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  • DOI: 10.5897/AJAR
  • Start Year: 2006

AJAR Articles in press

Management of the nematode of the nodule of Meloidogyne incognita in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) with extracts in a biospace condition

Article in Press

For the managenent of nematode of nodule of Meloidogyne incognita in plants of Solanum lycopersicum L., it was determined the effectiveness of plant extracts: Ruta graveolens, Eucalyptus spp., Ocimum basilicum, Acacia farnesiana, and Nicotiana tabacum, and as a control fungus Paecilomyces lilacinus 6.5x1013 UFC/g were used. For each treatment were used 5000 nematodes J2 of M. incognita/plant. The extracts were applied per...

Author(s):Aquino Bolaños T, Matadamas Ortiz PT, López Vásquez C F and Inés Vásquez S

Assessment of Small holder Farmer`s Galic (Allium sativum L.) Production Practices Under Irrigated Farming System in the Highlands of Ethiopia

Article in Press

Garlic is a fundamental component of many dishes in Ethiopia. However, there is a low production of this crop in the Yilmana Densa District of Amhara Region (Ethiopia). Thus a study was initiated in 2014/2015 to assess farmer`s garlic production practices under an irrigated farming system in the YilmanaDensa district (Adet Zuria, Goshaye and Ambesit kebels) of Ethiopia. Production data were collected using semi-structured...

Author(s):Shege Getu Yayeh, Melkamu Alemayehu, Amare Haileslassie, Yigzaw Dessalegn

Effects of Sowing date on Yields of Field Pea (Pisum sativum) Varieties at Shambu Campus Gitilo Research Site, Western Ethiopia

Article in Press

Field pea (Pisum sativum) is one of the pulse crop mainly cultivated in high land area of Ethiopia for human consumption. The amount of yield gain per hectares bases are very low because lack of information concerning appropriate sowing dates, plant density, biotic factors and lack of improved varieties which constitute the major challenges on field pea production in the study area. The field experiment was conducted to...

Author(s):Alemu Beyene Aleka, MD. N. S. Hasan;

Canopy position affect rind biochemical properties of ‘Marsh’ grapefruit during postharvest cold storage at non-chilling temperature

Article in Press

Effect of canopy position on rind biochemical properties of ‘Marsh’ grapefruit during postharvest non-chilling cold storage was evaluated on fruit harvested from different production regions. Inside canopy (IC) and outside canopy (OC) fruit were harvested at commercial maturity from two commercial farms located at KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) and Limpopo (LMP), South Africa during two seasons. Rind biochemical analyses...

Author(s):Olaoluwa Omoniyi Olarewaju, Lembe Samukelo Magwaza, Olaniyi Amos Fawole, Samson Zeray Tesfay, Umezuruike Linus Opara

Determinants of Potato Marketed Surplus among Smallholder Farmers in Sekela District, West Gojjam Zone of Amhara Region, Ethiopia

Article in Press

For Sekela Woreda smallholder potato producers, a potato has a significant contribution for consumption at home which increases food security and in generating cash income. Therefore, enhancing potato producers’ access to market and linking them to most beneficial outlets is a key issue needed in the study area. This paper was aimed to identify factors affecting marketed surplus potato farmers using survey data collected...

Author(s):Yaregal Tilahun Geremewe, Bosena Tegegne, Fekadu Gelaw

Phosphorus and Bradyrhizobium Amended Soybean Residue Incorporation into the Soil Improved Sugar Yield and Juice Attributes of Sugarcane in Intercropping System, Central Rift Valley, Ethiopia

Article in Press

This study was initiated to investigate the effect of phosphorus and Bradyrizobium amended soybean residue incorporation into the soil on sugar yield and juice attributes of sugarcane at the Metahara Sugar Estate. The treatment consisted of combined application of four P rates and three levels of inoculation amended soybean residue incorporation. The treatment was arranged in randomized complete block design and replicated...

Author(s):Tesfaye Fituma, Anteneh Argaw

Genotype x Environment Interaction and Grain Yield Stability of Sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench] Varieties in Oromia, Ethiopia

Article in Press

Identification of adaptable, stable and high yielding genotypes under varying environmental conditions prior to release as a cultivar is the first and foremost steps for plant breeding and this has direct bearing on the adoption of the variety, its productivity and total production of the crop. A total of 22 sorghum varieties were evaluated at five locations (Bilo Boshe, Bako, Gute, Mechara and Miesso) in 2017 cropping...

Author(s):Gebeyehu Chala, Bulti Tesso, Dagnachew Lule

Profitability of Small Scale Intensive Urban Poultry Production in Some Selected Areas of Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Article in Press

This article aimed to determine the cost, return, and profitability of poultry production in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. . The profitability of urban poultry keeping here is assessed by studying the cost and revenue for a hypothetical producer who owns different size and type of birds for one year production period and for each house hold per farm, per flock size. Primary data were collected through face to face interview....

Author(s):Sena Amsalu

Seed Yield Stability of Andean Sugar Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) Genotypes in Ethiopia.

Article in Press

In Ethiopia, Andean common beans are lower seed yielding and unstable in productivity. Therefore, 16 advanced Andean sugar bean genotypes were evaluated for seed yield performance using 4 x 4 triple lattice design at nine locations to select higher seed yielding and stable genotypes. Additive main effects and multiplicative interaction (AMMI) and Genotype plus Genotype x Environment (GE) interaction (GGE) models were used...

Author(s): Zeleke Ashango, Berhanu Amsalu

An Assessment of Organic Carbon Fractions in Paddy and Associated Non-paddy Soils of Upper Brahmaputra Valley of Assam

Article in Press

An investigation was carried out to study the soil organic carbon fractions in paddy and associated non-paddy soils of Assam, India. Three districts viz. Sivasagar, Jorhat and Golaghat in the Brahmaputra valley of Assam were selected for this study. Soil samples were collected from six profiles, three each from mono-cropped paddy and associated non-paddy areas were collected. Horizon -wise, soil samples were analyzed for...

Author(s):Z.A. Phillips, R.M. Karmakar

Participatory Evaluation and Selection of Improved Desi Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)Varieties in Central Zone of Tigray, Northern Ethiopia

Article in Press

Field experiments were conducted in Tahtay Maichew and Laelay Maichew in Central Zone of Tigray, Northern Ethiopia in 2017/18 to evaluate and select high yielding, best adaptive and farmers preferred Desi chickpea varieties through farmers’participatory approach.Grand mother trial was conducted in a Randomized complete block design with 4 replications. Moreover, mother trial was done on 4 farmers (unreplicated)for...

Author(s):Kiros Wolday, Mekasha Chickaybelu, Nigusie Girma

Livelihoods enhancement through participatory forest management in Semi-Arid Areas of Chibuwe, Zimbabwe

Article in Press

Despite the recognition of the importance of forests on livelihoods, there is diminutive empirical assessment of their contribution to rural livelihoods. Community involvement in forest resource management has received acceptance over the past decade in Zimbabwe. However, evidence of their impact on rural welfare and livelihoods still remains indistinct. Both qualitative and quantitative data were gathered along 6...

Author(s):Ephraim Chifamba

Inheritance of Genes for lodging tolerance and some Agronomic traits in Barley crosses

Article in Press

Information on genetic inheritance of quantitative traits is important to manipulate desirable genes. The aims of this study were to identifying superior parents and gene actions and interactions involved in controlling lodging and some agronomic characters on barley. Half 7x7 diallel analysis was conducted on 28 barley genotypes as well as generation mean analysis was done on six basic generations F1, F2, BC1, BC2 ,...

Author(s):Zerihun Jalata, Firew Mekbib, Berhane Lakew, Seid Ahmed

Pre-harvest Loss Assessment of Maize crop in Semi-arid Areas in Tanzania Due to Rodent pests

Article in Press

Two experiments were conducted viz; estimating maize seedling damage in farmers’ fields and a simulation experiment. The aim of this study was, to investigate the impact of rodent pest species, damage to maize crop in semi-arid areas at pre-harvest with a view to provide farmers with appropriate information on rodent pest management interventions. In farmers’ fields, damage assessment was done by counting the number of...

Author(s):Emmanuel C. M. Mlyashimbi, Didas N. Kimaro, Akwilin J. P. Tarimo, Robert S. Machang’u, Moses Isabirye, Rhodes H. Makundi, Herwig Leirs, Apia W. Massawe, Mashaka E. Mdangi, Steven R. Belmain, Loth S. Mulungu

Biochar as phosphorus conditioner in substrate for Brazil nut (Bertholletia excelsa Bonpl.) seedling production in the Central Amazon

Article in Press

The objective of this study was to evaluate the interaction of biochar and residual phosphorus in substrate for seedling production in Brazil nut. A greenhouse experiment was carried out with the following treatments: five doses of bio-carbon (0, 20, 40, 60 and 80 t ha-1) and residual effect of two levels of phosphorus (0 and 100 kg ha-1 of P2O5) with 4 replicates. The height of the plants, stem diameter and number of...

Author(s):João Batista Dias Damaceno, Ana Cecília Nina Lobato, Romildo Torres da Gama, Danielle Monteiro de Oliveira, Rodrigo de Souza Guimarães, Felipe de Jesus Padilha, Newton Paulo de Souza Falcão

Assessing the suitability of rice cultivation in Muvumba p-8 marshland of Rwanda using soil properties

Article in Press

This paper deals with the estimation of different soil properties of Muvumba P-8 marshland in Rwanda to assess the soil for its suitability for rice cultivation. The objective of the research is to determine the soil properties. Properties like texture, bulk density, total available water, infiltration rate, hydraulic conductivity and permeability were determined. Soil properties were estimated for different soil depths of...

Author(s):Rose Niyonkuru, Sankaranarayanan M, Suresh Kumar Pande, Deepak Das

Women and their role in the fisheries sector in Kisumu county-Kenya

Article in Press

There has been a decrease in total fish production especially in Kisumu County and consequently a decline in socio-economic benefits derived from the lake and the Nyando River wetlands. The Department of fisheries introduced Beach Management Units (BMU) in 2004 in an effort to deal with the problem. The study focuses on the role played by women in fisheries sector in the county, in the Nyando River Wetlands. The study was...

Author(s):Michael Oluoch Wayumba

Market orientation and Market participation of smallholder barely producers in North Gondar Zone: Implications for Commercial Transformation.

Article in Press

Barley crop is one of the most important cereal crops cultivated by smallholder farmers in North Gondar Zone because they derive benefits such as income, source of food and rural employment. In addition barley is becoming an important market oriented crop in Ethiopia. In spite of the policy decision of the Government of Ethiopia to commercialize subsistence agriculture, there is a lack of information on the...

Author(s):Taye Melese Mekie, Gizachew Desalegn, Abebe Birara Dessie, Tadie Mirie Abate

Handling, processing, and marketing of milk in and around Debre Berhan milk shed areas, central highlands of Ethiopia

Article in Press

In order to describe the ways of handling, processing and marketing milk from urban and peri-urban production systems of the North shoa zones of Central Highlands of Ethiopia, 175 dairy farms were selected for survey data collection. Due to poor market access and high transaction costs and the perishable nature of raw milk, the amount of sold milk and prices were significantly lower for peri-urban producers. Traditional...

Author(s):Admasu Lakew, Gebeyehu Goshu, Ashenafi Mengistu, Gezahegne Mamo, Tilaye Demissie

Cultivation and Land Use changes their Implications in Soil Productivity Management and Crop Yield - a Review

Article in Press

Soil cultivation events change considerable surface roughness, weaken the soil structure and the carrying capacity of soils. Soil nutrient elements classified as chemical properties for good crop growth and healthy conditions for the crops are mostly sourced from the soil. The essence of cultivation is to break down soil to a fine form to provide an ideal situation for seed germination. It causes gradual reduction in soil...

Author(s):Nweke, I. A

Growth and Yield Response of Cotton Cultivars to “Zeba’’ Superabsorbent Polymer and N-application under Dryland Conditions

Article in Press

Most growers face a significant challenge for producing greater quality yield with low amount of input and cost. Water availability continues to diminish and irrigation cost rise rapidly, while crop nutrients are costly and should be used in precise amount to meet crop needs. The experiment was conducted at Agricultural Research Council Experimental Station in Rustenburg, South Africa to determine the influence of Zeba on...

Author(s):Ngobeni Ntsako, Buthelezi Nokubekezela, Mataruka Daniel

Survey and assessment of factors influencing major wheat diseases epidemics in wheat growing Districts of North Gondar Zone, in Northwest Ethiopia.

Article in Press

Field surveys were conducted in North Gondar zone during 2018/19 main cropping seasons to determine the prevalence, incidence and severity of major wheat disease and to investigate association of disease parameters with crop management practices. In 4 districts a total of 120 wheat producing farmers’ fields were surveyed. Disease incidence and severity varied across and within districts. Wheat leaf rust, stem rust,...

Author(s):Yigrem Mengist, Ermiyas Misganaw and Daniel Tadesse

On farm validation of agricultural technologies for supporting tef extension package formulation in Ethiopia

Article in Press

Tef is an important crop in Ethiopian production system because of its dual function both as a staple crop that improves food security and as an income-generating crop. This study had three interventions treatments on the tef production sector with selected method of substantive cost-benefit analysis, namely: Extension package, Agricultural transformation agency of Ethiopia package and the research package (which had been...

Author(s):Aklilu Nigussie, Yazachew Genet, Rehima Musema, Kebebew Assefa, Abera Gemechu, Tsion Fikrea

GGE Biplot Analysis of Genotype by Environment Interaction andGrain Yield Stability of Bread Wheat Genotypes in Central Ethiopia

Article in Press

GGE biplot is an effective method based on principal component analysis to fully explore mega environments trials data. The study conducted was to identify the best performing high yielding stable advanced bread wheat genotype for selection environments, the identification of mega environments and analysis of the ideal genotype and environment by GGE biplot method. Fifteen bread wheat genotypes were evaluated using RCBD...

Author(s):Gadisa Alemu, Dawit Asnake, Hussein Mohammed

Analysis of the Structure-Conduct- Performance of Maize Marketing, The Case of Farta Woreda, South Gondar Zone, Ethiopia

Article in Press

Maize is widely grown as a major food and cash crop in Southern Gondar zone, is facing with problems of seasonal supply, price fluctuations and inadequate information on production, marketing and consumption. These problems are more acute in urban areas. This research attempted to analyze the structure-conduct- performance of maize marketing, the case of farta Woreda, South Gondar zone, Ethiopia with specific objective of...

Author(s):Walelgn Yalew Beadgie

Correlation and Path Coefficient Analysis of Drought Tolerant Open Pollinated Maize (Zea mays L.) Genotypes in Jigjiga, Ethiopia

Article in Press

Association of traits between yield and yield components plays a great importance for the development of high yielding maize genotypes. The study included twenty-four open pollinated maize genotypes planted in a randomized complete block design at the main experimental station of Jigjiga Pastoral and Agricultural Research Center with the aim of establishing the association and direct and indirect effect of various...

Author(s):Kibrom Fisseha, Firew Mekbib,Gezahegn Bogale

Genetic variability, correlations and path analysis among sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench) Cultivars in the Highlands of Southwestern Uganda

Article in Press

The study of relationship among traits is essential in assessing the feasibility of joint selection for two or more traits. The path coefficient analysis partitions correlation coefficient into direct and indirect contributions of various traits towards dependent variable thus guiding effective selection. A study was conducted to determine the correlation and path coefficients for sorghum grain yield and 12 quantitative...

Author(s):Rogers Akatwijuka, Patrick.R. Rubaihayo, Thomas.L. Odong

Allelopathic activity of ethanolic extracts of leaves and bark of Anadenathera macrocarpa on the germination and development of tomato, pepper and maize seedlings

Article in Press

The objective of this study was to determine the existence of allelopathic activity of different ethanolic extracts of the leaves and bark of Anadenathera macrocarpa (angico-preto) on the germination and development of tomato, pepper and maize seedlings. For the bioassays, concentrations of 0, 250, 500 and 1,000 mg mL-1 were used. Fifty seeds of each plant species were used to evaluate daily germination and ten seedlings...

Author(s):Luciana Barboza Silva , Glauciany Soares Lopes, Eliane Carneiro, Sammy Nery de Sousa, Manoel Lopes da Silva Filho, Fernandes Antonio Almeida

Effect of Conventional and Organic Farming on Morphological and Agronomic Characteristics of Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Article in Press

This research was carried out during the 2016-2017 growing season at Bayburt University, Food and Agriculture and Livestock Application and Research Center (40°24'05.7"N 40°08'31.3"E). In the research determined morphological and agronomic characteristics of organic and conventionally grown common beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) genotypes. In the study, 13 local bean genotypes and 3 registered varieties (Onceler-98,...

Author(s):Umit Girgel, Alihan Cokkizgin

Characterization of spontaneous genotypes of cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) taking into account variables morphological commercial quality.

Article in Press

Given the great diversity and progressive hybridization of cocoa plantations in many parts of the country, this research spontaneous cocoa genotypes (Theobroma cacao L. is characterized.), Taking into account the variables of morphological and commercial quality of the mountainous region of Cumboto, Gold Coast Municipality, Aragua State. For this purpose, 20 genotypes with desirable characteristics apparent spontaneous and...

Author(s):Ender Antonio Iñiguez Freites

Yield variations of six common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) varieties under salt-affected soils in the Lower Shire Valley, Southern Malawi

Article in Press

Performance of six released bean varieties was assessed under salt-affected soils at Nkhate and Masenjere irrigation schemes in Chikwawa and Nsanje districts respectively in Malawi. The six varieties, Chimbamba, Napilira, Kalima, BCMV-B1, BCMV-B3 and Maluwa, were grown during the 2014/15 growing season, employing a randomized complete block design. There were five replicates at each site, arranged in the upper, middle and...

Author(s):Chris James L Tembo, H.R. Mloza-Banda and C.N. Makwiza

Adoption and Impact of Pulse Crop on Market Integration among Smallholder Farmers: Evidence from Highland Ethiopia

Article in Press

This paper aimed to evaluate the causal impact of adoption of improved technology of pulse crop on market integration of smallholder farmers in the highland of Ethiopia. It did so through an empirical investigation of the relationship between technological change of faba bean and marketed surplus of smallholder farmer from two districts of Arsi Zone. Since improved technology is not assigned randomly among adopters and...

Author(s):Freaw Demisse

Agronomic and Economic Evaluation of Planting Basin Under Conservation Farming In The Moisture Deficit Areas Of Tigray, Northern Ethiopia

Article in Press

Study to investigate agronomic and economic effect of planting basin was conducted at Raya Alamata districts of Tigray, northern Ethiopia in 2016 and 2017 cropping season in conservation farming permanent experimental plots. A randomized complete block design (replicated three times) was employed. Included treatments were; planting basin with fertilizer, planting basin without fertilizer, planting basin with farmyard...

Author(s):Assefa Workineh, Negus Hagazgi

A mathematical model to estimate leaf area in modern rice cultivars

Article in Press

The objective of this study was to determine an empirical mathematical model to estimate leaf area in rice cultivars from linear leaf dimensions, with an emphasis on modern and recently cultivars used by farmers in Brazil. Through the leaf dimensions it is possible to estimate the final yield of the crop from the leaf area index. Therefore, the size of the leaves is closely related to the production of photoassimilates...

Author(s):Bruna San Martin Rolim Ribeiro, Alencar Junior Zanon, Nereu Augusto Streck, Michel Rocha da Silva, Giovana Ghisleni Ribas, Gean Leonardo Richter, Ioran Guedes Rossato, Ary José Duarte Junior

Determinants of Smallholder Farmers’ Commercialization of Potato in Kofale District, West Arsi Zone, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia

Article in Press

Even though agricultural commercialization is considered as the main engine to contribute to economic growth of the country and to transform the traditional agriculture of farmers the extent of commercialization is still not as expected in Ethiopia as evidenced from different literature particularly there are no adequate studies on the determinants of potato commercialization in the study area. This study was aimed to...

Author(s):Asfaw Negesse senbeta, Jema Haji, Bosena Tegegne

Mannitol (C6H14O6) effects on germination of faba bean (Vicia faba L.) seeds

Article in Press

In this research, the effect of Mannitol (C6H14O6) on the germination of Vicia faba L seed was investigated. Faba bean (Vicia faba L.) genotypes, Sevilla and Emiralem seeds were treated with different concentrations of Mannitol (1%, 2.5% and 5%) and distilled water (2.5 μs/cm) at 20 0C. Experiment was carried out following a completely randomized design (CRD) with three replicates in Petri dishes. Seedling length,...

Author(s):Alihan Cokkizgin, Ãœmit Girgel, Hatice Cokkizgin

Consumers Choosing Preferences for Dairy Products

Article in Press

Understanding consumer behavior and preferences is not easy, because several factors can influence the choice before making a purchase decision. Through this information, agricultural marketing managers would be able to increase their competitiveness and guarantee long-term survival. This study aims to investigate the consumers’ preferences and its affecting factors. This research used the nested logit model in the Sari...

Author(s):Ahmadi Kaliji Sina

The Effect of Institutional Credit on Sugarcane Productivity: Evidence from Southern Sindh, Pakistan

Article in Press

The purpose of this paper is to examine the impact of institutional credit on sugarcane productivity in southern Sindh, Pakistan. Data used in this study are gathered through a survey of 120 sugarcane farmers in Badin district within Sindh province of Pakistan. This study employed descriptive statistics and Cobb-Douglas production function to analyse the data. The findings show that the coefficient of institutional credit...

Author(s):Abbas Ali Chandio, Yuansheng Jiang, Abdul Rehman

Nutrient utilization and nitrogen metabolism by West African Dwarf bucks fed molasses-treated biodegraded rice husk

Article in Press

The quest for meeting animal protein demand in the tropics using unconventional feed resources without compromising the quality led to this study. Hence, the study was conducted to assess the nutritional potentials of biodegraded rice husk treated with or without molasses and evaluate the response of West African Dwarf (WAD) goat-bucks fed the diets. Five experimental diets were formulated: Diet 1 – control diet...

Author(s):Oluwatosin Bode Omotoso, Tomilola Ayo Arilekolasi

Assessment of land use patterns and land cover change in Igwuruta Area of Rivers State, Nigeria

Article in Press

The study assessed land use land cover change in Igwuruta in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria within a thirty year (1986 – 2015) period. Land cover and land use (LCLU) analysis of Igwuruta (about 8.69 km2 or 870 hectares), was appraised for the period using remote sensing, GIS and physical soil resources inventory techniques. Primary source satellite imageries were extracted from the maps of the LCLU by the application...

Author(s):Kamalu, O. J, Wokocha C. C

Analysis of potato market structure, conduct and performance: In case of Machakel district, Ethiopia.

Article in Press

This article investigated the structure conduct and performance of potato market in Machakel District using survey data for 2016/17.. Primary data was collected from randomly selected 150 potato producers and 30 traders. Concentration ratio and gross margin were used for this analysis. Machakel District potato market showed highly oligopolistic nature with concentration ratio of 87.16% which was dominated by four traders...

Author(s):Belayneh Yohannes Mebratie

Fluid form of P fertilizers and soil amendment application improve the availability and mobility of P in calcareous soils

Article in Press

Increasing the efficiency of phosphorus (P) containing fertilizers, which are dependent on limited raw material sources, is very important for the use of sources as well as minimizing possible environmental risks. That’s why; effects of P applied as mono-ammonium phosphate (MAP) in different forms (liquid and granule) and soil amendment containing humic acid and fulvic acid (HA+FA), on growth and P uptake of model plant...

Author(s):Emin Bülent Erenoğlu, Şeyhmus Dündar

Examining the viability of the shea industry in Ghana

Article in Press

This study examined the viability of the shea butter industry in Ghana and the potential for establishing shea tree plantations in Ghana and. The financial costs and returns of establishing shea tree orchards in Ghana were examined. The viability of shea processing was also examined using household level data from 14 shea producing communities. 150 shea butter processors were interviewed using semi-structured...

Author(s):Patrick Muotono Izideen Maanikuu, Kenan Peker

Energy Demand Forecast for Turkish Agriculture Sector

Article in Press

Agriculture sector’s share in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is steadily decreasing in Turkey. According to Turkish Statistical Institute’s database, agriculture sector shares in GDP 6.2 percent in 2016 and percentage change compared to same period in previous year -0.1 percent. Agriculture sector shares in GDP 6.1 percent in 2017 and percentage change compared to same period in previous year 17.2 percent. Gross domestic...

Author(s):Mehmet Arif Åžanhinl

Effects of Brewery Beer Bio-sludge and Liquid Bio-fertilizer on Performance of the Malt Barley Yield, Grain Quality and Soil Fertility at Arsi and West Arsi Zone, 2017 Ethiopia

Article in Press

This study was conducted to investigate the effects of beer bio-sludge, liquid bio-fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer application to barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) var. traveler on the plant performance, grain quality and some soil properties. Treatments applied were: (1) Beer Bio-Sludge (BBS) (2) Liquid Bio-Fertilizer (LBF) (3) Chemical Fertilizer (CHF) (4) No Fertilizer (Control). The experiment was laid-out in simple plot...

Author(s):Aschalew Sisay, Tarekegn Garomsa, Lemmi Legesse

Multi-Criteria Decision System For Greenhouse Site Selection In Lower Euphrates Basin Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Article in Press

Greenhouses have become quite a sought-after agricultural sector due to government support and private company preferences in recent years in Turkey. Greenhouse activities are only limited with Mediterranean and Aegean regions of Turkey and it is not much preferred in the inner regions. Due to these regions being preferred by people, mainly as tourism and settlement areas, it has become essential to find new areas for...

Author(s):Burak Saltuk, Ozan Artun

Gender Differences in the Use of Plant Health information Services: A case of Plant Clinics under Plantwise Program in Kenya

Article in Press

A total of 8,699 female and 12,928 male farmers visited plant clinics in Kenya between 2012 and 2016. The lower clinic attendance by women farmers indicates they may lack information on plant health problems. This study aimed to understand the environment plant clinics operate in, identify the reasons for low clinic attendance by women, and possible strategies to reach more female farmers. Stratified random sampling was...

Author(s):Musebe R.O, Mugambi I, Williams F, Mulaa M, Nambiro E, Chege F

Analysis of economic efficiency of smallholder onion producers in North Gondar, Ethiopia

Article in Press

Onion productivity in Ethiopia is below world average due to improper agronomic practices, existence of limited technology and poor marketing. The study was aimed to measure the level of economic efficiency and identify the factors that influence the efficiency levels of onion producers in North Gondar. Semi structured interview schedule was employed to collect primary data from 205 onion producers selected through simple...

Author(s): Abebe Dagnew Koye, Tigabu Dagnew Koye, Zework Aklilu Amsalu

Response of Wheat to Deficit Irrigation and Water Use Efficiency in Irrigated Agriculture, Ethiopia

Article in Press

Deficit irrigation trial has conducted to determine the response of wheat to the amount of irrigation water and frequency at different growth stages at Werer Research Center for three years (2014-2016). The experiment laid in Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) with three replications. Eight irrigation water amount were applied where wheat variety suitable for lowland irrigated area (Ga’ambo) was planted on...

Author(s):Elias Kebede and Nigussie Abebe

Influence of Polyacrylamide and Dairy Manure on Soil Physicochemical Properties and Wheat Growth

Article in Press

Leaching of soil nutrients diminishes soil quality and hence productivity. Soil physiochemical properties can be significantly improved by using soil conditioners like dairy manure and polyacrylamide. Least research has been conducted on cumulative effect of dairy manure and polyacrylamide on physiochemical properties of soil and crop yield especially wheat. Four doses of dairy manure (0, 2, 4, and 8 Mg ha-1) and two doses...

Author(s):Adeel Ameer, Muhammad Abid, Usman Khalid Chaudhry

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