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A study on comparison of air permeability properties of bamboo / cotton and cotton towels

August 2018

As a result of the literature review, it was observed that previous studies concentrated mainly on investigating the water absorption properties of towel fabrics, but limited studies analyzed air permeability properties of towel fabrics. The purpose of this study is to investigate the air permeability of bamboo / cotton and cotton towels produced with different pile heights and to analyze the effect and importance level...

Author(s): Filiz Sekerden  

Probabilistic seismic assessment of arch dams in Turkey

August 2018

Arch dams are of great importance in the world. In Turkey, there are 1200 existing dams with different types. Arch dams are important due to their economic resource in irrigation and water supply which are significant to the homeland security and the agricultural economy. Researchers have been carrying out various studies on dams and their seismic resistance especially after the earthquakes that occurred in the recent...

Author(s): Kasim A. Korkmaz and Asuman I. Carhoglu  

Indigenous knowledge on highland bamboo (Yushania alpina) management and utilization practices in Kokosa Woreda, South East Ethiopia

July 2018

Bamboo is one of the world’s most important non-timber forest products (NTFPs) which have been advocated for poverty alleviation in many regions. However, in Ethiopia it is utilized below its potential due to lack of scientific knowledge and awareness on its management and utilization. Therefore, the main objective of this study was to investigate the indigenous knowledge of highland bamboo management and...

Author(s): Seyoum Gebrekidan, Lemma Tiki and Yigardu Mulatu  

Expanding the global horizon of engineered crops: Miles ahead to go

May 2018

Transformations in agriculture parallel to the advancements in civilizations have been a novel practice to enhance the productive creation of Mother Nature to nurture the society. Scientific advances of last century featuring identification of DNA, the development of molecular biology and its exploitation in life sciences have taken a lead. Progressions such as crop improvements through genetic modifications/genetic...

Author(s): Brijesh Pandey, Rajesh Kumar Tiwari and Abhishek Kumar  

New application of principal component regression in estimation of electrical energy consumption in an abnormal automatic meter reading system

May 2018

This paper proposes a new application of principal component regression (PCR) for estimating electrical energy consumption in case of abnormal automatic meter reading (AMR) systems. These events occur in a delivery metering system such as problems from mistakenly setting and connecting meters in electrical systems, broken metering accessories, etc. The estimation is performed by using MATLAB. The unclean sampled input...

Author(s): Visavat Kantikoon and Vijit Kinnares  

Modelling climate change impact and mitigation actions: A case study of rice productivity in West Africa based on panel data analysis

April 2018

This paper investigated how climate change can affect paddy rice productivity and proposed a mitigation measure that may be undertaken. The analysis first explored the potential impacts of climate variables on rice yields by using panel data covering the period 1980 to 2016 for seven countries members of the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU). It then went on to calculate the investments needed in Research...

Author(s): Brice Hoyeton Ainan, Jingdong Luan and Mascimus Senan Soton  

Path analysis to evaluate the direct and indirect effects of climatic variables in the development stages of Tuta absoluta (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.)

April 2018

The objective of this study was to evaluate the influence of climatic variables on the population dynamics of the tomato moth Tuta absoluta (Meyrick, 1917), (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) through correlations and path analysis, on the main variable in organic and conventional tomato crops (Solanum lycopersicum L., Solanaceae). We studied the effects of the pheromone (used Delta traps) on insect phase sampling in two areas...

Author(s): Rubens Pessoa de Barros, Ligia Sampaio Reis, Isabelle Cristina Santos Magalhães, Claudio Galdino da Silva, Miriany de Oliveira Pereira, Ana Cléía Barbosa de Lira, Jaciara Maria Pereira e Silva, João Gomes da Costa and Elio Cesar Guzzo

Bacteriophages and phage products: Applications in medicine and biotechnological industries, and general concerns

March 2018

Since their discovery in 1928 antibiotics have transformed medicine and saved millions of lives; however, the current global appearance of antibiotic resistance and absence of new antibiotics commercialization to the health sector return to the post-antibiotic era. Today, scientists are working to revive a century old technique of using bacteriophage as an option to currently available antibiotics in management of...

Author(s): Mulugeta Belay, Tesfaye Sisay and Tesfaye Wolde  

Image enhancement based on neuro-fuzzy gradient profile clustering

March 2018

This paper proposes a technique for image enhancement using Neuro-fuzzy based gradient profile generation to reconstruct the high resolution image from a single low resolution one. The natural gradient priors are collected and their statistics are analyzed and learned through Neuro-fuzzy model. The model adopts powerful data adaptation from neural network and combines with fuzzy system to enhance the ability in...

Author(s): Jaturon Ngernplubpla and Orachat Chitsobhuk

Survival modeling of accident risks of vehicle drivers in Northern Region of Ghana

February 2018

The primary objective of this article is to investigate how survival modelling can be used in traffic accident analysis to explain driver accident risk factors. Accident records of 398 drivers from 2007 to 2009 were obtained from Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD), Ghana Police Service, Northern region. Cox proportional regression model was employed for the analysis using the SAS package. The conclusion was...

Author(s): Alhassan Faisal, Mamadou Lamine Diedhiou and Katara Salifu

Precipitation concentration changes over India during 1951 to 2015

February 2018

The precipitation concentration index (PCI) of Indian region using monthly data for 1951 to 2015 was estimated on an annual and seasonal scale to show the changes in temporal and spatial distribution of rainfall over the 34 meteorological sub-divisions. As a result, annual values of PCI showed more erratic nature than the uniform to moderate behaviour of seasonal (Jun-Sept) PCI values. Computation of PCI will be useful...

Author(s): S. S. Nandargi and K. Aman

Preparation of value added composite sheet from solid waste leather - A prototype design

January 2018

Leather sector in Ethiopia is blessed with huge livestock resource which serves as source of raw material (hides and skin), cheap and highly disciplined workforce, cheap cost of doing business, significant international comparative advantages, investment incentives, and custom duty exemption. This industry remains a supplier of low value added, semi- processed hides and skin to the international market. leather sheet of...

Author(s): Teklay A., Gebeyehu G., Getachew T., Yaynshet T., Inbasekaran S. and Sastry T. P.  

Histological changes in the larvae of the domestic mosquito Culex pipiens treated with the entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana

January 2018

The Culicidae are biting insects that are most harmful to people. They are almost all blood-suckers, and are responsible for the spread of many important diseases such as malaria, yellow fever and elephantiasis. Entomopathogenic microorganisms occupy an important place among the alternative methods of fighting against pests insect. The fungus, Beauveria bassiana is an entomopathogenic agent naturally present in the...

Author(s): BENZINA Farida, HAMID Sonia, MOHAND-KACI Hakima, BISSAAD Fatma and HALOUANE Fatma

Influence of layouts on visual impression: Comparing 12 flyer layout patterns

December 2017

The purpose of this study was twofold. First, extent of the influence of flyer layouts on user impressions was investigated. Data were collected from 425 non-designers. The participants, consisting of eight groups of men and women between the ages of 20 and 50, were shown 60 flyers (12 layouts × five other design features) of a piano concert on a computer screen. The percentage of layout contribution to user...

Author(s): Yutaka Andoh, Kengo Omura, Takano Kentaro, Kawamoto Koushi and Tsutomu Fujinami

Time step-size on simulation of tree-induced capillary potential in unsaturated soils

November 2017

Unreliability in the assumption of soil properties, selection of elapse time, choice of time step size and atmospheric variables causes most inconsistencies in the simulation results. Therefore, time step size studied was based on root water up-take on a single Lime tree on a Boulder Clay. The effects of ¼, ½ and 1 day time step sizes on generated capillary potential at 0.0 m, 1.4 m and 3.0 m from the lime...

Author(s): Mu’azu Mohammed Abdullahi

Determination of heavy metals in landfill area in Tocantins, Brazil

October 2017

Improper disposal of municipal solid waste is a problem in Brazil, especially in the North, as noted in Araguatins, TO and can lead to environmental contamination caused by heavy metals. This study aims to analyze the occurrence of heavy metals in soil and leachate in the landfill of Araguatins, TO, Brazil. Soil samples and manure were collected at different points and stored in plastic containers for later laboratory...

Author(s): Cristiely Maria de Sousa Alves de Oliveira, Alcione Olinto Galvão, Dany Geraldo Kramer, Isabelle Ribeiro Barbosa and Anesio Mendes de Sousa

Climate change impact on maize (Zea mays L.) yield using crop simulation and statistical downscaling models: A review

September 2017

Review of literature related to the impact of climate change on maize (Zea mays L.) yield using Global Climate Models (GCMs), statistical downscaling, and crop simulation (APSIM-maize-and-CERES-maize models) models are discussed. GCMs can simulate the current and future climatic scenarios. Crop yield projections using crop models require climate inputs at higher spatial resolution than that provided by GCMs. The...

Author(s): Charles B. Chisanga, Elijah Phiri and Vernon R. N. Chinene

Effect of sonication at different ultrasonic frequencies on the quality and quantity of fatty acids of the oil of Chlorella vulgaris

August 2017

In order to investigate the effect of sonication on the fatty acids of alga oil, oil of Chlorella vulgaris was extracted by sonication at 20, 40, 60 and 80 kHz. Oil extracted by refluxing alga cells in n-hexane was used as control. Probable changes in the structures of the fatty acids were investigated using gas chromatography and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR). The retention profiles of the...

Author(s): Fasakin Adeyinka Olubunmi

West African Monsoon (WAM) and Atlantic Cold Tongue (ACT) onsets using Regional Climate Model

August 2017

This study focused on the occurrences and relationships of the Atlantic Cold Tongue (ACT) and the West African Monsoon (WAM) onsets in the Sudano-Sahelian region during 1983-2000. Two simulations (WAFSSTERA and WAFSSTREY) were used to investigate the sensitivity of the Regional Atmospheric Model (MAR) for two different datasets of sea surface temperature (ERA-40 and Reynolds SST datasets). The MAR reproduced the...

Author(s): K. Benjamin KOUASSI, Adama DIAWARA, K. Yves KOUADIO, Fidèle YOROBA, and Elisée TOUALY

Design and fabrication of 3.60 m3 household plastic bio digester loaded with kitchen waste and cow dung for biogas generation

July 2017

A 3.6 m3  pilot plastic digester for family generation of biogas was designed, constructed and evaluated through physico -chemical studies using 50% cow dung and 50% kitchen wastes. The ash content of waste increased after digestion while the fibre and fat contents of the waste was 5.10 and 1.05% but significantly (p<0.05) decreased to 2.49 and 0.70% after digestion. The carbohydrate content of the waste...

Author(s): Nwankwo, C. S., Eze, J. I. and Okoyeuzu, C.

Determination of the most economic thickness and energy source in the design of local hemispherical clay pots

July 2017

There is currently great emphasis on research regarding various aspects of energy sources but the question of optimum usage of the energy is equally important. This work seeks to produce an economic computer-aided design of a fire-clay pot based on conditions that give minimum cost per unit of usage time for the consumer. A percentage of energy loss from the fuel to the environment due to inefficiency of the heating...

Author(s): C. Fwalo, A. Habanyama, G. T. Baliga and J. K. Pondo

Optimizing the life cycle of an office building at semiarid region

June 2017

Energy consumption by occupants during utilization phase concerns the increase of global warming potential and a shortage of energy resources. Energy consumption in an effective way decreases the risk of global warming. Use of materials with high embodied energy and embodied carbon in building components may improve the energy performance of the building, but it can ameliorate global warming. The issue of Life Cycle is...

Author(s): Pooya Pakmehr and Mustafa Erkan Karaguler

Design and simulation of direct torque control of induction motors using VHSIC Hardware Description Language (VHDL)

June 2017

Induction motors are currently used in many industrial applications. Thus, their control techniques have received a lot of interest. An efficient method of induction motor control is the Direct Torque Control (DTC). It is considered particularly interesting since it is independent of machine rotor parameters and requires no speed or position sensors. This paper presents a simulation of a DTC strategy for three-phase...

Author(s): Cesar da Costa and Christian Oliveira Santin

Evaluation of sustainable urban preservation concept via Ankara Hamamönü example

May 2017

The city identity, taking form with pysical, cultural, socio-economical, historical and stylistic factors, carrying peculiar characteristics in each city, formed by the citizens and their lifestyles, constantly developing and reflecting the sustainable urban concept, is a completion of concepts. Urban identity elements, either they are natural or human artifact, are the witnesses of the past and form our cultural...

Author(s): Funda AÅŸut and Ä°. Raci Bayer

Effect of salinity on transmembrane potential of the roots of Sesuvium portulacastrum (L.) L.

May 2017

Halophytes are plants that complete their life cycle in saline environments. Halophytes can therefore be viewed as potential gene sources for genetic manipulation of economically important crop plants.  In this study the influence of salinity on potential difference (PD) and surface pH of root cortical cells was investigated. The effect of the metabolic inhibitor, potassium cyanide (KCN), on PD of the root cells...

Author(s): B. Moseki

Cytotoxicity of aerial parts of Indigofera heterantha

April 2017

In the ongoing phytochemical study, an effort was made to investigate cytotoxicity of various crude fractions of aerial parts of Indigofera heterantha. The results obtained revealed that all the fractions including n-hexane, ethyl acetate, methanol and residue showed brine shrimp (Artemia salina Leach) cytotoxicity activity. The data obtained revealed the medicinal importance of the plant and will help the researchers...

Author(s): Taj Ur Rahman, Wajiha Liaqat, Khanzadi Fatima Khattak, Muhammad Iqbal Choudhary, Atif Kamil and Muhammad Aurang Zeb

Investigation of attenuation parameters for concrete shielding using simulations through iterative approach and measurement

April 2017

The intensity of the ionizing radiations can be reduced by allowing them to pass through certain materials and such external materials are known as shields. The shielding material is often chosen based on the type and intensity of the radiation. The radionuclides of standard radioactive sources for calibration purpose or therapeutic use, the irradiated components that produce ionizing radiation of high intensity shall...

Author(s): Vidhya Sivasailanathan, Prabhat Kumar and Suresh Sagadevan

A comparative study of the creep behavior of laminated composites: Effect of type of fiber and matrix

March 2017

This paper presents the effect of matrix type on creep behavior at 80% loads of ultimate tensile strength of two laminated composites at different fiber and matrix system. For this, two types of laminated composites were manufactured based on two types of fibers (carbon fabric and glass fabric) with different matrix systems EPOCAST 50-A1 (EP50-A), Epoxy STR (STR) and Epoxy INJ812 (INJ). The tensile and creep behavior of...

Author(s): D. Basaid, C. Aribi, J. Kari, A. Benmounah and B. Safi

Glance at potential future combating of diseases: Bioengineered antimicrobial organisms

March 2017

The incidence of diseases is on the surge as exemplified by the recent occurrence in West Africa of Ebola Virus (EBOV) and increase of Zika Virus in Brazil. These pathogens have evolved strategies to evade the human immune system and thus continue to be globally important human pathogens. Bioengineering capabilities are on the increase with rapid advances in synthetic biology and allied technologies (nanobiotechnology,...

Author(s): Chenjerayi Kashangura,

An effort-based evaluation of pedestrian route choice

February 2017

Route choice is one of the main challenging problems from theoretical and practical viewpoints in the realm of pedestrian behaviour. A prime underlying concern of researchers in this field is to identify criteria or discover principles that pedestrians use to select their routes. Despite the fact that there are infinite possible routes between two given destinations in space, pedestrians in real situations tend to...

Author(s): Fatma Al-Widyan, Ahmed Al-Ani, Nathan Kirchner and Michelle Zeibots

Groundwater resilience to climate change in the Eastern Dead Sea Basin – Jordan

February 2017

Pumping of 82 MCM/yr from Mujib Basin (Eastern Dead Sea), coupled with the 54 MCM/yr recharge rate, has led to diminished groundwater levels and dramatically affects ecosystem services. Climate change compounds these issues by reducing recharge and increasing the ecosystem’s hydrological demand. This paper investigates groundwater resilience to climatic changes in Mujib Basin by modeling resilience for the years...

Author(s): Marwan Alraggad, Bart Johnsen-Harris, Ahmad Shdaifat, Moh`d Kotaiba Abugazleh and Arwa Hamaideh

Water harvesting: Groundwater storage reservoir in Wadi Ishe, Jordan

January 2017

Wadi Ishe pilot project is a trial project set to illustrate the recharge of runoff and storage in an artificial groundwater reservoir to minimize evaporation losses and as a substitute of water supply for rural arid areas that could be used for stock watering and some agricultural activities. The HEC-Hydrologic modeling System was used to estimate the runoff potential. The model in the research will provide...

Author(s): Arwa Hamaideh, Heinz Hoetzl and Marwan Al Raggad

Anomalous modes in Faraday instability

January 2017

This research presents an experimental study on the Faraday instability in one-dimensional cells filled with a mixture of water and glycerol, and for a range forcing frequency between 10 and 60 Hz. It showed that for a particular forcing frequency, whose value depends on the width of the cell, an anomalous surface oscillation arises, that appears as a large wavelength mode oscillating subharmonically with respect to the...

Author(s): Alessio Guarino

Quantum fluctuations of the spacetime geometry in the spectral scheme#

December 2016

The spectral scheme for spacetime geometry is a totally new framework for quantitatively describing the spacetime geometry in terms of the spectra of a certain elliptic operator (typically the Laplacian operator) on the space in question. The central idea of the framework can be symbolically stated as ``Let us hear the shape of the Universe!" There are several advantages of this framework compared to the...

Author(s): Masafumi Seriu

Evaluation of productivity and rates of application of poultry manure for remediation of kerosene oil contaminated soil in Abakaliki, Southeastern Nigeria

November 2016

This experiment was carried out in order to evaluate productivity and rates of poultry manure used to amend kerosene oil contaminated soil on 0.18 ha of land. The land area was contaminated with 5% of kerosene oil equivalent to 50,000 mgkg-1 and thereafter the field laid out using randomized complete block design (RCBD) with four treatments of 10, 20, 30 tha-1 of poultry manure and control which were replicated five...

Author(s): Nwite J. N., Aya F. C. and Okeh C. O.

Thermal treatment in air of direct current (DC) magnetron sputtered TiN coatings

November 2016

TiN coatings were deposited onto mirror polished stainless steel substrates by reactive DC magnetron sputtering using a pure Ti target and Ar+N2 atmosphere. The deposited TiN coatings were thermally treated in ambient air at temperatures ranging from 500 to 700°C for times between 1 and 16 h. The as-deposited and thermally treated coatings were characterized using glow discharge optical emission spectroscopy, x-ray...

Author(s): Fisnik Aliaj, Naim Syla, Heinrich Oettel and Teuta Dilo 

Lessons withdrawn from the diversity of inland valleys cultivation at a regional scale: A case study of Mono and Couffo departments in south Benin

October 2016

In a context of greater climate variability and increasing population pressure, inland valleys are considered as high potential agricultural area. This agricultural potential has been subject to multiple initiatives for characterization which were generally based on the physical characteristics. However, support strategies based on such inventories often fail to fit with the promoters’ expectations. One of the...

Author(s): Luc Ollivier Sintondji, Joël Huat, Elliott Dossou-Yovo, Jean Louis Fusillier, Euloge Agbossou, Justin Djagba and Félix Gbaguidi

A new gateway node for wireless sensor network applications

October 2016

Wireless sensor network based applications have gained a significant importance in recent years. However, it creates problems when sending the detected data over distant stations even though establishment of sensor networks by means of ZigBee communication modules as the communication range of these modules are limited. For this reason, in this study, design of a gateway node which can be used in the sensor network...

Author(s): Murat Dener

Dynamic modelling and predictive health monitoring for vibration control and resonance of rotating machinery

October 2016

The aim of this study is to investigate the critical speed analysis and response of a rotating machinery. The search for increasingly high performances in the field of the vibration phenomena which is subject rotor are increasingly important and can lead to system instability. The use of the finite element method makes to establish dynamic equations of the movement. Numerical calculations of the model developed, can...

Author(s): A. Chellil, I. Gahlouz, S. Lecheb, S. Chellil, A. Nour and H. Mechakra

Evaluation of reinforced concrete buildings in Northern Cyprus using TEC2007 and EC8 in respect of cost estimation

October 2016

Cyprus lies in a seismic zone and the whole island (northern and southern part of the island) can be considered as an earthquake vulnerable area. In the last years, earthquake design of reinforced concrete structures becomes an important phenomenon due to unfortunate earthquakes. This amplifies the need to make such buildings earthquake resistant at a reasonably low cost. Most of the buildings are mid-rise reinforced...

Author(s): Rifat ReÅŸatoÄŸlu and Rami S. Atiyah

Bayesian analysis to detect change-point in two-phase Laplace model

September 2016

The general form of the change-point problem is to determine the unknown location m, based on an ordered sequence of observations X1,X2,.., Xm, Xm+1,..., Xn such that, the two groups of observation X1,X2,.., Xm and Xm+1,..., Xn follow distinct models. In this paper the problem of change-point detection of two-phase Laplace model is considered. Our object is to find...

Author(s): A. Jafari, M. Yarmohammadi and A. Rasekhi

Slow translation of Tropical Africa’s wealth in medicinal plants into the clinic: Current biomolecular infrastructural capacity and gaps in sub-Saharan universities

September 2016

Tropical Africa has one of the world’s largest endowments in medicinal plant diversity. However, this potential has not been translated into pure drugs of proven efficacy and safety synonymous with modern pharmaceuticals. The basis for the slow translation of Tropical Africa’s medicinal plant wealth into value-added medicines acceptable in the doctor’s clinic is not clear. In this work, we sought to...

Author(s): Pakoyo Fadhiru Kamba, Edson Ireeta Munanura, Bruhan Kaggwa, Stephen Lutoti, Herbert Bush Aguma and Richard Odoi Adome

Analysis of the environmental effects of international outsourcing: Study of the iron casting industry

August 2016

The international outsourcing of intermediate products is a common practice in manufacturing. Although outsourcing labor- and resource-intensive production to developing countries is based on financial motives, the decision should also be evaluated from an environmental perspective at a global scale. In this study, the environmental effects of four supply chain scenarios are analyzed through a life-cycle assessment...

Author(s): Mehmet Emre Bahadir

Exploring the road to improving knowledge and access to female condom in Nigeria: Evidence from Edo, Delta and Lagos states

August 2016

The female condom is a relatively new product that is intended to serve the dual role of protecting against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STI). Very few studies have been conducted on the use of female condom in Nigeria. Therefore, information is lacking about its continued use, particularly among women at high risk of HIV and other STI. With the above consideration, the Society for Family...

Author(s): Jamilah Mohammed-Jantabo, Richard Olukolade and Samson B. Adebayo,

Exploring the association between diabetes mellitus and hearing loss: Genetic mutation, neuropathy and microangiopathy

July 2016

Diabetes mellitus (DM) has progressively increased in global prevalence. Recent studies have found that patients with DM may suffer from hearing impairment as a chronic complication. The effect of hearing loss may impair the quality of life of patients which affects functional, social, as well as psychological aspects. Both DM and hearing loss are considered to be associated, although this correlation remains elusive....

Author(s): Muhammad Firman Akbar

Modeling of compound layer growth during nitriding of pure iron

July 2016

This paper presents a physical model which describes the layer growth kinetics and the nitrogen concentration profiles during gaseous or plasma nitriding of pure iron. The model is related to a one dimensional moving boundary value problem where the initial concentration profiles are assumed to be linear and a new boundary condition at the diffusion zone is proposed. The model is solved by using a classical finite...

Author(s): Ernesto Manuel Hernández, José Antonio Otero, Antonio Jiménez, Rubén Darío Santiago, Raúl Martínez, Francisco Castillo and Joaquín Esteban Oseguera 

New methodology for microarray spot segmentation and gene expression analysis

June 2016

DNA microarray analysis is the main core in genome mapping. Each microarray image contains millions of information about genes. Microarray analysis is considered one of the most recent and important technologies in exploring the genome. One of the key steps in microarray analysis is to extract gene information from the gene spots, these information represent gene expression levels in the microarray. This paper proposes...

Author(s): Amjad A. Hudaib, Hussam N. Fakhouri and Rawan Ghnemat

Simple identification of a parallel resonance transfer function in power systems using a frequency response technique

June 2016

This paper proposes frequency response based identification of a parallel resonance transfer function in power systems including capacitor banks for power factor improvement. The proposed method is simple and easy to understand by finding undetermined coefficients. Only magnitudes of measured harmonic currents for some orders of both source and load are required. Validation of the proposed method is given in frequency...

Author(s): Wanno Yeetum and Vijit Kinnares

Optimizing the process of developing E-government website using decision support system

May 2016

The purpose of this paper was to address the issue of E-government website evaluation regarding the provision of a decision-making framework built around the concepts of website evaluation. The proposed framework deploys a Bayesian Belief Network (BBN) to conquer the subjectivity and inaccuracy that characterizes the conventional models for E-government website quality assessment. Since the developments of E-government...

Author(s): Osama Mohammad Rababah, Mohammad Alshraideh, Mohammad A. M. Abushariah, Saher Manaseer and Maged AlQisi

Avoiding potential greenhouse emissions by using local materials in housing construction: A case study in Colombia

May 2016

Housing in Colombia, especially social housing, has been a priority issue for governments in recent years; however, it is necessary to consider building more sustainable homes with less environmental impact using local material as opposed to building with conventional materials. Based on these needs, this research aimed to evaluate the potential environmental impact of social housing by predominantly using local...

Author(s): Morales-Pinzón T., Flórez-Calderón M. T. and Orozco-Gómez I. E.

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