were selected out of the 600 after phase 1 and allotted to four dietary...

Author(s):   F. R. K. Bonsu, A. Donkoh, S. A. Osei, D. B. Okai and J. Baah

Effect of vitamin AD3E supplementation for haemorrhagic septicaemia vaccine in laboratory mice

May 2012

  Haemorrhagic septicemia is a fatal disease in tropical countries and annual vaccination is carried out in endemic areas. It is a killed vaccine with mineral oil as the adjuvant. The protection level of animal against infectious agent can be improved by the maintenance of proper nutrient status and vitamin supplementation. This method is followed by many vaccines both in animal and human medicine to enhance...

Author(s): Priyantha M. A. R., Siriwardhana B. A. M. P., N. Liyanagunawardana and A. A. Vipulasiri

Abundance and distribution of the raptors in Bangladesh

May 2012

  In Bangladesh, are were a total of seventeen types of raptors including species and sub species. These raptors only belongs  to one order of Falconiformes and three different families- Falconidae (5), Accipitridae (11) and Pandionidae (1). Among these numbers, they are divided into eight categories, namely, merlin, kestrel, hobby, falconet, baza, vulture, kite and eagle. There are some differences among...

Author(s): Ashraful Kabir

Effect of diets fortified with garlic organic extract and streptomycin sulphate on growth performance and carcass characteristics of broilers

April 2012

  An experiment was carried out to study the comparative effects of garlic organic extract and streptomycin sulphate on growth performance and carcass characteristics of broilers. Forty-eight Hubbard line day-old chicks with equal numbers of males and females were randomly allocated to eight (8) treatment combinations to conduct a 4×2 factorial experiment in a completely randomised...

Author(s): Dieumou F. E., Teguia A., Kuiate J. R., Tamokou J. D., Doma U. D., Abdullahi U. S. and Chiroma A. E.

Grading of table eggs as a marketing strategy for Nigerian smallholder farmers

April 2012

  The major challenges of marketing livestock products are appropriate pricing, preservation and storage. The usual practice on smallholder poultry farms is to sell eggs unsorted. This result in loss of income, decreased marketability and increased wastages. This study aimed at assessing the profitability of sorting eggs and its implication on the farmer’s revenue. A total of 100 trays of unsorted eggs...

Author(s):   O.T.F. Abanikannda and A.O. Leigh

Genetic analysis of growth and feed conversion efficiency of Muzaffarnagari lambs under intensive feeding system

April 2012

  Data on 534 Muzaffarnagari lambs, maintained under intensive feeding management system at the Central Institute for Research on Goats, Makhdoom, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India were recorded between 1989 to 2002, so as to study the growth performance and feed conversion efficiency of lambs and their genetic control. The overall least-squares means for 3-month weight, 6-month weight and average daily weight gain...

Author(s): A. Mandal, G. Dass and P. K. Rout

Reproductive performance of crossbred dairy cows under smallholder condition in Ethiopia

March 2012

  A study was carried out to assess the reproductive performance of crossbred dairy cows under smallholder conditions in Asella town, Oromia regional state, Ethiopia. A total of sixty crossbred dairy cow farmers that owned 3 to 5 cows were interviewed using a structured questionnaire to collect information on age at first service, age at first calving, days open and calving...

Author(s): Hunduma Dinka

Improving dairy production in Bangladesh: Application of integrated agriculture and ecohealth concepts

March 2012

  This work investigates the management and veterinary health interventions for dairy cattle in an integrated agricultural system practiced by 1,500 poor villagers living in 300 households in the Jamuna River Chars (Bogra, Jamalpur and Sirajganj Districts) of Bangladesh. The average production after one lactation for indigenous cattle was 2.53 L/cow/day (229 day lactation) and for cross-bred cattle was 7.72...

Author(s): David C. Hall, Md. Golam Shah Alam and Shankar K. Raha

Milk production performance of Black Bengal goats in West Bengal

February 2012

  This study was conducted to investigate the milk production performance of Black Bengal goats in different parities reared in a semi-intensive system. The 112 female Black Bengal goats were selected on the basis of their phenotypic characteristics and ancestral history from Goat Farm, Mohanpur, Nadia, West Bengal, India. Milk production records of the Black Bengal goat were recorded in the 9th week of kidding...

Author(s): K. C. Dhara, N. Ray, S.Taraphder and S. Guha

The effect of PGF2α on persistent corpus luteum in Sahiwal cows

January 2012

  In dairy animals, there are so many different conditions, which affect reproductive performance, and persistent corpus luteum (PCL) is one of those. It was suggested that this condition was difficult to treat and consequently result in lengthening of service period and calving interval. If this condition was not diagnosed and treated timely, it may result into permanent infertility and thereby huge loss to...

Author(s): Mushtaq H. Lashari and Zahida Tasawar

Association of transferrin polymorphism with different economic traits of Garole sheep

January 2012

The present study was carried out on 52 apparently healthy adult ewes of Garole sheep reared at Sheep and Goat Breeding Farm of West Bengal University of Animal and Fishery Sciences , during April to September 2009 to investigate the association of transferrin polymorphism with different economic traits. The nine transferrin genotypes were identified by Vertical Sodium Dodecyl sulfate Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis...

Author(s): D. K. Yadav, S. Taraphder,  K. C. Dhara , S. Batabyal, I. Samanta and M. Mitra

Laying chickens’ response to various levels of palm kernel cake in diets

January 2012

  The response of 120 Lohmann Brown laying hens which were fed on graded levels of palm kernel cake (PKC) meal was studied. Four dietary treatments incorporating 0, 5, 10 and 15% of PKC meals were used and the birds were randomly assigned in equal members in a completely randomized design. The diets were isocaloric and iso-nitrogenenous and were fed ad libitum. Water was also provided free choice. The...

Author(s): Zanu H. K., Abangiba J., Arthur-Badoo W., Akparibo A. D. and Sam R.

Therapeutic potential of Johne’s disease vaccine: A follow up post vaccination study in a goatherd of endangered Jamunapari breed, naturally infected with Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis

December 2011

  The study evaluated ‘therapeutic potential’ of ‘Indigenous Johne’s Disease Vaccine’ in a goat herd (important endangered Jamunapari breed) endemically infected withMycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP). A total of 526 goats from this herd were vaccinated subcutaneously. Therapeutic potential’ was evaluated on the basis of physical improvement,...

Author(s):   S. V. Singh, P. K. Singh, M. K. Singh, A. V. Singh and J. S. Sohal

Effect of storage temperature on shelf life of standardized buffalo milk Ujani basundi

December 2011

  The effects of storage of buffalo milk Ujani basundi, incorporated with or without potassium sorbate (0.1% w/w) and with or without cardamom (0.1% w/w) under ambient (30±1°C) and refrigerated temperature (5±1°C) over a period of 20 days were studied. The physicochemical as well as sensory quality of stored product samples were studied. The stored product samples at refrigerated and...

Author(s): Gaikwad S. M. and Hembade A. S.

Buffalo population (Bubalus bubalis) characteristics in Kosovo

November 2011


Author(s): Bytyqi Hysen, Muji Skender, Jahja Ardita and Aliu Sali

Presence of antibiotics in Panicum maximum and soil around poultry manure dumping site in derived savannah zone of Nigeria

November 2011

  The presence of antibiotics in Panicum maximum and soil around poultry manure dumping site was investigated. The antibiotics investigated were Penicillin, streptomycin, tetracycline and chloramphenicol. P. maximum and soil samples were collected at distance of 0, 30 and 60 m from the dumping site. Qualitatively, these antibiotics were found positive in all the samples. Decreases in values...

Author(s):   Aderinola O. A., Akinwumi A. O., Ojebiyi O. O., Sodehinde F. G., Tona G. and Arowoogun A. B.

Susceptibility to natural gastro-intestinal nematode infection during different physiological stages in goat and sheep in the semi arid tropics

October 2011

  The study was undertaken in Barbari, Jamunapari goats and Muzaffarnagari sheep to evaluate the variability in resistance during periparturient rise in faecal egg counts and the impact of periparturient rise on animal’s weight at kidding and birth weights of their progenies. The investigation was carried out in 169 Barbari does, 107 Jamunapari does and 82 Muzaffarnagri ewes distributed over two breeding...

Author(s): Chauhan K. K., Rout P. K., G. Das, Singh S. K., Shukla S. N.and Roy R.

Molecular phylogenetic analysis of the sequences of candidate genes involved in milk production traits in riverine buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)

October 2011

  Domestic buffalo and cattle are two extremely important livestock species in worldwide agricultural production. Despite some similarities with respect to morphologic and genetic characters, cattle and buffalo are divergent evolutionarily and are classified as different genera within the subfamily of Bovinae (Bos and Bubalus). The present study aimed at partial bayesian phylogenetic reconstruction of bovini...

Author(s): Aditi Sharma, S. S. Kanwar, M. S. Tantia and R. K. Vijh

Economywide impact of Avian influenza in Ghana – A dynamic computable general equilibrium (DCGE) model analysis

October 2011

  A dynamic computable general equilibrium (DCGE) model is used to quantitatively assess the economywide impact of HPAI in Ghana. The likely effect of an Avian influenza outbreak is modeled as demand or supply shocks to the poultry sector. The analysis shows that while the chicken sector is quite a small sector of the Ghanaian economy, the shock in chicken demand due to consumers’ anxieties is the...

Author(s): Xinshen Diao

Preweaning growth performance of Lagune cattle in Benin

October 2011

  The aim of the present paper was to evaluate the birth weight (BW, kg) and weaning (WW, kg) weight and the corresponding average daily gain (ADG, g) of Lagune cattle reared in the Samiondji breeding farm of Benin. A total of 1,414 records from 707 calves, born from 1997 to 2003, were analysed using a general linear procedure (proc GLM). Fixed factors were sex, calving number and year of birth. The weaning age...

Author(s): A. B. Gbangboche, T. I. Alkoiret, C. A. A. M. Chrysostome, S. Salifou and J. L. Hornick

Genetic analyses of generation means for a cross between two local breeds of chickens: Ш-inheritance of egg quality in F3 and backcross generations

September 2011

  External and internal egg quality traits are the primary selection objectives of breeders to maximize the return of saleable eggs. In order to help for developing an effective improvement program for egg quality traits, performances of F3 and backcrosses generations, derived from crossing Gimmizah with Bandarah developed strains, were used to estimate the components of genetic variability of egg quality...

Author(s): Abou El-Ghar, R. Sh

Abattoir survey on the prevalence and monitory loss associated with Fasciolosis in sheep and goats

September 2011

  Study was conducted to assess the prevalence and economic loss associated to Fasciolosis in small ruminants slaughtered at Modjo Modern Export Abattoir (MMEA) Modjo in East Shawa, Oromia regional State, central Ethiopia. A total of 1000 animals (500 sheep and 500 goats; 250 animals each from 4 origins) were examined for the presence of Fasciola sp. Species, age and origin of animals was taken in to...

Author(s): Dawit Kifle and Adem Hiko

Performance of broiler chicken in early life on methionine deficient feed with added choline and betaine

September 2011

  The experiment was designed and conducted to evaluate the availability of betaine (betaine anhydrous 97%) as methionine sparing for broilers. Two hundred and fifty day old chicks were randomly divided into five treatment groups which were divided into five replicates of ten chicks each. Primarily, a single starter ration deficient in methionine was formulated using NRC standards. The five treatment groups...

Author(s): Majed Rafeeq, Talat Naseer Pasha, Muhammad Masood Tariq and Masroor Ahmad Bajwa

Nutritional and managemental control of ascites syndrome in poultry

August 2011

Ascites or pulmonary hypertension is a multifactorial syndrome, caused by interactions among genetic, environmental, dietary and physiological factors. Forced selection to achieve faster growing chickens has improved genetic potential; but, due to some anatomical and physiological limitations, the same improved potential could have adverse effects on bird health. Impaired oxygen supply to sustain a continuous fast...

Author(s): P. K. Singh, Pallav Shekhar and Kaushal Kumar

Introduction and evaluation of modified hay-box brooder, Fayoumi chicken and layers housing, addressing small-scale semi- intensive poultry farming at Beresa Watershade, Gurage Zone, Ethiopia

August 2011

  The study was conducted in two peasant associations at Meskan Woreda of Gurage Zone, Ethiopia. The objective of the study was to introduce and evaluate Fayoumi chicken, two types of hay-box brooders and small-scale poultry houses at the farmers condition. Twelve farmers were selected for the study and separated into two groups. One group undertook chicks rearing using one box brooder (modified hay-box...

Author(s): Simeamelak Mekonnen, T/Yohanse Berehanu and Amare Argaw

Standardization and production of traditional Indian milk product ‘Ujani basundi’ from buffalo milk

August 2011

  A study on the standardization of “Ujani basundi” was carried out by using buffalo milk. Milk was standardized to 6% fat and 9% SNF. The attempts have been made to study the effect of different levels of sugar (6, 8 and 10% w/w of original milk) and rate of concentration (2.5, 3.0 and 3.5X including sugar) on sensorial and chemical quality of Ujani basundi. The results have...

Author(s):   Gaikwad, S. M., Hembade, A. S.

Performance and economic efficiency of browsing Arsi-Bale goats supplemented with sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L.) vines as replacement for concentrate

July 2011

  A total of forty Arsi-Bale male goats weighing on average (±SE) 16.8 ± 0.61 kg were used over a 132-day feeding period to determine the optimum level for substitution of concentrate with fresh sweet potato vines (SPV), having dry matter of 92%, crude protein of 19% and gross energy of 15.6 KJ/g DM for both biological and economic benefits. Five SPV substitution treatments in percentage: SPV0 as...

Author(s): Tesfaye Kebede, Tekalign Gutu and Estifanos Tadesse

Assessment of past and current status of large dairy farms to assist future management concerns and as a model for expanding dairies worldwide

July 2011

In order to predict future management needs the dairy industry needs to constantly assess the past and the current status of the industry. The objectives of this study were to: (1) Identify the past changes and current status of large well-managed dairies, (2) To provide management goals and identify areas of concerns for dairies that are stable or expanding, worldwide (3) assist in identifying and developing areas for...

Author(s): Kalynn D. Baldock, Alexandra D. Brooks and Darron L. Smith

Effect of long-term heat stress on key enzyme activities and T3 levels in commercial layer hens

July 2011

  High environmental temperatures are the most important inhibiting factors to poultry production in hot regions. The objective was to test adaptive responses of different chicken genotypes to long-term high temperature and identify suitable indicators of physiological parameters. Forty eight female chickens from each genotype of Lohmann Brown (LB), Lohmann White (LW), New Hampshire (NH), White Leghorn selected...

Author(s): A. Melesse, S. Maak, R. Schmidt and G. von Lengerken

Laying performances and egg quality characteristics of F1 crossbred hens resulting from Label Rouge (T55XSA51) and two local ecotypes as parental lines

June 2011

  The laying performances and the egg quality characteristics of hens of different genotypes were studied, namely:  the; local hens of savannah ecotype (Es) , the local hens of forest ecotype (Ef), the Label Rouge (Lr or T55xSA51) and its crossbred products with local ecotypes: LrxEs, EsxLr and EfxLr. In family poultry farms, the hatching rate (HR), the fertility rate (FR), the...

Author(s): Youssao A. K. I., Senou M., Dahouda M., Idrissou N. D., Amoussou-Sydol E., Tougan U. P.,  Ahounou S., Yapi-Gnaoré V. , Kayang B., Rognon X.,Tixier-Boichard M. and Kpodékon M. T.

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