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IJLP Articles

Leafy feed supplementation, rabbit growth performance and meat quality: Case study of Ipomoea aquatica

September 2021

Thirty-six local young rabbits of 42 days old were used to evaluate their growth performances and sensory characteristics of their meats based on the type of feed. The rabbits were divided into three groups of twelve animals each, that were fed for 56 days with one of three diets: Commercial feed (Cfe), commercial feed supplemented with water spinach (Ipomoea aquatica) (Cfw) and feed composed only of water spinach...

Author(s): Janvier Mêlégnonfan Kindossi, Folachodé Akogou, Ogouyôm Herbert Iko Afé, Abdoul Yazid B. Tchani, Fataou Djibrila and Franck Hongbété

Morphological characteristics of indigenous Djallonké sheep in rural areas in the south of Mali

July 2021

This study aimed at evaluating some morphological traits in Djallonké sheep reared in four localities (Dioïla, Kolondiéba, Yanfolila and Kita) in the south of Mali. Two hundred and sixty sheep (40 males and 220 females) randomly selected from these localities were used for measuring the following traits: Coat color, presence of horns/wattles, height at withers (HW), and live body weight (LBW). Animals...

Author(s): Oumar Ouattara, Aboubacrine Mahamane Touré, Drissa Konaté, Sognan Dao and Diakaridia Traoré,

Inappropriate antibacterial use in layer poultry farms in Gombe Metropolis, Northeast Nigeria, may constitute public health challenges

July 2021

Antibacterial is extensively used in poultry to enhance productivity. Inappropriate use could yield unsafe edible poultry products. The study aimed to investigate the pattern of antibacterial use in commercial layer poultry farms in Gombe metropolis. Semi-structured questionnaire was designed and validated. The questionnaire was administered to 38 layer poultry farms to obtain information on poultry farm practices. Data...

Author(s): Paul Leonard Mela, Balogun Sulayman Tunde, Shamaki Bala Usman

Assessing thermal neutral zones in Sri Lanka for ten different dairy cattle breeds and crosses: An approach using temperature humidity index (THI)

June 2021

The magnitude of heat stress in dairy cattle is assessed using temperature humidity index (THI) widely in the world. The present study was conducted to assess the appropriateness of incorporating THI in recommending dairy cattle breeds to different areas of Sri Lanka. The study considered 10 different cattle genotypes commonly reared for milk production in the country.  Daily THI values were computed by employing a...

Author(s): Gamameda Liyanage Lalanie Pradeepa Silva, Batugedara Vidanelage Ranjith Punyawardena, Ajith Kumara Hettiarachchi, Wanninayaka Mudiyanselage Malinda Prashad Hulugalla and Gayani Madhushani Sirinayake Lokuge  

Hemp seed cake increases fatty acids but does not transfer cannabinoids in eggs and tissues of laying hens

June 2021

Hemp seed and hemp seed products such as hemp seed cake (HSC) have been shown to increase unsaturated fatty acid (FA) profile in eggs, including linoleic acid, and α-linolenic fatty acids known to increase egg weight and better human health respectively. However, the use of hemp products in animal feed is still a concern due to the potential residues of the Δ-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a psychoactive...

Author(s):  Rajasekhar Kasula, Fausto Solis, Byron Shaffer, Frank Connett, Chris Barrett, Rodney Cocker and Eric Willinghan

A Study on Morphological Characterization of Black Bengal Goat at three Villages under Bhaluka upazila in Mymensingh district of Bangladesh

June 2021

The study was carried out in a community goat breeding program at three villages of Bhaluka upazila in Mymensingh district to characterize Black Bengal goat (BBG) by coat color phenotype and morphological body measurements. Data on coat color and body measurements were collected among 200 BBG populations along with different ages and sexes from three villages and analyzed statistically by SPSS 17.0. Among the studied...

Author(s): A. Akhtar, M. A. Hoque, A. K. F. H. Bhuiyan, M. R. Amin and M. A. Habib  

Grazing behavior, growth performance, carcass yield and economic analysis of steers supplemented with concentrate in an integrated crop-livestock system

April 2021

This trial evaluated concentrate supplementation on grazing behavior, growth performance, carcass yield and economic analysis of off-season steer production in an integrated crop-livestock system (ICL). A randomized block design with the pastures (modules) as blocks, with 4 treatments, 4 groups of animals per treatment and 3 animals per group (N=48, 395±16 kg) was used to evaluate increasing levels of concentrate...

Author(s): Perecles Brito Batista, Severino Gonzaga Neto, Danilo Gusmao de Quadros, Gherman Garcia Leal Araújo, Douglas Tolleson and Heraldo Namorato de Souza

Goat farmers’ production objectives and trait preferences in the North West province of South Africa: An approach to identify selection criteria for community-based breeding program

April 2021

Breeding practices and trait preferences are key to defining sound breeding objectives and designing genetic improvement programs at community level. The current study identifies these factors for village goats within a pilot community-based breeding program in Pella village, North West province, South Africa. Thirty-five farmers were interviewed using semi-structured questionnaire survey to characterize goat...

Author(s): Thobile Fortunate Mtshali, Olivia Ntanganedzeni Mapholi, Keabetswe Tebogo Ncube, Edgar Farai Dzomba, Tlou C. Matelele, T. C. Chokoe, T. D. Mphahlele, Farai Catherina Muchadeyi and Khanyisile Hadebe

Characterization of the Nutritional and Safety Properties of Hemp Seed Cake as Animal Feed Ingredient

April 2021

Although   the nutrient composition of hemp products provides evidence that these potentially serve as valuable livestock feed ingredients and may enhance human health, the cultivation of hemp was prohibited due to the high content of the Δ-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Recently, regulatory changes by several countries allowed the cultivation of industry hemp under a license that permits plants and plant...

Author(s): Rajasekhar Kasula, Fausto Solis, Byron Shaffer, Frank Connett, Chris Barrett, Rodney Cocker and Eric Willinghan  

Antilipemic effect of Moringa oleifera leaf powder on blood serum cholesterol fractions in broiler finishers

March 2021

The effects of using Moringa leaf powder (MLP) as feed additive on the differential cholesterol profile of broiler chickens at finisher phase was investigated in view of the scientific urge to find means of reducing fatty compounds in common meat products. One hundred and twenty,4-weeks old Abor acre broilers were used for this experiment and allotted to four different treatment groups (T1-T4). The control group; T1 was...

Author(s): Alabi Olufemi Mobolaji OJo John Oluyemi, Aderemi Foluke Abimbola, LawalTunde Ezekiel, OgunTunji Abel Olusegun, Ayoola Mathew Oluwaseyi and Oladejo Opeyemi  

Effect of breed, age and period of production on bovine semen quality used for artificial insemination

March 2021

Various factors are believed to influence quality of semen in breeding bulls. The main objective of this study was to evaluate how breed, age and time of semen production are relevant in the production of good quality semen used for Artificial Insemination. A total of 16,827 ejaculates from 187 bulls (Holstein Frisian = 114, Jersey = 35, Borena = 12, 50%HF × 50%Borena = 5, 75%HF × 25%Borena = 15 and Fogera =...

Author(s): Kefelegn Seyoum, Alemayehu Lemma and Asrat Tera  

Influence of breed on motility and motion characteristics of fresh, chilled and frozen bull spermatozoa

March 2021

At present, frozen-thawed semen is used extensively for artificial insemination (AI) in Ethiopia. However, subjective semen quality assessment is still practiced by the semen processing organizations of the country. In this study, motility and motion characteristics of spermatozoa were assessed by using integrated semen analysis system (ISAS) to diagnose breed differences in quality of semen. Semen was collected from 14...

Author(s): Kefelegn Seyoum, Alemayehu Lemma and Asrat Tera  

Phenotypic characterization (qualitative traits) of various strains of indigenous Tswana chickens in Kweneng and Southern districts of Botswana

February 2021

The aim of this study was to identify and describe qualitative traits of indigenous Tswana chicken populations in Kweneng and Southern districts of Botswana. The qualitative traits involved in the study included tail colour, breast colour, back colour, neck colour, comb type, shank colour, earlobe colour and head shape. Data were subjected to frequency and cross tabulation procedures of descriptive statistics in...

Author(s): James Buttie Machete, Patrick Monametsi Kgwatalala, Shalaulani James Nsoso, John Cassius Moreki, Patrick Gothatamang Nthoiwa and Andrew Olatunbosun Aganga  

Effect of dietary hemp seed cake on the performance of commercial laying hens

February 2021

The cultivation of hemp was prohibited due to its high content of the psychoactive substance Δ-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Regulatory changes from several countries allow the cultivation of hemp that permits plants and plant parts with less than 0.3% Δ-9 THC. The concern of the levels of THC still remains; therefore, testing hemp seed cake (HSC) contributes new information about the effect of this...

Author(s): Rajasekhar Kasula, Fausto Solis, Byron Shaffer, Frank Connett, Chris Barrett, Rodney Cocker and Eric Willinghan  

Comparative study on efficiency of sexed semen and conventional semen on in vivo produced bovine embryo quality and quantity of Boran and Holstein -Boran cross bred in Bishoftu, Ethiopia

January 2021

The study was conducted from December 2019 to May 2020 to evaluate the efficiency of local convectional semen and imported sexed semen on in vivo produced bovine embryo quality in Boran and HB cross breed donor cows in Bishoftu, Ethiopia. In this study, it was hypothesized that the breed of donor cows and types of semen can influence the quality of in vivo produced embryo as well as the number of transferable embryos....

Author(s): Mosisa Dire Babura, Tamrat Degefa and Fekadu Reggasa  

Performance and welfare of dairy cattle in an alternative compost bedded pack housing in a pasture-based system

January 2021

The objective of this study was to assess the performance and welfare (lameness, hock lesions, mastitis) of loose-housed dairy cattle managed under grazing or semi-grazing system. Data of thirty-two cows before and after changing to semi-grazing system during the rainy season (week 1 to 4; grazing, week 6 to 9; semi-grazing) and before and after changing to semi-grazing (week 11 to 16; grazing, week 18 to 23,...

Author(s): Bettie S. Kawonga  

Effect of garlic (Allium sativum) and onion (Allium cepa L.) extract chitosan nanoparticles on antioxidant enzymes activities and relative weight of visceral organs of rainbow rooster chicken

December 2020

Poultry meat is susceptible to oxidation but increased antioxidant enzyme increases its availability in muscle during processing and storage. In livestock, synthetic antioxidant has some side effects; plant polyphenols can enhance the level of antioxidant enzymes but they are in-active in the gut of chicken and therefore, nanotechnology can be of importance in augmenting the stability of polyphenols. In the study,...

Author(s): Viviana Imbua Levi Enoka, Gideon Mutie Kikuvi and Perpetual Wangui Ndung’u  

Laboratory evaluation, purpose of production and utilization of cattle manure in enset (Ensete ventricosum) based mixed production systems of Gurage Zone, Southern Ethiopia

November 2020

The study was conducted in four districts of Gurage zone in Sothern Ethiopia to determine the N, P, K, organic carbon and nitrogen of cattle manure. Seventy two households, 36 from highland and 36 from midaltitude were randomly selected from a total of 360 sample households selected for the study. Around 88.05% of farmers in the study areas were keeping cattle for high demand of manure to fertilize enset fields and for...

Author(s): Dirsha Demam Wonchesa  

Metagenomic assessment of the rumen resistome, mobilome and stress response genes in smallholder dairy cattle in Kenya

November 2020

Smallholder dairy cattle rumen microbiotas are subjected to a wide range of antimicrobials as well as sudden fluctuations in diets. As such, they develop an enormous reservoir of resistant genes, mobilome and stress response genes. However, information on metagenomic reactions to such dietary variations, especially for cattle reared in the tropics, remains largely unexplored. This meta-analysis was conducted to assess...

Author(s): Kibegwa M. Felix, Bett C. Rawlynce, Gachuiri K. Charles, Machuka Eunice and Mujibi D. Fidalis  

Native chicken farming: A tool for wealth creation and food security in Benin

November 2020

Poultry is the second largest livestock in Benin (contributing to 22% of the total meat produced), and chickens are the most reared poultry in the country. The objective of this study was to assess the current trends of local chicken breeding and factors that influence their production performance, and thereby to deliver information for production improvement and sustainable use of indigenous chicken breeds. An...

Author(s): Camus Adoligbe, Arthur Fernandes, Richard Osei-Amponsah, Nourou Dine Adje, Robert Gbedevi, Marie-Christelle Fonton, Guilherme J. M. Rosa and Farougou Souaibou Souaibou  

Assessment on artificial insemination service delivery system, challenges and opportunities of artificial insemination services in cattle production in Western zone of Tigray Region, Ethiopia

October 2020

The aim of the survey was to assess artificial insemination (AI) service delivery system and identify the challenges and opportunities of AI service in cattle production in Western Zone of Tigray Region, Ethiopia. Twenty Kebeles (lowest administrative units) and 353 respondents were purposively involved in face-to-face interview. Data analysis was performed using SPSS and mainly summarized by frequency and percentages....

Author(s): Teweldemedhn Mekonnen and Leul Berhe  

Urban dairy production and waste management in Oromia special zone around Finfine, Ethiopia

October 2020

The survey was conducted to assess urban dairy production and waste management system in Oromia Special Zone around Finfinnee, Ethiopia. The three study towns (Burayu, Sululta and Sebeta) were purposively selected due to the high potential for commercial dairy production. A total of 90 commercial dairy producers 30 from each town who at least own 10 dairy cows were randomly selected. The farmers interviewed individually...

Author(s): Jalel Fikadu, Berhan Tamir, Ulfina Galmessa and Kefena Effa  

Rabbit production practices in Kiambu County, Kenya

October 2020

To document current rabbit management practices in Kiambu County, a survey using structured questionnaire was undertaken in 45 farms identified using snow ball sampling technique. Data collected were subjected to descriptive statistics. Findings revealed that the majority of the respondents (57.8%) kept more than 10 does while the most prevalent breed was New Zealand White (82.2%). The main purpose of keeping rabbits...

Author(s): Abraham Kipchumba Cherwon, Margaret Mwihaki Wanyoike and Charles Karuku Gachuiri  

Cattle crossbreeding for sustainable milk production in the tropics

October 2020

Crossbreeding has been used to improve milk production performance of local cattle in the tropics. Crossbreeding exploits additive and non-additive allele gene effects leading to improvements in lactation length, decrease in calving interval, higher milk yields and early age of calving of cows and potentially increasing producer incomes. Varying levels of success have been reported for various crossbreeding programmes...

Author(s): Richard Osei-Amponsah, Ebenezer Kwaku Asem and Frederick Yeboah Obese  

An assessment of the role of proper health management in reducing goat mortality in Kraals: A case of Napak District in Eastern Uganda

September 2020

Poor animal health is reported as one of the major constraints of goat production leading to mortality in pastoral areas like Karamoja Sub-Region in Eastern Uganda. Based in Napak District, this study was aimed at gaining an understanding of the role of proper health management in reducing goat mortality in Kraals. Through convenience sampling, 312 pastoralists out of 388 who own animals in community kraals were...

Author(s): Godfrey Ochan and Dan Makosa,  

Breeding of goats: An indigenous approach to enhancing opportunities for smallholder farmers in Inyathi, Zimbabwe

August 2020

In Zimbabwe, at least 97% of the national goat herd is owned by smallholder indigenous farmers. The farmers rarely breed the goats for commercial purposes despite the fact that the country has potential to export goat products. Common breeds in Zimbabwe include the Matabele goats, Mashona goats, Boer goats and the Kalahari goats. With this diversity of the goats’ population, there is need to move from subsistence...

Author(s): Christopher Ndlovu, Rachel Mayimele, Obert Wutete and Abigirl Ndudzo  

The performance of artificial insemination delivery system in Amhara, Oromia, SNNP and Tigray Regions of Ethiopia

June 2020

The study was conducted in Amhara, Oromia, Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples and Tigray regions of the country to provide information on the performance of Artificial Insemination (AI) service delivery system, its seasonality and effectiveness. Semi-structured questionnaire was prepared to interview AI technicians (on their performance and related issues) and farmers (about the outcome of AI services). Data on...

Author(s): Kassahun Melesse, Ashenafi Mengistu and Driba Geleti  

The last of us? An online survey among German farm veterinarians about the future of veterinary training, livestock farming and the profession in general

June 2020

This online survey investigated how German farm veterinarians perceive the future of their profession. According to the participants, the following topics should play a greater role in veterinary training: Economics, herd health management, practical education, agricultural knowledge and animal welfare issues. The top answer indicates that knowledge about entrepreneurship is seen as a crucial competence of...

Author(s): Christian Dürnberger  

Effect of nutritional flushing on reproductive and body weight performance of Abergelle goat does

June 2020

This study was aimed to evaluate the effect of flushing on the reproductive and body weight change on Abergelle breed does. The study indicated that a mix of 300 or 450 g wheat bran (WB) with 50 g noug seed cake (NSC) flushed per day improved the does’ conception rate (70 to 80%) and kidding rate (70%); while does flushed with low concentrate level (150 g WB plus 50 g NSC) or those not flushed had poor and reduced...

Author(s): Minister Birhanie, Mulalem Zenebe and Hailai Hagos  

Comparative effects of Moringa oleifera powder and soybean meal on the zootechnical parameters of the ISA Brown pullet

June 2020

Poultry farming is an important sector of the Beninese agriculture. But this sector is facing economic difficulties. The aim of this study is to evaluate the effects of Moringa oleifera powder and soybean meal on zootechnical parameters in the ISA Brown pullet. For this purpose, the experiment was carried out on a total of 250 day-old chicks with an initial average weight of 40 ± 1 g. Among these chicks, 25...

Author(s): Jacques S. Adouko, Bienvenu O. M. Koutonin, Kévin S. Kassa, Arnaud S. S. Soha, Fréjus O. H. Ohouko and Jacques T. Dougnon  

Comparative test of the two final commercial dual-purpose breeds during early growth performance under on-farm management conditions in two districts of Jimma Zone, Ethiopia

May 2020

This study was conducted to evaluate the production and reproduction performance of chicken breed under semi-scavenging system of Seka Chekorsa and Omo Nada districts of Jimma Zone. A total of 800 day old chicks were obtained from Debre Zeit Agricultural Research center. 50 day old chicks were distributed with hay box brooder, and the experiment was arranged in a nested design. The result of the current study indicated...

Author(s): Belete Jorga, Wondmeneh Esatu, Mohammed Ali, Wasihun Hassen, Ahmed Seid, and Tekle Olbamo    

Indigenous browse species and goats’ preferences in selected districts of Gamo Gofa and Wolayta zones, Ethiopia

March 2020

Important browses in selected districts were identified using goats’ preference and farmers’ knowledge. A total of 296 plots (20 × 20 m area) were placed along 16 transect lines randomly laid in plane and sloppy communal grazing lands to assess frequency of occurrences and density of the browse species. A total of 48 browse species out of which 31 were recognized by farmers were observed being browsed...

Author(s): Messele Taye Belachew, Berhan Tamir Mersso and Adugna Tolera Yadeta

Estimation of major livestock feed resources and feed balance in Moyale district of Boran Zone, Southern Ethiopia

March 2020

The study was conducted to assess the major livestock feed resources and estimating annual feed production and feed balance in Moyale district of Boran Zone, Southern Ethiopia. A simple random sampling technique was employed to select the household’s (HHs) and 96 representative households were selected. Data were collected using group discussions, structured questionnaire, secondary data and personal observations....

Author(s): Hassanuur Hassan, Netsanet Beyero and Merga Bayssa  

Characterization of Begait cattle using morphometric and qualitative traits in Western Zone of Tigray, Ethiopia

February 2020

The aim of the study is to characterize Begait cattle using morphometric and qualitative traits. The breed was kept under farm and ranch management systems in Western Tigray, Ethiopia. A total of 368 Begait cattle which included 24 male Begait cattle were selected using simple random sampling method and the data were analyzed using statistical packages for social sciences and statistical analysis software. Begait cows...

Author(s): Teweldemedhn Mekonnen and Selam Meseret  

Characterization of scavenging and intensive chicken production system in Lume District, East Showa Zone, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia

January 2020

This study is aimed at characterizing scavenging and intensive chicken production system in Lume district of East Shoa Zone, Oromia Region, Ethiopia. Random samplings were employed to select sample kebeles and purposively select respondents based on numbers of chicken population in scavenging and production system (intensive) to identify the specific challenges affecting chicken production. Questionnaires were...

Author(s): Alemayehu Guteta and Negasi Ameha  

Immune response following Newcastle disease immunization and growth performance of kuroiler, broiler and local Tanzanian chickens

January 2020

Chicken is a major livestock species raised by smallholder households in rural areas in developing countries of Sub-Saharan Africa as a chief source of meat protein and income generation. However, Newcastle disease largely compromises the production of this precious bird under backyard production settings. The purpose of the study was to assess antibody responses and growth performance following Newcastle disease...

Author(s): Fulgence Ntangere Mpenda, Sylvester Leonard Lyantagaye and Joram Buza  

Phenotypes, production systems and reproductive performance of indigenous chickens in contemporary Rwanda

December 2019

This study aimed at characterizing phenotypes, production systems and the reproductive performance of indigenous chickens in Rwanda. Indigenous chickens (n=529) from 265 chicken rearing households drawn from all the five provinces of Rwanda were used in this study and analysis was performed using Statistical Analysis Systems (SAS, version 9.2) software. Four comb types were observed, with strawberry (51%) being most...

Author(s): Claire D’Andre Hirwa, Donald Rugira Kugonza, Aline Kayitesi, Tiba Murekezi, Fabrice Semahoro, Gaspard Uwimana and Richard Habimana  

Feed intake, digestibility and growth performance of Begait sheep fed hay basal diet and supplemented with Tsara (Pterocarpus lucens), Pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan) leaves and concentrate mixture

September 2019

The study was conducted with the objective of measuring feed intake, digestibility, and growth performance of Begait sheep fed hay basal diet and supplemented with different levels of Tsara (Pterocarpus lucens) leaves, Pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan) leaves and concentrate mixture on iso-nitrogenous basis to supply 66.60 g/day crude protein (CP) on dry matter (DM) basis. Twenty five yearling male Begait sheep with initial...

Author(s): Abraham Teklehaymanot  

Effect of supplementing Tsara (Pterocarpus lucens), pigeon pea (Cajanes cajan) leaves and concentrate mixture on carcass characteristics of Begait sheep fed hay as a basal diet

September 2019

The study was conducted with the objective of determining the carcass characteristics of Begait sheep fed hay basal diet and supplemented with different levels of Tsara (Pterocarpus lucens) leaves, pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan) leaves and concentrate mixture on iso-nitrogenous basis to supply 66.60 g/day crude protein on dry matter (DM) basis. Twenty five yearling male Begait sheep with initial body weight (BW) of...

Author(s): Abraham T. Haymanot, Getachew Animut and Yaynishet Tesfay  

Evaluation of proximate content and vitamin profile of Moringa oleifera seed hull

August 2019

Moringa plant is a plant with increase awareness of its health and nutritional benefits in Nigeria. This study was conducted to examine the nutrient composition of underutilized hull of Moringa oleifera seed. Proximate composition, antinutrients, minerals and vitamins profile of the hull were determined using standard analytical methods. The hull contained crude protein 5.25±0.011%, crude fibre...

Author(s): Ibraheem Ademola Saheed, Nuhu Aliyu, Musa Muhammed and Ashade Noah Oluwasegun  

Evaluation of varying levels of Vernonia amygdalina leaf meal on growth, hematological parameters and as anticoccidial

August 2019

Among the currently available poultry feed additives, natural herbs and plants have been widely advocated due to their reported widespread beneficial effects. Vernonia amygdalina is one of such potential feed supplements which have recently been reported as having a wide range of beneficial effects on production performance. This study was designed to evaluate the effect of varying levels of V. amygdalina leaf meal on...

Author(s): Banjoko O. J., Adebayo. I. A., Osho I. B. and Olumide M. D.  

Identifications of the major factors that influence milk production: The case of dairy farmers in Badulla district, Sri Lanka

July 2019

Dairy farming remains the economic backbone of livestock farmers in high potential area like Badulla district in Sri Lanka. Though, milk production has been quite low. Therefore, this study was carried out to investigate the factors affecting dairy cattle milk production in Badulla. Total of 500 dairy farmers were selected using multistage stratified and simple random sampling techniques. Milk production and...

Author(s): K. W. S. N. Kumari, J. M. D. R. Jayawardana and J. M. P. Jayasinghe  

Production practices of local pig farmers in Ghana

June 2019

Local pig production is of economic, nutritional and socio-cultural importance to livelihoods in Ghana. Data was collected from 176 local pig farmers in four regions of Ghana using pretested structured questionnaire. Majority of the farmers interviewed were males over 30 years and kept crossbred pigs (64%) with income (95%) as their main motivation. In terms of housing of pigs, most farmers use sheds (39%), about a...

Author(s): Aryee Sethlina Naa Dodua, Osei-Amponsah Richard, Adjei Owusu Dennis, Ahunu Benjamin Kwadjo, Skinner Benjamin Matthew and Sargent Carole Anne

Cost effectiveness of feeding cattle genotypes fed rice straw with graded levels of concentrate supplements

June 2019

Cattle genotypes and adoption of new feeding technology are necessary for improving beef cattle production and managing efficiently beef production costs. A study was conducted to determine the effects of cattle genotypes and levels of concentrate supplements on cost effectiveness of feedlot beef production in a Complete Randomized Block Design in 3×4 factorial arrangements with 4 replications. Feeds were...

Author(s): J. Mutabazi, C. Ebong, M. Mutimura and H. C. D’Andre  

‘You should be slaughtered!’ Experiences of criticism/hate speech, motives and strategies among German-speaking livestock farmers using social media

May 2019

Livestock farmers are advised to engage in direct dialogue with consumers. However, attempts to communicate in this way e.g. by farmers using social media have received little academic attention. The present article, based on an online questionnaire conducted in the summer of 2018, provides an explorative insight into the motives, strategies and experiences of criticism of German-speaking livestock farmers with a...

Author(s): Christian Dürnberger  

Socio-economic perception of snail meat consumption in Fako division, south-west region Cameroon

May 2019

Cameroon south-west region offers favorable climatic conditions for survival of land snails whose meat is known for their nutritional benefits. Besides, conventional livestock (beef, chicken, etc.) cannot satisfy the high demand in Cameroon. Hence, snail meat could be suitable alternative source of protein. Therefore, this article investigated the perception and identified the main determinants of land snail meat...

Author(s): Kaldjob M. Christian, Enangue N. Annick, Siri Bella N. and Etchu Kingsley  

Some internal and external egg quality characteristics of local and exotic chickens reared in Yirgalem and Hawassa towns, Ethiopia

May 2019

Analyzing eggs quality is so important for both consumers and for coming new chicks. Total of 300 eggs (100 eggs from each native, Sasso and Bovans brown) chicken were collected during winter of 2017 to evaluate some egg quality parameters of chickens reared at Yirgalem and Hawassa towns of Southern Ethiopia. The eggs were purchased from the householders and each egg was carefully broken on a glass sheet, and was...

Author(s): Yonas Kejela, Sandip Banerjee and Mestawet Taye  

Factors influencing success of artificial insemination of pigs using extended fresh semen in rural smallholder pig farms of Rwanda

April 2019

The present study was conducted to analyse the factors influencing the success of artificial insemination (AI) in pigs using extended fresh semen in rural smallholder pig farms. One hundred female pigs from Rulindo and Gicumbi districts in Northern Region of Rwanda were artificially inseminated using locally collected and extended fresh semen. The pregnancy was confirmed by using both no returns to estrus and abdomen...

Author(s): Munyaneza Celestin, Nyiramuhire Valentine, Mubashankwaya Isaac, Munyandamutsa Fabrice, Ndisanze Oscar, Bagaragaza François and Mujyambere Jean Marie Vianey  

Suboptimum reproductive performance among dairy herds in Uganda

April 2019

Suboptimum reproductive performance affects the overall profitability of dairy herds. In order to manage this condition, there is need to clearly understand the different forms in which it presents, as well as its possible risk factors under the Ugandan context. This review study was conducted to highlight the different forms of suboptimum reproductive performances among Ugandan dairy herds through literatures from...

Author(s): Godfrey Bigirwa, James Okwee Acai, Paul Bogere, Seok Ki Im, Hyun Kim, Dae-Jin Kwon, Hak-Kyo Lee, and Ki-Duk Song,  

Genotype and sex effects on the performance characteristics of pigs

April 2019

Data from fifty-four pigs: twenty-five Duroc, twenty-one Large White and eight crosses of Duroc and Large White (Hybrid) were used to quantify and mathematically describe the performance traits of pigs. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of genotype, sex and their interaction on the performance characteristics of three pig genotypes. The pigs were 30 kg of body weight and 70 days of age at the...

Author(s): O. B. Morenikeji, O. J. Ogunshola, O. A. Adu, S. O. Aro and C. A. Chineke  

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