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IJMMS Articles

November 2018

Updating traumatic optic neuropathy

Traumatic optic neuropathy (TON) is the affectation of the visual function, secondary to a damage caused by a direct or indirect traumatic mechanism over the optic nerve. It occurs in approximately 0.5 to 5% of closed head injuries, and in 2.5% of patients with maxillofacial trauma and mid-face fractures. The types of TON are direct, anterior indirect, posterior indirect, and chiasmal. This work aims to offer an...

Author(s): Damaris Hodelin Fuentes and Damaris Fuentes Pelier  

September 2018

Collodiaphyseal angle in the diagnosis of coxa vara and coxa valga in adult Nigerans

Collodiaphyseal angle (CDA) is the angle formed between the femoral neck axis and the diaphysis axis. The aims of this study were to determine the normal range of collodiaphyseal angle in adults and to determine any difference in the collodiaphyseal angle between right and left femur and also between sexes. 340 subjects consisting of 170 (50%) males and 170 (50%) females were included in this study. Plain radiographs...

Author(s): Abiodun A. A., Ikem  I. C., Adeyemi D. O., Ofusori D. A. and Komolafe O. A.  

August 2018

Diagnostic accuracy of ultrasound scans for the diagnosis of pelvic inflammatory disease keeping laboratory high vaginal swab/urine microscopy culture as gold standard in Anambra State, Nigeria

Ultrasound scanning (USS) and high vaginal swab culture and urine microscopy culture and sensitivity (m/c/s) tests are the most common investigations used for the diagnosis of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) in our locality. The aim of this study was to determine the diagnostic accuracy of ultrasound in the diagnosis of PID keeping laboratory high vaginal swab/urine microscopy, culture as gold standard. The USS, high...

Author(s): Eze J. C., Ohagwu C. C., Ugwuanyi D. C., Chiegwu H. U. and Onyeugbo E.  

July 2018

Polycystic ovary syndrome: Impact of obesity and aging on the profile of gonadotrophin and adrenal hormones

Many studies have been conducted to understand thoroughly the mechanism of polycystic ovaries syndrome (PCOS), but very few of them came from Africa. The aim of this study, was firstly to make a diagnostic of this syndrome, according to Rotterdam criteria, and secondly to assess the correlation of obesity and age on this pathology. The study was conducted at Bouaké, within the medical School and Hospital, during...

Author(s): Dere K. A. L., Koffi K. G., Niamke A. G., Bita D. V., Manhan K. E. and Tiahou G. G.  

July 2018

Factors associated with atherogenic dyslipidemia among hypertensive patients at southern Ethiopia

Atherogenic dyslipidemia worsens cardiovascular functions and supporting data concerning dyslipidemia among hypertensive patients in Ethiopian situation is very limited. The objective of this study was to assess factors associated with atherogenic dyslipidemia among hypertensive patients at Southern Ethiopia. A cross-sectional study was conducted on 238 hypertensive participants at Hawassa University comprehensive...

Author(s): Agete Tadewos Hirigo and Eshetu Nigussie Geleta  

June 2018

Knowledge, attitude and practice of medical students towards complementary and alternate medicine

Complementary and alternative medicine has been an important part of Pakistani culture for a long time. Whilst it is widely practiced amongst the general population, this study aims to determine attitude and practices of medical students towards complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), and their willingness to learn about them and give advice to their patients about it in future. Cross sectional study was conducted...

Author(s): Fauzia Imtiaz, Abeera Junaid, Sarmad Pirzada, Arham younus and Rafay Amir  

June 2018

Emerging trends in the profession of Biokinetics: A 10 year perspective (2007-2017)

The consistent review of developing patterns in any healthcare profession is important, as this allows the determination of whether the current practitioner registry meets the healthcare demands, or whether the patient market has become oversaturated with practitioners. The South African Biokinetics profession has been established for 35 years, but as never undergone an examination of its developing trends. The aim was...

Author(s): Terry J. Ellapen, Marco Barnard, Mariette Swanepoel, Henriette V. Hammill, Yvonne Paul and Gert L. Strydom

May 2018

Prevalence of thyroid cancer among thyroid swelling in Jimma University Medical Center, South West Ethiopia: A five-year retrospective study

Thyroid cancer is the most common endocrine malignancies. It is postulated that goiter is a precursor lesion to the development of thyroid cancer. The worldwide prevalence of goiter in the general population is estimated at 4 to 7%. The objective of the study was to assess the burden of thyroid cancer among patients who visited Jimma University Medical Center (JUMC) with thyroid swelling over the past 5 years. The...

Author(s): Abdi Dandena, Melese Sinaga Teshome and Mesele Bezabeh

April 2018

Antibiotics prescribing patterns and incidence of respiratory tract infection in children under five years: A study in two hospitals in Accra, Ghana

Respiratory tract infections are known to have the highest incidence and mortality rates especially among children in developing countries. Antibiotic use is common in respiratory tract infections (RTI); however, increased rates of antibiotic resistance development have prompted studies on prescribing patterns and recommendations for appropriate antibiotic use. This study aims at monitoring prescription patterns of...

Author(s): John Antwi Apenteng, Bright Selorm Addy, Emmanuel Ogbu Onwukwe and Marianne Gloria Brookman-Amissah  

March 2018

Assessment of influence of student perception, knowledge, and area of specilization on ICT utilization for academic purposes in College of Health Technology, Calabar

Information Communication Technology (ICT) application in academics and research has come to stay. While the developed world has not only embraced ICT in academics, they have gone ahead to make teaching and learning far more simpler, on the other hand most of the developed world is still grappling with the provision of basic amenities to its citizens that the idea of ICT appears farfetched and elitist. This study was...

Author(s): Akedor Ibor Usang, Daniel Orok Archibong, Eze Eze Aji, Cynthia Eyong, Edadi Ukam E and Omeh Anthony Bassey  

March 2018

People healed of Ebola and their psychosocial life: About 55 cases at the Donka treatment center (Conakry)

Ebola virus disease (EVD), formerly known as Ebola hemorrhagic fever (EHF), is often a severe and fatal disease. The objective of this study is to identify the psychological and social problems as well as the needs of people cured of Ebola. This work is a prospective, cross-sectional, descriptive study done within a period of three months, from 16 November 2014 to 15 February 2015. The population of this research...

Author(s): Fodé Bangaly Sako, Mamady Mory Keita, Fodé Amara Traore, Aminata Oumou Sylla, Mavolo Toure, Moumié Barry and Mohamed Cisse  

February 2018

Determination, knowledge and prevalence of pregnancy-induced hypertension/eclampsia among women of childbearing age at Same District Hospital in Tanzania

Several risk factors including hypertension are common complications of pregnancy with preeclampsia particularly associated with substantial risk to both the mother and fetus. This cross-sectional study involving quantitative approach was conducted in Same District Hospital in Tanzania. Data were collected from all pregnant women in the hospital using questionnaires. Respondents’ knowledge on maternal mortality...

Author(s): Ejike Daniel Eze, Ambrose Barasa, Moses Dele Adams, Karimah Mohammed Rabiu, Iliya Ezekiel, Sheu Oluwadare Sulaiman and Nganda Ponsiano

February 2018

Auditory effects of noise and its prevalence among sawmill workers

Noise at work could be hazardous, particularly after prolonged period of exposure. Sources of noise include generators, grinding machines, loud music at home, religious houses and clubs. The objective of this study was to find the auditory effects of noise and its effects on sawmill workers. This is a prospective, community based study involving sawmill workers in Ile-Ife.  The prevalence of hearing loss was...

Author(s): Bright Otoghile, Paul Adekunle Onakoya and Confidence Chioma Otoghile

February 2018

Profile and management of community acquired pneumonia in a tertiary care hospital in Karachi

The objective of this study was to assess the demographic profile, severity of patient, co morbidity, length of stay (LOS) and management of community acquired pneumonia. The study was a prospective study and consist of 212 patients (>20 years of age) with community acquired pneumonia (CAP) hospitalized to the tertiary care hospital, situated in Karachi between 1st January, 2010 and 31st March, 2012. Information...

Author(s): Maqsood A. Khan, Zeb-un-nisa, Syed I. Ali, SadiaS. Kashif, Farya Zafar, Huma Ali, Rasheeda Fatima, Hafsa Sohail and Sarwat Jahan

January 2018

Health service delivery in selected municipalities in Leyte: Inputs for improved health service delivery

Utilizing  descriptive research design, this study investigated the nature and implementation extent of service delivery related to reproductive health (RH) and tuberculosis (TB) control. Data were gathered using existing data files, survey checklist questionnaires and interview schedule. The questionnaires were pilot-tested then implemented on actual respondents. Findings showed there was adequate number of needed...

Author(s): Miguel E. Mangada

January 2018

The value of C–reactive protein in the diagnosis of septicaemia in children with malaria

Malaria and septicaemia, both major causes of infant and early childhood morbidity and mortality in Nigeria, often co-exist and are difficult to differentiate. This study was designed to test the hypothesis that C-reactive protein (CRP) levels could differentiate between malaria and malaria coexisting with septicaemia. One hundred and fifty-one children aged 6 to 60 months with fever without localising signs and 141...

Author(s): Emmanuel Eyo Ekanem, Ador John Uniga , Cosmas Akataekwe Obiora, Angela Ekanem Oyo-Ita, Helena Martin Omang

January 2018

Descriptive analysis of neoplasias diagnosed as pleomorphic adenoma (PA) that presented at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Ituku-Ozalla Enugu

Pleomorphic adenoma of the salivary gland is described as a slow growing painless benign tumor characterized histologically by its mixed appearance with epithelial and myoepithelial components. It occurs in both the major and minor salivary glands with the parotid gland as the commonest site for the major gland while the palate is the commonest site for the minor glands. This study was conducted to evaluate the clinical...

Author(s): James Onuorah Akpeh, Uchenna Chukwuemeka Okechi, Kenneth Amaechi Agu and Basil Chukwuemeka Ezeanolue

December 2017

Assessment of breast self-examination practice and associated factors among female health professionals in Western Ethiopia: A cross sectional study

Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer mortality worldwide. Breast cancer incidence is increasing both in developed and developing regions. Regular breast self-examination (BSE) is one of the most cost effective methods for early detection of breast cancer in asymptomatic women. The aim of this study is to assess the magnitude of BSE practice and its associated factors among female health professionals working in...

Author(s): Elias Legesse Negeri, Worku Dechassa Heyi and Alemu Sufa Melka

December 2017

External application of moisture exposed burn ointment for phlebitis: A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

To evaluate the therapeutic effects of moisture exposed burn ointment (MEBO) on phlebitis, seven electronic databases where checked until September, 2016 for randomized controlled trials (RCTs) of MEBO on phlebitis. Risk of bias was assessed using Cochrane handbook guidelines. Thirty eight randomized controlled trials met the inclusion criteria in which the aggregated results indicated that comparison revealed...

Author(s): Lian Liu, Song Wei Su, Ping Zhou, Ru Song and Hong Yan Sun

December 2017

Is moist exposed burn ointment effective for diabetic foot ulcers? A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

This meta-analysis aimed to assess the effectiveness of moist exposed burn ointment (MEBO) for diabetic foot ulcers (DFU). Two researchers independently assessed the quality and validity of included randomized controlled trials (RCTs) in 7 electronic databases. Risk of bias was assessed using Cochrane handbook guidelines. Twenty seven trials which include 1,979 patients were involved for analysis. Comparison of the same...

Author(s): Lian Liu, Song Wei Su, Ping Zhou, Ru Song and Hong Yan Sun

November 2017

Assessment of respiratory status among workers exposed to cotton dust at Arba Minch Textile Factory, Southern Ethiopia, 2017

In many of the textile industries, workers are largely exposed to cotton dust, which can leave workers with respiratory disorders. The aim of this study was to evaluate respiratory status of workers exposed to cotton dust in Arba Minch textile factory, Southern Ethiopia, 2017. A comparative cross sectional study was done and 51 workers exposed to cotton dust in the factory and 51 age and sex matched controls were...

Author(s): Tesfaye Kanko, Getahun Shibru, Feleke Gebremeskel, Belay Boda and Eyayu Girma

November 2017

Assessments of health professionals’ knowledge towards post-operative pain management in Asella Teaching and Referral Hospital, South East Ethiopia

Pain is defined as any an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage. Adequate postoperative pain management can reduce the patients‟ length of hospitalization and decrease postoperative complications. However, post-operative pain has not been satisfactorily relieved. Thus, the aim of this work is to assess professionals’ knowledge on post-operative pain...

Author(s): Abdi Oumer Adem, Mohammed Suleiman Obsa and Tahir Aman Worji

November 2017

Correlates of abnormal hysteroscopy findings among infertile women in Nigeria

This study aimed to evaluate the correlates of abnormal hysteroscopy among infertile women seen in 2 new Fertility/ Gynaecological Endoscopy units in Nigeria. Data was collected on biosocial and clinical characteristics of the patients as well as the findings at hysteroscopy and was analyzed with STATA software, version 12.0 SE (Stata Corporation, TX, USA) for the correlates of abnormal hysteroscopy using the...

Author(s): Joseph Odirichukwu Ugboaja, Charlotte Oguejiofor Blanche, Emmanuel Okwudili Oranu, Emmanuel Ndudi Monago, Onyecherelam Monday Ogelle and Anthony Osita Igwegbe

October 2017

Sociodemographic determinants of abnormal cervical cytology among HIV positive women in Nnewi, Nigeria

Women living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection have a higher burden of premalignant lesion of the cervix. This may be influenced by their sociodemographic profile. To study the sociodemographic determinants of abnormal cervical cytology among HIV-positive women attending the adult HIV clinic in Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital Nnewi (NAUTH), Nnewi, Nigeria, the Pap smears of 110 HIV-positive...

Author(s): Joseph O. Ugboaja, Charlotte O. Oguejiofor and Bertrand N. Obi

September 2017

Factors affecting prolonged intensive care unit stay in Nigist Eleni Mohammed Memorial Hospital, Hosanna, Southern Ethiopia

The reason for a long stay in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is unknown in most cases, but there are some risk factors that can prolong the patients’ stay in the ICU. However, the threshold of prolonged length of stay is useful in analyzing the quality of health care and hospital costs. The main objective of this study was to assess the factors affecting prolonged intensive care unit stay in Nigist Eleni Mohammed...

Author(s): Mohammed Suleiman Obsa, Bedilu Girma Weji and Tahir Aman Worji

September 2017

Abnormal laparoscopy findings among infertile women attending a mission hospital in Nigeria

This research aims to study the findings from diagnostic laparoscopy among infertile women managed in a secondary healthcare center in Nigeria. This is a prospective study of eighty infertile women who had diagnostic laparoscopy in a secondary healthcare facility in Nigeria. The age range of the women was 24 to 45 years with most of them belonging to the parity group of 0 to 1 (90.0%; n=0.72). Primary infertility...

Author(s): Joseph Odirichukwu Ugboaja, Charlotte Blanche Oguejiofor and Onyecherelam Monday Ogelle

August 2017

Is there a relationship between occult celiac disease and functional dyspepsia?

This is a study to answer the question: Is there a relationship between occult celiac disease and functional dyspepsia? The study was carried out on 400 dyspeptic patients. Upper gastrointestinal tract (GIT) endoscopy was done for all patients and those with non-functional dyspepsia were excluded from the study. Duodenal biopsies with histopathological examination according to the Marsh-Oberhuber criteria were done....

Author(s): Hanaa Kh. Fath-Elbab, Magdy Fouad, Elham Ahmed Mohammed, Nehad M. Reda and Hend Mones

July 2017

Malignant otitis externa: An assessment of emerging pathogens and the prognostic factors

Although the mortalities from malignant otitis externa (MOE) have greatly reduced, it is still a potentially fatal clinical condition. This study was undertaken to review the treatment outcomes and prognostic factors in MOE and to compare the behavioral pattern of cases caused by pseudomonas and non-pseudomonas organisms. A retrospective chart review of patients diagnosed with MOE in a tertiary institution over a 13...

Author(s): Foster T. Orji, James O. Akpeh and Onyinyechi C. Ukaegbe

July 2017

Neutrophil vacuolization in peripheral blood smear assessed with May Grünwald-Giemsa stain has direct correlation with the severity of hemorrhagic shock and serum lactate in trauma patients

Tissue trauma induces migration and activation of neutrophils through specific mediators. Vacuolated neutrophils in peripheral blood smear of septic patients correlated with mortality. However, scarce data exist with respect to findings in hemorrhagic shock (HS) trauma patients. The aim of this work was to evaluate the number and size of cytoplasmic and nuclear vacuoles in polymorphonuclear neutrophil (PMN) obtained...

Author(s): João Rodrigo Campos, José Gustavo Parreira, João Baptista Rezende-Neto, Emanuelle Maria Savio de Abreu, Thais Andrade, Ernest Moore, Marcus Vinicius Melo Andrade, Sílvia Dantas Cangussu and José Renan Cunha-Melo

June 2017

Prevalence and associated factors of female genital mutilation among high school students in Dale Wabera Woreda, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia

Female genital mutilation is still a serious health problem in Ethiopia. Female genital mutilation conceptualizes harmful traditional practice and is among existing traditional attitudes and practices on practice in different corners of the world. Other than demographic and health survey data, studies showing the prevalence of female genital mutilation is scarce and in some areas nonexistent. Its existence is only, time...

Author(s): Desalegn Shiferaw, Negussie Deyessa, Gamachu Fufa, Tadele Kinati and Markos Desalegn

June 2017

Clinical outcomes of patients admitted in intensive care units of Nigist Eleni Mohammed Memorial Hospital of Hosanna, Southern Ethiopia

An intensive care unit is a special department of hospital or health care facility that provides intensive treatment medicine. Critically ill patients are admitted to the intensive care unit to reduce morbidity and mortality associated with acute illness, trauma or surgical procedures. This study aimed to assess clinical outcomes of patients admitted in intensive care units of Nigist Eleni Mohammed Memorial Hospital of...

Author(s): Mohammed Suleiman Obsa, Abdi Oumer Adem and Getish Bezabih Gete

May 2017

Correlation of lymphocyte count with serum calcium level and neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio in end stage renal disease patients undergoing hemodialysis in Adamawa State, Nigeria

Low lymphocyte count in end stage renal disease (ESRD) patients receiving maintenance hemodialysis was documented. This study aims to correlate the levels of lymphocyte count with serum calcium level, and neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio (NLR) in ESRD patient receiving hemodialysis in Northeast Nigeria. Seventy eight (78) patients receiving hemodialysis and 75 clinically healthy subjects (control) participated in the...

Author(s): Emmanuel Asuquo Etim, Mathias Abiodun Emokpae, Jessy Thomas Medugu and Isaac Ferdinard Medugu

May 2017

Categorization of relative risk of diseases with relation to stress, body mass index and anthropometric markers: A cross-sectional study in general population of Karachi, Pakistan

This study aimed to evaluate stress among general population of Karachi, Pakistan and to categorize the relative risk of diseases through body mass index (BMI), as well as to categorize the relative risk of diabetes through questionnaire based scoring pattern. Study consisted of two phase study duration. Total 377 individuals were approached; only 269 individuals completed the study procedures. In phase-I, data was...

Author(s): Muhammad Bilal Azmi, Shamim A. Qureshi, Fauzia Imtiaz, Ahmed Moiz, Hina Akram Mudassir Amna Nayyar, Sadia Ikhlaque Sheikh, Uzma Imran and Arisha Salman,

May 2017

Knowledge, attitudes and practices towards rabies in Dedo district of Jimma zone, southwestern Ethiopia: A community based cross-sectional study

 Rabies is a fatal neglected viral zoonosis which causes encephalitis in many warm-blooded animals and humans. It is an incurable disease once the clinical signs appear. However, it can be prevented via vaccination and community awareness. This study was therefore designed to determine the level of community knowledge, attitude and practices (KAP) regarding rabies. Cross sectional study was conducted from December...

Author(s): Nejash Abdela, Boru Midekso, Jemal Jabir and Wezir Abdela

April 2017

Supply chain management of anti-malarials in the district hospitals in Kumasi Metropolitan Area, Ashanti region of Ghana

The aim of the study was to assess the supply chain management of anti-malarials in the five district hospitals in the Kumasi Metropolitan Area (KMA) including the Regional Medical Store (RMS) and also to assess the level of knowledge of respondents on malaria in these facilities. Cross sectional study was conducted at the facilities and purposeful sampling technique was applied to select the clients and interviewed....

Author(s): Charlotte Sena Agyare, Newman Osafo, Christian Agyare, Kwame Ohene Buabeng and Akua Afriyie Abruquah

April 2017

The assessment of fever in under-five children in the Ekounou Health Area of Yaounde, Cameroon: Usefulness of rapid diagnostic tests

Improper diagnosis and management of febrile patients results in the persistence of malaria and other conditions with similar symptoms. The algorithm established here with Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDTs) will help in the follow-up and treatment of fever patients according to the guidelines on Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI). This study aimed at determining the causes of fever in children and at...

Author(s): Barbara Mma Atogho Tiedeu, Liliane Mekue Tadjouo, Olivia Achonduh-Atijegbe, Olivier Tresor Donfack Sontsa, Jean Claude Mbanya, and Wilfred Fon Mbacham,

April 2017

Death certificates errors in academic hospital; Review of 617 cases at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH), Kumasi

The importance of death certification goes beyond the benefits to the health facility as they also provide invaluable legal and epidemiological benefits. Errors in filling Medical Certificates of Cause of Death (MCCD) greatly affect global mortality statistics and hence create challenges for public health programs to be executed effectively. The present study used both retrospective and prospective study design to...

Author(s): Ossei P. P. S., Agyeman-Duah E. and Obese-Antwi D.

March 2017

Assessment of knowledge, attitude and associated factors of cardiopulmonary resuscitation among anesthetists working in governmental and private hospitals in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: Institutional based cross-sectional study

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is an important medical procedure which is needed for individuals who face sudden cardiac arrest. Sudden cardiac arrest is a life-threatening condition and a leading cause of death among adults over the age of 40 years in the United States and other countries. Reports showed that about 1,000,000 people die of cardiac arrest every year in the United States and Europe. To assess...

Author(s): Bedilu Girma Weji, Eyayalem Melese Goshu and Kidest Getu Melese

February 2017

Review of cardiac protein quality control and major degradation pathways

Protein quality control (PQC) senses and repairs misfolded and or unfolded proteins. However, if the repair fails, it degrades the terminally misfolded polypeptides through an intricate collaboration between molecular chaperones and targeted proteolysis. Proteolysis of damaged proteins is performed primarily by the ubiquitin-proteasome system (UPS). Macroautophagy (commonly known as autophagy) may also play a role in...

Author(s): Osalusi, B. S.

January 2017

Medical waste management and disposal practices of health facilities in Kumbo East and Kumbo West health districts

The provision of healthcare generates waste which can be detrimental to health and the environment. Management of healthcare waste is still a challenge in developing countries as practices, capacities and policies on waste disposal are grossly inadequate and require intensification. With the growing trend of biomedical services in Kumbo Cameroon, the medical waste management practices in this area was investigated to...

Author(s): Lanyuy Gillian Dzekashu, , Jane Francis Akoachere and Wilfred Fon Mbacham,

December 2016

Point prevalence study of antibiotic use in hospitals in Butembo

Inappropriate use of antibiotics is known as an important risk factor in the development of antibiotic resistance which increases the morbidity and mortality. We aimed to determine the prevalence and characteristics of antibiotic use in hospitals. A prevalence survey was conducted in 11 hospitals from 1st to 31th October 2014. In this study, from 700 patients investigated in this study, 476 received at least one...

Author(s): José Mulwahali Wambale, Jean-Marie Liesse Iyamba, Divine Masika Mathe, Sabine Kabuyaya Kavuo and Takaisi- Kikuni

December 2016

Decade of permanent cardiac pacing in a tertiary care hospital of Northern India

This study of 10 year review of pacing was undertaken to analyse the continuous rise in the incidence of pacing in this part of country. 532 patients implanted with permanent pacemakers were evaluated during this decade. The age of patients ranged from 6 to 85 years with majority of patients belonging to age group of 55 to 70 years and a male to female ratio of 2:1. The commonest presenting  symptom was cardiac...

Author(s): Nazir Ahmad Lone, B. A. Naiku and Khalid Mohi u Din

December 2016

A five-year review of necrotizing fasciitis at Jimma University Specialized Hospital, Jimma, Ethiopia

Necrotizing bacterial infections are extremely serious, fulminant infections of the soft tissues by virulent bacteria. The annual incidence of NF is estimated at 500–1,000 cases annually, and its prevalence globally has been reported to be 0.40 cases per 100,000 populations. It is seen to have a predilection for men, with a male-to-female ratio of 3:1. The disease affects all age groups. Clinical risk factors for...

Author(s): Y. Yilma, Y. Fikadu and T. Belachew

November 2016

The use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and risk of atrial fibrillation

Atrial fibrillation is a common cardiac arrhythmia that has many risk factors including some medications; however, the effect of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and its risk is not well assessed. This study was conducted to find out if there is an association between the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and risk of atrial fibrillation. The study was conducted at Al-Hussein Medical City...

Author(s): Riyadh Mustafa Murtadha Al-Shehristani

November 2016

Prevalence of antiretroviral treatment failure and associated factors in HIV infected children on antiretroviral therapy at Gondar University Hospital, retrospective cohort study

As the use of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) increases, the issue of drug resistance and subsequent anti-retroviral treatment (ART) failure appears as a challenge. The study aim to assess prevalence of ART treatment failure and associated factors amongst children on ART at Gondar University Hospital, North WEST Ethiopia, 2014. A retrospective cross-sectional study was conducted on children taking ART at...

Author(s): Abiyie Zeleke

October 2016

Quality of life and prevalence of depressive symptoms among patients on prolonged indwelling urinary catheters: A study from South west, Nigeria

Urinary catheters are used to relieve urinary retention. Its prolonged use has been associated with poor quality of life (QoL) and psychosocial distress among patients. We sought to evaluate the QoL and prevalence of depressive symptoms among patients on prolonged indwelling urinary catheters. A cross- sectional study of patients with indwelling urinary catheters at an outpatient urology clinic of a tertiary hospital in...

Author(s): Olajide Olusegun Abiola, Olorunfemi O. Ogunwobi, Oyeronke Titilope Williams-Abiola, Shola Christopher Ayeni, Segun Oladele Adeniyi

October 2016

Prevalence of psychoactive substance use among registered commercial motorcycle operators in Kano, North Western Nigeria: A community study

The present study was carried out in the most populated city in Northern Nigeria that is believed to have the highest number of commercial motorcyclists and highest prevalence of psychoactive substance use in the country. Research on psychoactive substance use among motorcycle operators in Northern Nigeria is limited, despite the high level of morbidity these substances cause to them. This study aimed to study the...

Author(s): Gudaji M. I. and Habib Z. G.

October 2016

Up scaling mental health and psychosocial services in a disaster context: Lessons learnt from the Philippine Region hardest hit by typhoon Haiyan

In the aftermath of typhoon Haiyan which struck Philippines in 2013, the World Health Organization Philippines in collaboration with the Philippine government acted to improve access to mental healthcare in affected regions. Eastern Visayas with population 4, 3 million had merely four psychiatrists and seven generalists providing mental health care. It was selected as a model region for integration of mental health care...

Author(s): Boris Budosan, Katherine P. O’Hanlon, John Mahoney, Sabah Aziz, Ratnasabapathipillai Kesavan  and Kathryn Beluso

September 2016

Chitosan derived from the tunic of ascidian Phallusia nigra (Savigny, 1816) showing antibacterial activities and its characterization

The present study was to evaluate the in-vitro antibacterial activity of chitosan against clinical pathogens. Chitosan was extracted from the tunic of Phallusia nigra the marine black tunicate by utilizing standard protocol. Chitosan is a versatile natural polysaccharide, the second most abundant, biocompatible, biodegradable and non-toxic natural polymer which made wide applicability in conventional pharmaceutics as a...

Author(s): D. C. Christomelba and G. Ananthan

August 2016

Reproductive function in premenopausal African Blacks with metabolic syndrome: Associations among inhibin B, adipokines, pituitary and sex hormones and sex hormone binding globulin

Reproductive dysfunction is associated with metabolic syndrome. Since fertility is highly valued in Africa, preliminary data on the association of metabolic syndrome with indices of reproductive function in premenopausal Nigerian women was provided. Sixty six premenopausal participants (44 with metabolic syndrome and 22 controls) aged 18-45 years were purposely selected for this study. Reproductive history, blood...

Author(s): O. I. Famuyiwa, D. P. Bitrus, M. A. Charles-Davies, U. A. Fabian, A. A. Fasanmade, J. A. Olaniyi, O. E. Oyewole, M. O. Owolabi, J. R. Adebusuyi, O. Hassan, B. M. Ajobo, M. O. Ebesunun, K. Adigun, K. S. Akinlade, S. U. Okoli, O. G. Arinola and E. O. Agbedana

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