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January 2017

Water harvesting: Groundwater storage reservoir in Wadi Ishe, Jordan

Wadi Ishe pilot project is a trial project set to illustrate the recharge of runoff and storage in an artificial groundwater reservoir to minimize evaporation losses and as a substitute of water supply for rural arid areas that could be used for stock watering and some agricultural activities. The HEC-Hydrologic modeling System was used to estimate the runoff potential. The model in the research will provide...

Author(s): Arwa Hamaideh, Heinz Hoetzl and Marwan Al Raggad

January 2017

Anomalous modes in Faraday instability

This research presents an experimental study on the Faraday instability in one-dimensional cells filled with a mixture of water and glycerol, and for a range forcing frequency between 10 and 60 Hz. It showed that for a particular forcing frequency, whose value depends on the width of the cell, an anomalous surface oscillation arises, that appears as a large wavelength mode oscillating subharmonically with respect to the...

Author(s): Alessio Guarino

December 2016

Quantum fluctuations of the spacetime geometry in the spectral scheme#

The spectral scheme for spacetime geometry is a totally new framework for quantitatively describing the spacetime geometry in terms of the spectra of a certain elliptic operator (typically the Laplacian operator) on the space in question. The central idea of the framework can be symbolically stated as ``Let us hear the shape of the Universe!" There are several advantages of this framework compared to the...

Author(s): Masafumi Seriu

November 2016

Evaluation of productivity and rates of application of poultry manure for remediation of kerosene oil contaminated soil in Abakaliki, Southeastern Nigeria

This experiment was carried out in order to evaluate productivity and rates of poultry manure used to amend kerosene oil contaminated soil on 0.18 ha of land. The land area was contaminated with 5% of kerosene oil equivalent to 50,000 mgkg-1 and thereafter the field laid out using randomized complete block design (RCBD) with four treatments of 10, 20, 30 tha-1 of poultry manure and control which were replicated five...

Author(s): Nwite J. N., Aya F. C. and Okeh C. O.

November 2016

Thermal treatment in air of direct current (DC) magnetron sputtered TiN coatings

TiN coatings were deposited onto mirror polished stainless steel substrates by reactive DC magnetron sputtering using a pure Ti target and Ar+N2 atmosphere. The deposited TiN coatings were thermally treated in ambient air at temperatures ranging from 500 to 700°C for times between 1 and 16 h. The as-deposited and thermally treated coatings were characterized using glow discharge optical emission spectroscopy, x-ray...

Author(s): Fisnik Aliaj, Naim Syla, Heinrich Oettel and Teuta Dilo 

October 2016

A new gateway node for wireless sensor network applications

Wireless sensor network based applications have gained a significant importance in recent years. However, it creates problems when sending the detected data over distant stations even though establishment of sensor networks by means of ZigBee communication modules as the communication range of these modules are limited. For this reason, in this study, design of a gateway node which can be used in the sensor network...

Author(s): Murat Dener

October 2016

Lessons withdrawn from the diversity of inland valleys cultivation at a regional scale: A case study of Mono and Couffo departments in south Benin

In a context of greater climate variability and increasing population pressure, inland valleys are considered as high potential agricultural area. This agricultural potential has been subject to multiple initiatives for characterization which were generally based on the physical characteristics. However, support strategies based on such inventories often fail to fit with the promoters’ expectations. One of the...

Author(s): Luc Ollivier Sintondji, Joël Huat, Elliott Dossou-Yovo, Jean Louis Fusillier, Euloge Agbossou, Justin Djagba and Félix Gbaguidi

October 2016

Evaluation of reinforced concrete buildings in Northern Cyprus using TEC2007 and EC8 in respect of cost estimation

Cyprus lies in a seismic zone and the whole island (northern and southern part of the island) can be considered as an earthquake vulnerable area. In the last years, earthquake design of reinforced concrete structures becomes an important phenomenon due to unfortunate earthquakes. This amplifies the need to make such buildings earthquake resistant at a reasonably low cost. Most of the buildings are mid-rise reinforced...

Author(s): Rifat Reşatoğlu and Rami S. Atiyah

October 2016

Dynamic modelling and predictive health monitoring for vibration control and resonance of rotating machinery

The aim of this study is to investigate the critical speed analysis and response of a rotating machinery. The search for increasingly high performances in the field of the vibration phenomena which is subject rotor are increasingly important and can lead to system instability. The use of the finite element method makes to establish dynamic equations of the movement. Numerical calculations of the model developed, can...

Author(s): A. Chellil, I. Gahlouz, S. Lecheb, S. Chellil, A. Nour and H. Mechakra

September 2016

Bayesian analysis to detect change-point in two-phase Laplace model

The general form of the change-point problem is to determine the unknown location m, based on an ordered sequence of observations X1,X2,.., Xm, Xm+1,..., Xn such that, the two groups of observation X1,X2,.., Xm and Xm+1,..., Xn follow distinct models. In this paper the problem of change-point detection of two-phase Laplace model is considered. Our object is to find...

Author(s): A. Jafari, M. Yarmohammadi and A. Rasekhi

September 2016

Slow translation of Tropical Africa’s wealth in medicinal plants into the clinic: Current biomolecular infrastructural capacity and gaps in sub-Saharan universities

Tropical Africa has one of the world’s largest endowments in medicinal plant diversity. However, this potential has not been translated into pure drugs of proven efficacy and safety synonymous with modern pharmaceuticals. The basis for the slow translation of Tropical Africa’s medicinal plant wealth into value-added medicines acceptable in the doctor’s clinic is not clear. In this work, we sought to...

Author(s): Pakoyo Fadhiru Kamba, Edson Ireeta Munanura, Bruhan Kaggwa, Stephen Lutoti, Herbert Bush Aguma and Richard Odoi Adome

August 2016

Analysis of the environmental effects of international outsourcing: Study of the iron casting industry

The international outsourcing of intermediate products is a common practice in manufacturing. Although outsourcing labor- and resource-intensive production to developing countries is based on financial motives, the decision should also be evaluated from an environmental perspective at a global scale. In this study, the environmental effects of four supply chain scenarios are analyzed through a life-cycle assessment...

Author(s): Mehmet Emre Bahadir

August 2016

Exploring the road to improving knowledge and access to female condom in Nigeria: Evidence from Edo, Delta and Lagos states

The female condom is a relatively new product that is intended to serve the dual role of protecting against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STI). Very few studies have been conducted on the use of female condom in Nigeria. Therefore, information is lacking about its continued use, particularly among women at high risk of HIV and other STI. With the above consideration, the Society for Family...

Author(s): Jamilah Mohammed-Jantabo, Richard Olukolade and Samson B. Adebayo,

July 2016

Exploring the association between diabetes mellitus and hearing loss: Genetic mutation, neuropathy and microangiopathy

Diabetes mellitus (DM) has progressively increased in global prevalence. Recent studies have found that patients with DM may suffer from hearing impairment as a chronic complication. The effect of hearing loss may impair the quality of life of patients which affects functional, social, as well as psychological aspects. Both DM and hearing loss are considered to be associated, although this correlation remains elusive....

Author(s): Muhammad Firman Akbar

July 2016

Modeling of compound layer growth during nitriding of pure iron

This paper presents a physical model which describes the layer growth kinetics and the nitrogen concentration profiles during gaseous or plasma nitriding of pure iron. The model is related to a one dimensional moving boundary value problem where the initial concentration profiles are assumed to be linear and a new boundary condition at the diffusion zone is proposed. The model is solved by using a classical finite...

Author(s): Ernesto Manuel Hernández, José Antonio Otero, Antonio Jiménez, Rubén Darío Santiago, Raúl Martínez, Francisco Castillo and Joaquín Esteban Oseguera 

June 2016

New methodology for microarray spot segmentation and gene expression analysis

DNA microarray analysis is the main core in genome mapping. Each microarray image contains millions of information about genes. Microarray analysis is considered one of the most recent and important technologies in exploring the genome. One of the key steps in microarray analysis is to extract gene information from the gene spots, these information represent gene expression levels in the microarray. This paper proposes...

Author(s): Amjad A. Hudaib, Hussam N. Fakhouri and Rawan Ghnemat

June 2016

Simple identification of a parallel resonance transfer function in power systems using a frequency response technique

This paper proposes frequency response based identification of a parallel resonance transfer function in power systems including capacitor banks for power factor improvement. The proposed method is simple and easy to understand by finding undetermined coefficients. Only magnitudes of measured harmonic currents for some orders of both source and load are required. Validation of the proposed method is given in frequency...

Author(s): Wanno Yeetum and Vijit Kinnares

May 2016

Optimizing the process of developing E-government website using decision support system

The purpose of this paper was to address the issue of E-government website evaluation regarding the provision of a decision-making framework built around the concepts of website evaluation. The proposed framework deploys a Bayesian Belief Network (BBN) to conquer the subjectivity and inaccuracy that characterizes the conventional models for E-government website quality assessment. Since the developments of E-government...

Author(s): Osama Mohammad Rababah, Mohammad Alshraideh, Mohammad A. M. Abushariah, Saher Manaseer and Maged AlQisi

May 2016

Avoiding potential greenhouse emissions by using local materials in housing construction: A case study in Colombia

Housing in Colombia, especially social housing, has been a priority issue for governments in recent years; however, it is necessary to consider building more sustainable homes with less environmental impact using local material as opposed to building with conventional materials. Based on these needs, this research aimed to evaluate the potential environmental impact of social housing by predominantly using local...

Author(s): Morales-Pinzón T., Flórez-Calderón M. T. and Orozco-Gómez I. E.

April 2016

Sentiment analysis as a way of web optimization

Web optimization is the process of optimizing the web to increase visibility or rank of websites in search engines. Furthermore, this process is also viewed from multiple perspectives, from optimizing inter-server communication that offers the best responses to users’ queries and provides targeted advertisements to users of a website. With this regard, the process of automatic classification and information...

Author(s): Osama M. Rababah, Ahmad K. Hwaitat, Dana A. Al Qudah

April 2016

Strain field determination using displacement gradient model and unified least-squares technique

Deformation analysis is crucial to applications in geodesy, structural engineering, and geology, of which the main goal is to detect the behaviors of a deformed body. Traditional deformation analyses rely on a limited number of observations and thus give a relatively poor description of the strain field on the entire object. In this study, a method based on the displacement gradient model and unified least-squares...

Author(s): Yi-Chun Lin and Jen-Yu Han

March 2016

Characterization of rain-fed maize-based vegetable production systems in Northern Ghana

The study was conducted in Northern Ghana comprising of the Northern, Upper East and Upper West regions. The objective of the study was to analyse maize-based rain-fed vegetable production systems with a view to explore their potential to contribute to food and income security for rural households. A combination of qualitative and quantitative data collection methods were employed during the study. Questionnaires were...

Author(s): Yakubu Balma Issaka, Judith Seidu, and Abdou Tenkouano

March 2016

Availability and morphological characteristics of endophytic fungi held in different methods of preservation

Maintenance of microorganisms in mycology is of fundamental importance for retrospective and prospective studies that focus on their biology, etiology and epidemiology. The aim of this study was to evaluate the viability, contamination and morphological changes of endophytic fungi maintained under different preservation methods. We evaluated five preservation methods; constant sub-culturing, preservation under mineral...

Author(s): Ana Karla Lima Freire, Amaury dos Santos Bentes, Ivanete de Lima Sampaio, Alita Moura de Lima, Luciana Fujimoto Botineli, Liliane Coelho da Rocha, João Braga de Souza, and Érica Simplício de Souza

March 2016

Influence of Samarium Oxide ions on structural and optical properties of borate glasses

We have successfully synthesized Samarium oxide (Sm2O3) doped borate glasses by conventional rapid melt quench method. The prepared batch was melted at suitable transition temperature and to improve the crystalline phases, glass was kept at 500°C for 7 h. The X-ray diffraction (XRD) pattern identified the amorphous nature of glass and photoluminescence emission properties proved the optical properties of Sm2O3 doped...

Author(s): Deepa A. V., Priya M. and Suresh S.

February 2016

Modeling teachers' influence on learners' self-directed use of electronic commerce technologies outside the classroom

Nowadays, Electronic Commerce (EC) course is becoming one of the most important taught courses at all business schools due to increased businesses over the Internet network by utilizing all available technologies. However, the success of such courses cannot be measured by number of students who pass or fail but rather by how such courses influence and can change the daily life of these students. Previous literature...

Author(s): Mahmoud M. Maqableh, Ashraf B. Mohammed and Ra&#;ed (Moh’d Taisir) Masa&#;deh

February 2016

On the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis of the effect of jet nozzle angle on mixing time for various liquid heights

In the present work, the effect of nozzle angle (22.5º, 45º and 67.5º) on mixing time for jet mixing tanks with the various ratios of liquid height (H) to tank diameter (D), including 0.5, 1, and 1.5, are studied by using computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The results revealed that CFD model with standard k-epsilon is successfully employed to predict the concentration profiles and mixing time by using...

Author(s): Eakarach Bumrungthaichaichan, Nattawat Jaiklom, Apinan Namkanisorn and Santi Wattananusorn

February 2016

Theoretical framework for social network marketing based on genetic algorithm

The social network played recently a major role as communication media in our daily life as it allows individuals to interact with one another and build relationships. When products or companies advertise on the social network, they expect that their product or advertisement reaches its target. Social networks is a hot research topic that has received great interest in the recent years due to its wide spreading and...

Author(s): Osama Mohammad Rababah, Thair Hamtini, Hussam Nawwaf Fakhouri, Amjed Hudeb, and Ahmad Hwaitat

January 2016

The determinants of the adoption behaviour of women azolla (Azolla pinnata) farmers in Coochbehar District of West Bengal

Adoption behaviour may be reflected as the predisposition of the behaviour of an individual during the adoption process of any innovation. Here, in the present study, the respondents were women stakeholders selected through panchayat. The study analysed their adoption behaviour towards azolla cultivation because the scientific azolla cultivation has been taken up as the innovation in terms of which the adoption...

Author(s): V. Sarkar, A. Saha, K. Pradhan and A. Ghosh

January 2016

Femur neck insufficiency fracture in an adolescent associated with vitamin D deficiency

The study reports a case of 14-year-old female child who was not participating in any athletic activities, and presented with gradual onset of left side hip and groin pain since 8 months duration. Clinical and radiological evaluation showed medial-sided femur neck insufficiency fracture associated with vitamin D deficiency. Femur neck insufficiency fractures are rare entity in children; usually result from overuse...

Author(s): Omar Q. Samarah, Tareq M. Tareef, Fadi A. Al hadidi, and Azmy M. Al hadidy,

January 2016

Shoot demography of some evergreen and deciduous tree species of Kumaun Himalaya, India, along an altitudinal gradient

The shoot diameter and shoot length extension growth studied in 10 tree species occurring between 350 to 2500 m elevation in the Kumaun Himalaya. Effects of temperature on shoot growth were studied under natural conditions. Shoot length growth was significantly affected by the temperature during shoot elongation (p<0.01). The optimum temperature for elongation was ranged from 21 to 36°C across the altitudinal...

Author(s): Sanjay Kumar, Raksha Pande and Deepshikha Arya

December 2015

Studies on chemical solutions and storage duration on keeping quality of cut gladiolus (Gladiolus grandiflorus L.) spikes (‘White Prosperity’)

The experiment was carried out to investigate the effect of different chemical solutions (C1= sucrose (20%) + [Al2 (SO4)3 .-16H2O  300 ppm], C2= sucrose (20%) + [Al2 (SO4)3 .-16H2O] 300 ppm + GA3 50 ppm and C3= Control (Distilled water)) and five storage durations viz., (S0 = 0 days, S1 = 7 days, S2 = 14 days, S3 = 21 days and S4 = 28 days) on keeping quality of cut spikes of gladiolus ‘White...

Author(s): Z. A. Bhat and M. Q. Sheikh

December 2015

Influence of fertility levels and weed management practices on yield and yield attributes of rain-fed maize

Investigating the response of rain-fed maize to fertility levels and weed management practices, a field trial was undertaken in 2012 and 2013 at Experimental Farm, D(K)ARS, SKUAST-Kashmir, (J&K). The experiment consisted of 3 fertility levels and 4 weed management practices. The results revealed that fertility levels F3 and F2 at par with one another recorded significant increase in cob length, number of cobs...

Author(s): S. Gul and B. A. Khanday

December 2015

Synthesis and characterization of copper metal soaps from Thevetia peruviana and Hura crepitans seed oils

Thevetia peruviana (TP) and Hura crepitans (HC) seed oils with 73 and 65% unsaturation, respectively as analyzed by gas chromatography-flame ionization detector (GC-FID) chromatogram were used for the synthesis of copper metal salt. The sodium carboxylate (soluble soap) prepared from the oils by saponifying with sodium hydroxide were reacted with solution of copper salt to produce the metal soaps. The yield was...

Author(s): Joseph Bodunde Owolabi, Kazeem Adelani Alabi and Labunmi Lajide

November 2015

Effects of streptozotocin diabetes on the ultrastructure of astrocytes in the cervical enlargement of rat spinal cord

A chronic complication of diabetes mellitus (DM), diabetic neuropathy, causes neurodegeneration leading to the development of neuropathic pain and sensation loss, particularly in the hands and arms. The cervical enlargement of the spinal cord sends the nerve supply to the hands and arms. Moreover, astrocytes effectively provide structural and functional maintenance of neurons in the spinal cord. Nevertheless, there is...

Author(s): Sirinush Sricharoenvej, Amornrat Chookliang, Passara Lanlua and Chittapon Juntararussamee

November 2015

Photoplethysmogram second derivative review: Analysis and applications

Photoplethysmogram (PPG) and its second derivative of the photoplethysmogram (SDPTG) are simple and low cost optical techniques for detecting and tracking blood volume changes. The PPG waveform and its SDPTG have been used by many scholars to obtain valuable information about heart and cardiovascular system. Since PPG and SDPTG reflect blood volume changes, much work has been done on its application as a diagnostic tool...

Author(s): Yousef K. Qawqzeh, Rubins Uldis and Mafawez Alharbi

October 2015

Biochemical studies on Ziram induced acute, subacute and subchronic toxicity in broiler chicken

The present experimental work was conducted to elucidate the biochemical changes in broiler chicken after ziram intoxication. For the study, 150 apparently healthy broiler chicks were reared together up to 2 weeks of age and thereafter allocated randomly to four groups, that is, control (n=30), acute (n=10), subacute (n=20) and subchronic (n=90). Toxicity was induced following single oral dose of Ziram at 100 mg/kg body...

Author(s): Majid Shafi, Shayaib Ahmad Kamil, Masood Saleem Mir, Sheikh Adil, Mohammad Maqbool Darzi and Abdul Shakoor Bhat

October 2015

The effect of the spinodal curve condition on J – T inversion curves for van der Waals real gas

This paper examines a consequence of spinodal curve condition on the Joule – Thomson inversion curves, for van der Waals real gas. To this end, we consider the differential form of Joule – Thomson coefficient, and concentrate on the parametrical algebraic equation of the corresponding family of curves in a P – V Cartesian frame of reference.  The aim of this work is not the prediction of Joule...

Author(s): J. Venetis

October 2015

Finite-element modeling and experimental study of nitrogen concentration profile in 16MnCr5 gas nitrided steel

In this paper, a numerical and experimental study of the nitrogen concentration profile in the precipitation layer of gaseous nitrided 16MnCr5 alloy steel was performed. The gaseous nitriding was performed in ammonia atmosphere at 510, 550 and 590°C, and for each temperature four different nitriding times were chosen. Nitrogen concentration profile of the nitrided specimens was experimentally investigated with...

Author(s): Naim Syla and Fisnik Aliaj

September 2015

A comparison of functional properties of native Malawian cocoyam, sweetpotato and cassava starches

Cassava, cocoyam and sweetpotato constitute underexploited but yet important sources of starch for the Malawi industry. The functional properties of starches isolated from cassava, cocoyam and sweetpotato were studied and compared. Results revealed diverse functional properties among the starches from the different sources. With increasing temperature, water binding capacity, swelling power and solubility of the...

Author(s): Davies Emmanuel Mweta, John Danwell Kalenga-Saka and Maryke Labuschagne

September 2015

Spectra characterization, flavonoid profile, antioxidant activity and antifungal property of Senecio bifrae and its copper complex

This study describes the synthesis, spectra characterization using UV-Visible and Infra-Red spectroscopic methods, flavonoid profile, antioxidant activity and antifungal property of Senecio biafrae-Cu complex and Senecio biafrae. UV-Visible spectra revealed bathochromic shifts for Senecio biafrae-Cu complex in comparison with Senecio biafrae which could be due to complexation.  Differences between vibration spectra...

Author(s): Azeez L., Ogundode S. M., Ganiyu O. T., Oyedeji O. A., Tijani K. O. and Adewuyi S. O.

September 2015

Influence of Indian Ocean zonal circulation on variability and predictability of Ethiopia highlands vegetation

The vegetation fraction over the Ethiopian highlands exhibits large seasonal and multi-annual variability in the period 1982 to 2014. Northern areas are more sensitive to rainfall due to the brevity of the wet season. Differences in the regional climate during periods of high and low vegetation are analyzed using composite fields of rainfall, wind, humidity, sea temperatures, salinity and currents; and correlations at...

Author(s): Mark R. Jury

September 2015

Adaptive Pixel-Selection Fractional Chaotic Map Lattices for image cryptography

Chaotic theory has been employed in cryptography application for establishing a sequence of data closest to pseudorandom number. Image cryptography with Chaotic Map Lattices (CML) uses the chaos parameters, the number of iterations and the number of cycles for encryption as secret keys. Amount of secret keys has a great impact on security in cryptography. Adaptive Pixel-Selection Fractional Chaotic Map Lattices (APFCML)...

Author(s): Jirasak Sittigorn and Kitti Paithoonwattanakij

September 2015

Evolutionary role of seed oils in plants: The case of Jatropha curcas L.

Seed oils in higher plants function as an energy source for germination, emergence and establishing as a new plant. Then, the seed oil must be a trait subjected to natural selection. In this work we revise the evolutionary function of seed oils in angiosperms, analyzing the patterns of seed oil accumulation and their fatty acids composition among species differing in habit, habitat and relatedness. We review some...

Author(s): Isidro Ovando-Medina, Miguel Salvador-Figueroa and María de Lourdes Adriano-Anaya

September 2015

Identification of the damage model parameters of thrust ball bearings under variable operating regime

Bearing is an important component of a rotating machine; however, under normal operating conditions, it is subjected to fatigue which results in a defect called spalling. This work presents a monitoring fatigue of a thrust ball bearing on a bearing fatigue test bench. Spalling is artificially initiated on a bearing raceway. Vibration analysis is the method used to characterize the defect. The experimental procedure used...

Author(s): O. Djebili and F. Bolaers

September 2015

Maritime continent winter circulation as a predictor of El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) influence on Ethiopia summer rainfall

Summer rainfall over the cropping region of Ethiopia is related to the precursor winter circulation around the Maritime Continent and El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO) development and influence. Investigation of this link reveals that sea surface temperature (SST) in the north Indian Ocean and China Sea are anomalously cold and there are low level north-westerly wind anomalies around the Maritime...

Author(s): Mark R. Jury

September 2015

Predicting the permeability of pervious concrete pavement using artificial neural networks modeling

Pervious concrete (PC) pavement is a sustainable type of concrete pavement that can protect and restore natural ecosystem. The permeability coefficient is the most important characteristic of PC. The purpose of this experimental study was to investigate the effect of mixture design parameters, particularly water-to-cement ratio (W/C) and size of aggregate on the permeability coefficient of PC. The thirty six mixtures...

Author(s): Hassan Tajik Ghashghaei and Abolfazl Hassani

August 2015

Air pollution indicators in Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) countries

Over the past several decades, the amount of attention given to various countries’ environmental impact has greatly increased. Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) have been drawing special attention due to the pollution emissions released into the atmosphere by their increasing number of industries and their exaggerated consumption of products. This article aims to elucidate and analyze the evolution of some of...

Author(s): Renata Vidart Klafke, Rudy de Barros Ahrens, Ruy Gomes da Silva, Luiz Alberto Pilatti and Antonio Carlos de Francisco

August 2015

Interval study of convergence in the solution of 1D Burgers by least squares finite element method (LSFEM) + Newton linearization

This paper aims to apply the least squares finite element method (LSFEM) in conjunction with the linearization technique known as Newton method. For this, the application chosen was the traditional 1D Burgers equation. From two numerical applications and an error analysis based on knowledge of the exact solution, will be possible to present convergence ranges for this proposal.   Key words: Least squares...

Author(s): Bárbara Fernanda Soares de Oliveira e Silva, Roberta Veloso Garcia, Paula Cristiane Pinto Mesquita Pardal and Estaner Claro Romão    

August 2015

Evidence for the presence of a female produced sex pheromone in the banana weevil Cosmopolites sordidus Germar (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Behaviour-modifying chemicals like pheromones and kairomones hold a great potential in pest management.  Evidences from mating behaviour studies of the banana weevil, and from the weevil’s responses to their freeze-killed conspecifics, body washes/extracts, live conspecifics (olfactometer studies), and trapped volatiles of mature and immature adults clearly suggest that two types of pheromones are produced in...

Author(s): R. P. Uzakah, J. A. Odebiyi, M. F. B. Chaudhury and A. Hassanali

August 2015

Apocarotenoid gene expression in saffron (Crocus sativus L.)

Saffron (Crocus sativus L.) is a triploid sterile plant characterized by its long red stigmas, which produce and store its chief carotenoid derivatives-safranal, crocin and picrocrocin. Saffron selections of Kashmir are heterogeneous for floral characteristics which are mainly attributed to the environmental factors, though genetic factors may have role with regard to its differential characteristics across various...

Author(s): J. I. Mir, N. Ahmed, M. H. Khan and T. A. Mokhdomi

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