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AJBM Articles

January 2015

The impact of credit risk on profitability performance of commercial banks in Ethiopia

The objective of the study was to empirically examine the impact of credit risk on profitability of commercial banks in Ethiopia. For the purpose secondary data collected from 8 sample commercial banks for a 12 year period (2003-2004) were collected from annual reports of respective banks and National Bank of Ethiopia. The data were analyzed using a descriptive statics and panel data regression model and the result...

Author(s): Million Gizaw, Matewos Kebede and Sujata Selvaraj

January 2015

The relationship between some demographic variables and leadership effectiveness among local government managers in South Africa

Scholars have argued that demographic variables are critical factors that could also be used together with other factors to explain the variances in the behaviour of effective leaders. They are very significant to virtually all kinds of modern organizations. The current workforce is increasingly getting younger and highly educated. And an increasing proportion of female managers are also found in today’s...

Author(s): Clement Bell, Roelf Rvanniekerk and Petrus Nel

January 2015

The impact of tax policy stimulus on automobile choice- Evidence from Chinese automobile industry

Using detailed national brand-level automobile sales data from January 2004 to the end of 2009, we quantify the impact of a series of tax policy stimuli initiated by the Chinese Government on automobile sales in China. These tax stimuli aimed either to prevent high displacement car consumption or to encourage low displacement car purchases. We conclude that the first two tax adjustments surpass high-emission auto sales,...

Author(s): Chen Xi and Wang Yun

January 2015

Environment designing considering the needs of youth according to Abraham Maslow’s needs case study: District 9 of Isfahan City

This study aims to design an environment for the youth by considering their needs and interests. This study sought to provide all of the needs of the youth by environmental affordances according to the hierarchy of needs developed by Abraham Maslow. It was conducted in district 9 of Isfahan city on about 380 of young people and evaluated 8 suggested spaces with 6 groups environmental affordance by use of questionnaire....

Author(s): Mahrouyeh Latifiyan and Morteza Salavati

January 2015

Research on the mechanisms of big data on consumer behavior using the models of C2C e-commerce and countermeasures

The purpose of this study is to investigate the mechanisms of big data on consumer behavior on the models of C2C e-commerce. From the beginning of the following five aspects: recommendation system, information search, reputation system, virtual experience and security system, the paper discusses some factors that affect buying intention in C2C e-commerce under big data. It fully considers the characteristics of big...

Author(s): Min Tang and Zhong Wu

December 2014

Accounting, taxation, and the cost of capital

This paper investigates the link between accounting and taxation and its implications for the cost of equity capital. Using a simple model, we characterize the determinants of the cost of capital in a setting where reporting rules combine accounting and taxation estimations. Accounting and tax rules usually result in different estimates of true earnings, each one with its own estimation error. The correlation between...

Author(s): Stere Mihai

December 2014

MS excel functions as supply chain fraud detector

Information technology (IT) is playing a vital role in increasing the productivity, profitability of businesses and optimizing decisions at each stage of Supply Chain Networks (SCN). Supply chain manager must often trust data for decision making even reported from vendors/suppliers. These types of data are vulnerable to manipulation and creating an opportunity for ‘supplier opportunism’. Use of MS excel...

Author(s): Tej Narain Prasad Varma and DA Khan

December 2014

Factors hindering unemployed youths from starting their own business: The case of Mekelle City educated unemployed youths

The general objective of the research is to assess major factors hindering unemployed youths from starting their own business. To identify the impediments, the research analyzed the influence of individuals’ behavior, the social and external contexts. In relation to identifying the major factors hindering the unemployed youths from becoming an entrepreneur, determinants of propensity to start own business in...

Author(s): Binyam Zewde Alemayehu

December 2014

Effects of 2008 global liquidity crisis on the performance of banks’ shares traded in Nigeria stock exchange market

The global financial crisis of 2008 is an event that affected the entire world economic cycle, the consumers, producers, financers and other parties that constitute the economy. The crisis was as a result of liquidity, currency, fluctuations of banks’ share prices and risks in business with banks, which started from major financial institutions of the US and spilt over to the rest of the world. These gave birth to...

Author(s): Aminu Yakubu Abubakar, Ambrose Jagongo, Obere J Almadi and Badayi S. Muktar

November 2014

Employees’ reactance and survival strategies in an underperforming Zimbabwean parastatal

This research is an analysis of employees’ survival strategies in an under-performing Zimbabwean parastatal. It argues that employees’ survival strategies may evidence failure of an organisation to accommodate changing realities under conditions of distress. The prevailing economic conditions in Zimbabwe may discourage employees from switching jobs even though they are not paid by their employer so that they...

Author(s): Peter Sibanda, Emmanuel Mavenga, Langtone Maunganidze and Farai Ncube

November 2014

Modeling Green Supply Chain Management framework using ISM and MICMAC analysis

In recent years, green supply chain management has gained popularity both in academics as well as in the industry and is reflected in the special issues of journals and themes of conferences. The rubber products manufacturing sector plays a pivotal role in the Indian economy and is considered to be one of the key players in global rubber business. Globalization and the increased number of countries entering the world...

Author(s): Surajit Bag and Neeraj Anand

November 2014

Information technology as a catalyst of relationship marketing within a global context

Marketing has evolved since the beginning of the 20th century, thanks largely to information and communication technology (ICT). The transformation can be seen in changes to the economy and to technology and in the shifting preferences and needs of clients. With ICT, companies can deal directly with their clients, simulating real-life situations. This allows them to understand the necessities of the market in adopting...

Author(s): Gil-Lafuente Anna M. and Luis-Bassa Carolina

November 2014

An assessment of the economic viability of ecological coffee processing technology in Cameroon

Coffee is an important crop in Cameroon in terms of income and employment generation. Productivity of coffee has been declining over time with a consequent decline in the corresponding incomes. The Government of Cameroon is addressing this shortfall through a number of measures, a key one being introduction of four pilot central pulping units (CPUs). This paper assesses the technical, economic and commercial...

Author(s): Musebe, R.O., Agwanda, C. A., Akiri, M. and Hyacinthe Founsie

November 2014

Accounting education at vocational high schools in Turkey: An application

Accounting shows the process of taking right and effective decisions to present some regular, complete, and true information of the past and also make a plan towards the future. In other words, while accounting presents information about the present state in of managements, it shows a way for taking reel decisions related to the future and fixing risks and opportunities at the same time. Because accounting is able to...

Author(s): Semih Büyükipekçi and Hüseyin Çetin

November 2014

External debt and economic growth in the East Africa community

Using annual data from 1970-2010, this paper employs a panel fixed-effects model to estimate the effect of external debt, as a share of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), on economic growth in East Africa Community (EAC). This study was based on the Solow growth model augmented for debt. The Levin-Lin-Chu test (LLC) approach was used to investigate the properties of the data with respect to unit roots. The Hausman...

Author(s): James Ochieng Babu, Symon Kiprop, Aquilars M. Kalio and Mose Gisore

November 2014

The influence of age and gender on entrepreneurial behaviour characteristics of students and professionals of Business Administration

The main objective of this study is to identify the elements that show the influence of age and gender on entrepreneurial behavior characteristics observed in both enterprising professionals and students of Business Administration. It was based on a survey with 851 professionals registered by the Regional Board of Directors of Business Administration of Bahia and with 207 students from public and private universities in...

Author(s): LIMA FILHO Raimundo Nonato, BRUNI Adriano Leal and AMORIM Ricardo José Rocha

November 2014

Relationship analysis of B2B channels: A case study on channel relationships in Brazilian agribusiness companies

This paper examines through a case study the relationships of an agricultural input supplier company with its distribution channels in Brazil. In this paper concepts are presented related to the subject distribution channels and the dimensions of behaviour in relationship marketing. We present four models attempting to evaluate the stage of relationship marketing that two companies can have. The focus of this paper is...

Author(s): Paulo Sérgio Miranda Mendonça, Luiz Gustavo Guerreiro Moreira, José Alberto de Camargo and Omar El Faro

October 2014

A hybrid model for a performance measurement system of business: A case study in critical logistics process

The performance evaluation of companies is an important issue.  Balanced Scorecard (BSC) and Six Sigma approaches are widely in use in business in this context. In this study, BSC and Six Sigma performance management systems have been elaborated, their strengths, which can be used in practice by a number of enterprises in a variety of sizes, have been identified; and a new hybrid model of performance measurement...

Author(s): Kasim Baynal and Gokhan Ozkan

October 2014

Effect of family control and internal auditor on conservatism behaviour

In this study, we deal with the effect of internal auditor and family control on operational accrual items measurements across the Tehran Stock Exchange registered firms. The operational accrual items of the Giuli and Hin Model have been used to measure the conservatism level. In comparison with other models, including Basu’s model, the above-mentioned model is more reliable. "Herfindal-Hirschman Model”...

Author(s): Mohamadreza Abdoli

October 2014

Course performance evaluation based on neural network modeling

Modeling the performance of an academic course based on a given set of affecting factors is the goal of this research. For different institutions, these factors differ in terms of availability and usefulness. This study was conducted for the nine engineering departments at King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia with a total of 281 courses for the last 8 years. First, all measurable input factors were acquired from the...

Author(s): Amjad Fuad Hajjar and Ayman Ghazi Fayoumi

October 2014

A study of the relationship between carbon emission and tourism development in Maldives

The scope of this paper is to explore the relationship between tourism development and carbon emission in Maldives. Data used are already published data for Maldives tourism development and carbon emission. Individual Model for tourism development indicators and combined model of all the indicators were used to test the relationship. Unit root test was used to test the stationary status of the data. Empirical tests were...

Author(s): Ahmed Amzath and Laijun Zhao

October 2014

Leading self, teams and organizations from a female perspective: An exploration of the women leaders’ journey

This paper seeks to capture the characteristics that prevail in the leadership styles of women leaders paying special attention to their individual leaders’ journeys. The study reviews the theoretical models of leadership and feminist theory that are particularly pertinent from the discussion of women leadership. A narrative approach is adopted for analyzing two women leaders’ journeys –Mary Kay and...

Author(s): Nuria Toledano and Crispen Karanda

October 2014

Entrepreneurship complexity: Salient features of entrepreneurship

The topic of entrepreneurship has attracted a lot of attention in academia and industry circles. This paper seeks to explore theories of entrepreneurship as well as its definitions. To this end a model that includes the salient entrepreneurial features, such as non-resource ownership and non-monetary gain, in defining entrepreneurship has been developed. It is now a known fact that no country can do without...

Author(s): J. Amolo and S.  O Migiro

October 2014

Measuring organizational innovative climates in technical institutes and university teachers

Teachers’ perceptions of organizational innovation climates are vital to understand the success or failure of innovational implementations of technical institutes and universities. This study aims to develop a “Measure of Organizational Innovation Climates for Technical Institutes and University Teachers (MOIC-TT) in order to recognize the influence of schools on teachers’ creative behaviors. First,...

Author(s): Chun-Mei Chou O, Chien-Hua Shen, Hsi-Chi Hsia and Su-Chang Chen

October 2014

Organizational performance and readiness for change in public sector undertakings

  The present study makes an assessment of the readiness/resistance to change of employees of State Public Sector Undertakings (SPSUs), compares readiness between executives and workers of SPSUs, employees of SPSUs and Central Public Sector Undertakings (CPSUs), and between employees of Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) making profits as well as losses. The factors affecting readiness to change were identified...

Author(s): George Mathew, Sulphey M. M. and Rajasekar S.

October 2014

Effect of knowledge management practices (KMPs) and the moderating role of interpersonal trust (IPT) on firm’s performance (FP): A study in software industry of Pakistan

  The purpose of this study is to analyze the effect of knowledge management practices on the firm’s performance in software industry of Pakistan. A co relational research design using a multiple regression was used to test the causal relationships among the knowledge management practices, firm’s performance and the moderating role of interpersonal trust. Hypotheses were tested through field...

Author(s): Munnaza Afzal and Umair Afzal

October 2014

Can training and career development be considered best practices using the universal and contingency approaches?

  Because human resource management is a challenge for mostorganizations, many companies seek practices that will enable them to compete with other companies. In our work, we examine the study of training and career development and their consideration as high-performance practices by considering the universal and contingency approaches for a sample of 560 companies. If practitioners know the effects of these...

Author(s): Pedro Núñez-Cacho, Félix A. Grande-Torraleja and Jose Daniel Lorenzo-Gómez

October 2014

The next frontier: Open innovation and prospecting of knowledge for value co-creation in complex environments based on new business models by 3D modeling and additive manufacturing

  This article aims to contribute to a policy of innovation management. To do so, it presents the influence of practices of open innovation in the prospecting of knowledge for value creation in highly complex environments under 3D modeling and additive manufacturing. The research was conducted in the light of theoretical excerpts and application of a survey to specialists, with knowledge about the investigated...

Author(s): Selma Regina Martins Oliveira and Jorge Lino Alves

October 2014

Assortment planning: Strategic perception of retail owners and managers in Brazil

The goal of the Assortment Planning (AP) is to specify an assortment that maximizes sales and profits which counterbalance the offer of products based on the decisions made about sales; it also increases the probability for consumers to find their own favorite product without increase in storage costs or risk of stock out. This work aims to investigate the strategic perception of retail owners and managers about...

Author(s): Claudimar Pereira da Veiga, Cássia Rita Pereira da Veiga, Anderson Catapan, Ubiratã Tortato, Edilson Antonio Catapan and Eduardo Vaz da Costa Junior

October 2014

Regulation and gender equality and non-discrimination of women in top management positions in Ghana

The engagement of more women at top level management positions in both public and private institutions has increasingly been attracting interest amongst the general public, academia and policy-makers; especially given the seemingly increasing participation of females in the labour market. In spite of the many campaigns for the inclusion of women at top level management, it appears the proportion of women to men in...

Author(s): Olivia Anku-Tsede and Cynthia Gadegbeku

October 2014

The nurse as an integration agent in handoff: A social networks analysis perspective

The growing interest in social networks, in health services, follows international pressure by improving quality and reducing costs in this sector. Identifying the most important actors in a social network is one of the applications of graph theory in social network analysis (SNA). Socialization among health professionals (actors) and their structural positions, in social networks, are important factors to be considered...

Author(s): Antonio Sergio da Silva, Aline Bento Ambrósio Avelar and Milton Carlos Farina

September 2014

Significance of credit risk in economies in transition

Uncontrolled wish for even larger profits led to neglecting the significance of credit risk, and later on to bankruptcy of American mortgage banks that significantly initiated the world economy crises. If credit risk manifested itself in a relatively stable economy such as American, it is not hard to draw a conclusion how important is quality credit risk managing in economies in transition, which are fragile and...

Author(s): Aleksandar Vasiljevic, Miodrag Koprivica and Vasilj Koprivica

September 2014

An efficient XML query pattern mining algorithm for ebXML applications in e-commerce

Providing efficient query to XML data for ebXML applications in e-commerce is crucial, as XML has become the most important technique to exchange data over the Internet. ebXML is a set of specification for companies to exchange their data in e-commerce. Following the ebXML specifications, companies have a standard method to exchange business messages, communicate data, and business rules in e-commerce. Due to its...

Author(s): Tsui-Ping Chang

September 2014

Home telehealth acceptance model: The role of innovation

This study aims at exploring the role of user innovativeness in the home telehealth acceptance model, clarifying whether innovativeness is the antecedent to or moderator of the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM); it also aims to discover the influences of related discussion on user acceptance. The results show that innovation is both the antecedent to and the moderator of TAM. Attitude toward using home telehealth...

Author(s): Jui-Chen Huang and Shu-Ping Lin

September 2014

Gender differences in intention and relationship among factors of using Facebook for collaboration

In Taiwan, in an effort to reduce the cost associated with educational training, enterprises have started to resolutely introduce the use of Facebook to support collaboration as part of employee training. Unlike previous studies investigating the effectiveness of conventional learning, the purpose of this paper was to discuss how various factors interconnect to affect Taiwanese employees’ decisions regarding...

Author(s): Chin-Hung Lin, Shu-Ching Yang and Yung-Kun Sung

September 2014

Effect of executive board and family control on audit opinion

In this study the relation and effect of corporate governance on audit opinion of CPAs is investigated. The companies investigated are listed in Tehran Stock Exchange and are selected using the systematic elimination method. They are 104 companies. The time period is 2008-2010. The statistical methods used are logistic regression and Wald test. The data were collected from the companies’ annual financial...

Author(s): Mohamadreza Abdoli and Ali Pourkazemi

September 2014

Organizational antecedents and perceptions of fairness in policy implementation among employees in the banking sector of Ghana

This study examined the impact of fairness perceptions in policy implementations on employees’ job satisfaction, work motivation and organisational commitment in the banking sector of Ghana. A correlational research design was adopted for the study. A total of 100 participants were randomly selected to respond to a 45-item questionnaire. Data obtained from the study were analysed with Pearson correlation,...

Author(s): Kwasi Dartey-Baah

September 2014

Disclosure of risk management practices in the top South Africa’s mining companies: An annual/integrated report disclosure analysis

South Africa’s mining companies are facing many challenges, ranging from industrial actions, uncertainty in legislation, weaknesses in global export markets, and lack of access to capital. Accordingly, sound risk management and adherence to corporate governance principles and practices are essential to the sustainability of these companies. The objectives of this article are twofold: firstly, to provide a brief...

Author(s): Tankiso Moloi

September 2014

Quality management practice in Ethiopia

Competitiveness in the global market is becoming fierce. The importance of total quality management is growing to increase customers’ satisfaction and as a result to win the market in the long term. However, developing economies like Ethiopia is challenged in their quality of products and services. Based on the Ethiopian Quality Award (EQA) self-assessment model and the 2009 award participants, quality management...

Author(s): Birhanu Beshah and Daniel Kitaw

September 2014

Export diversification and economic growth in some selected developing countries

Nowadays, export diversification has become one of the most important economic objectives of development strategies in the developing countries. For various reasons, such as preventing instability in export prices of primary products in global markets and consequently, reducing fluctuations in exchanges of them compared with industrial goods, producing dynamic benefits resulted from exporting various goods and...

Author(s): Khodayi Hamed, Darabi Hadi and Khodayi Hossein

September 2014

The critical success factors assessment of ISO 27001 certification in computer organization by test-retest reliability

In the era of fast growing information technology, information security management system (ISMS) assessment has become a top priority of considerations in the operational organization because potential crisis increases when ISMS is vulnerable. The impact of ISMS will also bring revolutionary change on the management of business. The example used in study is the computer center at the Shih Chien University in Taiwan that...

Author(s): Hui-Lin Hai and Kuei- Min Wang

September 2014

Financing of small and medium enterprises (SMEs): Determinants of bank loan application

The main focus of this paper is to answer the question, ‘what are the factors that determine a SME to apply for a bank loan?’ Four elements namely human capital, firm, business strategy and information asymmetry underlie this study’s theoretical framework. The main objective of the paper is to develop a bank loan model based on applicability. The model was developed using quantitative method coupled...

Author(s): Khalid Hassan Abdesamed and Kalsom Abd Wahab

September 2014

An exploratory investigation into using ITSM metrics to indicate the business value of IT in a South African financial services company

Companies’ executives have long realised the importance of IT in conducting business. As such, an ever larger portion of capital is allocated to IT. Managers see an opportunity to reduce the input cost of producing value for clients by reducing IT expenditure; however, managers need a clear picture of the value of IT to make appropriate cut of IT cost. This study explores the value the IT unit provides to...

Author(s): Clinton Herring, Kevin Johnston and Gizelle Willows

September 2014

Building sustainable business intelligence systems by integrating user-centred methodologies in re-engineering

This paper entails an analysis of the influence of adopting user-centred design in business intelligence (BI) application development. The purpose of the research is to answer the following question: does the integration of user-centred methodologies into BI re-engineering translate to the development of a sustainable BI system? A combination of research methods was applied in the pursuit of answers to this question....

Author(s): Musa Khumalo and Sheryl Buckley

August 2014

Commercialisation of research and technology: A multiple case study of university technology business incubators

  One of the most important reasons for developing university technology business incubators (UTBIs) is to permit the commercialisation of technology and research by setting up new firms to graduate into fully-fledged businesses, which are normally referred to as new technology-based firms (NTBFs). Relying on the resource-based theory (RBT) and incubation models, the present research is concerned with proposing...

Author(s): Nkosinathi Sithole and Robert O. Rugimbana

August 2014

Microcredit, asymmetric information and start-ups: An Italian case study

  The paper aims to investigate the topic of microcredit with regard to the creation of start-ups, with a view to revisiting the principles, contrasting the informative asymmetries of the bank-company relationship. In this way, the objective is to propose integration of the existing literature, mainly resorting to the academic community and the actors of microcredit, through the offer of reviewing some...

Author(s): Raffaele Trequattrini, Vincenzo Formisano, Giuseppe Russo and Rosa Lombardi

August 2014

What drives Chinese private colleges’ internationalization?

  Internationalization of private higher education has attracted considerable interest recently. After clarifying the status quo of Chinese private colleges, we proposed the conceptual model of Chinese private colleges’ internationalization. This paper adopted a “strategy tripod” perspective in integrating the impact of the resource-, contingency-, and institution-based factors on Chinese...

Author(s): Xiaojing Wang

August 2014

Surface acting and distress tolerance as predictors of workplace deviance among Nigerian commercial bank workers

    This study examined surface acting and distress tolerance as predictors of workplace deviance. Three hundred and thirty-two (332) workers (176 males and 156 females) drawn from selected banks in Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria participated in the study. The participants responded to validated measures of surface acting and distress tolerance. The result of regression analyses indicated that surface...

Author(s): Lawrence O. Amazue, Ike E. Onyishi and Lucy E. Amazue

August 2014

Competitive advantage in the Brazilian telecommunications market: An analysis founded upon the resource-based view in the post-privatization period

  This paper examines which resources were responsible for the superior performance, between 1999 and 2008, of companies in the Brazilian telecommunications sector after privatization. The study methodology was founded on the Resource-Based View (RBV) and used data envelopment analysis (DEA) to investigate companies’ performance. Using the performance ratings generated by the DEA model, we performed a...

Author(s): Rodolfo Ribeiro, Belmiro do Nascimento João, Alexander Homenko Neto, Edison Fernandes Polo and Caio Flavio Stettiner

August 2014

Assessing the performance appraisal concept of the Local Government Service in Ghana

  This study seeks to investigate the assertion that staff performance appraisal was not being effectively implemented in the Local Government Service of Ghana. The East Mamprusi District Assembly was used for the case study. The rationale was to ascertain the truth or otherwise of this assertion and to make appropriate recommendations where necessary since it is believed that there is some correlation between...

Author(s): Joseph Attiah Seniwoliba

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