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Detection and tracking of ships using a stereo vision system

February 2013

  Maritime transportation continues to maintain the largest volume in the transportation sector, and this is increasing day-by-day. This means there is an ever-increasing demand for safe navigation. In this study, we propose a stereo vision system for detecting and tracking ships as a tool for increasing navigational safety. Ships are detected from obtained images by using an edge detection algorithm that uses...

Author(s):   Gazi Kocak, Shigehiro Yamamoto and Takeshi Hashimoto        

Tissue effects of high dose atropine and 2-PAM on healthy rats: Examining their role in complications during treatment of organophosphate poisoning

February 2013

  The aim of this study was to determine the effects of high dose atropine and pralidoxime (2-PAM) on different tissues, and to evaluate the drugs’ probable roles in complications during organophosphate (OP) treatment, without using pesticides on healthy tissues. This study was designed as a randomized controlled experimental study consisting of three groups of 10 rats (the control group, the atropine...

Author(s):   Betul Gulalp, Derya Gumuldulu, Aysun Uguz, Zikret Koseoglu, Gulsah Seydaoglu, Kenan DaÄŸlıoÄŸlu and Ozgur Karcioglu   .    

Impregnation of mosquito net with Neem seed (Azadirachta indica) oil and its insecticidal action

February 2013

  Malaria is a persistent health problem in Africa which requires multidimensional approaches to solve. Insecticide treated net has proved highly invaluable as one of the tools. Neem oil was extracted by solvent extraction in the present study and the oil was used to impregnate bednet. The result showed that the neem oil is a good mosquito repellant, in which its potential could be harnessed for further...

Author(s):   Adewole Adekanmi and Oderinde Abdulazeez        

Non linear analysis of a functionally graded beam with variable thickness

February 2013

  The nonlinear analysis of a functionally graded beam under combined loads is investigated analytically in this paper. The point loads and moment is applied at the end of the beam. The area section is considered to vary continuously along the longitudinal axis of the beam. The most important idea for presentation of this paper is the application of the present method for a vast class of functionally graded and...

Author(s):   M. Arefi and G. H. Rahimi        

A new conditional invariant detection framework (CIDF)

February 2013

  Software engineering included some different process such as designing, implementing and modifying of software. All these processes are done to have fast developed software as well as reach a high quality, efficient and maintainable software. Invariants help programmer and tester to do most steps of software engineering more easily. Invariants are mostly always true but of course with a specific confidence....

Author(s):     Hamid Parvin, Hamid Alinejad Rokny, Sajad Parvin and Hossein Shirgahi        

Endogenous ethanol production in the larva of oil palm weevil (Rhynchophorus palmarum, coleoptera; curculionidae)

February 2013

  This study investigated the larva of oil palm weevil for the presence of endogenous ethanol. The body tissue fluid of the larva was made and its alcoholic content determined using the specific gravity method. The alcohol content as percentage by volume was estimated from the laboratory alcoholometry. For comparison, the alcohol contents of lager beer and red wine were also estimated. Results showed that the...

Author(s):   Kemka H. Ogbonda and David B. Kiin-Kabari        

A particular matrix and its some properties

January 2013

In this study, firstly we define the matrix , where  and  â„ (ℝ denotes the set of real numbers). Then we study some its properties.   Key words: Euclidean norm, determinant, inverse, Hadamard inverse.

Author(s): Süleyman Solak and Mustafa Bahsi

Bioclimatic analysis of Iranian climate for energy conservation in architecture

January 2013

In order to design energy conscious buildings we need to know the climate of each country. In this study a bioclimatic analysis of Iranian climate had been done. Iran is a large country with different kinds of climate and basically includes four different climatic regions such as temperate-humid in southern shores of Caspian Sea, hot-humid in northern shores of Persian Gulf and Oman Sea, very cold and long winter...

Author(s): Parastoo Pourvahidi and Mesut B. Ozdeniz

Hematological assessments of sericin-derived oligopeptides in BALB/c mice

January 2013

Sericin, a protein removed from the silk cocoons, possesses various biological activities. Due to less solubility, utilization of the sericin protein may be limited. Enzymatic hydrolysates of this protein would thus, provide an alternative. Since safety assessment is required before any protein hydrolysates being used, the effects of sericin-derived oligopeptides (SP) on some hematological parameters were evaluated....

Author(s): Sirirat Bunarsa, Porkaew Promphet, Manote Sutheerawattananonda and Duangkamol Kunthalert

Alteration of lymphocyte subpopulations in mice fed lutein from marigold extract

January 2013

Lutein, a member of the xanthophyll carotenoids, has a wide variety of health benefits. These include prevention of age-related macular degeneration or cataracts and protection of ultraviolet -induced skin damage. Lutein also possesses anti-tumor and immune modulatory activities in BALB/c mice.  However, in such animal model, the effects of lutein on lymphocyte subpopulations have not yet been assessed...

Author(s): Porkaew Promphet, Sirirat Bunarsa, Manote Sutheerawattananonda, Anupan Kongbangkerd and Duangkamol Kunthalert

Induction of cholangiocarcinoma cells apoptosis by an andrographolide analog

January 2013

Cholangiocarcinoma (CCA) is a malignant tumor derived from bile duct epithelial cells that has high incidence in the Northeastern area of Thailand. It is associated with the infection of liver fluke (Opisthorchis viverrini). Chemotherapeutic treatment of CCA is often ineffective due to its resistance to drugs. Therefore, new effective agents for treatment of CCA are urgently required. RSPP 050 analog is a modified...

Author(s): Narumol Bhummaphan, Jintapat Nateewattana, Kanoknetr Suksen, Rungnapha Saeeng, and Arthit Chairoungdua,

Preparation of nanocrystalline strontium titanate (SrTiO3) powder by sol-gel combustion method

January 2013

Nanocrystalline strontium titanate (SrTiO3, ST) powders were prepared by sol-gel combustion method. The influence of fuel content ratio (ratio of citric acid (CA) and total metal nitrate (MN); Ra = CA:MN) and calcination temperature were investigated on the structure, morphology, and crystallite size by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The results indicate that the Ra ratio of 3:1 is...

Author(s): Thanawat Klaytae, Piram Panthong and Sarawut Thountom,

Natural partial order on a semi group of self-E-preserving transformations

January 2013

Let T(X) denote the full transformation semigroup on a set X. For an arbitrary equivalence relation E on X, we consider a sub semi-group of T(X) defined by: TSE(X)={α∈T(X):(x,xα)∈E for each x∈X} which is called the self-E-preserving transformation semi-group on X. In this paper, we discussed a natural partial order on TSE (X) and...

Author(s): Chaiwat Namnak and Ekkachai Laysirikul

Riboflavin production by Candida tropicalis isolated from seawater

January 2013

Screening of Candida spp. capable of riboflavin production from seawater samples in Chonburi province was conducted. Total of 47 isolates were identified asCandida tropicalis and Candida krusei with similar percentages of distribution. Among those identified isolates, only two of C. tropicalis, MICBUU002 and MICBUU019, were found to be able to produce riboflavin with...

Author(s): Patcharanan Amornrattanapan

Influence of cross section shape of the coil turns on the induction heating process

January 2013

Different common shapes of the RF-coil turns in induction heating systems were considered and corresponding results of electromagnetic fields, eddy currents and volumetric heat generation have been computed using a 2D finite element method. For calculations, rectangular (symmetric, asymmetric and shielded), circular, D-shape and -shape have been considered for the cross section of the coil turns. The obtained...

Author(s): Mohammmad Hossein Tavakoli, Mohtaram Honarmandnia and Hamed Heydari

Contact-free measurement of cardiopulmonary signatures via a microwave Doppler radar using adaptive filter

January 2013

It has been proven that the respiration and heartbeat signals can be contact-free detected via a microwave Doppler radar. However, the heartbeat signal cannot be identified from the body-movement signal when the human subject breathes freely. To resolve the problem, the adaptive filter is used to simultaneously measure the heartbeat and the respiration signal. Firstly, the respiration and the body-movement signal are...

Author(s): Lu Guo-Hua#, Wang Hua#, Xue Hun-Jun#, Li Sheng, Jing Xi-Jing, Yu Xiao, Lv Hao and Wang Jian-Qi

Photosynthetic pigments, nitrogen status, and flower behavior in eggplant exposed to different sources and levels of potassium

January 2013

The aim of this study was to investigate (i) the influence of different sources and levels of potassium on photosynthetic pigments, (ii) measure nitrogen status in leaf, (iii) evaluate flower behavior in eggplant (Solanum melongena L.), and (iv) to identify a better potassium source to cultivation of this species. The experiment design used was in factorial scheme with randomized blocks, being composed by 2...

Author(s): Douglas José Marques, Fernando Broetto, Allan Klynger da Silva Lobato, Ernani Clarete da Silva, Janice Guedes de Carvalho, Fabrício William de Ávila, Gustavo Antonio Ruffeil Alves and Izabelle Pereira Andrade

Physico-chemical quality of some commonly consumed stimulants and spices in Nigeria

January 2013

Commonly consumed parts of Tetracarpidium conophorium, Garcinia kola, Cola acuminata, Cola nitida and Afromomum melengueta were investigated for their trace metals, pH, conductivity and total dissolved solid values. Trace metal levels ranged between 42.24 ± 6.23 to 541.51 ± 189.37 µg/g Co and 36500.23 ± 367.01 to 115280.25 ± 397.33 µg/g K....

Author(s): John Adekunle Oyedele Oyekunle, Aderemi Okunola Ogunfowokan, Abolanle Saheed Adekunle, Michael Sola Akanni, Winston Doherty and Damilola Olusanya Abraham

Fuzzy logic based control of mobile robot navigation: A case study on iRobot Roomba Platform

January 2013

This work addresses the issue of mobile robot navigation system. In this study, the proposed navigation system is introduced. It combines a deliberative planning and a reactive/behaviour based control, based upon the motor schema technique into hybrid control architecture. Behaviour based robots have successfully demonstrated their performance in reacting to different working environments. However, it is difficult...

Author(s): Panus Nattharith

Microcirculation of thyroid gland in the Lyle’s flying fox (Pteropus lylei)

January 2013

Lyle’s flying fox (Pteropus lylei), a bat, normally hangs upside down on a tree, and needs high metabolism to change the position abruptly. Thyroid gland involves in body metabolic control with high blood supply. Therefore, the cellular structures and microcirculation of thyroid glands in the male animals were investigated to examine suitable structural adjustments for their behaviors by using light microscopy...

Author(s): Pacharawan Janthap, Sirinush Sricharoenvej, Passara Lanlua, Apichaya Niyomchan and Sani Baimai

Effects of Bonny light crude oil contamination on the germination, shoot growth and rhizobacterial flora of Vigna unguiculata and Arachis hypogea grown in sandy loam soil

January 2013

This study was carried out to evaluate the effects of different levels of Bonny light crude oil contamination on the germination, shoot growth and rhizobacterial flora ofVigna unguiculata (cowpea) and Arachis hypogea (groundnut) grown in potted sandy loam soil samples in Nsukka, Nigeria. Crude oil at a level of 2.5% increased germination time in cowpea by 24 h but at higher doses (5 to 20%) germination of...

Author(s): Eze C. N., Maduka J. N., Ogbonna J. C. and Eze E. A.

The influence of Didecyldimethylammonium Chloride on the morphology and elemental composition of Staphylococcus aureus as determined by NanoSAM

January 2013

Didecyldimethylammonium chloride (DDAC) is a Quaternary Ammonium Compound (QAC) disinfectant often used in the poultry industry to disinfect hard surfaces. DDAC is a membrane active agent and causes the leakage of important intracellular material. Understanding the mode of action and possible resistance is important; in particular, the pending post antibiotic era that the poultry industry is facing. Staphylococcus...

Author(s): Arina C. Jansen, Charlotte E. Boucher, Elizabeth Coetsee, Johan L. F. Kock, Pieter W. J. van Wyk, Hendrik C. Swart and Robert R. Bragg

Edge detection via statistical features and automatic thresholding technique

January 2013

In this paper, the problem of edge detection is addressed using the first order statistics and automatic thresholding technique. The general idea of edge detection using the simple edge detectors such as gradient operators or second derivative operators is extended to the statistic domain. The statistical features are used to describe the relationship between the current pixel and its neighboring, then, the thresholding...

Author(s): Salim Ben Chaabane, Mounir Sayadi and Farhat Fnaiech

Finite element simulation of non- linear deformation behaviour in large diameter angular contact thrust bearing

January 2013

The objective of the present study is to obtain relevant contact stiffness for a single ball-raceway contact which can be used in load distribution analysis of full bearing. Towards this, an elastic constitutive model is used in the 3D finite element analysis of load deformation characteristic of large diameter bearing ball - raceway contact and the finite element results are validated by conducting experiment on the...

Author(s): M. S. Starvin, S. Babu, Sriramachandra Aithal, K. Manisekar and P. Chellapandi

Seepage evaluation of an earth dam using Group Method of Data Handling (GMDH) type neural network: A case study

January 2013

The seepage critical impact and significant destructive nature during and after construction of earth dams have been increasingly important topics during the past decades. In this paper, a new approach is presented for determination of seepage induced flow under and through an earth dam based on Group Method of Data Handling (GMDH) algorithm. After careful (detailed) studying of an earth dam called Fileh Khase dam...

Author(s): Saeed Poorkarimi Kokaneh, Shahram Maghsoodian, Hossein MolaAbasi and Afshin Kordnaeij

Nanometer complexes from explosives

January 2013

Lithium manganese oxides are of great interest as cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries. We describe here a new combustion method to synthesize lithium manganese oxides directly from lithium nitrate, manganese nitrate, ammonium nitrate and glycol. The resultant LiMn2O4 synthesized under the optimum synthesis conditions shows perfect spinel structure and uniform particle size distribution. The combustion...

Author(s): Huisheng Zhou and Xinghua Xie

Gillnet selectivity, seasonal, tidal and photoperiod variation in catch in the lower Nun River, Niger Delta, Nigeria

January 2013

The fish species of the lower Nun River was sampled to determine gillnet selectivity and the effect of season, tide and photoperiod variation on the catch. A total of 11,156 specimens were caught belonging to 14 families consisting of 25 species. Gillnet selectivity was observed with a declining trend from the largest mesh size net of 15 mm (58%) in number and 59% by weight, 12 mm (33%) in number and 33% by weight with...

Author(s): Martin E. Allison and Daniel Okadi

A case study on acoustic performance and construction costs of noise barriers

December 2012

In the study, the barriers used for reducing traffic noise are being examined in means of performance and construction cost. First a noise prediction is made in the sample highway under certain traffic conditions in order to determine the noise barrier requirement and the results are confirmed by measurement. According to the noise prediction equations used in Turkey, Germany and Canada, the effects of heavy vehicle...

Author(s): Turgut Öztürk, Zübeyde ÖZTÜRK and Metehan ÇALIÅž

Development of world class manufacturing framework by using six-sigma, total productive maintenance and lean

December 2012

The purpose of this study is to develop a new framework to provide guidance and support for those companies who aim to reach world-class standards both in maintenance and manufacturing processes through continual improvement. Based on this study, a strategic framework was developed through conceptual integration of three popular process improvement strategies, which are six-sigma, total productive maintenance and lean....

Author(s): Mohammad Amin Okhovat, Mohd Khairol Anuar Mohd Ariffin, Taravatsadat Nehzati and Seyed Ali Hosseini

A prediction model for the level of well water

December 2012

There is a nonlinear relationship between rainfall and well water levels. This is one of the most complicated hydrologic phenomena to understand due to the existence of spatial and temporal incoherent geomorphic and climatic factors. The aim of this study is to predict the well water level by the artificial neural networks. A well is located on the campus area of Izmir Institute of Technology, Izmir, Turkey. While...

Author(s): TuÄŸba Ä°nan and Gökmen Tayfur

Preliminary studies on phytochemicals and larvicidal effects of Acacia nilotica L. extracts against Anopheles arabiensis Patton

December 2012

Acacia nilotica is a natural forest tree with many traditional uses in Sudan. Preliminary laboratory studies were conducted to analyze the phytochemical constituents of three extracts (water, ethanol and petroleum ether) prepared from A. nilotica (leaves and fruits), and to evaluate their larvicidal effects against the malaria vector mosquito,Anopheles arabiensis. The knockdown and residual effects of the...

Author(s): Amal Elsayed Edriss, Abdalla Abdelrahim Satti and Zuhair Alfadil Alabjar

Measuring risk and designing risk management strategies for dry onion growing farms: A case study for Amasya Province of Turkey

December 2012

The aim of this study was to measure the risks and to design appropriate risk management strategies for dry onion growing farms in Amasya Province of Turkey. The data used in the study belong to the 2007-2008 production period and were obtained through questionnaires from 101 farms, selected by stratified sampling method. Operational and financial risks exposed by farms were measured using probability distribution...

Author(s): Ä°lyas ÇETÄ°N and Kemal ESENGÜN

Variation of clay brick colors and mechanical strength as affected by different firing temperatures

December 2012

This study was conducted to quantitatively determine the effect of firing temperature on color formation and to assess the relationship between mechanical strength and color components of clay bricks. Redness index, chroma, hue and color difference (∆E) of bricks fired at 700 to 1050°C in steps of 25°C under free access of air were measured with a colorimeter. Relations between temperature and each of the...

Author(s): Sedat Karaman, Hikmet Gunal  and  Zeki Gokalp

Cluster-assembled ZnO films prepared by electrochemical deposition on copper substrate

December 2012

Cluster-assembled ZnO films were synthesized by using electrochemical deposition technique with various reaction times. Zinc nitrate dissolved in de-ionized water was used as a precursor of ZnO film. The as-synthesized cluster-assembled ZnO films were performed on a copper plate used as a substrate at room temperature. The stabilized high electric field of 4 kV/m was applied in the process. Field emission scanning...

Author(s):   Sucheewan Krobthong, Auttasit Tubtimtae, Chawalit Bhoomanee, Supab Choopun, Suphadate Sujinapram and Sutthipoj Sutthana

Effects of Er:YAG laser conditioning on the microleakage of class 2 composite restorations

December 2012

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of thermocycling and Er:YAG laser conditioning on the microleakage of silorane, packable and nano-filled composites. 512 Class 2 cavities were prepared on 256 premolars. The teeth were assigned to 8 groups 1= Filtek Silorane, 2= Filtek Silorane with laser conditioning, 3= Aelite LS with acid conditioning, 4= Aelite LS with laser and acid conditioning,...

Author(s): Nuray Attar, Ceren Ozge Bicer, Melek D. Turgut and Yonca Korkmaz Ceyhan

Entrainment mass transfer in annular flow regime of two-phase carbon dioxide

December 2012

Having more heat transfer rate and lower pressure drop, along with better environmental treatment, carbon dioxide has drawn the attention of many researchers. Most of the two-phase heat transfer analyses are involved in estimation of dry-out phenomenon in order to avoid heat transfer drops. Entrainment, because of having great influence on dry-out occurrence, is studied in this article. Most of the available models for...

Author(s): Zahra Baniamerian, Ramin Mehdippour and Cyrus Aghanajafi

Role of reactive oxygen species in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular disease

December 2012

Oxidative stress, in recent times, appears to be a major underlying risk factor in the occurrence of major diseases such as cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and inflammatory diseases. During oxidative stress, an overall dysfunction of the balance between the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and the antioxidant defence mechanism occurs and a shift is obtained in favour of ROS production.  Consequently, this...

Author(s): O. B. L. Alinde, A. J. Esterhuyse and O. O. Oguntibeju

Integrated Water Resources Management work in the Euphrates and Tigris River-Basin

December 2012

The water crisis in the Middle East is worsening. The indicators of this crisis include increasing population, scarce and unequally-distributed water resources, competing claims of co-riparian countries, conflicts in utilizing of transboundary waters, and deficiencies in international water law. The pressure that these problems cause in terms of water resources is most evident in transboundary river basins. These...

Author(s): Osman Devrim ELVAN

Innovations in public sector-led agricultural extension

December 2012

This paper briefly analyse the genesis, development and change in public sector-led extension approaches in India showing its temporal pattern, emerging innovations in extension approaches and the way forward. It discusses decentralized, community based, pluralistic extension approaches and their opportunities as well as limitations in changing agricultural and natural resources scenario. The paper gives emphasis on the...

Author(s): Directorate of Water Management (ICAR), Bhubaneswar- , Odisha, India.

Cat swarm optimization clustering (KSACSOC): A cat swarm optimization clustering algorithm

December 2012

Clustering is an unsupervised process that divides a given set of objects into groups so that objects within a cluster are highly similar with one another and dissimilar with the objects in other clusters. In this article, a new clustering method based on cat swarm optimization was proposed to find the proper clustering of data sets called K-means improvement and Simulated Annealing selection based cat swarm...

Author(s): Yongguo Liu,, Xindong Wu and Yidong Shen

Performance analysis of modeling framework for wind speed prediction in wind farms

December 2012

This paper focuses on the analysis of prediction of wind speed in the wind farms. The performance of modeling can be analyzed by using the real time data with different heights of the wind mill. Artificial Neural Network is used here to develop models for predicting wind speed in wind farms. The models are mainly based on back propagation neural network and radial basis function neural network. The wind speed prediction...

Author(s): K. Gnana Sheela and S. N. Deepa

Performance of Prosopis africana peel powder (PAPP) as a novel sorbent for remediating malachite green contaminated aqua system

December 2012

This study was designed to investigate Prosopis africana peel powder (PAPP) as a potential, local, cost-effective, readily-available coagulant for remediating dye-contaminated water and compare it with activated charcoal (a standard coagulant).PAPP was prepared and characterized using standard procedures. Preliminary characterization of the malachite green (MG) contaminated water was carried out...

Author(s): Petra Obioma Nnamani, Franklin Chimaobi Kenechukwu, Okonkwo Chigozie Chika and Fred Chibuisi Otuu

High temperature oxidation behaviour of a Ni based superalloy produced by mechanical alloying

December 2012

In this study, Ni based superalloy powders (75% Ni, 20% Cr, 4% Al2O3, 0.6% Ti and 0.4% Y2O3), were mechanically alloyed for up to 8 h and were compacted and sintered at 1200°C. Sintered samples were hot-deformed at 1200°C for various amounts and secondary recrystallisation was applied at 1325°C for 1 h. Isothermal oxidation tests were conducted at 1000°C for up to 100 h in air. Surface...

Author(s): Mehmet ERDEM and Mehmet TURKER

Directory knowledge, query stream and weighted state space tree based automatic web query classification

December 2012

Optimal automatic classification of web queries aid in improving the performance of search engines. To automatically classify web queries into predefined topical categories, a novel approach which transforms a classification problem to a search problem in the state space tree is proposed. The topical categories are converted to a state space tree. The directory search results and query stream are used in determining the...

Author(s): S. Lovelyn Rose and K. R. Chandran

Effects of occupation and physical features on musculoskeletal pain: Correspondence analysis

December 2012

The objective of this work is to evaluate the effect of occupation and physical features on musculoskeletal pain location. One thousand, nine hundred and eighty seven (1987) voluntary adults participated in the study from 7 regions of Turkey in 2006. Subjects with musculoskeletal pain of at least one month's duration that had been recurrent minimally twice in any regions of the body and who had not taken any...

Author(s): H. Hakan UYSAL, Ali CIMBIZ, Nevin UZGOREN, Cihan C. AKSOY and Nilay Y. SAHIN

Antibacterial activity of the methanol extracts of two endemic Sideritis species of Turkey against plant pathogenic bacteria

December 2012

Sideritis condensata Boiss. & Heldr. (SC) and Sideritis erythrantha var. erythranthaBoiss. & Heldr (SE) are endemic species in Turkey. The extracts of the endemic species were investigated for antibacterial activity against thirteen plant pathogenic bacteria in vitro by using the agar diffusion method. Statistical differences within bacteria were important at   p <...

Author(s): Esin BASIM, Hüseyin BASIM, Gülcan ÖZKAN and Osman SAÄžDIÇ

Antibacterial activity of the methanol extracts of two endemic Sideritis species of Turkey against plant pathogenic bacteria

December 2012

Sideritis condensata Boiss. & Heldr. (SC) and Sideritis erythrantha var. erythranthaBoiss. & Heldr (SE) are endemic species in Turkey. The extracts of the endemic species were investigated for antibacterial activity against thirteen plant pathogenic bacteria in vitro by using the agar diffusion method. Statistical differences within bacteria were important at   p <...

Author(s): Esin BASIM, Hüseyin BASIM, Gülcan ÖZKAN and Osman SAÄžDIÇ

Detection of crack eggs based on near infrared reflectance spectrum and discriminant analysis

December 2012

This paper analyzes the detection of crack eggs based on near infrared reflectance (NIR) spectrum and discriminant analysis (DA). In order to choose the proper detecting conditions, this paper designs several experiments according to different factors, such as different wave band, all kind of spectrum processing methods and the number of principal components. The experiments results reveal that, when we choose DA method...

Author(s): Lirong Xiong, Zhihui Zhu, Lanlan Wu and Shucai Wang

Evaluation of mechanical and permeability related properties of self compacting concrete containing metakaolin

December 2012

In this paper, mechanical and permeability related properties of Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) containing metakaolin (MK) were evaluated and their interrelationships discussed. For this purpose, different types of mixture were prepared with different amounts of MK and ordinary Portland cement (OPC) was replaced by 5, 10, 15 ... 30% of MK. When increasing the percentage of MK, the mechanical and permeability related...

Author(s): V. Kannan and K. Ganesan

Analysis of a tandem queue with heterogeneous servers subject to catastrophes

December 2012

This study analyzed a tandem queueing system with blocking and no waiting line. The arrival process is assumed to be Poisson with rate. There are two non-identical servers in the system. The service times are exponentially distributed with parameters and  at servers 1 and 2, respectively. Besides, the catastrophes occur in a Poisson manner with rate  in the system. When server 1 is busy or...

Author(s): H. Okan Isguder and Cansin Kaya

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