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AJBM Articles

Stressors Exploiting Teacher’s Satisfaction and Professional Commitment the key to reduce Job Burnout

October 2013

This study empirically investigates various stressors leading job stress that effect teachers in higher educational system of Pakistan. 166 higher educational faculty members of 17 public and private universities listed under federal region with Higher Education Commission of Pakistan have given their responses. Four determinants which are role conflict, role ambiguity, home-work interface and...

Author(s): Hina Shahab and Bakhtiar Ali

Impact of Gender Diversity on Spiritual Leadership and Follower’s Need for Spiritual Survival/Well-being

October 2013

Gender diversity in organizations plays a very important role and greatly influences the leaders and followers behavior. The success of the organizations depends very much on its human resource team. The Leaders and followers play major role in any organizations. Due to this reason, the effect of gender related to leadership spirituality and follower’s need for spiritual survival is taking a much...

Author(s): Hina Ali, Muhammad Ishaque Fani, Huma Ali and Surriya Shahab

Research on diversity, conflicts and performance in creative team management

October 2013

As the global competition is increasingly intense, composition for team members tends to be more diverse. Besides, conflicts among team members are increasing gradually. So, team performance is greatly affected. This paper investigated 47 creative management teams according to 220 questionnaires. It studied the effect on team performance from diverse team compositions. Then, it took conflicts inside...

Author(s): Song Dongfeng

The Impact of Information and Communication Technology on Employment of Selected OIC Countries

October 2013

This paper investigates the extent to which ICT-related job creating activities is improving the employment situation of the people in developing economies. The paper focuses on the effects of information and communication technology (ICT) on the employment level of selected Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) countries and describes the different potential forms of influence that ICT can take...

Author(s): Hamid Sepehrdoust and Hossein Khodaee

Study on the foreign investment preferential policy formulated by host country

October 2013

The author makes use of the modern economic theories and methods to construct a theoretical framework for game analysis that centers on the creation and distribution of return on transnational corporations’ investment; thereby interprets the formulation and implementation of host country’s foreign investment policy and reinforces the existing theories and, on the other hand, analyzes the investment behavior...

Author(s): Chen-Kuo Lee

The effect of health expenditure on economic growth in Iran

October 2013

In this paper, equivalence relation and long term of five variables gross domestic product growth rate, the ratio of health expenditure to GDP, the ratio of investment to GDP, population growth, growth rate of graduates  and also their influences on each other in Iran from 1973-2008 were analyzed. For this purpose vector autoregressive model (VAR) was used. First, stability of variables was examined by...

Author(s): Mehdi Safdari, Masoud Abouie­­ Mehrizi and Marzie Elahi

The effect of information and communication technology (ICT) application in the shoes industry

October 2013

This article analyses some problem of supply Chain management issues for Tabriz – Tehran-Kurdistan and Esfahan (IRAN) firms operating in the shoes industry. The producing companies were experiencing considerable problems in the management of supplier relationships, as well as in the commercial distributive Channel. The case study presented the critical point in the set up of the supply Chain management planning,...

Author(s): Fakhredin Maroofi

Double loop strategy management: implementing BSC as a linkage between strategic development and implementation

October 2013

Organizations are required to produce goods and services at a low cost, with high quality and with fast and flexible responsiveness to customer’s needs. So it is necessary for the firms to know the situation of things and what strategy can improve it. The aim of this study is to determine optimal strategy. In this study we used BSC, double loop strategy management and SMART technique to determine the optimal...

Author(s): Mohsen Alvandi, Mostafa Memarzade, Elham Ravasizadeh, Reza Kiani Mavi

The impact of non-accrued contingent liability on the equity market value of Brazilian companies

October 2013

This study investigates the relation between equity market value and nonaccrued contingent liability that is disclosed in the footnotes but it is not recognized in net income. The analyses focus on whether the prices of shares in the stock market and the return’s expectation of market react by the disclosure of non-accrued contingent liability in footnotes. 3.180 footnotes were analyzed from periods 2006 to 2010...

Author(s): Amaury José Rezende, Flávia Zóboli Dalmácio and Frederico Nilsen

The measurement of productivity growth and benchmarking in the academic departments

October 2013

The purpose of this paper is to analyze efficiency, measuring productivity growth of the academic departments and benchmarking for them. Efficiency measures are calculated by a non-parametric approach known as data envelopment analysis (DEA). Productivity is measured by the Malmquist index. The paper shows how DEA-based Malmquist productivity index can be employed to evaluate the technology and productivity changes...

Author(s): Mohammad Mahallati Rayeni and Faranak Hosseinzadeh Saljooghi

Investment in swiftlet hotels in Malaysia – Does ROI compensate investment risks?

October 2013

Swiftlet hotels have become increasingly popular in the real estate industry today due to its high return on investment (ROI). This research has proven that a standard 20 x 70 feet shop is able to generate a net income of approximately RM10,000 to RM20,000 per month from sales of 2 to 4 kg bird nests. In about 15 months, a three storey shop house with a base value of RM360, 000 could appreciate up to RM750, 000 in...

Author(s): Anuar Alias, Ang Yew Poh, Nurul Zahirah M.A and Mokhtar Azizi M.D

The Impact of Monetary and Non-Monetary Rewards on Motivation among Lower Level Employees in Selected Retail Shops

October 2013

The present study investigated the effects of monetary and non-monetary rewards on motivation with respect to lower level employees in the retail industry. An empirical investigation was undertaken using a sample of fifty (50) lower level employees drawn using the random sampling technique. A questionnaire adjusted to suit the retailing environment was employed to collect data. The findings of the study indicated a...

Author(s): Martha Harunavamwe  and  Herbert Kanengoni

Growth pattern, reforms and operational innovations in Indian banking

October 2013

Banks play very dynamic role in economic development of a country by identifying profitable activities, exerting corporate governance and extending credit to corporate world. Initially, Government of India has nationalized the banks to meet the diversified development needs of the country. But with the initiation of liberalization, privatization and globalization process, the Indians banks have undergone rigorous...

Author(s): Shabana Haque and R.K.Maheshwari

Motives in implementing Green Productivity among EMS 14001 certified companies in Malaysia

October 2013

Going ‘Green’ is fast becoming a trend and necessity in today’s business worldwide. This is simply because, business is indirectly or directly giving a huge negative impact towards our environment by depleting these natural resources in the process of producing goods and services. A way to reverse the negative effect, the concept of ‘Green Productivity’ (GP) was introduced. This research is...

Author(s): S. MJ Logaa and Suhaiza Zailani

Product market competition, controlling shareholders’ tendency, and cash dividends policy: Empirical analysis based on Chinese listed companies

October 2013

Based on unbalanced panel dates of 4060 companies listed from 2003 - 2007 in Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Markets, this paper empirically studies the degree of product market competition, the relationship between cash dividends distribution tendency and cash dividends policy. Results show that controlling shareholders have significant motivation to distribute cash dividends, and this kind of incentive is not...

Author(s): Xiao-hong Chen, Fu-qiang Wang and Yu Cao

A study of filial piety practice in Malaysia: Relationship between financial well-being and filial piety

October 2013

The study examined children’s filial responsibilities as contributing to retirement financial planning. There was a 53.9% return rate from 750 survey questionnaires. Seven hypotheses were analysed using hierarchical regression/ordinary regression/stepwise regression analyses. The results revealed that, from children’s perspective, the more they were in contact with parents, the more support they would give...

Author(s): LooSee, BEH and Jee Yoong, FOLK

Group loans repayment problems of women borrowers

October 2013

Economic growth and development is a dream without having well focused and effective strategies to eradicate poverty through extending credits to women. The mobilization of funds comes directly from the participant’s savings and therefore the use of funds is under group scrutiny.  This paper aims to examine the repayment problems of women borrowers of microfinance. A sample of 100 respondents comprising 20...

Author(s): Umara Noreen and M. Iqbal Saif

Financial management practices and business performance of small and medium enterprises in western Uganda

October 2013

Small and medium Enterprises are seen as a driving force for the promotion of an economy. The purpose of the study was to establish the relationship between financial management practices and business performance of SMEs in western Uganda with a view to establishing a coherent model directed at improving business performance and it was hypothesized that financial management practices positively influences Business...

Author(s): Abanis Turyahebwa, Arthur Sunday and Derick Ssekajugo

Determinants of credit rationing to the private sector in Ghana

October 2013

This study is designed to investigate the rationing behavior of some Commercial banks in Ghana, by looking at the effect of chosen variables on the amount of loan realized even in the era of interest rate liberalization. A single equation model involving a categorical random dependent variable, being the amount of loan realized and security value, interest rate, the value of assets, the value of collateral security, net...

Author(s): Anthony K. Ahiawodzi and Frank Gyimah Sackey

Predicting corporate distress in the Nigerian stock market: Neural network versus multiple discriminant analysis

October 2013

The objective of the paper is to assess the quality of neural networks in predicting distress as against discriminant analysis and its applications in enhancing managers’ decision. Forty four firms listed on the Nigerian Stock Market between 1987 and 2006 are used for the study.  The performance of neural network is then compared with the more familiar discriminant analysis statistical technique, and the...

Author(s): Peter Omohezuaun Eriki and Ralph Udegbunam

Performance analysis model of productive local arrangements by the relationship between conditions and territorial indicators

October 2013

The main source of competitiveness are the elements of trust and cooperation between companies, obtained through close relations of economic, social, and community nature. Therefore, this type of territorial manifestation is determined not only by the characteristics of the physical environment, but also by cultural, social and historical characteristics present in a geographically defined area. However, there are few...

Author(s): Cardoso, Amilton Fernando, Mendonça, Fabrício Molica and Cabral, Arnoldo Souza

United States of America FDI and trade as complementory or subsittute for Pakistan

October 2013

The aim of study is the empirical investigation that FDI and trade is complemented or substitute for Pakistan. We also analyzed the country characteristics like the lack of capital and comparative advantage and abundance of labor. The effect of FDI on trade has been observed by dividing the FDI in industry and manufacturing sectors. We will use the secondary data for the variables selected of host country Pakistan...

Author(s): Muhammad Azeem

Estimating the Impact of a COMESA Customs Union on Zimbabwe Using a Tariff Reform Impact Simulation Tool (TRIST)

October 2013

The implications of the formation of a customs union on revenue and welfare of a country are ambiguous and depend on a number of factors.  The theoretical ambiguities give rise to the need for empirical studies that generate information for a particular customs union that is under consideration. Zimbabwe is among the COMESA member states that are actively participating in the preparations for the implementation of...

Author(s): Gift Mugano, Michael Brookes and Pierre Le Roux

The impact of organizational justice on employee turnover, using Total E&P Yemen

October 2013

This study analyzed the impact of organizational justice as encompassed by three components, namely distributive justice, procedural justice and interactional Justice on employee’s job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and turnover intention. This study included the design and distribution of a self-administered questionnaire to 183 Yemeni employees working for TOTAL E&P Yemen (TEPY), which is...

Author(s): Abbas Mohammed Ahmed Al-Salemi

Motivating innovation with a structured incentives scheme – Extending the Manso model

October 2013

The conventional pay-for-performance schemes are designed for inspirit agents to exert effort. Manso structured incentive schemes to motivate innovation in a two-period production process. However, his solution is just dependent on the probability of success of different actions (work methods), and not on the amount of performance of these actions. In combining these two methods, this paper proposes a model and gives...

Author(s): Zheng Chengli and Chen Yan

Risk management in Islamic banking

October 2013

Islamic banking and finance has become a US$100 billion industry and is estimated to grow at a rate of 15% per annum. The essential feature of Islamic banking is that it is interest-free. As a result of this, the Islamic financial system is primarily equity-based. Islamic banks therefore conducts business on a profit-/ loss-sharing principle. Under this arrangement, the provider of capital and the entrepreneur share in...

Author(s): Nico P. Swartz

The relationship between the percentages of free float shares and liquidity of shares in the companies accepted in Tehran Stock Exchange

October 2013

Free float share is a percentage of total company's capital which is available to stock market transactions. In this study, past information of the sample companies in Tehran Stock Exchange was used to investigate the relationship between percentage of free float shares and share market liquidity, number of buyers, number of transactions and turnover ratio of shares. The aim of this study is to assist investors and...

Author(s): Emad Rezaei and Atefeh Tahernia

The role of market liquidity, information efficiency on stock market performance: Empirical evidence from Uganda stock exchange

October 2013

The purpose of this study is to examine the role of Market Liquidity, Information Efficiency on Stock Market Performance in Uganda. The research design adopted was cross-sectional and quantitative. Data were collected from 66 respondents from a sample of 80 investors, brokers and staff of Uganda stock exchange. We performed a Pearson correlation and multiple regressions in the analysis of data. The study posts a...

Author(s): Rogers Mwesigwa, Sulait Tumwine and Edson R. Atwine

An analysis of consumer values, needs and behavior for liquid milk in Hazara, Pakistan

October 2013

This study examines the relationship of consumer values, needs and behavior for effective positioning and target market. The purpose is to identify those motivational factors that influence the consumer to make purchase decision and types of personal values, motives, emotions and moods directing them. The research is based on survey with the sample from Hazara division using questionnaire. The findings indicate that...

Author(s): Khadija Humayun and SAF Hasnu

Measuring the performance of contractors in government construction projects in developing countries: Uganda’s context

October 2013

Traditionally, the success of projects is measured on time, cost and quality parameters; although, most construction projects in Uganda have not performed well on each of these parameters. In this paper, we identify important indicators that are useful for measuring contractors’ performance in Uganda’s context. The paper develops a simple performance measurement framework for measuring performance of...

Author(s): Benon C. Basheka and Milton Tumutegyereize

Visitor-oriented information supply in the industrial fair

October 2013

In a trade show environment, the contact between the booth exhibitor and interested visitors is relatively essential because it plays a key role in turning visitors into customers. Contact efficiency refers not only to visitor retention but also involves creating business development opportunities with visitors. Hence, exhibitors should develop strategies to contact with visitors based on visitors’ preferences in...

Author(s): Ching-Chi Lee and Cou-Chen Wu

Analysis of marketing data to extract key factors of telecom churn management

September 2013

For telecom industries facing customer and market changes due to rapid developments, near saturation, and intense competition, avoiding churn is critical. Most churn management studies attempt to locate a list of potentially lost customers from existing customer data, for use in subsequent customer retention activities. However, the effectiveness of a telecom company’s churn management is determined by whether it...

Author(s): Hao-En Chueh

The negotiation styles of overseas Chinese: A comparison of Taiwanese and Indonesian Chinese patterns

September 2013

Cross cultural negotiation has been an active area of study for a decade. A number of cross-cultural negotiation studies have been conducted using subjects from two diametrically different cultures (such as the US and Japan). However, a substantial amount of international trade takes place between geographically close countries, where cultural differences are more subtle, but still make an important difference....

Author(s): Lieh-Ching Chang

Moderating effects of total quality environmental management on environmental performance

September 2013

In response to increasing worldwide awareness of the importance of business sustainability, there have been more and more environmental regulations enforced in the last decade for example, waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)” and the “restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS). Those regulations have enormous impact on global supply chain systems and have begun to force companies to implement...

Author(s): Ru-Jen Lin

The flex-fuel technology building process in Brazil: An analysis from the perspective of business platform

September 2013

The conceptual perspective of "business platform" intent to demonstrate that in the current situation, industries can jointly establish innovations through formal exchanges of expertise between a "leader firm and its complementary." The research had qualitative and exploratory character, using grounded theory techniques and thematic content analysis of five in-depth interviews made to automakers and...

Author(s): Daniel Leite Mesquita and Joel Yutaka Sugano

Towards developing a framework on acceptance of sustainable agriculture among contract farming entrepreneurs

September 2013

Acceptance of sustainable agriculture practices will undeniably facilitate agricultural entrepreneurs to enhance on their economic and social status, and thus, enable them to enjoy a better livelihood. The focus of this paper is to determine the likely factors that will influence the level of acceptance of sustainable agriculture among contract farming entrepreneurs. Data were collected based on literature analyses....

Author(s): Jeffrey Lawrence D’Silva, Bahaman Abu Samah, Jegak Uli and Hayrol Azril Mohamed Shaffril

A review of Ethiopian institutions and their role in poverty reduction: A case study of Amhara Credit and Saving Institution (ACSI)

September 2013

In recent times the term ‘Microfinance’ (MF) became a buzz word in the every corner of the world as well as in the formulation of welfare programs by government. After hearing success stories in microfinance across the developing countries, particularly Bangladesh, third world nations started to give more importance to MFs. Since, banks have failed to reach the poorest of the poor of the countries...

Author(s): M. Venkata Ramanaiah and C. Mangala Gowri

A cross-cultural empirical analysis between the US and Taiwan: Perceived leadership styles and organizational commitment at Certified Public Accountant (CPA) firms

September 2013

This study investigates the effects of different leadership styles on organizational commitment in both the US and Taiwan along with CPA firms. The study sample consists of 137 respondents from among the Big-Four in the US and 247 respondents from the Big-Four in Taiwan. In addition to both promising future and royalty dimensions in organizational commitment, Americans are concerned with joy in their work while the...

Author(s): Li-Hua Huang, Kevin Kuan-Shun Chiu and Jenten Liu

Analyzing for profit efficiency of banks with undesirable output

September 2013

The primary objective of commercial banks is to maximize profit, but the usual ratio approach may encounter a problem when observed profit equals zero. This study uses the Nerlovian profit indicator, based on the difference rather than the ratio approach, to measure a profit efficiency indicator. We further decompose the profit efficiency indicator into technical and allocation efficiencies. The dataset consists of...

Author(s): Tsz-Yi Ke, Yang Li and Yung-Ho Chiu

Momentum strategy and board size: Evidence from Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE)

September 2013

This paper establishes a link between momentum profitability and board size. We use stocks listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) to show that momentum profits are derived mainly from firms with small and medium board size, but it is nonexistent among large board size firms. The momentum profitability across small and medium board size firms does not represent for system risk based on the Fama-French three-factor...

Author(s): Keng-Hsin Lo and Shiaw-En Ju

The relationship between product quality and purchase intention: The case of Malaysia’s national motorcycle/scooter manufacturer

September 2013

This study aims to determine the level of product quality based on the eight quality dimensions framework and the relationship towards the buyer purchase behaviour. For a good understanding of the study, a case study on Malaysia’s national motorcycle/scooter manufacturer has been used by considering the lack of theoretical studies being conducted on the sales of motorcycle/scooter products. In this study, the...

Author(s): Mohd Rizaimy Shaharudin, Suhardi Wan Mansor, Anita Abu Hassan, Maznah Wan Omar and Etty Harniza Harun

International procurement practices of Indian firms

September 2013

The study of Indian managers has been undertaken in response to the continuous increase in international activity in the area of procurement. This study is a step in the direction of fulfilling the information requirements of procurement managers around the globe. Based on the statistical findings, it can be concluded that there existed a significant difference in the procurement practices of Indian managers. To meet...

Author(s): Malhar Kolhatkar and Nirzar Kulkarni  

Empirical analysis of regions of Mainland China’s manufacturing efficiency promotion: Experiences and lessons

September 2013

The manufacturing sector has been a decisive force in promoting economic development in China. According to the number of workers, net fixed assets and other economic data in China during 2000 to 2007, using data envelopment analysis (DEA) we can build a single-figure index reflecting the comprehensive manufacturing competitiveness of all regions. Based on those index and extension data of producer services, panel data...

Author(s): Ma-lin Song, Wei Zhang and Jie Wu

Effect of provision of micro-finance on the performance of micro-enterprises: A study of youth micro-enterprises under Kenya Rural Enterprise Program (K-REP), Kisii County, Kenya

September 2013

Micro and small Enterprises (MSEs) sector contributes 20% to the GDP of the Kenyan economy. The vision of micro finance is to promote the growth of micro enterprises. In pursuit of this vision, the rapid growth of Micro finance institutions (MFIs) has made MSEs access to credit more than doubled from 7.5% in 2006 to 17.9% in 2009. Despite this increase, a recent study has shown that over 50% of MSEs continue to have a...

Author(s): Otieno Simeyo, Lumumba Martin, Nyabwanga  R. Nyamao, Ojera Patrick and Alphonce J. Odondo

The role of need for achievement in self-leadership: Differential associations with hope for success and fear of failure

September 2013

Self-leadership and need for achievement show conceptual convergences as both constructs have been found to be phenotypically associated with heightened levels of performance (Neck and Manz, 1992; Spangler, 1992). We thus aimed to clarify how both are interrelated with their respective subfacets in three studies (N = 185, N = 228, N = 374) and found that (a) self-leadership and need for achievement tap different...

Author(s): Marco R. Furtner and John F. Rauthmann

Determinants for ar-Rahnu usage intentions: An empirical investigation

September 2013

This study examines the applicability of theory of reasoned action (TRA) in a context of Islamic pawnshop using structural equation modelling (SEM). The present study presents a simplified theory of TRA, hence it is intended to test whether the two constructs in the theory are acceptable or not in a newly context of Islamic pawnshop. The simplified theory is tested using survey data from 250 respondents. Out of these,...

Author(s): Hanudin Amin and Rosita Chong

Technological spillovers of transferred inventors from the perspective of Social Network Analysis (SNA)

September 2013

Personnel involved in high-tech R&D commonly move between enterprises, bringing with them technology obtained elsewhere. This leads to an imperceptible circulation of analogous technology among different companies. Unfortunately, this so-called technological spillover is difficult to detect. This study combined social network analysis with patent data covering nearly 30 years to construct the networks that involve...

Author(s): Te-Wei Lo, Wen-Goang Yang, Ta-Sheng Hung and Kuei-Kuei Lai

A comparative study of data mining techniques in predicting consumers’ credit card risk in banks

September 2013

This paper investigates the use of batch and incremental classifiers such as logistic regression, neural networks, C5, Naïve Bayes updateable, IBk (instance-based learner, k nearest neighbour) and raced incremental logit boost to obtain the best classifier to be used for improving the predictive accuracy of consumers’ credit card risk of a bank in Malaysia. Prior to generating all the models for comparison,...

Author(s): Ling Kock Sheng and Teh Ying Wah

A novel FOREX prediction methodology based on fundamental data

September 2013

Markets play a critical role in economics of the world and the distribution of wealth. Predicting them can help with preventing crashes and avoiding severe losses, or making significant profits. But such prediction is not easy due to the very complex nature of markets and the wide variety of the influence factors involved. Technical analysts or chartists rely on historical chart data to predict patterns based on...

Author(s): Arman Khadjeh Nassirtoussi, Teh Ying Wah and David Ngo Chek Ling

Determinants of extent of financial derivative usage

September 2013

The adaptation of free market policies in the world economy has increased the employment of risk management practices in corporation’s financial decisions in order to reduce the variability in firm’s future cash flows, due to the highly volatile exchange rates and interest rates. It is generally argued that, extensive usage of derivative instruments can minimize the firm’s cash flow unpredictability by...

Author(s): Talat Afza and Atia Alam

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