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AJBM Articles

January 2014

Measuring queuing system and time standards: A case study of student affairs in universities

The objective of the study is to examine the behavior and patterns of arrival of students in a university through observation method. Student affairs department of different universities are investigated in this study. Queuing theory is adopted for waiting in lines/queues. The results show that more than 70% of the students in universities are unhappy and dissatisfied with the service of student affairs.  The...

Author(s): Muhammad Imran Qureshi, Mansoor Bhatti, Aamir Khan and Khalid Zaman

January 2014

FDI inflows, transfer of knowledge, and absorptive capacity: The case of Mozambique

The literature has discussed the impact of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) on host economies, but has overlooked the case of the least-developed countries (LDCs) and, in particular, the transfer of knowledge to these economies. Drawing on different streams of the literature (FDI impact, knowledge transfer, and absorption capacity), this paper analyzes how a country’s absorptive capacity may moderate the transfer...

Author(s): Roberto Gonzalez Duarte, José Márcio de Castro, Irene Kazumi Miura, Renato Almeida de Moraes, João Feijó and Joana Zaara de Carvalho

January 2014

Accounting professionals’ perceptions concerning the influence of information technology in decision-making process

Accounting role today as a primary provider of information to organizations becomes more and more prominent; its agent executor, the accountant, makes extensive use of information technology both in generating information and in decision-making. The aim of this study consists of mapping out accounting professionals’ perceptions regarding the influence of information technology on the individual decision-making...

Author(s): Ricardo Adriano Antonelli, Lauro Brito de Almeida, Romualdo Douglas Colauto and Fernanda Luiza Longhi

January 2014

The factors affecting employee turnover in an organization: The case of Overseas Pakistanis foundation

The purpose of this research paper is to find out the relationship of the factors such as retirement benefits, job security and financial crises affecting the turnover of an employee in an organization. The sample data were collected from more than one hundred people working in the private, semi_ government and commercial organization Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF) in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Peshawar....

Author(s): Sajjad Ali Khan

January 2014

The role of human resources management practices represented by employee’s recruitment and training and motivation for realization of competitive advantage

The present study identified role of human resource management in the realization of competitiveness in industrial organizations and has focused primarily on some important issues related to human resource management selection, training, motivating, attracting, employing, evaluating employees, and the setting of salaries, fees and rewards and the realization of competitiveness among business organizations. This paper...

Author(s): Marwan M. Shammot 

November 2013

Is there a link between compensation packages and job performance in the Ghana police service?

Employee compensation has gained significant attention for its impact on employee job performance. However, few empirical studies have actually examined the relationship between compensation and job performance in the public sector organisations in Ghana. This study fills the research gap by investigating the link between compensation packages and job performance in the Ghana Police Service. Using an exploratory and...

Author(s): Samuel Howard Quartey and Esther Julia Attiogbe

November 2013

Understanding MBA service quality in postgraduates’ own terms: An exploratory analysis of top-of-the mind definition

The growing internationalisation of Higher Institutions of Education and the proliferation of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) have increased the competitive challenge facing local public universities and MBA programs. Service quality is the key challenge facing local universities to compete at international level. To achieve service quality however, managers of Higher Institutions of Education and/or MBA...

Author(s): Charles Mwatsika and James Kamwachale Khomba

November 2013

Assessing the after-sales performance of an IT product-service company

A product-service system (PSS) can be perceived as an extension of the functionality of a physical good to which specialised services are added. IT (Information Technology) companies have operated with a PSS model in a business-to-business (B2B) context and are referred to as IT PSSs in this paper. In addition to software and hardware products, IT PSSs provide after-sales services to clients such as system operation,...

Author(s): Miriam Borchardt, Giancarlo Medeiros Pereira, Rodrigo Leichtweis Petry and Miguel Afonso Sellitto

November 2013

Curbing the unemployment problem in Nigeria through entrepreneurial development

This study is on curbing the Unemployment problem in Nigeria through entrepreneurial development. The study is motivated by the fact that unemployment problem like corrupt practices in Nigeria is a hydra headed problem and thus require the collective effort of all.  The study made use of primary data sourced from 220 respondents in Kogi State through administering of questionnaire. Their responses were tested using...

Author(s): Hassan, Olanrewaju Makinde  

November 2013

The dimensions of relationship value between suppliers and customers based on complex products and systems

The dimensions of relationship value are different from different industry. There are no studies in Complex Products and Systems (CoPS) yet. It is more important to study relationship value for buyers and sellers in CoPS. This paper investigates the dimensions of the relationship value between suppliers and customers in the context of CoPS. Theoretically, the relationship value based on CoPS includes three aspects:...

Author(s): Ye Jianhua and Zhang Mingli

November 2013

7Ps in corporate hospitals – Administrators’ perspective

The prime objective of the paper is to study 7Ps - Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Physical Evidence and Process - in selected corporate hospitals in India which is very pivotal in strengthening the effectiveness of a hospital. It is needless to say how important service sector is in the national economy. In India, more than 50% of the GDP is now accounted for by the service sector. Though this sector has...

Author(s): T. Sreenivas, B. Srinivasarao and U.Srinivasa Rao

November 2013

The degree of competition in Iranian banking industry: Panzar-Rosse approach

The Iranian banking sector has undergone huge and substantial reform in the last decade;¬ privatization¬, establishment of private banks and development of modern technologies (IT). Based on a sample of 19 banks, This paper investigates the competitive condition of the Iranian banking industry over the period 2005-2010 using the H-statistic proposed by Panzar and Rosse.. The properties of this non-structural...

Author(s): Farhad khodadad Kashi and Jamal Zarein Beynabadi

November 2013

The relationship between conscientiousness, extraversion and leadership effectiveness among local government managers in Eastern Cape, South Africa

For the last 18 years, an insignificant development has been achieved in creating one organisational culture of the Eastern Cape local government that can promote an effective and efficient spending of the annual provincial budgetary allocation of more than fifty-six billion rands ($56,964,320,000). The development and fall of the local government administration is centred on the abilities and values of leaders present....

Author(s): Clement Bell and Chan Murugan

November 2013

Demand for money in Pakistan

This study is an empirical investigation of the relationship between M2, gross domestic product, inflation rate and interest rate. The study used secondary data obtained from Pakistan IMFs (World Development Indicators) over the period 1976-2012. Reliability and viability of the data is checked through various sources like IFS and World Bank. For estimation ADF (augmented dickey fuller) unit root test, Johansen’s...

Author(s): Muhammad Azeem Naseer

November 2013

The effects of ISO 9000 quality management system implementation in small and medium-sized textile enterprises: Turkey experience

This study aimed to determine the effective factors, difficulties encountered, attainable levels of the objectives in the process of certification in small and medium-sized enterprises with the ISO 9000 Quality Management Systems (QMS) certificate in Turkey Textile Sector. The study was carried out by reaching the managers that managed certification process in companies. The data collected via questionnaires were...

Author(s): Senol Okay and Suleyman Semiz

November 2013

The role of trust and ease of use in the development of Internet banking

Chinese customers adopted online banking service over fourteen years. But low customer satisfaction is still a problem of internet banking development in China. This study investigates how trust and ease of use influence internet banking customer satisfaction in China. Authors developed a theoretical model based on literature review. We analyzed the data using structured equation modeling (SEM) to evaluate the strength...

Author(s): Zhengwei Ma, Jinkun Zhao and Ming Li

November 2013

Empirical research on impact of industrial services brand on customers’ relationship quality perception

Industrial services brand will play a critical role in establishing high-quality customer relationships. Based on this, this study aims to empirically explore the influence of industrial services brand on customers’ perceptions toward the two parties’ relationships. The study develops a conceptual framework firstly for industrial services brand which includes expertise, corporate reputation, corporate...

Author(s): Xu Yueheng and Zhang Mingli

November 2013

Multi product and service organization structure for managerial transformation process

The examples given in this work have clear implications for practitioners to improve managerial transformation process as far as possible via strategic structure management. The final results showed that managerial transformation process quantity in compliance with determined criteria of evaluation suggested model for each organization is different. The other implication of the research is that multi product and service...

Author(s): Nasser Fegh-hi Farahmand

November 2013

Cost, revenue and profit efficiency in supply chain

A supply chain is a set of suppliers, manufactures and distributors, which are linked together. The first chain is a supplier and the last one is customers. What is the most important in supply chain are high- quality products by the least cost and the most benefit. In this regard, each input and output and intermediate have unit price and unit cost information. The cost-minimization and the profit-maximization are a...

Author(s): Sh. Banihashem, M.Sanei and Z. Mohamadian Manesh

November 2013

A preliminary investigation of factors influencing consumer adoption of online transactions in Malaysia

Information technology is fundamentally changing business transaction worldwide. The advent of internet transaction offers business firms a new frontier of opportunities and challenges. An understanding of how demographic characteristics and socialfactors influence the adoption of online transaction can allow firms to create solutions and plans to attract consumers to their services, thus enabling them to gain a greater...

Author(s): Abdullah Farah Ahmed, Abdullahi Sirad Jamal, Mohd Mansor Ismail and Golnaz  Rezai

November 2013

Lead Lag Relationship and Price Discovery in Turkish Stock Exchange and Futures Markets

In perfectly efficient financial markets, new information should be impounded simultaneously into the cash and futures markets. Real world institutional factors, however, often create an emprical lead-lag relationship between alternative securities price changes. Current futures prices in one futures market would lead the change of current spot prices. Price discovery can be defined as lead-lag relationship and...

Author(s): H. Kemal Ilter and Ayhan Alguner

November 2013

Analysis of the effects of Islamic Azad University of Khomeini Shahr on economical affairs of local women

Promoting education, economical, cultural level of society is a basic function of education institutions and universities. In this way, Islamic Azad University in addition to state universities plays a main role in two last decades. In this research, consequences of establishing Islamic Azad University of Khomeini Shahr on economical affairs of women in Khomeini Shahr have been investigated. Research method is a...

Author(s): Batoul Aminjafari and Mohammad Reza Iravani

November 2013

A conceptual framework for concurrent implementation of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and KM (Knowledge Management): A fuzzy TOPSIS method

Both Knowledge Management (KM) and Enterprise Recourse Planning (ERP) play crucial roles in organizations. There has been an increasing demand to implement both systems concurrently. The key characteristics of ERP and KM are quite different in their orientation; however, ERP systems focus primarily on managing physical assets while KM systems focus on leveraging innovation and utilizing knowledge assets. Because both...

Author(s): Golnaz Azhdari, Fariborz Mousaviadani and Mahdi ZareBahramabadi

November 2013

Perceived Egypt's destination image by Chinese university students

Destination image is commonly accepted as an important aspect in successful tourism management and destination marketing. It is crucially important to recognize the tourists’ perceived images since it affects the individual’s subjective perception and consequent behavior and destination choice. A destination can realize its full tourism potential only once it has a favorable image. This importance has led to...

Author(s): Tamer Hamdy Abd El Latif Ayad and Ye Shujun

November 2013

Perceptions of Forest Concession Staff Members on the Impacts of Forest Certification in Peninsular Malaysia

This study determines the impacts of forest certification towards social, economy and environment criteria from the perceptions of staff members from three forest concessionaire companies. A lot of changes have been made to ensure the companies’ operations are compliant with the principle and criteria of forest certification when it was introduced to the companies. Since the staff members are involved in every...

Author(s): Syahaneem Mohamad Zainalabidin, Shukri Mohamed, Wan Razali Wan Mohd

October 2013

Strategies of National Petrochemical Company of Iran

In strategic planning goals, policies and strategies of the organization are determined considering aspirations, mission and the underlying values along with the determination of internal strong and weak points of the organization and threats and opportunities arising from environmental factors. The researches consider some advantages for strategic thinking and deep commitment toward strategic management process,...

Author(s): Hossein Esmaeili Shahmirzadi

October 2013

Comparative study of the social effects of 5 and 6 days work on individuals

The main agenda behind this study is to know about the impact of work life on social life that is, to make comparison between two categories of people working 5 and 6 days a week. The impact will be seen on both males and females. It is the general observation and has also been proved that the person who works for 5 days a week is more relaxed and congenial to social life than one who works for...

Author(s): Rashid Saeed, Rana Nadir Idrees, Asad

October 2013

Regression Equation Fitted to Knowledge Management and Organizational Effectiveness in the Selected Sport Organizations of Iran

This study aims at regression equations fitted to knowledge management and organizational effectiveness in the selected sport organizations of Iran knowledge management processes to determine the impact on organizational effectiveness. Method of this research is descriptive – surveying and for the analysis was used of Kolmogorov-Smirnov test, and then multi-variants regression, Pearson and...

Author(s): Mojtaba Reisi, Seyed Emad Hoseini, Mehdi Talebpour, Vahid Nazari

October 2013

Dividend Policy, Cash Flow, and Investment in Tehran Stock Exchange

The study aims to know the relationship between dividend policy, cash flow and investment of firms. For this, 100 firms from stock Tehran exchange during 2002-2008 were investigated. In this research the year 2006 is the base year of dividend policy identification. The firms were divided into three kinds: Dividend increase, dividend decrease and no dividend change. The results of Wilcoxon test...

Author(s): Ebrahim Abbasi and Behrooz Ebrahimzadeh

October 2013

Evolution of national-international trade in the period before the economic and financial crisis for selected economies

The world economy has evolved in recent years amid some obvious inequalities and disparities nationally manifested on different levels, including the participation in international trade. This study took into account the two ways of approach, namely: evaluation and analysis of existing differences between the countries participating in global trade, on the one hand and development of a...

Author(s): Lucia Paliu – Popa and Ana - Gabriela Babucea

October 2013

Analytic network process (ANP) approach for selecting strategies influencing the productivity of knowledge women workers

It is commonly recognized that knowledge is the only source of core competence in the knowledge-based companies, but productivity rate of the knowledge women worker is always low. This study seeks to identify factors influencing productivity. In addition, it presents strategies that influence knowledge women workers’ productivity. Strategies were selected using the ANP approach. It is hoped that this paper will...

Author(s): Asadallah Najafi

October 2013

Intellectual capital and technological advances in knowledge society: How are these concepts related?

The purpose of this paper is to examine the relationship between technological advances and intellectual capital improvement. Researches show that technological advances and intellectual capital have a strong relationship but this relationship has not been examined systematically. This paper reviews the important theoretical work in both streams of research, highlighting the fundamental similarities and differences....

Author(s): Hossein Karbasi Yazdi and Hassan Chenari

October 2013

Exploring dynamic capabilities of executives for core strategy

Whether a solar product maker is able to achieve sustainable and competitive effectiveness depends on the dynamic capabilities of its executives. This study used various methods to establish the dynamic capabilities and components of executives in resource-based view. The survey research was adopted to find out essential dynamic capabilities with 481 valid questionnaires retrieved at a 73.10% response rate. Thirty...

Author(s): Chi-Cheng Chang and Chin-Guo Kuo

October 2013

Shared Leadership and Team Effectiveness: Moderating Effects of Task Interdependence

This study investigates the relationship and effect between the attitude about shared leadership and team effectiveness with two dimensions of task interdependence such as Received Task Interdependence (RTID) and Initiated Task Interdependence (ITID) tested for the potential moderating effects on the relationship. Research hypotheses were developed and tested using regression analysis. To test the hypotheses, we...

Author(s): Ullah S. M. Ebrahim Ullah and Dong Soo Park

October 2013

Quality dimension evaluation of a public health network in South Region of Sao Paulo City, in Brazil

This research aimed to evaluate the quality of health services provided by public network, in the south region of Sao Paulo city in Brazil, by the perspective of patients’ satisfaction. The field research involved 80 high-risk pregnant women because they used all kinds of health units that make up the Brazilian Unified Health Services System in this region. The research model was adapted to cover the last five...

Author(s): Andréa Cristina Micchelucci Malanga, Roberto Bernardes and Suzana Bierrenbach de Souza Santos

October 2013

Profitability of the informal cross-border trade: A case study of four selected borders of Botswana

In this study, the views of 520 informal cross border traders, obtained using systematic sampling and snow ball techniques from four selected border posts in Botswana, were used to show how profitable ICBT is. The results of the analysis show that the monthly profit generated by ICB traders is over ten times the minimum wage of workers in Botswana and gross profit margin from this trade is 54.99%. Whereas about two...

Author(s): Njoku Ola Ama, Kagiso T. Mangadi, Francis N. Okurut and Helen A. Ama

October 2013

An empirical investigation of tax buoyancy in Kenya

Revenue mobilization is an important goal of tax reform. Thus, tax buoyancy constitutes an essential ingredient for tax policy formulation. This paper utilized a time series approach to estimate tax buoyancy for Kenya for the period 1999/2000 to 2010/2011. Tax buoyancies were computed for income, import, excise, Value Added Tax (VAT) and total taxes. Specifically, the paper examined the buoyancies of tax revenues to...

Author(s): Mary Mawia and Joseph Nzomoi

October 2013

An assessment of multi-channel retailing among retailers in Cape Town, South Africa

Multi-channel retailing appears to hold potential benefits for retailers of all kind, but the awareness and access to available retail channels have not been obvious to all. This paper investigated the potential of multiple channel use among different retailers in Cape Town, in reaching potential customers and doing business with existing customers.  In this regard, we presented and deployed a 12-channel typology...

Author(s): Edward Naa Dakora and Andy Bytheway

October 2013

Entrepreneurial characteristics among university students: Implications for entrepreneurship education and training in Pakistan

Purpose-This study aims to explore the entrepreneurship profile of the Pakistan university students (Peshawar region) and evaluates their entrepreneurial inclination by making comparison with non-entrepreneurially inclined students. In this study the entrepreneurial profile of the students is constituted by six traits namely need for achievement, innovativeness, locus of control, risk taking propensity, tolerance for...

Author(s): Muhammad Zaman

October 2013

Applying 6-sigma methodology to reduce burglary on campus

This study aims to contribute to a better understanding of burglary on campus. A DMAIC model of six sigma was done to decrease burglary rate on campus. The model systematically defines five stages of definition, measurement, analysis, and control as the step of execution. And through measurement, we quantify stolen equipment. Improvement strategy is further proposed via the result acquired from tool analysis. The...

Author(s): C. S. Shyu, C. M. Shin, K. M. Cheng and C. H. Hsu

October 2013

Music piracy behaviors of university students in view of consumption value

This research mainly aimed to explore the opinions of university students to music piracy. The research is operated by means of questionnaire surveys to gather data with 211 valid replies received. As research results indicated, quality value is significantly infeuenced on economical value.  Quality value, social values and epistemic value will directly affect to download attitude.   Key words: music...

Author(s): Chih-Chung Chen

October 2013

International negotiations with Brazil: An essay about culture factor

With the aim to present some salient aspects of the Brazilian culture and how they may affect the processes of international negotiations, the paper addressed the different approaches that point out the specific qualities and patterns of Brazilian negotiator. Based on the international negotiations principles and the role of culture, the study presents some of the most discussed theoretical frameworks that investigate...

Author(s): Emerson Wagner Mainardes, António João Nunes and Paulo Pinheiro

October 2013

Organization ethical business operations: Does it make a difference?

Making wider the concept that ethical activities in business operations conducted by the organization can excel the organization performance is the core concept of this research study. Sample of different organization predicts that ethical practices of enterprises were vital for their expansion. Organizations that promote the culture of ethics in its operation enjoy its everlasting fruits. Key words:...

Author(s): Fawad Aslam Khattak, Zafar Ul Haq, Muhammad Shahid Khan, Asad Khan, Arshad Zaheer and Kashif-ur-Rehman

October 2013

Enterprise related factors influencing entrepreneurial orientation: Evidence from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan

This purpose of this study is to examine the association and influence of enterprise related factors on entrepreneurial orientation. Primary data were collected through self administered questionnaire with backup interview from two hundreds and nineteen randomly selected samples. Questionnaire was distributed among members registered with different (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Hazara and D.I.Khan) chambers...

Author(s): Hafiz Ullah, Zulqarnain Muhammad Ahmad and Sheikh Raheel Manzoor

October 2013

Stressors Exploiting Teacher’s Satisfaction and Professional Commitment the key to reduce Job Burnout

This study empirically investigates various stressors leading job stress that effect teachers in higher educational system of Pakistan. 166 higher educational faculty members of 17 public and private universities listed under federal region with Higher Education Commission of Pakistan have given their responses. Four determinants which are role conflict, role ambiguity, home-work interface and...

Author(s): Hina Shahab and Bakhtiar Ali

October 2013

Impact of Gender Diversity on Spiritual Leadership and Follower’s Need for Spiritual Survival/Well-being

Gender diversity in organizations plays a very important role and greatly influences the leaders and followers behavior. The success of the organizations depends very much on its human resource team. The Leaders and followers play major role in any organizations. Due to this reason, the effect of gender related to leadership spirituality and follower’s need for spiritual survival is taking a much...

Author(s): Hina Ali, Muhammad Ishaque Fani, Huma Ali and Surriya Shahab

October 2013

Research on diversity, conflicts and performance in creative team management

As the global competition is increasingly intense, composition for team members tends to be more diverse. Besides, conflicts among team members are increasing gradually. So, team performance is greatly affected. This paper investigated 47 creative management teams according to 220 questionnaires. It studied the effect on team performance from diverse team compositions. Then, it took conflicts inside...

Author(s): Song Dongfeng

October 2013

The Impact of Information and Communication Technology on Employment of Selected OIC Countries

This paper investigates the extent to which ICT-related job creating activities is improving the employment situation of the people in developing economies. The paper focuses on the effects of information and communication technology (ICT) on the employment level of selected Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) countries and describes the different potential forms of influence that ICT can take...

Author(s): Hamid Sepehrdoust and Hossein Khodaee

October 2013

Product market competition, controlling shareholders’ tendency, and cash dividends policy: Empirical analysis based on Chinese listed companies

Based on unbalanced panel dates of 4060 companies listed from 2003 - 2007 in Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Markets, this paper empirically studies the degree of product market competition, the relationship between cash dividends distribution tendency and cash dividends policy. Results show that controlling shareholders have significant motivation to distribute cash dividends, and this kind of incentive is not...

Author(s): Xiao-hong Chen, Fu-qiang Wang and Yu Cao

October 2013

United States of America FDI and trade as complementory or subsittute for Pakistan

The aim of study is the empirical investigation that FDI and trade is complemented or substitute for Pakistan. We also analyzed the country characteristics like the lack of capital and comparative advantage and abundance of labor. The effect of FDI on trade has been observed by dividing the FDI in industry and manufacturing sectors. We will use the secondary data for the variables selected of host country Pakistan...

Author(s): Muhammad Azeem

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