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Simulation of the adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) inverse controller using Matlab S-function

June 2013

    In this paper, for the purpose of simulating the mathematical model of adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS), we use Matlab/Simulink environment with its powerful S-functions. The simulated model of ANFIS network can be then used to make the simulation of the identification and the control of linear or nonlinear systems. Created Simulink block of ANFIS give...

Author(s):     Tarek Benmiloud

Theoretical analysis on the laminar flow of an elastico-viscous fluid between a moving elliptic plate with constant injection and the ground

June 2013

    A theoretical study is presented for the problem of injection of an elastico-viscous fluid through a moving elliptic plate. The governing equations are reduced to a system of nonlinear ordinary differential equations by means of appropriate transformations for the velocity components. The resulting boundary value problem is solved numerically using the Matlab solver singular...

Author(s):     Serdar Barış and M. Salih Dokuz

Experimental and numerical stress analysis of glass fiber-reinforced polymer (GFRP) -stiffened shells with cutout under axial loading

June 2013

    In the present study, the stress analysis of thin-walled glass fiber-reinforced polymer (GFRP) cylindrical shells with and without cutout subjected to axial loading was carried out by using experimental and finite-element method. The effect of cutout type on the stress distribution of the shell was described. In the experimental procedure electrical strain gauges...

Author(s):   Saleh Yazdani and GH Rahimi  

Screening for antimicrobial and antimalarial activities of longan (Dimocarpus longan Lour) seeds

June 2013

    In this paper, for the purpose of simulating the mathematical model of adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS), we use Matlab/Simulink environment with its powerful S-functions. The simulated model of ANFIS network can be then used to make the simulation of the identification and the control of linear or nonlinear systems. Created Simulink block of ANFIS give...

Author(s):   Yuttana Sudjaroen  

Perceptions of rural consumers on the quality of mutton in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa

June 2013

    The objective of the study was to determine the perceptions of consumers from the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa on the quality of mutton. A survey was conducted on 215 consumers from five different municipalities in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. Data was gathered from interviewed consumers at the point of purchase, or when they left the shops. Door to door...

Author(s): Zikhona T. Rani, Arnold Hugo and Voster Muchenje

Mechanism(s) of humic acid induced beneficial effects in salt-affected soils

June 2013

    There is enough evidence that humic acid (HA) helps to enhance crops yield by promoting certain physical, chemical and biological activities in soil-plant system. Indigenously produced coal derived, HA was added to saline-sodic silty clay soil to determine its effects on activities of alkaline phosphatase, urease, microbial activities, cation exchange capacity and moisture...

Author(s): Riaz .A. Khattak, Haroon .K. and Dost Muhammad

Pre-germination hydration affects seed performance in bambara groundnut

June 2013

      In a study to determine the response of local bambara groundnut (Vigna subterranea (L.) Verdc.) germplasm to seed enhancement, seeds were subjected to hydration (12, 75 and 93% RH) to influence pre-germination water activity (aw) and subsequent germination and seedling establishment. This study also reports on seedling characteristics 28 days after sowing under...

Author(s):     Albert T. Modi

Developing new exchanger for removal of inorganic arsenic species from groundwater

June 2013

    A new Dowex monospher-BBr exchanger was prepared by the reaction between the conjugated base sulfonic acid [R-S-O3]- of DOWEX MONOSPHERE MR-450 UPW and the strong Lewis acid BBr3 forming adduct (coordinated complex) [(R–S-O3)2 BBr3]+3. The prepared resin is a promising exchanger for the removal of inorganic arsenic species from underground water. More than...

Author(s):   Reham S. Hassan and M.R. El-Naggar

Effects of corona discharge treatment on the mechanical properties of biocomposites from polylactic acid and Algerian date palm fibres

June 2013

    In this paper, biocomposites materials based on date palm fibres (untreated or treated with corona discharge) as reinforcing elements and polylactic acid matrices were prepared and characterized. The objective of this study was to evaluate the mechanical properties of these biocomposites by modification of date palm fiber by using corona...

Author(s): Siham AMIROU, Abdelatif ZERIZER, Imane HADDADOU and André MERLIN

Determination of economic thickness of insulation of local hemispherical clay pot

June 2013

    Undue bulkiness, which characterizes most design in the past, is gradually giving way to economic approach to design, which gives optimal solutions to engineering problems through optimum design techniques, leading to material and cost economy. This paper formulates a mathematical problem and presents a computer–aided solution for determination of economic thickness of...

Author(s): Olatona G. I. and Alamu O. J.

Management of vegetal covers on Pecan tree with fertilizer irrigation

June 2013

    The pecan Carya illinoinensis (Wangeh.) K. Koch is a fruit tree in domestication process, and the components of its profitable and sustainable management are continuously generated by research (Wood, 1991, 2006). For the soil management, the plants that grow on it are traditionally cataloged under the “weed” concept, which states that they must be...

Author(s):   Socorro Héctor Tarango Rivero, Erasmo Orrantia Borunda and A. Duarte Moller

Surveillance of the condition of bacteria and Amaranthus viridis in a gasoline contaminated soil

June 2013

  The condition of bacteria and Amaranthus viridis in gasoline-contaminated soil was surveyed. The soil was treated with different concentrations of petrol oil: 0 ml (control), 18, 56, 112, 168 and 224 ml. Each of the concentrations was in triplicates. Seventeen (17) bacterial isolates were recovered from the control soil while twenty (20) bacterial isolates were recovered from the...

Author(s):   Adetitun, D. O., Olayemi, A. B., Kolawole, O. M., Akintunde, O. M. and Anibijuwon, I. I.

Design of an HIV drug resistant patient management system in a digitally connected world

June 2013

    It is inevitable that drug resistance will become of concern in the treatment of HIV/AIDS infected patients due to the fact that the virus mutates at a high speed, selective pressure and patients that default from treatment. Not only is the management of HIV drug resistant patients difficult, but so too is the management of the patients’ data. The use of information...

Author(s):   Yashik Singh, and Maurice Mars

First report of Tuber macrosporum occurrence in Poland

June 2013

    Tuber macrosporum, a large spore species is first time confirmed from Poland. It grows naturally in southern part of Poland, in calcareous soils. The fruit bodies of the species were found in mixed fresh forest with dominant tree species such as:Pinus sylvestris, Carpinus betulus and Quercus robur. The soil chemistry and texture of the site was analysed. Fruit...

Author(s):     Dorota HilszczaÅ„ska, Aleksandra Rosa-Gruszecka, Katarzyna Sikora and Hanna Szmidla  

Safety and efficacy of Contiflo OD (Tamsulosin) on catheterized patients treated for acute urinary retention caused by benign prostatic hypertrophy in Ekiti State, Nigeria

June 2013

    This study aims to assess the safety and efficacy of Contiflo OD (Tamsulosin) on catheterized adults treated for Acute Urinary Retention (AUR) caused by benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH). In this randomized double blind prospective study, patients that reported at the Accident and Emergency Department of Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital (EKSUTH) with AUR and had...

Author(s):   Adegun P. T. and Areo P. O.

Evaluation of crayfish chaff charcoal agar as a transport medium for anaerobes

June 2013

    A laboratory formulated crayfish chaff charcoal agar (CCCA) was evaluated both as transport and storage medium for anaerobic bacteria in parallel with Amies charcoal agar (ACA), cooked meat medium (CMM) and thioglycollate broth (TCB). The survival of anaerobes in swab obtained clinical specimens and viability of specific anaerobes in these media were assessed. Eight genera of...

Author(s):   Egwari Louis Osayenum, Nwokoye Nkiru Nneye and Oniha Margaret Ikhwili

Monitoring the temperature of the milling process using infrared camera

June 2013

    The study of temperatures generated in machining processes has been the theme of research since the beginning of the XX century. High temperatures can provoke changes in the microstructure of materials, resulting in form errors that may cause loss of the machined material and a decrease of tool life. As a result, high temperatures can be responsible an increase in...

Author(s): Carlos Henrique Lauro, Lincoln Cardoso Brandão, and Sergio Luiz Moni Ribeiro Filho

Development of drought vulnerability maps in the Parambikulam - Aliyar Basin, Tamil Nadu, India

May 2013

  Assessment of occurrence of drought in a basin provides useful information for sustainable water resource planning and management. This study attempts to develop the spatial pattern of drought vulnerability based on frequency and severity of drought events at 3 and 12 month time scales in the Parambikulam-Aliyar river basin. Using the standardized precipitation index (SPI) as a drought assessment and...

Author(s): M. Manikandan and D. Tamilmani

Moments of the number of triangular configurations in binomial trials

May 2013

  Consider a matrix of locations in rows and columns, and suppose that at each location a binomial trial materializes independently which results in a specified event E with some probability. One possible configuration is that the event occurs at three adjacent locations, which we call a triangular configuration. The number of these triangular configurations is a random variable with a highly complex...

Author(s): Zafar Iqbal

Intelligent-classical hybrid scheme controller for better transient response and steady state error of twin rotor MIMO system

May 2013

  A hybrid control scheme of Sugeno Fuzzy PD-like System (SFPDS) and PID controller is introduced in this work. The idea of the proposed strategy is to manipulate the control error signal in two stages: the SFPDS first, and then the PID. The manipulated signal is finally provided as a control action to the system. The proposed control strategy aims at combining the benefits of utilizing the artificial...

Author(s): Tang S. H., Thair Sh. Mahmoud and Mohammed H. Marhaban

Morphogenetic types of cuticles and melanin granules in the anagen phase of hair follicles

May 2013

  Our studies on the scalp and hair follicles have a particular interest in the formation of white hair and melanin; however, representative images of white hair and melanin formation have been difficult to find. The morphogenetic types of melanosomes and cuticles in hair follicles are diverse. The generated form of melanin granules include soft melanosomes that penetrate through the outer root sheath...

Author(s): Ju-Young Lee, and Byung Soo Chang

Investigation of corrosion properties of uncoated and hot dip galvanised dual phase steel (DP450) welded using spot welding

May 2013

  DP450 dual phase steel has attracted an increasing attention as a material with commercial value for certain applications in automotive industry, nowadays. The purpose of this study was to investigate microstructure, micro-hardness, tensile shear tests, and corrosion properties of DP450 dual phase steel sheet welded using spot welding under both uncoated and hot dip galvanised conditions. Experimental results...

Author(s): Mustafa ACARER, Hayrettin AHLATCI and Fatih HAYAT

Regional climate model: Investigating the impacts of climate change on water availability in Nigeria

May 2013

  Nigeria and the rest of African nations, despite the fact that they produce less than 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions, are considered the world’s most vulnerable regions with regard to the effects of climate change due to the fragility of their economies. However, it is still very difficult to assess the extent of such changes and the specific environmental impacts particularly on water...

Author(s): O. J., Matthew, Awotoye, O. O., Dada, A. C. and Odedokun, O. D.

An improvement on the use of empirical green functions for ground motion synthesis to predict Tehran’s main earthquake

May 2013

  This research presents potential use of the empirical green function (EGF) approach and kinematic rupture models as a predicting tool in strong ground motion seismology. The former applications of EGF were employed on very small earthquakes, so the results were not reliable for almost all earthquakes recorded in the crowded metropolitan areas, due to improper signal to noise...

Author(s): A. Golara, and R. Ahmady Jazany

Analytical and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) investigation of the applicability of a ferrofluidic magnetic micropump for fluids with stress-sensitive mircroparticles

May 2013

  This paper presents analytical and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) investigations of the applicability of a novel ferrofluidic magnetic micropump for fluids with stress-sensitive microparticles. The velocity, pressure, and stress fields in the annular channel of the pump were determined analytically for the case of channels with rectangular cross sections and small aspect ratios (h/w→ 0) under...

Author(s): M. I. Kilani, M. I. Al-Widyan and A. Al Halhouli,

Computational simulation of frequency inverter ramps applied to an electric vehicle

May 2013

  This work aims to represent acceleration/deceleration ramps generator and a voltage/frequency control through a SCICOS block diagram for evaluation of values commonly used with electric vehicles. It was opted for the representation of functional block diagrams for implementing the models, and was adopted the free software SCILAB/SCICOS to design and to simulate the representations proposed. Also measurements...

Author(s): Francisco Jose Grandinetti,, Luiz Octavio Mattos dos Reis, Wendell de Queiroz Lamas, Paulo Antonio dos Santos and Denis Fernando Ramos

Screening for antimicrobial and antimalarial activities of longan (Dimocarpus longan Lour) seeds

May 2013

  The aims of this study were to evaluate methanolic extract of longan seed for antibacterial, antimalarial (antiplasmodial) activity and conducted with cytotoxicity test by using sulforhodamine B (SRB) assay with Vero cells (African green monkey kidney cell line). The methanolic extract was tested for antimicrobial activity with five strains of pathogenic bacteria including Staphylococcus...

Author(s): Yuttana Sudjaroen

Spatial and temporal variability of windborne dust in the Sahel-Sahara zone in relation with synoptic environment

May 2013

  Windborne dusts have been recognised as climatic indicators in the Sahel region, because of their ability to cause reduction in horizontal visibility. These phenomena have intensified after the exceptionally drought periods in the 1970s over the Sahel region. In this work, we have analysed the spatial and temporal evolution of visibility reduction in the Sahel-Sahara zone between 1957 and 1987. The results...

Author(s): Siélé SILUE, Abdourahamane KONARE, Arona DIEDHIOU, Véronique YOBOUE, N&#;Datchoh E. TOURE, and Paul ASSAMOI

Characterisation of two kaolin facies from Ediki, Southwest Cameroon

May 2013

  Sand-rich (ESR) and sand-poor kaolin (ESP) facies from Ediki, Southwest (SW) Cameroon, have been mineralogically and geochemically characterised in order to elucidate on their emplacement and degree of kaolinization. The mineralogical assemblage comprised quartz, kaolinite, muscovite, microcline, goethite and anatase. ESP registered a sharp peak at 3620 cm-1 and two weak inflections between the doublets...

Author(s): M. L. DIKO, and G. E. EKOSSE

Characteristics of duckweed and its potential as feed source for chickens reared for meat production: A review

May 2013

  With the high cost of the conventional protein required in producing meat and its products to meet demand by the ever-increasing population, it is imperative that other cheaper alternatives be explored. One such protein source is duckweed. This paper focuses on the attributes that duckweed has which make it a special contender as a protein source for chickens. The paper also focuses on the challenges...

Author(s): Marizvikuru Mwale and Francisca Rumosa Gwaze

Identification of players’ positions in a multi-agent game using artificial neural networks and C4.5 algorithm: A comparative study

May 2013

  This research aims to classify simulated players in a multi-agent game for the best position and role they may play in according to their abilities. Three approaches were investigated for this purpose, C4.5 classification algorithm, backpropagation neural network and radial basis function network. This work depends on a video game that uses 28 attributes to distinguish every player from another. The applied...

Author(s): Ruba Obiedat, Mohammad Faisal, Hossam Faris, Osama Harfoushi and Saham A. Nawafleh

Selection of chickpea cultivars with agronomic phosphorus (P) utilization characters as influenced by Rhizobium inoculation

May 2013

  Evaluation of phosphorus (P) efficient chickpea cultivars with and withoutRhizobium inoculation will provide considerable genetic resources for sustaining the yields and quality with reduced P application under the P deficient conditions on agricultural fields. For this aim, a pot experiment was conducted using a Calcareous Usthochrepts soil. Twenty different chickpea cultivars (Cicer arietinumL.) with...

Author(s): M. RüÅŸtü Karaman, Sezer Åžahin, Oral Düzdemir and Nejdet Kandemir

Impulsive control in permanent magnet synchronous motor

May 2013

  Permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) appears a chaotic phenomenon when PMSM is turn on or off. This paper analyses parameters of PMSM on how to effects chaos in PMSM and introduce the basic impulsive differential equation theory. An effective method is proposed by impulsive control base on impulsive differential equation theory. The simulation results show the effectiveness of the theoretical...

Author(s): Qiang Wei, Xing-yuan Wang and Xiao-peng Hu

Melon pod fermentation and its effects on physio-chemical characteristics of melon seeds

May 2013

  Studies were carried out to determine the effects of melon pod fermentation on the proximate and mineral composition of the melon seeds. Two varieties of melon commonly found in Nigeria were analyzed for similarities in this study. Proximate and mineral compositions of the seeds (Citrullus vulgaris, Egusi melon) were determined using standard analytical procedures. Comparative analysis of the seeds from...

Author(s): B. A. Jackson, C. A. Adamade, I. I. Azogu and K. C. Oni

Development of a linear model for computational simulation of an induction motor driven by frequency inverter

April 2013

Frequency inverters are largely used as induction motor drives, so that a linear model for the torque of an induction motor can be useful for making computational simulations about that control technique. This paper propose to develop a model for a torque of an induction motor based on the torque versus speed characteristic, using the linearization method applied in a specific operating range, which normally work the...

Author(s): Paulo Antonio dos Santos, Francisco Jose Grandinetti, Marcio Abud Marcelino, Heitor Giovanelli Carlesimo and Wendell de Queiroz Lamas,

A new search algorithm for documents using blocks and words prefixes

April 2013

Web has become the most enormous distributed databases on the Internet. The numbers of Web pages are growing in an amazing way. This leads to expanding the content information on the Web. With the rapid growing, it is easy to share information in web. At the same time, it is a hard task to search useful information effectively and accurately from vast amounts. This leads to create search methods that are more efficient....

Author(s): Khalid Thabit and Sumaia M. AL-Ghuribi

An improved algorithm for prediction of Young’s Modulus of wood plastic composites

April 2013

In this paper, a simulation model is proposed to predict Young’s Modulus for wood plastic composites (WPC) based on micromechanical models. Most of the previous models developed, have assumed that wood have uniform properties similar to synthetic fibers. But in reality wood behave differently due to different natural sources. During the manufacturing process of WPC, the cell wall of the wood...

Author(s): Ritu Gupta, Norrozila Sulaiman and Arun Gupta

A property of meromorphic functions with Hadamard gaps

April 2013

In this paper, we obtain a sufficient and necessary condition for meromorphic function  on  with Hadamard gaps, that is, for  satisfying  for all  to belong to meromorphic Beov space on  The obtained results are characterizations of the weighted meromorphic  Besov-functions by the coefficients of certain lacunary series expansions in the unit...

Author(s): A. Kamal, and A. El-Sayed Ahmed,  

Investigation of thermal benefits of an extensive green roof in Istanbul climate

April 2013

Green roofs have become an ecological solution in cities with the environmental problems that have increased in recent years. Green roofs are used as aesthetic elements as well as their ecological benefits for the city and urban environment. Comparative measurements were performed through field study in Landscape Architecture Department, Faculty of Forestry, Istanbul University, Green Roof Research Station (IUGRRS), to...

Author(s): Mert EKŞİ and Adnan UZUN

Rhizospheric microbes associated with bioenergy crops with special reference to Jatropha curcas: A critical review on the prospects and future challenges for sustainable bio-energy production

April 2013

There is an ever increasing need for bio-fuels due to escalations in oil prices. The global biofuel production tripled in last decade and it is estimated that the demand for bio-ethanol and bio-diesel will further double by the end of this decade. Among the various bio-energy crops, Jatropha curcas L. is one of the most promising as it has been popularly exploited for the production of bio-diesel. The review...

Author(s): Santosh Ranjan Mohanty, Bharati Kollah, Kamalika Banerjee, Garima Dubey, Vijay Kumar Gour, Janardan Sharma and A Subba Rao

Valorization of wood sawdust in making porous clay brick

April 2013

This paper studies the application of a variety of sawdust materials in the production of lightweight insulating bricks. First, the mineralogical and chemical composition of clays was determined. Next, ceramic bricks were fabricated with different quantities of materials (3 to 6 and 9 wt. % for sawdust, 65 wt. % for grey clay, 24 to 27 and 30 wt. % for yellow clay and 2 wt. % of tuff). These bricks were fired at 800 and...

Author(s): Halima Chemani and Bachir Chemani

Hydrogeophysical delineation of groundwater prospect zones at Odigbo, Southwestern Nigeria

April 2013

Data from dc resistivity depth sounding and hydrogeologic measurements from Odigbo, Nigeria, were incorporated to delineate the groundwater prospect zones in the area. The area is underlain by the basement complex rocks of southwestern Nigeria, and characterised by biotite-gneiss and quartzite lithologies. The hydrogeologic data acquisition involved determination of depths (of wells) and static water levels which...

Author(s): Omosuyi, G. O., Oseghale, A. and Bayode, S.

How green is bioenergy? A review on myths, challenges, biotechnology progress and emerging possibilities

April 2013

Bioenergy is a very heterogeneous aggregation of different feedstocks, conversion technologies and end-uses, and are often promoted as a "green" alternative to fossil fuels. In the case of fossil fuels, extraction energy costs would become higher than the actual energy yield due to increased energy costs for research, deep drilling, as well as to the lower quality and accessibility of the still available oil...

Author(s): Angelina González-Rosas, Juan Marcelo Miranda-Gómez, K.P. Padmasree and Fabián Fernández-Luqueño

Chemical analyses of aqueous extract of Parkia biglobosa fruit husk collected from Northern Ghana

April 2013

Water and ethanol extracts of Parkia biglobosa fruit husk were compared and analysed. Methods used were Sohxlet extraction, phytochemical screening, high power liquid chromatography (HPLC), fractionation and thin layer chromatography (TLC). Water was identified as a more efficient solvent than ethanol for the extraction of P. biglobosa fruit husk. The storage period (after harvest) of husk...

Author(s): Abagale, S. A., Twumasi S. K. and Awudza J. A. M.

Application of Weibull distribution model in describing the pile salting of goat meat slices

April 2013

Application of Weibull model in the pile salting of goat meat slices was studied to predict the moisture and salt contents and determine the effective water diffusion coefficient (De). The high coefficients of determination (R2 > 0.99) and low mean relative error (< 10%) indicated the acceptability of Weibull model for predicting both the moisture and salt contents and determining De. Values of scale...

Author(s): Otoniel Corzo, Nelson Bracho and Jaime Rodríguez

Studies on natural resources, trade and conservation of Kutki (Picrorhiza kurroa Royle ex Benth., Scrophulariaceae) from Kumaun Himalaya

April 2013

The present study deals with populations, trade and conservation aspect ofPicrorhiza kurroa. It is a rare and endangered medicinal plant useful in curing many diseases. The study reveals poor relative density of the species in almost all the populations, suggesting the need of careful and immediate conservation of the plant. It is dubious that the species can perform well ex-situ, due to its narrow ecological range, and...

Author(s): Deepshikha Arya, Deepika Bhatt, Ravi Kumar, Lalit. M. Tewari, Kamal Kishor and G. C. Joshi

Dietary supplementation with natural honey promotes growth and health of male and female rats compared to cane syrup

April 2013

The modern human diet contains refined sugars mainly fructose, with culpability in the pathogenesis of metabolic diseases. We investigated the effects of natural honey (NH) as a source of fructose on metabolism in growing animal models. This was to determine whether NH can substitute refined sugars, without adverse effects. Fifty-nine suckling rats were fed diets containing NH or cane syrup (golden syrup, GS)...

Author(s): Abdulwahid Ajibola, Joseph P. Chamunorwa and Kennedy H. Erlwanger

Efficiency of applying a model for measuring key performance indicators in an industrial enterprise

April 2013

The paper presents the results of applying the developed models for measuring process key performance indicators (KPIs) in a complex industrial company, including analysis of the effectiveness of its implementation in the analyzed field. The aim of this study was to demonstrate that the general approach and principles of organization and management of an industrial enterprise - based on the integration of its functions...

Author(s): Željko Đurić and Rado Maksimović

Performance evaluation of technological innovation capabilities in uncertainty

April 2013

The evaluation of technological innovation capabilities (TICs) depends on determining multiple criteria and on building a performance and implementation plan. There are intensive studies on the issues of TICs which have been dealt with extensively by practitioners and academicians, however, studies on the implementation and performance evaluation are few. This study proposes the approach of adopting trapezoid fuzzy...

Author(s): Yuan-Hsu Lin, Ming-Lang Tseng, Yi-Li Cheng, Anthony S. F. Chiu and Yong Geng

Enzymatic bioconversion of kraft pulped and oxidative delignified sawdust from the Lagos Lagoon, Nigeria into fermentable sugars

April 2013

The major obstacle during pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass centers mostly on the insufficient separation of lignin from cellulose that could further be converted into bioenergy and other useful chemicals. The choice of an optimum biomass pretreatment process depends on the digestibility of lignocellulosic material, cost-effectiveness and overall impact on the environment. Kraft pulp samples from sawdust wastes...

Author(s): N. A. Ndukwe, W. O. Okiei, B. I. Alo, J. P. H. van Wyk, T. M. Mamabolo and C. C. Igwe

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