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Prediction of grout penetration length into the jointed rock mass using regression analyses

November 2012

In this paper, new relations are proposed to predict the gout penetration length into jointed rock mass by means of multivariate linear and non-linear regressions. Numerical analysis was used to obtain the grout penetration length into the rock mass by considering all effective rock and grout properties. The results of numerical analysis were in a good agreement with analytical methods. As a case study Bakhtiary dam and...

Author(s): Omid Saeidi, Rahman Torabi, Mohamad Ataei and Hakan Stille

Entropy based assessment and palmer drought severity index of drought analysis

November 2012

Drought is one of the most important natural events. Evaluation of drought is of great importance because it is influential in many areas like water resources projects and agricultural production; it has various social and economical consequences and it is closely related to the economy, health, psychology and commerce of the society. To be able to take precautions against the dangers of drought, knowledge and...

Author(s): Ülker Güner Bacanli

Effects of fluorine incorporation on the microstructure and optical properties of ZnO thin films synthesized by Sol-gel technique

November 2012

Fluorine doped Zinc oxide (ZnO) [FZO] transparent conducting thin films were deposited by sol-gel spin coating method. Zinc acetate and amonium fluoride were used as precursor solution materials. Microstructural, morphologycal, and optical properties of the films were investigated as a function of flourine (F) doping ranging from 0 to 3.5% mole. From x-ray diffraction (XRD) patterns the films...

Author(s): Eyup Fahri Keskenler, Guven Turgut, Serdar Aydin and Seydi Dogan

Determining the knowledge levels of midwives about vaccines in Sivas, Turkey

November 2012

This study aims to determine the knowledge levels and incorrect knowledge of midwives regarding vaccination and it increase the efficiency of vaccination through providing necessary training. This is a cross-sectional study. The material of the study included midwives (n = 93) from primary health care centres, state hospital and university hospital in a city center. A survey was conducted to obtain...

Author(s): Özgür Alparslan, Yeltekin Demirel and Adnan Ayvaz

Experimental investigation on centrifugal casting of 5500 alloy: A Taguchi approach

November 2012

Design of experiments has been used, to study the influence of process parameters on the mechanical properties during centrifugal casting of aluminum alloy (5500). Taguchi method of design of experiments was employed to optimize the process parameters and to increase the mechanical properties such as UTS, elongation, BHN. The investigation has indicated that increase in pouring temperature reduces mechanical properties...

Author(s): P. Shailesh, B. Praveen Kumar, S. Sundarrajan and M. Komariahia

Antioxidant activity of bamboo-leaf extracts from the species Dendrocalamopsis oldhami

November 2012

The antioxidant enzymatic activities of Dendrocalamopsis oldhami bamboo-leaf extracts (BLE) in cholesterol-fed rats and an index of lipid peroxidation were determined. In the BLE groups, compared with the control group, significant decrease was observed in superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity in the livers and kidneys, catalase (CAT) activity in the kidneys, and glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px) activity in...

Author(s): Zhao-Lin Lv, Xi Lin, Zhi-Hui Miao, Hong-Xuan Guo, Jun-An-Hong Wang, Mei-Ling Lei, Yue Pan and Bo-Lin Zhang,

Review of applications of partial differential equations for image enhancement

November 2012

Image restoration and enhancement are important parts of digital image processing, belonging to the early visual image processing problems. Image pre-processing is the necessary preliminary work of image analysis, such as filtering to reduce image noise and to enhance the image edges. The image enhancement technique plays an important role in improving image quality and is good for image post-processing e.g. image...

Author(s): Yuanfeng Jin, Tinghuai Ma, Donghai Guan, Weiwei Yuan and Chengmin Hou

Effect of gastric symptoms, age and gender on quality of life

November 2012

Digestive symptoms are the most common and frequent symptoms being reported. It is difficult to measure their effects on quality of life, as they varied by age and gender. Therefore, our aim was to determine the effect of gastric symptoms on quality of life and to explore their relationship with age and gender. A secondary analysis of an original pragmatic randomized trial with repeated measurements was conducted in...

Author(s): Hammad Ali Qazi

Preparation and identification of two new phthalocyanines and study of their anti-cancer activity and anti-bacterial properties

November 2012

Nickel phthalocyanines chloride and nickel phthalocyanines nitrate abbreviated as NiPcCl and NiPc (NO3) respectively were synthesized and characterized. These nickel phthalocyanines are prepared by reaction of phetalic anhydride with urea, ammonium chloride and ammonium heptamolybdate, nickel related salt. Characterization of them was made by microanalyses, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR) and...

Author(s): Shahriar Ghammamy, Mina Azimi and Sajjad Sedaghat  

A numerical method for second order strain gradient theory

November 2012

In classical mechanics, based on the generalized Hook’s law, stress is only a function of strain. However, in the strain gradient theory, stress is not only a function of strain, but also a function of high-order gradients of strain. This relationship between stress and strain and its new boundary conditions is derived using the principle of minimum total potential energy. Meanwhile, a new stress tensor called...

Author(s): Gerhard Silber, Mansour Alizadeh, Mostafa Homayouni and S. Mohammad Ali Alvani

Study on ringing effect in ultrasonic transducer

November 2012

This paper presents theoretical experimental and evidence of the effect of internal resonance at silicon substrate in micro fabrication ultrasonic transducer. This ringing is clearly observed in immersion transducers with 4.2 MHz and harmonics. A mathematical analytical model of the attenuation yield by ringing effective and simulation is introduced. Experimental results are further compared to simulations...

Author(s): M. S. Salim, M. F. Abd Malek, Naseer Sabri and K. M. Juni

Phytochemical screening and biological activity of the aerial parts of Elaeagnus umbellata

November 2012

The methanolic crude extract of the aerial parts of Elaeagnus umbellata and its various solvent fractions was screened for the secondary metabolites and biological activity. Phytochemical analysis of the aerial parts showed the presence of bioactive secondary metabolites; alkaloids, steroids, terpenoids, saponins while flavonoids, anthraquinones, tannins, phlobatanins and glycosides were absent. The ethyl...

Author(s): Ghias Uddin and Abdur Rauf

Optimizing tilt angles and orientations of solar panels for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

November 2012

Shading of solar panels drastically reduces the solar collector’s efficiency “η” by reducing cell power “PMP”, and altering the short circuit-current “ISC”, the open-circuit voltage “VOC”, and the fill factor “FF”. Therefore, the orientation and tilt angle of solar collectors play an important role in minimizing shading and consequently in...

Author(s): B. R. Elhab, K. Sopian, Sohif Mat, Ch Lim, M. Y. Sulaiman, M. H. Ruslan, Omidreza Saadatian

Genetically tuning of lead-lag controller in order to control of fuel cell voltage

November 2012

The aim of this article is to introduce, implement and control the voltage of one of the most important types of fuel cell, namely proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) during system load variations. Fuel cell output voltage should be kept in a constant value against the load variations, and a controller should be designed for this purpose. Here, the Lead-Lag Controller is used in which its coefficients are...

Author(s): Noradin Ghadimi

Genetically tuning of lead-lag controller in order to control of fuel cell voltage

November 2012

The aim of this article is to introduce, implement and control the voltage of one of the most important types of fuel cell, namely proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) during system load variations. Fuel cell output voltage should be kept in a constant value against the load variations, and a controller should be designed for this purpose. Here, the Lead-Lag Controller is used in which its coefficients are...

Author(s): Noradin Ghadimi

A decision support system for supplier selection using fuzzy analytic network process (Fuzzy ANP) and artificial neural network integration

November 2012

Selection of appropriate supplier(s) for success of an organization is particularly a valuable necessity, hence apart from the common criteria such as logistics, service and quality, this paper discusses most of the key decision variables which can play a critical role in case of the supplier selection. In this study, analytic network process (ANP) method is used because it considers the relationship between the...

Author(s): Kerim Goztepe and Semra Boran

Kinetic studies of some hazardous metal ions in the particles of titanium potassium vanadate as a cation exchanger

November 2012

Titanium potassium vanadate (TiKV) as an inorganic ion exchange material was synthesized from titanium tetrachloride, potassium chloride and sodium monovanadate with molar ratio Ti: K: V = 1: 1: 1. The kinetic behaviour of Cs+, Co2+and Cd2+ have been studied under different conditions of concentration, particle size, reaction temperatures and drying temperatures. The experimental conditions were set to favour...

Author(s): M. M. El-Shorbagy, A. Bendary and A. M. Ali  

Effects of tillage, fertilization and weed control methods on corn yield in Khuzestan province

November 2012

This work was carried out to evaluate the effects of seed bed preparation, fertilization and weed control (after planting) methods on growth and corn yield in Khuzestan. One field experiment was conducted as strip plot within randomized complete block design with 4 replications during 2009 and 2010. Three seed bed preparation consisted of planting in wet soil (locally named Makhar) + conventional tillage (plough + disk...

Author(s): Ghasemi Nejad Raeini Mahmoud, Sheikhdavoodi Mohamad Javad, Almassi Morteza, Bahrami Houshang, Zand Eskandar and Alamisaeid Khalil

Influence of heat and mass transfer on Phan-Thien-Tanner fluid model for blood flow through a tapered artery with a stenosis

November 2012

In the present investigation, we study the influence of heat and mass transfer on blood flow through tapered artery with a stenosis. The non-Newtonian nature of blood in small arteries is analyzed mathematically by considering the blood as Phan-Thien-Tanner fluid. The representation for the blood flow is through an axially symmetrical stenosis. Symmetry of the distribution of the wall shearing stress and resistive...

Author(s): Noreen Sher Akbar, S. Nadeem and Changhoon Lee

Comparision of ant colony optimization and genetic algorithm models for identifying the relation between flow discharge and suspended sediment load (Gorgan River - Iran)

October 2012

Correct estimation of sediment volume carried by a river is very important for many water resources projects. The prediction of river sediment load also constitutes an important issue in hydraulic and river engineering. Conceptual models based on artificial intelligence models, namely, ant colony optimization (ACO) and genetic algorithm (GA) are now being used more frequently to solve optimization problems. Hence, the...

Author(s): Omolbani Mohamad Reza Pour, Lee Teang Shui and Amir Ahmad Dehghani

Evaluation of herd structure of white Fulani cattle holdings in Zaria, Nigeria

October 2012

A survey of 20 Fulani households in Zaria and environs revealed that the maximum and minimum herd size of Fulani cattle holdings in Zaria is 69 and 16, respectively, with the mean herd size of 41.5. The cattle stock composition showed a gender imbalance, with a preponderance of female stock than males. On the average, female animals constituted 60 to 75% in each herd type. The young animals contributed about 50% of the...

Author(s): Akpa, G. N., Alphonsus, C. and Abdulkareem, A.

Adaptive automata model for learning opponent behavior based on genetic algorithms

October 2012

The purpose of this research is to study how genetic algorithms (GA's) are applied in the field of Game Theory. GA's are effective approaches for machine learning and optimization problems. In this work, genetic algorithm is utilized to determine the behavior of an opponent in Prisoners’ Dilemma. The opponent behavior will be modeled by means of adaptive automaton. The basic problem of this study is the...

Author(s): Sally Almanasra, Khaled Suwais and Muhammad Rafie Arshad

Mucocutaneous mycoses in acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) patients hospitalised in a tertiary healthcare centre in the state of Amazonas-Brazil

October 2012

Several studies have been performed in which the severity of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection is correlated with skin manifestations. The state of Amazonas-Brazil has a high incidence of HIV infection (2008, 26/100.000 hab), and this state is located in the tropics, a climate that promotes the development of mycoses; however, few studies have been published in the literature that discuss the...

Author(s): Lindomar Schaeffer, Diego Rayan Teixeira de Sousa, Kátia Santana Cruz, Lucilaide Oliveira Santos, Rossicléia Monte Lins and João Vicente Braga de Souza

Investigation of the hygienic situation of kitchens, bathrooms and toilets in the traditional residential architecture

October 2012

This study investigated the hygiene state of kitchens, bathrooms and toilets and how they are used in the traditional houses (their characteristics, the changes in their uses and the extent of these changes). The study also attempted to find the principles and criterions on which the arrangements that are the products of accumulated experiences were based in the spaces or systems. Furthermore, the study investigated how...

Author(s): Reyhan AKAT, I. Raci BAYER and Zeynep SOFUOÄžLU

Vermicomposting potential and plant nutrient contents in rice straw vermicast of Perionyx excavatus and Eudrilus eugeniae

October 2012

Vermicomposting is proven to be an effective way for nutrient cycling, converting large quantities of organic waste into value added product (vermicast). In order to harness the potential of earthworms in vermicomposting, selection of earthworm species that are able to consume large quantity of waste, and moreover, produce vermicast with high nutrient content is important. This experiment was carried out to compare the...

Author(s): Yan Yi-Wei, Nor Azwady Abd. Aziz, Zulkifli Hj. Shamsuddin, Muskhazli Mustafa, Suraini Abd. Aziz and Teng Suk-Kuan

Brachyuran crabs (Crustacea: Decapoda) in the Suez Canal, Egypt, and their associated epifauna

October 2012

The Suez Canal is the main connecting link between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean. On its route from the Red Sea in the south to the Mediterranean in the north, it crosses different lakes which represent different habitats, and in some cases, hinder the migration of the faunal community from one sea to the other. Ten Brachyuran species belonging to ten genera and eight families were recorded in the canal water, all...

Author(s): Hamed A. El-Serehy, Mohamed H. Abd Al-Hameid, Khaled A. Al-Rasheidand Mohamad M. Gewik

Potential of neem leaf-empty fruit bunch-based vermicompost as biofertiliser-cum-biopesticide: Chemical properties, humic acid content and enzymes (protease and phosphatase) activity in vermicompost (Part I)

October 2012

The palm oil industry generates empty fruit bunch (EFB) in large quantities, which need to be optimally exploited to obtain maximum benefits from their uses. Vermicomposting of EFB with neem leaves is of great interest, as the end product might function as biofertiliser as well as biopesticide. Therefore, vermicomposting of different ratios of EFB and neem leaves using Eudrilus eugeniae as a composting agent was...

Author(s): Loh Khye Er, Nor Azwady Abd. Aziz, Kok Ho Yin, Muskhazli Mustafa, Intan Safinar Ismail and Nur Ain Izzati Mohd Zainudin

Use of urea-formaldehyde in the production of diatomite-based lightweight building components

October 2012

This research, being the first research in the literature, investigates use of urea-formaldehyde, a widely used polymer, as a binder in producing diatomite-based lightweight building elements. Urea-formaldehyde and ground diatomite of granular size under 500 microns were blended at ratios of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, and 50% by volume and fired at temperatures ranging from 80 to 140°C  to obtain test...

Author(s): M. Vehbi Gökçe and Ä°lhan Koç

A novel meta-heuristic algorithm for numerical function optimization: Blind, naked mole-rats (BNMR) algorithm

October 2012

Optimization algorithms inspired by the world of nature have turned into powerful tools for solving the complicated problems. However, they have still some drawbacks need the investigation of new and better optimization algorithms. In this paper, we propose a new meta-heuristic algorithm called blind naked mole-rats (BNMR) algorithm. This algorithm has been developed based on the social behavior of the blind naked...

Author(s): Mohammad Taherdangkoo Mohammad Hossein Shirzadi and Mohammad Hadi Bagheri

Withdrawal and drainage of thin film flow on a vertical cylinder

October 2012

The thin film flow of a power law fluid on a vertical cylinder for a lift and a drainage problem is studied. The goverming nonlinear differential equations have been derived from the continuity, momentum and constitutive equations. The resulting equations are then solved using binomial series method. Series solutions have been obtained for velocity, volume flow rate and average velocity in both cases. The graphical...

Author(s): A. M. Siddiqui, M. Akram,  K. N. Memon, S. Islam and Khalid khan

Metabolic syndrome among medical university students in Kashan, Iran

October 2012

Metabolic syndrome (MetS) is defined as a clustering of complicated disorders such as: central obesity, hypertension, increased blood glucose and impaired blood lipids. This study was carried out to determine the prevalence of metabolic syndrome among students of Kashan University of Medical Sciences between 19 to 27 years old (n=221). Metabolic syndrome was defined using the updated 2001 National Cholesterol Education...

Author(s): Ali Akbar Rashidi, Karim Parastouei and Mohammad Esmaeil Shahaboddin

Evaluation of automated guided vehicle systems in thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) Array manufacturing process

October 2012

In real bay layout of automated guided vehicle (AGV) systems for thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) Array manufacturing, excessive inter-bay transfers in such systems will degrade performance. Thus, this paper presents two models which capture the elements of the material handling time of both bay and conventional AGV systems. Five...

Author(s): Nai-Chieh Wei and Hsiao-Kang Lin

Relationship between caregivers' burnout and elderly emotional abuse

October 2012

The aim of the present study is to identify the relationship between caregivers' burnout and elderly emotional abuse. Descriptive correlation research design was utilized in this study to achieve the stated aim. The sample consisted of 40 Saudi female elderly clients aged 60 years and over and 15 caregivers. This study was conducted in geriatric home in El-Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Data were collected by...

Author(s): Mona Talat El-Nady

Evaluation of nanosilver efficacy along with transforming growth factor (TGFβ) in induction of chondrogenesis: An animal study

October 2012

This study is on the multipotential mesenchymal cells which enable us to differentiate chondroblasts in presence of Transforming growth factor (TGFβ) andbone morphogenic factors (BMPs). As use of a transferring system for these growth factors is a notable issue in recent researches, the present study was designed to evaluate the nanosilver transferring system of TGFβ on two sample groups...

Author(s): Hossein Shahoon, Sareh Farhadi and Zaker Yari

An imperialist competitive algorithm mixed model assembly line sequencing problem on just in time system

October 2012

Mixed-model lines are used to produce several kinds of models in small lots without carrying large inventories. The production sequence for the mixed-model sequencing problem depends on the goals of the production facility. In order to enjoy the useful application of these lines, it is vital to devise a schedule for assembling the different products to be determined. Based on the NP-hardness of the problem, this present...

Author(s): Asqar Hemmati, Mojtaba Hemmati and Mohammad Ahmadifard

Soil macro and mesofauna in alley cropping systems from two regions of central Mexico

October 2012

Alley cropping; Maize intercropped with fruit trees (MIFT), is a system of technified agro forestry cultivation of central Mexico. MIFT is one of the most feasible cultivation systems to show the biodiversity richness of the country; however, the effect this system exercises on the soil organisms has not been measured, whereby the macrofauna, mites and collembolans from the furrows of perennial production (Prunus...

Author(s): Dionicio Juárez Ramón, Carlos Fragoso González, Antonio Turrent Fernández, Engelberto Sandoval Casto, Ronald Ferrera Cerrato, Ignacio Ocampo Fletes and Juventino Ocampo Mendoza

Effects of gas service on the electricity distribution system assets

October 2012

This paper investigates the effect of gas outage on the assets of electricity distribution systems as well as the effects of load growth. Owing to the fact that electricity and gas distribution systems supply energy demand independently, in this paper, gas and electricity consumption is analyzed and the overload of electricity distribution systems when cutting off gas current is considered. The findings of this research...

Author(s): Reza Dashti and Behnam Bayat

Genotype X environment interactions and grain yield stability of haricot bean varieties in Northwest Ethiopia

October 2012

Seven haricot bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) varieties were evaluated in 2000 to 2001 and 2001 to 2002 cropping seasons at three representative locations in northwest Ethiopia. The objective of this study was to evaluate genotype x environment interactions (GEIs) and grain yield stability in multi-environmental trials across wide ecological locations. The trial was laid out in the randomized complete block design...

Author(s): Dawit Tsegaye, Wuletaw Tadesse and Muluken Bayable

Modeling and simulation of active front steering system

October 2012

This paper includes the modeling and simulation of active front steering (AFS) system. AFS controls the front wheel steering angle to improve the steering feel and comfort. Driver and vehicle models are used for the simulation. AFS adjusts the yaw rate in critical driving maneuvers. The driver workload is reduced and the yaw rate response is diminished by AFS. Firstly, step function is applied to the vehicle. Secondly...

Author(s): Seda PostalcıoÄŸlu Özgen

Issues of resistance of pathogens to antimicrobial agents

October 2012

Antimicrobial resistance among pathogenic organisms is now a persistent problem and of tremendous public health care concern around the globe. These pathogens are able to develop mechanisms of resistance, the antimicrobial agents that were at one time the drug of choice. They continue to develop various mechanisms of resistance either by intrinsic or acquired, and have been able to transfer and accept different...

Author(s): Adegboye M. F, Babalola O. O and Akinpelu D. A

Exploring the challenges of molecular diagnostic techniques for clinical and veterinary microbiology in developing countries

October 2012

The advent of molecular biology techniques for the detection, diagnosis, monitoring and characterization of microorganisms have revolutionalized as well as increased the reliability of microbiology laboratory results. The fact that laboratories always served as an early warning system for epidemiologic surveillance, the use of molecular techniques also placed a huge challenge on microbiologists all over developing...

Author(s): Aniesona T. Augustine

Imaging fractures in a massive limestone with ground penetrating radar, Haymana, Turkey

October 2012

This study was conducted by utilizing ground-penetrating radar (GPR) to determine the subsurface conditions of the Mollaresul High Plateau located in Haymana, Ankara, Turkey. The site is thought to be managed as a marble quarry. The GPR reflection profiling method was used because it could be applied rapidly and non-invasively without causing any damage to the surveyed area. Approximately N-S directed measurements...

Author(s): Aysel Seren and Aydanur Demirkol Acikgoz

Internal model control - proportional integral derivative controller tuning for first order plus time delayed unstable systems using bacterial foraging algorithm

October 2012

This paper proposes a bacterial foraging optimization (BFO) algorithm based approach to tune the parameters of IMC-PID controller for a class of first order plus time delayed (FOPTD) unstable systems with various ‘θ/τ’ ratios. Initially, the proportional controller based system identification procedure is attempted to convert the higher order unstable process model into an equivalent FOPTD unstable...

Author(s): V. Rajinikanth and K. Latha

Mineral chemistry of K-feldspar megacrystals and petrochemistry of the Keban syenitic intrusive, ElaziÄŸ, Eastern Turkey

October 2012

The Keban syenitic intrusive is composed of porphyric syenite, monzonitic-syenite and monzonite. These rocks were emplaced in a shallow level and display a phaneritic texture with euhedral K-feldspar megacrystals (Kfms) with simple twinning and growth structures. These Kfms contain mafic and felsic inclusions. The fact that the inclusions are usually placed along the longer axis of the K-feldspar crystals and their...

Author(s): Sevcan Kürüm

Analysis of leaching kinetics of tincal in phosphoric acid solutions in high temperatures

October 2012

The aim of the study is to propose an alternative process to boric acid generation by researching the dissolution kinetic of tincal in phosphoric acid solutions in high temperature, and to root the procuring of Na2HPO4 that is used commonly as byproduct in industry during the process. Reaction temperature, particle size, stirring speed, acid concentration and solid/liquid ratio were selected as parameters of...

Author(s): Halil Durak and Yasar Genel

Optimal location of facts devices for solving multi-objective optimal power flow (OPF) using improved shuffled leaping frog algorithm

October 2012

Renewable energy is the demand of the future and wind energy plays a very pivotal role in it but the main disadvantage with wind energy is that its efficiency is very low and the main reason for this is the demand for reactive power. If the power network is not able to satisfy the wind farm reactive power requirement, the overall energy losses in the distribution networks would be increased. Hence minimization of...

Author(s): K. Ravi and M. Rajaram

A study of the factors affecting construction time in Western Australia

October 2012

Delays are major problems that face the Western Australia’s construction industry. Delays can lead to many negative effects such as cost overruns, and is of high concern to those who are involved in the construction industry. This study was set to identify the major causes of delays in the Western Australian construction industry, by means of a literature review and a questionnaire survey. A total of 48 delay...

Author(s): Kenny Wong and Vanissorn Vimonsatit

Effective factors for improving the personnel’s attitudes towards patient safety

October 2012

Emphasizing on the patient safety improvement has led to extensive tendencies towards measuring safety culture and improving it in the medical centers. So, a research was conducted in Shahid Modarres Hospital to measure safety culture before and after education and to determine the affecting factors. A population of 236 employees was defined, including top managers, middle managers and personnel. They were given the...

Author(s): Seyed Jamaledin Tabibi, Mohammad Reza Maleki, Amir Ashkan Nasiripour, Mahmmood Mahmmoodi, Leila Azimi and Khalil Alimohammadzadeh

Atrazine transport and distribution in field soils and comparison of the predictions made by leaching estimation and chemistry model-pesticide (LEACHP) model

October 2012

Affluent use of herbicide such as Atrazine especially in corn farms must be supplemented with water and soil resources. This research was conducted in a pilot farm of Chamran University, Faculty of Water Science Engineering, Ahvaz, Iran. This research investigated transmission of the dynamic use of atrazine in various depths of soil in growth period and after growth period. Also, atrazine transmission potentiality and...

Author(s): Javanshir Azizi Mobaser, Hadi Moazed, Abdolazim Behfar, Saeed Boroomand Nasab and Zahra Nazari Khorasgani

A survey on formation of virtual cellular manufacturing systems (VCMSs) and related issues

October 2012

In an environment with fluctuating demand and unpredictable parts mix compositions, the efficiency of cellular systems necessitates the use of virtual cells. Virtual cellular manufacturing systems (VCMSs) are based on a highly flexible manufacturing concept designed to improve the performance of classical cellular manufacturing systems (CMSs) and job shop manufacturing environment by creating virtual grouping the...

Author(s): Maryam Hamedi, G. R. Esmaeilian, Napsiah Ismail, M. K. A. Ariffin

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