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IJMMS Articles

Effect of the maltodextrin-induced chemical reticulation on the physical properties and healing potential of collagen-based membranes containing Brazilian red propolis extract

December 2013

The study evaluated the physical properties and healing potential of chemically modified collagen-based membranes containing hydroalcoholic extract of Brazilian red propolis (HERP) in rodents. The collagen chemical modification was carried out through Maillard’s reaction using maltodextrin as reticulant agent, and HERP was incorporated at 0.5%. The HERP-incorporated collagen-based membranes were evaluated...

Author(s): Isana Carla Leal Souza, Marismar Fernandes do Nascimento, Raquel Gonçalves de Souza Neta, José Cleveilton Dos Santos, Luiz Pereira Costa, Juliana Cordeiro Cardoso and Ricardo Luiz Cavalcanti de Albuquerque-Júnior

Evaluation of pain perception latencies following metabolic alteration of plasma pH

December 2013

Pain has been a subject of intense and continuous research over the years. Several approaches have been employed in understanding and management of pain ranging from peripheral to central modulation as well as systemic to molecular mechanism of integration. This study is therefore aimed at investigating the role of altered plasma pH in the perception of experimental pain in both chronic and acute model. The results...

Author(s): Oyekunle Olanrewaju Akinloye, Iroko Dorcas Oluwafunke and Akinwande Rukayat Kikelomo

Sun avoidance among indoor employees leading to vitamin D deficiency and depression in the United Arab Emirates

November 2013

Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to chronic diseases among different populations worldwide. However, these relationships are still unclear and have not been explored within the United Arab Emirates (UAE) population. In this study, the relationship between vitamin D, risk for depression symptoms, and sun avoidance inventory was explored. The prevalence of vitamin D deficiency among a sample of employees working in...

Author(s): Fatme Al-Anouti, Sumaya Al-Ameri, Justin Thomas, Laila Abdel-Wareth, Subashnie Devkaran, Jaishen Rajah and Afrozul Haq

Psycho-immunological rehabilitation of advanced cancer patients with psychogenic medical history

November 2013

The aim of this work is approbation of the pathogenetically substantiated psycho­immunological rehabilitation of advanced cancer patients with psychogenic medical history. 17 advanced cancer patients (with 6 various types of cancer) took part in this study. All psycho­emotional disorders were diagnosed clinically and psychometrically (SCL 90). The treatment of signs and symptoms of mentioned disorders included...

Author(s): Oleg V. Bukhtoyarov, and Denis M. Samarin,

Impact of intervention on knowledge and risk factors of coronary heart disease among teachers in Sokoto, Nigeria

November 2013

Although coronary heart disease (CHD) is the most common cause of death in the developed countries, tremendous decline attributable to interventions causing reductions in population risk factors has been recorded in death rates from CHD in them in the past two decades. This study aimed to assess the impact of intervention on the knowledge and prevalence of risk factors of CHD among teachers in Sokoto. A quasi...

Author(s): Awosan K. J., Ibrahim M. T. O., Makusidi M. A., Essien E. and Adeniji A.

Cryptosporidium parvum and its association to risk of malnutrition in school children of Northwest Mexico: A brief report

November 2013

High prevalence of malnutrition and cryptosporidiosis has been found in Mexican children, although Mexican studies on cryptosporidiosis are limited. The objective was to determine the prevalence of Cryptosporidium parvum and to establish its association with the nutritional status in school children of Northwestern Mexico. A total of 321 school children of 6 to 13 years old participated in the study. Weight-for-age,...

Author(s): Carmen María Lugo Flores, Jose Luis López Villalobos, Gloria Guadalupe Morales-Figueroa, Julián Esparza Romero, Jose Antonio Ponce Martinez, Martín Guadalupe López Sañudo and Luis Quihui-Cota

A novel RAB-27A mutation causing Griscelli syndrome type 2 with severe central nervous system involvement: Case report and review of literature

November 2013

Griscelli syndrome (GS) is one of the rare autosomal recessive disease characterized by hypopigmentation of the hair, hepatosplenomegally, primary immunodeficiency and neurological manifestations. It was described by Griscelli et al. (1978) in France, who reported two girls who were presented with silver gray hair, several episodes of fever, hepatosplenomegally and pancytopenia.  There are three types of Griscelli...

Author(s): Ali M. Alsuheel, Ayed A. Shati, Amer A. Alshehri and Mansour Y. Otaif

Severe stress urinary incontinence: Pelvic floor muscle training program

October 2013

International guidelines recommend a first line therapy in the treatment of female stress urinary incontinence (SUI), the pelvic floor muscle (PFM) training. This case report assesses the effects of the PFM training program in treating women with severe SUI. The urodynamic parameters allow diagnosed intrinsic sphincter deficiency and urethral hypermobility. The subjective and objective parameters were assessed...

Author(s): Margarida Ferreira, Paula C. Santos, and José A. Duarte,

Prevalence and antibiotic susceptibility of uropathogens among patients attending University of Abuja Teaching Hospital, Gwagwalada, Abuja

October 2013

  A urinary tract infection (UTI) is a condition where one or more structures in the urinary tract become infected by the presence and growth of microorganisms that overcome the structures strong natural defenses. This study reports the examination of bacterial organisms implicated in urinary tract infections among 180 patients suspected to have UTI that attended University of Abuja...

Author(s): N. J. Amaeze, A.U. Abah and I. N. Okoliegbe

Epidemiology and prevalence of urinary schistosomiasis in pre-school children in Lagos, Nigeria

October 2013

  The prevalence of urinary schistosomiasis in pre-school children below the age of 5 years in five settlements was investigated. Of the 1,402 children examined and screened for schistosomiasis, 573 children representing 40.8% were infected. Females between the ages of 3 to 4 years had the highest infection of 37% while the least percentage prevalence of 6.4% was recorded in females below one year. Similarly,...

Author(s): Adewole, S. O. and Fafure, T. H.

The magnitude of tooth bud extraction in Uganda

October 2013

    Uganda traditional healers consider that extraction of un-erupted deciduous canines cures childhood diarrhea, vomiting and fever. This study was therefore designed to establish tooth bud extraction (TBE) practice and determine the prevalence of missing deciduous teeth due to TBE in Uganda.  Purposive multistage sampling was used to get a total of 1,121 children (<36...

Author(s): J. F. Tirwomwe, E. Agwu and M. Ssamula

HIV and malaria co-infection: Their combined effects on pregnancy outcomes in Anambra State, Southeast Nigeria

October 2013

  The daily increasing incidence of malaria and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) co-infection and associated poor maternal and obstetrical outcomes among pregnant women in the malarious zone of Anambra east, southeast Nigeria, and the paucity of laboratory-based data on the deadly duo, necessitated this study on the prevalence of the co-infection in a case-cohort study of 450 women (15 to 45 years) from whom...

Author(s): Uju M. E. Dibua, Lorina Badger-Emeka and Joseph A. Ugonabo

The effect of cinnamon on glucose control in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus in Pontianak, Indonesia

October 2013

  The objective of this study was to examine pre- and post-glucose serum concentration levels in diabetes mellitus patients after the administration of cinnamon powder. A quasi-experimentaldesign was done with 40 patients, with pre- and post-test non-equivalent control groups, without randomization. The first group was given a cinnamon powder extract solution to be...

Author(s): Suriadi, Atmiati, Hartono, Iswahyudi and Tutur Kardiatun

Effect of maternal iron status on placenta, fetus and newborn

September 2013

  Maternal anemia (hypoferriemia) results in increased pre-term and low birth weight deliveries and higher rate of stillbirths. There are irreversible structural alterations in placenta. The transfer of iron to fetus is reduced in spite of gradient in relation to severity of maternal hypoferriemia. The fetal hepatic and brain iron contents were reduced. The brain iron reduction was irreversible on...

Author(s): K. N. Agarwal, V. Gupta and S. Agarwal

Antifungal activity of some species of marine sponges (class: Demospongiae) of the palk bay, southeast coast of India

September 2013

  Nine species of sponges (Orders: Keratosida, Hadromerida, Haplosclerida and Poecilosclerida) of the class Demospongiae were tested for antifungal activity. In general, only trace and moderate activity was observed against the fungal pathogens tested. However, the encrusting Keratosida sponges depicted strong antifungal activity than the other sponges. In vitro antifungal activity of sponge extracts...

Author(s): Chendur Palpandi, Suganthi Krishnan and Ganavel Ananthan

Molecular evaluation of antibiotic resistance prevalence in Pseudomonas aeroginosa isolated from cockroaches in Southwest Iran

September 2013

  Pseudomonas aeruginosa can cause infection in the hospitals. This microorganism is ubiquitous within the environment and is particularly isolated from moist areas such as water and soil. The aim of this study was to determine the hospital cockroaches as the main factor for antibiotic-Resistant P. aeruginosa infections transmission and also to determine...

Author(s): Yaeghoob Khalaji, Abbas Doosti and Sadegh Ghorbani-Dalini

High prevalence and poor treatment outcome of tuberculosis in North Gondar Zone Prison, Northwest Ethiopia

September 2013

  The aim of this study was to assess the trend of tuberculosis (TB) prevalence and treatment outcome in a prison system of Northwest Ethiopia. Patients’ data on age, sex, TB type, treatment outcome and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) status was collected from medical records of North Gondar Zone Prison TB Clinic for all patients with TB from 2002 to 2011. The data was analyzed using Statistical...

Author(s): Beyene Moges, Bemnet Amare, Fanaye Asfaw, Andargachew Mulu, Belay Tessema and Afework Kassu

Applications of recombinant protein therapeutic agents in periodontics contributors

September 2013

Based on the improved understanding of cell and molecular biology of periodontal wound healing, the recombinant technology comprising rh growth factors and carrier construct is applied in periodontal regeneration. In 1997, the first recombinant (that is, synthetic) protein therapeutic agent was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In this paper we review the two commercially available recombinant...

Author(s): Neha Sethi

Comparison of different methods for assessing sperm concentration in infertility workup: A review

September 2013

  Sperm count assessments form the essential component of the diagnostic and prognostic evaluation of male fertility, according to guidelines of WHO (1992). The problem of subjective bias, inter and intra operator variability of reporting is discussed in this paper. The problem of inter operator variability has been improved and reproducibility has been made more objective with the introduction of...

Author(s): K. Vijaya Kumar, B. Ram Reddy and K. Sai Krishna

Medicinal values of garlic: A review

September 2013

  Garlic products are used as sources of medicine in many ways in human beings in their day today life. As a result, researchers from various disciplines are now directing their efforts towards discovering the medicinal values of garlic on human health. The main interest of researchers in the medicinal values of garlic is its broad-spectrum therapeutic effect with minimal toxicity. Garlic extract has...

Author(s): Gebreselema Gebreyohannes and Mebrahtu Gebreyohannes

Helicobacter pylori sero-prevalence in different liver diseases

September 2013

  This study was carried out to investigate the seroprevalence of Helicobacter pylori infection in patients with different liver diseases and determine the association and correlation between the seroprevalence of H. pylori infection and the liver diseases. The presence of a H. pylori antigen was investigated in serum samples from 274 individuals with liver diseases as well as 120...

Author(s): Tamer E. Mosa, Hatim A. El-Baz, Magda S. Mahmoud, Mahmoud EL-Sherbiny, Ahlam H. Mahmoud, Mostafa M. Abo-Zeid and Attallah A. M.

Rare combination of autoimmune disorders Hashimoto’s disease (HD), grave’s disease (GD), vogt-koyanagi-harada: A case report

August 2013

Author(s): Ala Ealyyan (NOT AVAILABLE)

The prevalence of obesity and hypertension among first-year students at Trnava University in Slovakia

August 2013

  The prevalence of cardiovascular disease (CVD) is considered to be high in Slovaks and it could affect young adult University students. The aim of this study was to estimate anthropometric CVD risk predictors associated with environmental conditions among university students. The study population consisted of 122 first-year students (18% males and 82% females, 19.82 ± 0.5 years)...

Author(s): HUJOVA Z.

A study of the antioxidative potentials of acetone and aqueous extracts of Parkia biglobosa and Tetracarpidium conophorum stem barks in vitro

August 2013

  A study of in vitro antioxidative potentials of acetone and aqueous extracts of Parkia biglobosa andTetracarpidium conophorum stem barks were investigated. At all concentrations investigated (50 to 250 µg/ml), the acetone extract of P. biglobosa and T. conophorum stem barks failed to scavenge hydroxyl radical in vitro. Polyphenol extract of T....

Author(s): Olabinri, B. M., Adetutu, A., Olaleye, M. T., Oluwafunsho, B. O. and Oyeniyi, O. O.

Biochemical factors relevant to kidney functions among Jordanian children with beta-thalassemia major treated with deferoxamine

August 2013

  Thalassemia is one of the systematical diseases that occur worldwide and is the commonest form of hemoglobinopathy in Jordan. The most important cause of mortality and morbidity in these patients with thalassemia is organ failure related with the shortened red cell life span, rapid iron turnover and tissue deposition of excess iron. These are the major factors responsible for functional and physiological...

Author(s): Kamal Mansi, Talal Aburjai, Mohammed AlBashtawy and Muna Abdel-Dayem

Examination methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) prevalence in cockroaches from hospital in Chaharmahal-va-Bakhtiari province, Iran by polymerase chain reaction (PCR)

July 2013

  This study gives the reported prevalence of cockroaches and the medical importance of theinsects due to the transmission of nosocomial infections. Besides, one of the major reasons of hospital and community infections all over the world is methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus(MRSA). The aim of this study was to...

Author(s): Ehsan Heidari Soureshjani and Abbas Doosti

No differences in total bilirubin levels in neonates from Tzeltal, Chol and Mestizo ethnic groups in the state of Chiapas, Mexico

July 2013

  Ethnicity is an important factor for neonatal hyperbilirubinemia. This study explored total serum bilirubin levels in three ethnic groups of Chiapas, Mexico (Tzeltal, Chol and Mestizo groups). The aim of the study was to examine whether the level of total serum bilirubin is associated with any specific ethnic group. This study was conducted in 113 neonates of three different ethnic groups from Chiapas,...

Author(s): López-Narváez María Lilia, Martínez-Hernández Fátima Cristell, Juárez-Rojop Isela Esther, López-Narváez Amelia and Tovilla-Zárate Carlos Alfonso,

The risk factor indicators of malaria in Ethiopia

July 2013

This study evaluates the effects of socio-economic, demographic and geographic indicators on the malaria rapid diagnosis test (RDT), using the baseline malaria indicator survey of 2007. This survey covered the Amhara, Oromiya and Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People’s Region (SNNPR) of Ethiopia. A total of 224 clusters of, on average, 25 households each were selected. In total, 28,994 individuals...

Author(s): Dawit Getnet Ayele, Temesgen T. Zewotir and Henry G. Mwambi

Anti-osteoclastogenic activity of butanol fraction of rice bran extract via downregulation of MAP kinase activity and c-Fos/NFATc1 expression

July 2013

  Osteoclasts are responsible for bone metabolic diseases including osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple myeloma and peritonitis. Recently, the anti-osteoporotic activities of natural product extracts have become the subject of research interest. Rice bran (RB) extracts exhibits anti-inflammatory activity and ameliorates anti-oxidative stress. However, the effects of RB extracts on...

Author(s): Jungsun Moon#, Seong-Hee Moon#, Sik-Won Choi, Sookyeon Lee, Seong Hwan Kim and Dongsool Yim

Evaluation of National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) awareness by civil servants in Enugu and Abakaliki

July 2013

The awareness of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) by civil servants residing in Enugu and Abakaliki were evaluated using questionnaire. The results show that the level of awareness was very low with most of the respondents not knowing the mode of payment and benefits of the NHIS and were of the opinion that NHIS may not succeed in Nigeria. The recommendation is that the operators of the NHIS should embark on...

Author(s): Ndie Elkenah Chubike

Hematological response in human toxocariasis patients

July 2013

  The present study was carried out on the human population in Kashmir valley to study the status of hematological parameters of Toxocara infection. Blood samples were collected from 514 individuals; 298(57.97%) males and 216 (42.02%) females; 187 (36.38%) tested seropostive for human toxocariasis. In the present study, Toxocara infection and hemoglobin value were correlated. It was found...

Author(s): Zubair Ahmad Dar, Syed Tanveer, G. N. Yattoo, Bashir Ahmad Sofi, Showkat Ahmad Wani and Perviz Ahmad Dar

Inhibition of ubiquitin-proteasome pathway: A possible treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma

June 2013

Alterations in ubiquitination and deubiquitination reactions have been directly implicated in the etiology of many malignancies. In general, specific cancers can result from stabilization of oncoproteins or destabilization of tumor suppressor genes. Proteasome inhibitors (PIs) represent potential novel anticancer therapy. These agents inhibit the degradation of multi-ubiquitinated target proteins, that is, cell...

Author(s):   Abdulkareem Albekairy, Abdulmalik Alkatheri and Mahmoud Mansour

Comparison of efficacy and safety of mifepristone-misoprostol combination with ethacridine lactate in mid-trimester termination of pregnancy

June 2013

This study was done to compare the effectiveness and safety of mifepristone/misoprostol versus extra-amniotic injection of ethacridine lactate for the termination of second trimester pregnancy. Sixty women requesting voluntary termination of pregnancies, between 13 and 20 weeks of gestation, were randomly assigned into two groups. Group 1 (MM) received a single oral dose of 200 mg mifepristone and 48 h later 400 mcg...

Author(s): Smiti Nanda and Anshu Paul

Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii between couples in Ramadi city using enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)

June 2013

Toxoplasma gondii is an obligate intracellular protozoan parasite that represents an actual public health problem. This study aims to investigate the prevalence of T. gondii among 91 couples in Ramadi city who were examined for the presence of antibodies against T. gondii using enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). The overall anti-T. gondii (Immunoglobin M (IgM) and Immunoglobin G...

Author(s): Mohanad Mohammad, Shehab Ahmed and Abudalla Hussain

Antibacterial activity of Schiff base ligands containing pyridine and disulphide moieties against some chosen human bacterial pathogens

June 2013

The objective of the study was to evaluate the antibacterial activities of N,N’[1,1’-dithiobis(phenylene)]bis(benzyldeneimine), referred to as L1 and o,o’-(N,N-dipicolinyldene) diazadiphenyldisulfide, referred to as L2, containing disulfide moieties against some ophthalmic pathogens (Klebsiella species, Escherichia coli, Streptococcus species, Proteus morganii,...

Author(s): Sabina Jhaumeer Laulloo, M. G. Bhowon, S. Ravikumar, A. Kalaiarasi, M. Raja and  V. Vijayakumar

Impact of lymphatic filariasis elimination programme by study of advances and challenges using mathematical model

June 2013

Author(s): Vaibhav Changediya and Subhash Devdhe NOT AVAILABLE

Awareness and attitudes to voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) for human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS) among law undergraduates in tertiary institutions in Anambra State, Southeast, Nigeria

June 2013

Nigeria, like other sub Saharan African countries, is heavily affected by human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS), and the young people have the highest prevalence. It is estimated that less than one in ten people in sub Sahara Africa know their HIV status despite the fact that the present HIV intervention packages depend on the knowledge of HIV status. Voluntary counseling and...

Author(s): S. U. Mbamara, N. J. A. Obiechina and J. C. Akabuike

Profile and outcome of diabetic admissions at the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital, Uyo

June 2013

The aim of this study was to determine the morbidity and mortality pattern amongst patients with diabetes mellitus (DM) at the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital Uyo, Nigeria over four consecutive years (June 2004 to June 2008). This study was a retrospective study. Data was obtained from the records register in the medical wards of the hospital. These records registers included...

Author(s): B. C. Unadike, I. Essien, N. A. Akpan, E. J. Peters and O. E. Essien  

Health care seeking among pulmonary tuberculosis suspects in Wuhan: A community-based study

June 2013

The aim of this study was to investigate the patterns of health care seeking behavior and to identify the influential factors of the same behavior among community level tuberculosis (TB) suspects in Wuhan city, and to provide an appropriate method and relevant references to increase the detection rate for TB. We followed a cluster proportional sampling procedure to select the four study communities (clusters), a total...

Author(s): Qiong-hong Duan, Peng Wang , Jing Lv , Rong Zhong , Wei-hua Wang  and Qing-zhi Zeng

Patterns of antibiotic use among children

June 2013

  Misuse of antibiotics is considered one of the phenomenon that exist among mothers. This research is aimed at investigating the attitudes and conviction of parents for antibiotic use for their children. Random sample was selected from parents from Amman governorate. The sample composed of (40) family respondents. The results of the research revealed low awareness of parents on the use of antibiotics for their...

Author(s): Hala Abdullah Hussien Abu Romman

The comparison of intradermal versus intramuscular vaccination of hepatitis B in healthcare workers who fail to respond to previous repeated intramuscular vaccines

June 2013

Vaccination is recommended for all healthcare workers (HCWs) at risk of exposure to blood and body fluids to prevent occupational acquisition of hepatitis B virus (HBV). However, about 5% of HCWs after 6 doses of intramuscular injections of vaccines fail to develop protective antibody levels (anti HBs). These groups are named non-responder. To compare the humoral immune responses of intramuscular (IM) and intradermal...

Author(s): Masoud Mardani and Amir Roudgari

The effect of clofibrate in near term newborns with non hemolytic jaundice

June 2013

The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of clofibrate in reducing total serum bilirubin levels in near term neonates with non hemolytic jaundice. A randomized controlled study was carried out in the neonatal ward of Children's Hospital, Tabriz, Iran, over one year period. Sixty eight healthy near term infants with non hemolytic hyperbilirubinemia were randomized to receive phototherapy plus clofibrate...

Author(s): Sedigheh Hossein pour Sakha, Manizheh Mostafa Gharehbaghi and Mohammad Ebrahim Rahbani

Multiple oesophageal coin-like foreign bodies appearing like one: A caution for otorhinolaryngologis

June 2013

  Ingestion of foreign bodies is a common pediatric problem. Majority of ingested foreign bodies pass freely without causing any injury. Ingestion of multiple foreign objects and recurrent episodes are uncommon. Thus we present a case of multiple foreign body ingestion to caution otorhinolaryngologist. We present a six year old boy admitted eight hours following ingestion of a multiple roundish metallic object....

Author(s): Segun-Busari Segun, Afolabi Olushola Abdulrahman, Alabi Biodun Sulyman, Adebola Stephen Oluwatosin

Perception of the public on the common zoonotic diseases in Jimma, Southwestern Ethiopia

June 2013

  This study was conducted with the objective of assessing the perception of the public on common zoonotic diseases in Southwestern Ethiopia using a face-to-face interviewing technique. The respondents were stratified into four groups, namely: farmers (n=48), smallholder dairy farmers (n=44), butchers (n=34) and city residents (n=49). Many of them (97.1%) knew rabies was a zoonotic disease contracted via the...

Author(s): Dawit Tesfaye, Daryos Fekede, Worku Tigre Alemayahu Regassa and Amene Fekadu

Sonographic quantification of basal gastric antral area, gastric motility and gastric emptying time of a liquid meal in healthy subjects: A pilot study

May 2013

This study was designed to sonographically measure the basal gastric antral area, gastric motility and gastric emptying time of a standardized meal in healthy Nigerian subjects. The gastric antral area was measured pre-prandially using the antero-posterior and the longitudinal diameters in 24 healthy subjects. These measurements were repeated every 5 min after the ingestion of liquid meals for 30 min. The gastric basal...

Author(s): Ugwu Anthony Chukwuka, Erondu Okechukwu Felix and Shu Elvis Nepa

Maternal and neonatal seroprevalence of hepatitis B surface antigen in a hospital based population in South-South, Nigeria

May 2013

Despite the existence of a safe and effective vaccine, Nigeria has remained a hyper-endemic area for hepatitis B virus infection, with estimated 12% of the total population being chronic carriers. Vertical transmission is an important route of transmission for hepatitis B virus infection. Neonates who contact hepatitis B virus infection will have an almost 90% risk of developing chronic hepatitis B surface antigen...

Author(s): J. O. Alegbeleye, T. K. Nyengidiki and J. I. Ikimal

Analyzing long-term mortality among female alcoholics and matched controls: Accounting for age and follow-up time

May 2013

  Studies focusing on mortality data use a wide variation of strategies for data analyses, making comparison between studies difficult. The research problems focus upon different statistical analyses of mortality among patients and matched controls regarding clustered data and relations over different levels of age and follow-up time. Four hundred and twenty (420) treated female alcoholics were compared to...

Author(s): Rolf Gjestad, Johan Franck and Brit Haver,

Evaluation of the incidences of dermatophillic infection in Rajastahan: Case studies from Rajasthan, India

May 2013

Dermatophytosis accounts for the majority of fungal skin diseases. Sixty (60) case studies (45 males and 16 females) of dermatophyte infection were carried out. Out of the 60 cases, 13% cases were healthy and 87% cases were found infected with one or more fungi. In 95% of cases, the fungal species recovered were from the infected symptomatic area like inflammatory lesions redness, dry patches itching, flaky rings, and...

Author(s): Sarika Gupta and B. Lal Gupta,

Occupational xylene exposure and respiratory impairment of paint manufacturing workers

May 2013

A cross-sectional study was conducted among paint workers to determine the association between xylene exposures with respiratory health. Sixty-four exposed workers working with xylene and 47 unexposed administrative workers were selected. Air xylene (AX) were analyzed using the Gas Chromatography while urinary methyl hippuric acid (MHA) were analyzed using High Performance Liquid Chromatography. Lung functions were...

Author(s): Zailina, H., Mohd Hafiz Syazwan, T., Naing, L., Jamal, H. H. and Rusli, N.

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