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Signatures of solar activity fluctuations on Nigerian precipitation patterns

April 2024

Variations in solar activity on different timescales are a good measure of solar radiation. Solar radiation reaching the earth’s atmosphere impacts on the earth’s climate. Sunspot numbers and F10.7 are widely accepted as good parameters for monitoring solar activity and in this paper. These two solar indices have been employed in determining their effects on Nigerian precipitation on annual and seasonal...

Author(s): Ernest Benjamin Ikechukwu Ugwu and Obiageli J. Ugonabo  

Analyzing determinants shaping access to and perceptions of campus food banks in maritime university settings

February 2024

This research delves into the pervasive issue of food insecurity among university students, with a specific focus on Canada's Maritime Provinces. The study elucidates the intricate relationship between household food insecurity and critical factors that influence a student's academic performance, financial stability, and overall well-being. Additionally, it reveals a disconcerting underutilization of Campus Food...

Author(s): Mitch Archibald, Sylvain Charlebois and Janet Music  

Production of feed grade L-lysine using solid state fermentation for the Nigerian market

January 2024

L-Lysine, an essential amino acid crucial for both human and animal nutrition, serves as a valuable medicament and additive in animal feed. Nigeria annually imports significant quantities of L-lysine to support its animal feed industry. In developing countries like Nigeria, a viable biotechnological approach for L-lysine production involves solid-state fermentation. This method not only offers environmental advantages...

Author(s): Nyerhovwo J. Tonukari, Egoamaka O. Egbune, Akpovwehwee A. Anigboro, Daniel A. Ehwarieme, Theresa Ezedom, Innocent Orhonigbe and Eferhire Aganbi  

Endogenous knowledge and farming methods for Jatropha curcas L. in southern Chad

December 2023

To assess the level of knowledge of the farming population and the ecological importance of Jatropha curcas, ethnobotanical surveys were carried out among the local population in three villages in the province of Logone Oriental, namely Bébédjia, Miandoum and Komé. A total of 250 people of different sexes were surveyed. The results of these surveys showed the socio-economic importance of this...

Author(s): OUMAR Dany, DJEKOTA Christophe Ngarmari, SABO Prospère and MBAIDE Yeba

Identification of the spatial patterns of air pollution and its sources in Ogui New Layout, South-East of Nigeria, using remote sensing and GIS technology

October 2023

Air pollution is one of the main risk factors for human health. It is the deadliest form of environmental pollution, which the World Health Organization has recognized as a significant indicator of the status of the environment. Therefore, there is a need for monitoring of air pollution to reduce health hazards associated with it. In this study, Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System were used to examine the...

Author(s): Obiageli Josephine Ugonabo, Ernest Benjamin Ikechukwu Ugwu, and Eucharia Chidinma Okoro

Diurnal variability of the magnetospheric convective electric field (MCEF) from 1996 to 2019: Comparative investigation into the signatures of the geoeffectiveness of coronal mass ejections and magnetic clouds

September 2023

This paper compared the signatures of shock activity and magnetic clouds (caused by geoeffective interplanetary coronal mass ejections (ICMEs)) on the diurnal variability of the magnetospheric convective electric field (MCEF) from 1996 to 2019. The investigation is done as a function of the orientation of the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF). The temporal variabilities of the MCEF of the two geomagnetic activities...

Author(s): Kaboré Salfo, Gyébré Aristide Marie Frédéric, Gnanou Inza, and Ouattara Frédéric,  

Comparative study of water quality between upstream and downstream of Thamirabarani River using multivariate statistical tools

September 2023

The present investigations were focused on the systematic analysis of surface water quality of the Thamirabarani River from upstream (Pechiparai dam to Gnaramvilai) to downstream (Vettuvenni to Thengaipattinam estuary) during the period from September 2020 to January 2021. The different hydrochemical parameters such as temperature, pH, EC, TDS, fluoride, turbidity, nitrate, phosphate, sulphate, chloride, calcium,...

Author(s): S. A. Anuja, P. Kavitha, P. M. Hency, C. H. Jothi and R. J. Rose  

Micro surface texturing formation in polycrystalline-silicon solar cells by means of CO2 laser

May 2023

Surface texturing of polycrystalline silicon solar cells using a CO2 laser was achieved in the present study, with different line spacing and sizes in one dimension. The efficiency of the solar cell was calculated using the measurements of the short circuit current (ISC), the open circuit voltage (VOC), and the fill factor (FF). The SEM results showed the formation of micro-scale textures. Operational results showed...

Author(s): Islam Mohammed Osman and Ali A. S. Marouf  

A comparative analysis of the development of electromagnetic pollution maps with artificial intelligence and interpolation

April 2023

Cell phones and mobile devices have been an integral part of life over the past 30 years. In parallel with the intensity of use of mobile phones, the number of base stations has also increased. The increasing number of base stations has caused an intensity of electromagnetic pollution in the GSM band. The issue of electromagnetic pollution has become increasingly remarkable due to the claims that it can cause diseases...

Author(s): Ugur SORGUCU  

Effect of poultry manure application rates on growth and yield of Saba (Saba senegalensis) in Southeastern Nigeria

February 2023

An experiment to determine the effect of poultry manure (PM) application rates on growth and yield of S. senegalensis was conducted at the Department of Crop Science, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. The experiment was a Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) of four rates of poultry manure (0, 10, 20 and 30 t ha–1) replicated three times. Analysis of variance results indicated that PM significantly (p < 0.05)...

Author(s): Kolawole Olajide, Uchenna Mabel Ndubuaku and Paul Kayode Baiyeri  

Re-orienting developing countries scientific research for industrial development

November 2022

The development of countries is now mostly dependent on their research and how fast they can convert the results into tangible products and services. Employment of research for industrial development is not being encouraged in developing countries. Developing countries must engage more in research that will contribute positively to their economy. Encouraging collaboration and entrepreneurship within and across different...

Author(s): Nyerhovwo J. Tonukari  

A review of research trends on Nattrassia mangiferae from 1966-2022: A bibliometric approach

November 2022

In recent years, Nattrassia mangiferae has received tremendous attention as a destructive plant pathogen that may potentially infect humans and animals. The pathogen was isolated from 61 species belonging to 47 genera and 30 family plants but was most frequently isolated from Cactaceae, Rosaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Anacardiaceae, and Rutaceae hosts. To systematically and comprehensively describe the progress, trends, and...

Author(s): Samad Jamali  

Training to develop soft skills for engineering students

October 2022

The emergence of the Industry 4.0 has been driven by technological advances that brought the need for evolution in the educational sector. Education 4.0 proposes a restructuring of teaching methods to include the socio-emotional skills highly demanded within the current job market. Engineers traditionally have a technical-scientific-based training; they focus on the development of core competencies such as mathematics,...

Author(s): Lauana Gruber, Débora Barni de Campos, Delcio Pereira Fernanda Hänsch Beuren and Alexandre Borges Fagundes

Factors of geomagnetic storms during the solar cycles 23 and 24: A comparative statistical study

August 2022

The solar sources of 884 geomagnetic storms have been studied for the solar cycles 23 and 24 (1996-2019), regardless of their size ranges; using the Kp index and the NOAA G criteria (minor to extreme storms). It claims from our investigation that fast solar wind streams (HSSWs) is the main factor of small (G1) and medium (G2) storms and occur mostly on the descending phase of the solar cycle. Fast solar wind has...

Author(s): Sawadogo Yacouba, Koala Somaïla and Zerbo Jean Louis,  

The role of iron on the growth and development of the seedlings of Rhizophora mangle L.

July 2022

Iron is an essential element, and its deficiency and excess result in negative effects on the growth and physiology of plants. Heavy metals are the highest anthropic pollutants that affect mangrove ecosystem. This study aimed to analyze the development of Rhizophora mangle seedlings in response to excess Fe under controlled conditions. Seedlings of R. mangle previously established were transferred to the culture...

Author(s): Barcelos Ully Depolo, Andreia Barcelos Passos Lima Gontijo, Adriano Alves Fernandes⊃, Antelmo Ralph Falqueto, Sávia Soares Pascoalini, Dielle Meire de Santana Lopes⊃, Edilson Romais Schmildt, Samira Leite⊃ and Mônica Maria Pereira Tognella  

Phytochemical study of the extracts of oilseeds of Staudtia kamerunensis var. gabonensis (Warb.) from Gabon and evaluation of their antiradical activity

June 2022

The report focused on phytochemical tests and evaluation of the antiradical activity of seed extracts of Staudtia kamerunensis var. gabonensis. The successive extraction of seed powders from S. kamerunensis var. gabonensis was carried out by maceration at room temperature with solvents of increasing polarities: Cyclohexane, trichlorethylene, acetone, ethanol and distilled water. The antiradical activity was measured by...

Author(s): Medza M’Ella Darina Livia, N’Negue ép Mezui-Mbeng Marie Andrée, Edou Engonga Prosper, Mengome Line Edwige, Engone Obiang Nestor and Aboughe-Angone Sophie  

Defining green economy aspects for eco-friendly industrial approaches; their linkages across the sustainable innovation paradigm

May 2022

Green economy is a sustainable concept that has set the pace for industrial innovations across the globe. This is reflected in manufacturing, processing, and production industrial processes. There is a paradigm shift in the definition and understanding of green economy (GE) linkages to industrial symbiosis (IS), industrial ecology (IE) and clean development mechanism (CDM). We hypothesize in this study by responding to...

Author(s): Innocent Ngare, Dorcas Otieno, Duncan Omwami, Emma Ogutu, Lamech Opiyo, Salome Gikonyo and Edwin Otieno  

Geoeffectiveness of the inner magnetosphere under the impact of fast solar wind currents: Case of solar cycles 20 to 23

March 2022

Earth's magnetosphere is a magnetic shield that protects the Earth from the energetic emissions of the high-speed Solar Wind (HSSW). We perform a statistical analysis of the response of Earth's magnetosphere inner part under the impact of HSSW over 40 years of data encompassing solar cycles 20-23. With misidentified events or events interacting with interplanetary coronal mass ejections (ICMEs) removed, only...

Author(s): Gnanou Inza, Zoundi Christian, Sawadogo W. Emmanuel and Ouattara Frédéric  

Anti-cancer potential of Tetracarpidium conophorum (African walnut) seed oil on prostate carcinogenesis

January 2022

Prostate cancer is the leading cause of mortality in men worldwide, and dietary fat influence its incidence. This study investigated the effect of feeding Tetracarpidium conophorum seed oil (TCSO) on 3-methylcholanthrene (MCA) induced prostate cancer in Wistar rats, the expression of cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) and peroxisome proliferator activated receptor gamma (PPAR-?) in the prostatic tissues. The TCSO was extracted...

Author(s): Esosa Uhunmwangho, Celestina Olafusi and Ifeoluwatomi Akinyemi  

Assessment of the antifertility effects of some plants in male albino mice

December 2021

Some medicinal plants contain natural compounds such as isoflavonoids and polyphenols that produce sterility in male animals. The aim of the present study is to investigate the effects of the chloroform extract of the seeds of Sea Island cotton, Gossypium barbadense; the ethanolic extract of seeds of soybean, Glycine max; and the ethanolic extract of the leaves of rosemary, Rosmarinus officinalis, on the fertility of...

Author(s): Maha Mostafa, Sohail Soliman, R. I. Mohamed and Wael M. El-Sayed      

Total electron content response to two moderate geomagnetic storms in July 2003 at Niamey Station in Niger

October 2021

The present paper reviews CODG TEC response to the moderate storm of July 26, 2003 and that of July 29 at Niamey station in West African equatorial station (Geo Lat 13° 28'45.3 "N; Geo long: 02° 10'59.5" E) in Niger. These two moderate geomagnetic storms are of solar wind origin. The study showed an increase in CODG TEC values during the initial phase of the storm and a decrease in CODG TEC...

Author(s): Zoundi Christian, Dama Stéphane, Kadidia Nonlo Drabo and Ouattara Frédéric

On the effects of solar flare on geomagnetic components across all latitudes during solar minimum and maximum

September 2021

The mutual dependence of solar flare and geomagnetic H and Z components during the period of least (2009) and maximum (2002) solar activity using archived and observed data were examined. Solar flares were identified by sudden ionosphric monitor (SIDMON) constructed by staff of Centre for Basic Space Sciences, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria. However, SIDMON results were still confirmed by satellite data since it...

Author(s): Ernest Benjamin Ikechukwu Ugwu, Ugbor Desmond Okechukwu, Agbo Jonas Udoka

Reliability of vibratory indications during the follow-up of bearing spalling

August 2021

In this work, spalling is naturally initiated on the bearing raceway during its operation on the test bench. The experimental procedure used consists of monitoring the deterioration of the ball bearing until its failure with an online acquisition of vibration signals. Vibration analysis is the method used to characterize the damage. In order to obtain a significant trend curve, spalling surface has been measured several...

Author(s): Omar DJEBILI and Oussama BERBRI

Probability of dry and wet spells over West Africa during the summer monsoon season

July 2021

This work aims at characterizing the conditional probability of single or consecutive dry and wet days in West Africa using the first-order Markov chain approach during the monsoon season (June to October). The results show that the probabilities of having a wet day (PW), a wet day preceded by another wet day (PWW) and a wet day preceded by a dry day (PDW) are stronger in regions where the rainfall is maximum (mountain...

Author(s): Jules Basse, Moctar Camara, Ibrahima Diba and Arona Diedhiou

Phenotypic screening of multidrug-resistant E. coli from water and fish collected from different fish farms within Abakaliki metropolis, Nigeria

June 2021

The aim of this study was to screen fish farm water and fishes reared in fish farms within Abakaliki metropolis for multi-drug resistant Escherichia coli. Exactly 30 fish samples and 30 water samples were obtained from 10 different fish farms using sterile bottles from January to June, 2018. Samples were analyzed by standard microbiology methods. Susceptibility test to antibiotics was done by Kirby-Bauer disc diffusion...

Author(s): Chibuike K. U., Iroha I. R., Moses I. B., Chukwunwejim C. R., Peter I. U., Edemekong C. I. Ndugo C.M., Ngene O., Egbuna N. R., and Okonkwo-Uzor N. J.  

Effect of organic foliar sprays on yield of cluster bean (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba L. Taub) cv. Pusa Navbahar

June 2021

This experiment was conducted during the year 2020-2021 in open field condition at three locations such as Madurai (Kalvelip-atti-L1), Ramnad (Thiruvarangam-L2) and Kunnathur (Peraiyur-L3) of Tamil Nadu, India to assess the effects of organic foliar sprays viz. Panchakavya, vermiwash and cow urine on yield and growth parameters of cluster bean ((Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (L.)Taub.) cv. Pusa Navbahar). Four treatments...

Author(s): Selvarani K., Anushavardhini S., Jose J. J. and Mariselvi V.  

Analysis of the antimicrobial action of copaiba oil and endodontic substances against anaerobic bacteria

January 2021

Endodontic infections are polymicrobial and predominantly caused by anaerobic bacteria and some facultative bacteria. The list of microorganisms involved in endodontic infections keeps expanding and has the potential to become increasingly more accurate during the next few years. Copaiba oil is an important Amazonian herbal medicine commercialized worldwide.  In this study, we evaluated the antimicrobial activity...

Author(s): Amaro de Mendonça Cavalcante, Joanna Rodrigues da Silva, Lisiane Cristina Lopes Oliveira, Marcos Aurelio Bonfim da Silva, Karlos Antônio Lisboa Ribeiro Junior, and Antônio Euzébio Goulart de Santana,  

Pilot bioremediation of contaminated soils by hydrocarbons, from an electricity production and distribution site in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

November 2020

The bioremediation of polluted soils by hydrocarbons is a set of decontamination techniques which exploit the depolluting activity of living organisms in order to reduce the toxicity, mobility or quantity of a contaminant in the environment. This work has enabled the bioremediation of a soil contaminated with hydrocarbons by exploiting endogenous microorganisms of the environment. The depollution method used was the...

Author(s): Wendlassida Pauline Ouédraogo, Cécile Harmonie Otoidobiga, Cheik Amadou Tidiane Ouattara, Aboubakar Sidiki Ouattara and Alfred S. Traoré  

Effects of biochar and manure on soil properties and growth of Casuarina equisetifolia seedlings at the coastal region of Kenya

August 2020

This study investigated the effects of biochar and manure applied singly or together on soil biochemical properties, Casuarina equisetifolia seedling growth and seedling quality. Therefore, a nursery experiment consisting of Prosopis juliflora biochar and cattle manure treatments at 0% (control), 10% biochar, 20% biochar, 10% manure, 10% biochar + 10% manure, and 20% biochar + 10% manure was conducted. Generally,...

Author(s): Riziki Umazi Mwadalu, Benson Mochoge and Benjamin Danga  

Haemoglobin genetic types and its association with qualitative traits in West African Dwarf sheep

August 2020

This study was carried out to investigate the haemoglobin genetic types and their association with qualitative traits in West African Dwarf (WAD) sheep. The Modified Stratified Sampling Technique (MSST) was used to select the sampling sites within the selected state and animal samples within the sampling sites. A total of 280 adult sheep comprising 140 rams and 140 ewes aged 4 years were used for the study. Data were...

Author(s): Fajemilehin Samuel Oladipo and Adegun Maria Kikelomo  

Epidemiological pattern of malignant neoplasia of the esophagus in the region of ABC- São Paulo, Brazil between the years of 2008 and 2017

July 2020

Esophageal cancer is the sixth leading cause of death from malignancies in the world. Given its importance, it is a disease that needs further studies to deepen its understanding and epidemiological behavior. The aim of this work is to evaluate the epidemiological profile of EC in the ABC, Southeast and the national territory of Brazil between 2008 and 2017. This is an ecological study that evaluated the temporal trend...

Author(s): André Akira Ramos Takahashi, Livia Akemi Ramos Takahashi, Lucas Pereira Abrão Eid, Sandra Di Fellice Boratto, Carlos Eduardo Rodante Corsi, Jaques Waisberg and Luiz Vinicius de Alcântara Sousa  

Impact of some heavy metals on bacterial utilization of kerosene in liquid medium

June 2020

Potential petroleum degrading bacteria, Pseudomonas aerogenosa and Micrococcus sp. was isolated from petroleum contaminated soil in petroleum microbiology laboratory, Department of Microbiology University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Hydrocarbon utilization in liquid media was assessed through time – course optical density measurement. Concentrations of the heavy metals ranging from 50 to 200 mg/L were introduced into 100...

Author(s): Okobo Uchenna Jude, Chibuzor Nwadibe Eze and Akpi Uchenna Kalu  

Knowledge and understanding of energy efficiency in air-conditioning: Exploring perceptions from the manufacturing sector in Ghana

June 2020

The study investigated Energy Efficiency (EE) measures and practices from the perspectives of Ghana's manufacturing sector. A mixed methods approach that applied both qualitative and quantitative methodologies guided the study. The quantitative approach was relevant to establish statistical inferences and the qualitative methods used to provide further in-depth understanding to statistic(s) provided by the...

Author(s): Jones Lewis Arthur and Josephine Fianu  

Mitigating the spread of COVID-19 in low-income countries

June 2020

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has become an increasing concern to global health organizations, and may pose major challenges to health care systems in the low-income countries due to the absence of equipment, lack of funding, and insufficient training of healthcare workers. Thus, mitigation measures that involve social distances and personal hygiene may be prioritized. The main objective of this review was to...

Author(s): Omar Bashir Ahmed  

Prevalence of hepatitis B virus and HIV infections among pregnant women visiting healthcare institutions in Ebonyi State, Nigeria.

April 2020

This study aims to determine the prevalence of hepatitis B virus (HBV) and HIV infections among pregnant women visiting Healthcare Institutions within Ebonyi State, Nigeria. Blood samples were collected from 100 pregnant women who visited Rural Improvement Missionary Hospital (RIMH) and General Hospital (GHE) within Ebonyi State. The presence of hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) in serum was determined using Antec...

Author(s): Nwuzo A. C. , Emioye A. A., Moses I. B., Adiat A. M., Ugbo E. N., Agbom J. N., Ariom T. O., Okata-Nwali O. D., Ugadu I. O., Ayomoh E.  

Surfactants of microbial origin and its application in foods

February 2020

Surfactants are petroleum-derived compounds widely used globally in industrial areas such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, textile, among others. The synthesis and use of these compounds has generated environmental pollution, putting public health at risk. For several years, the synthesis of surfactants has been reported by various microorganisms called biosurfactants. Biosurfactants have been shown to reduce surface...

Author(s): Alejandro De Jesús Cortés-Sánchez  

Preparation of Laundry Soap from Used Cooking Oils: Getting value out of waste

January 2020

Palm oil is commonly used to prepare laundry soap by treating it with alkaline solutions. However, using it for this purpose is becoming expensive as palm oil is imported from few major exerting countries. Moreover, it is used for biodiesel production. Therefore, looking for alternative raw material that substitutes palm oil for soap production is imperative. Used cooking oils (UCOs) are good candidates in this regard....

Author(s): Legesse Adane  

Positioning smallholder farming in the agricultural productivity and food security in resource limited Sierra Leone

September 2019

Agriculture is dominated by smallholder farmers who occupy the majority of land, and produce most of the crop and livestock products in Sierra Leone. Nonetheless, the key long-standing challenge of the smallholder farmers is low productivity that stems from the lack of access to markets, credit and technology, and in recent years these are compounded by the volatile food and energy prices and very recently by the global...

Author(s): Bashiru M. Koroma, Alpha Jalloh, Alhaji Brima Gogra and Musa Aziz Yokie  

Structural plasticity and species distribution in a peri-urban mangrove of Southeastern Brazil

September 2019

The goal of this study was to evaluate the structural plasticity and distribution of mangrove species in the Estuarine System of Greater Vitória (ESGV). Four areas distributed along the estuary were analyzed. Fringe and basin forests were sampled in each station. Concomitantly to the forest sampling, interstitial salinity was measured in the field, and sediment was collected for analysis of organic matter (OM)...

Author(s): Sávia Soares Pascoalini, Mônica Maria Pereira Tognella, Karen Otoni de Oliveira Lima and Antelmo Ralph Falquetto  

Assessment of ecosystem services in the Wildlife Reserve of Togodo (South East of Togo, West Africa) and vulnerability-adaptation of surrounding communities to climate variability and change effects

July 2019

This study aims at contributing to the vulnerability and adaptation to climate changes (CC) analysis of bordering communities of Togodo Reserve, in order to enhance their resilience. Specifically, the present study attempted to (i)  identify the climatic hazards of the WRT; (ii) determine the impacts of climate variability and change on their livelihoods; (iii) assess the socio-economic vulnerability of these...

Author(s): Jérémie Kokou Fontodji, Kossi Adjonou, Kossi Novinyo Segla, Kodjo Napo, Komla Elikplim Abotsi, Adzo Dzifa Kokutse, Regina Sagoe and Kouami Kokou  

The importance of undergraduate coursework in student success at South Carolina medical institutions

July 2019

The importance of undergraduate coursework in determining medical school student readiness reaches far beyond preparation to take the standardized Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT®). Since medical schools employ a rigorous and fast-paced learning system to instruct prospective medical students on (A) didactic information in the basic sciences and (B) the critical methodology of clinical practice, it is...

Author(s): Halford G. Warlick IV, Gabriel N. Desouza, Megan L. Wander and Vincent S. Gallicchio    

Diurnal variation of F2-layer critical frequency under solar activity recurrent conditions during solar cycles 21 and 22 at Ouagadougou Station: Prediction with IRI-2012

July 2019

This paper presents foF2 data recorded at Ouagadougou Ionosonde Station and compares them with IRI-2012 model results through its two subroutines, Union Radio Scientifique Internationale (URSI) and Comité Consultatif International des Radio Communications (CCIR) during recurrent solar activity. Except for the solar cycle maximum period, measured data profiles corroborate with the signatures of E×B drift....

Author(s): Emmanuel Wambi Sawadogo, Jean Louis Zerbo, Nour Ali Mahamat  and Frédéric Ouattara  

Hypoglycemic activities and biochemical parameters modulation of herbal formulations of Allium cepa L. in alloxanized diabetic rats

June 2019

The aim of this work was to formulate and evaluate the herbal tablets of Allium cepa L. for in vitro tablet properties, hypoglycemic effects and for their effects on some biochemical parameters in diabetic rats. Aqueous extract of A. cepa L. was obtained by cold maceration and freeze dried. A. cepa L. extract compatibility with some tablet excipients was assessed using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. A. cepa L....

Author(s): Josephat Ikechukwu Ogbonna, Ogochukwu Ngozi Umeh, Chukwuemeka Christian Mbah, Sabinus Ifeanyi Ofoefule and Benjamin Chukwuma Ozumba  

Effectiveness of using oils extracts of Peganum harmala and Rhanterium epapposum against Khapra beetle (Coleoptera: Dermestidae) and their chemical compositions

June 2019

Essential oils extracted from two medicinal plants Peganum harmala and Rhanterium epapposum native to the Arabian Peninsula specially Saudi Arabia, were evaluated for their larvicidal effects and emergence of Khapra beetle (Trogoderma granarium) adults. The oil analyzed by thin layer chromatography, the results of phytochemical analysis indicated that the presence of Alkaloids, flavonoids Triterpenes, Cumarins and...

Author(s): Zeinab Eltahir Bakheet Eltahir and Abdelhafiz Adam Dahab  

Assessments of drinking water supply quality at squatter and indigenous settlements of Bagmati River Corridors in Kathmandu

May 2019

This study made an attempt to acquire information on water availability and assess the drinking water quality level of Bagmati river corridors. It identified the different modes of water supply sources and then examined drinking water quality in 37 squatters and 5 indigenous communities which consists 3693 households within Kathmandu Valley. To assess the state of drinking water quality at sources and points of use...

Author(s): Ram Kumar Phuyal, Rojita Maharjan, Rajesh Maharjan and Niranjan Devkota  

Principal air pollutants and their effects on athletes’ health and performance: A critical review

May 2019

The aim of this review was to assess the health effects of the criteria air pollutants: Sulfur dioxide (SO2), carbon oxides (COX), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), particulate matter (PM) and ozone (O3) together with photochemical smog and global warming in relation to exercise with particular focus on athletes. In this review, respiratory and cardiovascular health impacts of the specified principal air pollutants have been...

Author(s): Gashaw Tesema Tsegaw and Yitayal Addis Alemayehu  

Patterns of incidence of colorectal cancer in Brazil from 1990 to 2016

April 2019

Colorectal cancer (CRC) has a high prevalence in both sexes. Although its incidence among the elderly is declining, some studies show an increased incidence in age group under 50 populations, an age group that is not included in the global screening protocols. However, screening the disease in a defined population at younger age groups is of paramount importance in reducing mortality rate. This is an ecological study...

Author(s): Livia Akemi Ramos Takahashi, André Akira Ramos Takahashi, Sandra Di Felice Boratto, Marcella Conz Rodrigues, Diogo Fontes Santos, Jaques Waisberg and Luiz Vinicius de Alcantara Sousa  

Nanomedicines: Challenges and perspectives for future nanotechnology in the healthcare system

April 2019

A novel approach of combining nanotechnology to the pharmaceutical and biotechnological field resulted in the formation of nanomedicines. Nanomedicines have progressed to a more considerable extent for curing irremediable diseases such as neurological defects, cardiovascular defects, etc., because of its minute size which assists in increased surface area and hence a remarkable dissolution profile. In addition to the...

Author(s): Ajazuddin, Sabahuddin Siddique, Amit Alexander, Pooja Yadav, Mukta Agrawal, Ahmed M Shehata, Mahmoud A Shaker,  Syed Ata Ur Rahman, Mohi Iqbal M Abdul and Mohamed A. Shaker,

Precision attributes based index for the selection of efficient agricultural machinery

March 2019

Development and introduction of high capacity, precise, reliable and energy efficient machinery/equipment is the need for judicious use of inputs. Manufacturing of agricultural machinery in India is varied in nature and starts from village artisans, tiny units, cottage to small scale industries, organized tractor and agricultural machinery manufacturers including energy and processing machinery industry. Precision in...

Author(s): Manjeet Singh, Karun Sharma, Pramod Mishra, Bharat Patel and S. K .Singh  

Compaction and strength characteristics of recycled pavement material: Cement mixtures used for road pavement purposes

February 2019

The implementation of conventional soil-cement stabilization techniques is hindered by the relatively large particle size of road pavement materials. This study aims to investigate the effects of the gradations of soil particles, cement content, and water content on the soil-cement materials (real construction materials collected from the field) used for pavement. Recycled crushed rock obtained from the pulverizing...

Author(s): Apichit Kumpala, Peerapong Jitsangiam, Anukun Arngbunta and Pattarapong Singhan  

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