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The Practice and Challenges of School-Based Teachers’ Continuous Professional Development: A case of Government Secondary Schools of Hawassa City in Ethiopia

The purpose of this study was to examine the practices and challenges of school-based teachers’ continuous professional development implementation in secondary schools of Hawassa City Administration. The study employed a descriptive survey design with both quantitative and qualitative method. The sampling technique used in the study was availability and simple random sampling technique. The sample size was 101 teachers (31...

Author(s):Abraham Tulu

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In our country, foreign students are studying in most of our universities. On July 15, 2016, these students faced a treacherous coup attempt against democracy and were able to witness the Turkish people's reaction to the coup attempt. The aim of our study is to examine the views of foreign students studying at Mustafa Kemal University on democracy. In the literature, foreign students who studied in Turkey have been...

Author(s):Servet HALİ and Fatih ÖZYURT

Article in Press

One-Hand Clapping: Gender equality and its challenges in pastoralist secondary education - Afar region: A Quality concern

One way of conceptualizing educational quality is that it is a function of effectiveness, efficiency, responsiveness, equality, relevance and sustainability (Barrett et al. 2006). Quality education rejects gender discrimination and social injustice. Quality education cannot be achieved without gender equality and equity (Aikman & Unterhalter, 2005). Gender equality in Ethiopia, as an anchor of quality education, has long...

Author(s):Bekalu Tadesse Moges

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Children's literature is the literary work concerned with the level of interest, need, readiness and development of children. It started in Europe and the Tanzimat in the 16th century . Children's books both local and foreign ones, enhance their cognitive and affective developments cumulatively. This study examines violence and fear in Francesca Simon's series of "Horrid Henry". This work identifies the frequencies of...


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A study of factors and causal relationships on the results of national test : Mixed method research

The general objective of this research was to study factors and causal relationships on the results of national test. Also, the research was conducted under three specific objectives: 1) to study causal relationships on the results of national test, 2) to create and investigate causal relationships on the results of national test, and 3) to develop excellence model in promoting the results of national test. Quantitative...

Author(s):Khumoon Petnat, Sunan Siphai, Somprasong Senarat and Terdsak Suphandee

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Teacher self-efficacy among trainees of Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching: Implications for Ethiopian Secondary School Teacher Education

The purpose of this study was to examine the state of Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching trainees’ self-efficacy belief and the factors that contributed to its development with emphasis to Dilla University. To this end, 112 trainees were selected using stratified random sampling technique, and data was collected through questionnaire which was analyzed using independent sample t-test, one sample t-test, and Multiple...

Author(s):Alemayehu Habte and Genene Abebe

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Evaluatıon Of Turkısh Teacher Candıdates’ Perceptıon Of Note Takıng Concept

Note taking is individual’s recording of the attraction grabbing, unknown or newly learned knowledge in brief notes so as to remember afterwards. Note taking nowadays is no longer a routine action for students but viewed as a skill. In fact, students do not take note of all the word being taught in classes but record the knowledge in short notes, sometimes even shortening the words in a way understandable to them. The...

Author(s):Hüseyin Özçakmak and Okan Sarıgöz

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This study aimed at auditing the quality of inspirational test in learning situational science for junior high school students using Exploratory Factor Analysis and Second Order Confirmatory Factor Analysis. Mixed methodology was used in this study. The sample was divided into 2 groups: 1) qualitative sample of 9 experts who were lecturers in the Department of Educational Psychology, educators or scientific experts who...

Author(s):Benjawan Sawatdiruk, Sunan Siphai, Waraporn Arawan, Narumon Saengprom

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Analysis of standardized test; a criterion for placement evaluation in colleges of education in relation to pre-nce program

The purpose of the study was to examine the academic performance of student admitted for NCE program in colleges of education using JAMB, WAEC, NECO, and NABTEB as the bases for direct entry admission exercise and compare with the academic performance of students admitted through college remedial exercise in order to ascertain the validity reliability and usability of standardized examination, if it is worthy of...

Author(s):Luka Yelwa Barde

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With Parental Eye, Factors That Prevent To Attend Nature Activites

This study was conducted in order to determine what the difficulties and challenges that parents and children that have attended /desire to attend nature activities experince in accessing to these activities. The study included 50 parents and their children. Interview technique was used in the study, In order to determine the demographic characteristics of the participants, the percentage of the questions asked was...

Author(s):Merve Ceylan

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Assessment practices and factors for the disparity between students' academic scores at teacher-made and regional exams: The case of Bench Maji zone grade 8 students

This study had attempted to investigate assessment practices and factors for grade 8 students score disparity in Regional versus Teacher-made exams since 2015 in Bench Maji Zone primary schools. In doing so, a descriptive survey method was employed. A sample of 185 stakeholders composed of 58 teachers, 101 students, 14 principals, 11 Woreda Education Department Officers, 12 school supervisors and the Zone Education Bureau...

Author(s):Mekonnen, Melaku Anteneh and Besha, Dejene Silesh

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Effectiveness of the use of flipped classroom teaching as a pedagogical tool as compared to traditional methods of teaching

Universities around the world are constantly looking out for innovative ways to impart education to students. By using computers and computer applications in teaching the education sector has surely reaped the benefits of technology. However technology constantly undergoes an upgrade and educators need to be adept at incorporating new technology in their current pedagogies. This research focuses on demonstrating the...

Author(s):Natika Poddar and Leanne Barretto

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Name calling is a form of verbal bullying and it represents one of the most common forms of bullying among school age children. It is difficult to control and there is dearth of literature concerning it in Nigeria. The objectives of this study are to determine the prevalence and the self-perception of name calling. Eight hundred and thirty eight (838) pupils aged 11 – 17years in six secondary schools participated in the...

Author(s):Orighoye Tosan Temisanren

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This paper is an exploratory paper that used the qualitative research techniques to critically evaluate the problems and prospects of university education in Nigeria. It attempted to critically look at the problems confronting university education in Nigeria which include emphasis on paper qualification, failure of public institutions, cultism, corruption, planning and implementation problems etc. and also discussed...

Author(s):Nicholas Omoregbe Sharon, Charles Tunde Iruonagbe, Idowu Chiazor

Article in Press

The effect of giving feedback and locus of control on learning basic skills on micro-teaching

This study was conducted in order to test the effect of giving feedback and locus of control on learning basic skills in micro teaching. The study was conducted in Micro Teaching Unit of the Faculty of Pedagogy dan Education Science at the University of Muhammadiyah Metro. The research time is 4 (four months), which is in the second semester of the 2015/2016 academic year. Research carried out by the experimental method....

Author(s):Karwono, Agus Sujarwanta, dan Hadi Pranoto

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Development and Validation of Employability Soft Skills Measure for Education Students in Nigeria

This study developed and established factor structure of an employability soft skills measure of undergraduate education students at the University of Jos, Nigeria. The study was motivated by increasing concern for lack of employability skills by Nigerian graduates and dearth of diagnostic instruments. It was an instrumentation research designed to answer two research questions on factor structure and reliability of the...


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Accelerating research and education for the growth of life sciences and biotechnology

Among the developing countries, India has recognised the importance of biotechnology. Policies are being framed by the Government of India for progressive growth in education, research and employment and to bring self-sufficiency to meet the ever-growing need of the biotechnology industry for skilled manpower. However, there are still impediments in the improvement of quality education due to inadequate infrastructure in...

Author(s):A. S. Ninawe

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Leadership competencies for quality education in rural primary schools of Ethiopia: A case study of Amhara and Oromia regional states

This study was conducted to assess the state of leadership competencies in ensuring quality education in sampled schools of Amhara and Oromia regional states. Methodologically, the mixed method was instrumental to achieve the objectives. The study population comprised those schools found in Amhara and Oromia regional states. To make the research manageable and to achieve the desired result, 36 schools from 10 Woredas were...

Author(s):Mulatu Dea and Jeilu Oumer

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Investigating the impact of violence of students in selected colleges in Seke district

The study looked at how violence in high density areas impacts on the students enrolled with private colleges. A total of 200 primary and high school students were recruited to participate in an exploratory qualitative 2-year study. Questionnaires were used with all the participants and SPSS was used to code, theme and analyze all the data. The Social Learning theory guided study has established that while violence...

Author(s):Obediah Dodo and Rebecca Paraziva

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Grade seven examinations or entrance tests: Zimbabwean parents’ and schools’ views on secondary schools’ enrolment criteria

This study aimed to investigate Zimbabwean parents’ and teachers’ views on the divergent recruitment policies by Zimbabwean secondary schools in their selection of primary school graduates into secondary schools. Parents and school teachers constituted the sample of this qualitative-cum-quantitative survey research where observations, questionnaires and interviews for teachers and parents were used to collect data. The...

Author(s):Jairos Gonye and Clemence Rubaya

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Understanding motivation of gifted student: A self-determination theory perspective

This study aims to describe the motivation of gifted students through a self-determination theory (SDT) perspective. Quantitative with descriptive statistics method was used in this study. A total of 159 respondents were involved comprising of male and female gifted in accelerated class programme on senior high school in West Java province-Indonesia. Questionnaire was the instrument used with 55 items. The results obtained...

Author(s):Eka Sakti Yudha, Sunaryo Kartadinata and Nandang Rusmana

Article in Press

Group discussions: The virtue/vice dilemma in didactics of mathematics

Some teachers consider didactics of mathematics to be mechanical and this makes them to indiscriminately and irrationally employ techniques that are recommended in some contexts and not in theirs. One of the didactic methods that have become ritualistic in didactics of mathematics is group discussion. The controversy is the positioning of group discussions during lesson delivery. Improper positioning of good didactic...

Author(s):Mlambo Rodlyn

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Relationship between student peer pressure and drug abuse in public secondary schools in Kahuro subcounty, Murang’a county, Kenya

Drug and substance abuse among the youth is a global phenomenon that has attracted international attention. Many studies have been carried out mainly concentrating strategies of curbing the abuse. The purpose of this study was to establish the relationship between student peer pressure and drug abuse in public secondary schools in Kahuro Sub-county, Kenya. The study adopted ex-post facto research design. The target...

Author(s):Enos Barasa

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A study on effects of factors on resilience and life satisfaction in pre-service preschool teachers

At present, it is important that individuals have wellness and abilities to cope with problems and to create solutions to problems. These abilities influence individuals’ life satisfaction and resilience levels. Life satisfaction refers to wellbeing and predominance of positive feelings over negative feelings. It is agreed that the less the discrepancy between desires and achievements is, the higher the...

Author(s):Sibel Sönmez

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Developing music literacy through indigenous songs: A case study of Masvingo Urban primary schools in Zimbabwe

There is trepidation that most of the content used in teaching music literacy is derived from outside children’s cultural song repertoire. In an attempt to address the above concern, this study examined how indigenous music compositions can be utilised in developing music literacy in children. In this study the researchers employed a qualitative approach. A case study design was used in the study, which focused on the...

Author(s):Shadreck Mataruse

Article in Press

Abilities of Students to Solve Mathematical Problems According to Accreditation Levels

Problem solving is important for mathematical learning because it enables students enhance high thinking skills and positive attitudes. This research aimed to describe and compare the abilities of junior high school students in grade VIII from one of regencies/cities in Central Kalimantan Indonesia to solve mathematical problems viewed from schools’ accreditations (A, B, C and unaccredited), and schools’ status (public and...

Author(s):Jackson Pasini Mairing

Article in Press

Assessment of enrollment and dropout in school education: A causative study of Haryana, India

This paper attempts to study the education at primary, upper primary, secondary and higher secondary schools in Haryana. The main concern of the study is to highlight the level of enrollment and dropout in education system. The study is based on the household data collected from District Level Household and Facility Survey (DLHS-3) by International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS), 2010 and Educational...

Author(s):Mr. Karamvir

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Adaptation of the Reading Comprehension Assessment Test forthe evaluation of Cuban school-aged children.

The article presents the adaptation of the Reading Comprehension Assessment Test (Prueba para Evaluar la Comprensión Lectora (PECL) test, Ferreres, Abusamra, Casajús, Cartoceti, Squillace, & Sampedro, 2009)”, conducted in 2014-2015 in Cuba, in order to use it for the evaluation of children from grades 5 to 7, from the general education system. The PECL test is a paper-and-pencil test to assess reading comprehension of...

Author(s):Klency González Hernández

Article in Press

Factors affecting the contribution of 1st year female students’ tutorial class to their academic achievement in first semester of 2016: The case of Afan Oromo and Literature Department

Female students have low academic achievement in all disciplines particularly in tertiary education. This study was carried out with the first year female students of Afan Oromo Department in Bule Hora University located at 467 km from Addis Ababa to the South. The study aims to find the factors that influence the contribution of first year female students’ in Afan Oromo Department to their academic achievement during...

Author(s):Itefa Degefa

Article in Press


The importance of financial literacy from an early age is to avoidgetting caught on wasteful and consumerist attitude,and the effect on children's behavior. The purpose of this research is to know the level of financial literacy learning model, effective for building quality character of sekkah student base. The effectivity levels of the models will be used to determine whether the model can be used for practical or not....

Author(s):SRI UTAMININGSIH Utaminingsih

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Effect of the Concept Education Program on 48-60-Month-Old Children's Visual-Spatial Perception Mechanisms

It is a well-known fact that skills related to the visual-spatial area are quite effective for brain development during early childhood. A concept education program, based on a concept map applicable in the early period of childhood, is thought to be effective in developing visual-spatial perception skills. This study was conducted to examine the effect of a concept education program, developed on the basis of a configured...

Author(s):Özözen Danacı Miray

Article in Press


This study aimed to determine the cause of the difficulty of reading skill acquisition that affects the study habit of 221 EFL freshmen at 7 universities in Thai Nguyen, Vietnam. This study was expected to contribute to lessen if not eradicate the reading weaknesses of the EFL freshmen with a reading enhancement program. The study combined utilized descriptive method and correlational technique. The finding revealed that...


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How to teach critical thinking: A blessing or a learning process?

As we know everyone thinks; it is our nature to do so. But much of our thinking, left to itself, is biased, distorted, partial, uninformed or down-right prejudiced and it might lead to negative behavior. Yet the quality of our life, including how we learn and how we adapt to the various situation and that of what we produce, make, or build depends precisely on a quality of our thought. Shoddy thinking is costly,...

Author(s):Nani Barorah Nasution

Article in Press

Necessity of imparting practical knowledge and life skill training to improve employability skills of engineering students: A case study

This work has made an attempt to study the various parameters that can influence the employability skills of engineering students. The study involved analysing the present status, and activities of the students with respect to their performance in the campus interview. It was analysed by seeking opinion from all the stakeholders namely industry, alumni, faculty and students through scientifically...

Author(s):G.K. Balamurugan

Article in Press

Metacognition among under graduate students

The concept of meta-cognition was first defined in the seventies. It seems that meta-cognition is a result of continuous research on cognitive development, memory and learning. Many psychologists have shown deep interest in this area, and found that, meta-cognitive awareness is not uniformly developed in students. Even college students as well as higher secondary students are unaware of how they can approach texts,...

Author(s):Musa Ali

Article in Press

The effects of field trip instructional strategy on students’ achievement and retention in secondary schools

This study investigated the effects of field trip instructional strategy on students’ achievement, and retention in secondary schools in Enugu State, Nigeria. The study employed a quasi-experimental study of non- equivalent control group design. Four research questions and four null hypotheses guided the study. A sample size of 207 (male = 93; Female = 114) senior secondary school II (SSSII) students from two purposively...

Author(s):Onuoha Joseph Chinweobo

Article in Press

The outcome of the Implementation of Teaching Factory learning model and Industry Collaboration on Work Preparedness of Vocational High School Students

The aim of this research is to know the effect of the implementation of teaching factory learning model and industry collaboration on the learning and work preparedness of vocational high school students in east java province. This research used mixed method. Instrument to collect the data use questionnaires, observation, and deep interview. The Cronbach’s alpha reliability coeficient total for the questionnaires is 0.71...


Article in Press

Outcome of the implementation of Teaching Factory Learning Model and industry collaboration on work preparedness of vocational high school students

The aim of this research is to know the effect of the implementation of Teaching Factory Learning model and industry collaboration on the learning and work preparedness of vocational high school students in East Java province. This research used mixed method. Data collection instruments includes the use of questionnaires, observation, and deep interview. The Cronbach’s alpha reliability coeficient total for the...


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Use and abuse of calculators: implications for mathematics education

Fostering mathematical understanding and sense for numbers is an objective for current mathematics education. This paper presents a historical vision of the use of numbers and of calculation processes and reflects about the current need of electronic calculators. The coexistence of two different mathematical systems, one based on the Greek axiomatic mathematics and another, the floating point system, used in electronic...

Author(s):Maria Jose Caceres, Dennis. F. Almeida and Jose M. Chamoso

Article in Press

Motivation to learn Turkish in foreign students with different thinking styles in terms of functional and formal aspects

The aim of this study was to determine the level of motivation to learn Turkish among foreign students with different thinking styles in terms of the functional and formal aspects of these thinking styles. The survey model was used in the study. The participants in the study were 51 foreign students (33 female, 18 male) who were studying at the TÖMER (Türkçe Öğretim Merkezi [Center of Turkish Language Teaching]) at...

Author(s):Behice Varisoglu

Article in Press

Enhancing pre-K-12 student learning outcomes: The need for synergies of policy-makers, school administrators and parents

Building strong synergy among policy-makers, school administrators, teachers and parents in the execution of their roles is very important to improve student learning outcomes. It helps to lay a firm educational foundation for children from Pre-K-12 and facilitates life-long learning in order to assist learners to acquire knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that empower them to contribute to sustainable development. As...

Author(s):Charles Gbollie and Shaoying Gong

Article in Press

Articulation of ethnomathematical knowledge in the intercultural bilingual education of the Guna people

The aim of this research is to study the fundamental elements used to broaden mathematical knowledge and to establish guidelines for its development using Intercultural Bilingual Education (IBE) framework. This study is an experimental quantitative research. Problem solving pretest and posttest were given to the students of Carti Tupile School (control group) in Spanish and students of Sayla Olonibiginya School...

Author(s):Luisa Morales Maure, Diomedes Fábrega, Marcos Campo Nava and Orlando García Marimón

Article in Press

Anthropological analysis of content knowledge of pre-service elementary mathematics teachers’ on graphs

The purpose of this study is to analyse the content knowledge on graphs of pre-service elementary mathematics teachers from an anthropological perspective. 112 pre-service elementary mathematics teachers participated in the study. Concentric mixed pattern research method has been used in the study. The data was collected through Graphic Content Knowledge Scale and interview method in order to examine the content knowledge...

Author(s):Filiz Tuba Dikkartin Övez and Nazlı Akar

Article in Press

Perceptions and opinions of students studying at primary school mathematics teaching department about the concept of mathematics

The purpose of this study is get opinions of students on the subject of mathematics. It is thought that determining the meaning of mathematics in students’ minds, the things that students associate mathematics with and the things that come to their minds when you say mathematics is vital. In this way, it is thought that it can be possible to take some precautions for enabling students to develop positive attitudes towards...

Author(s):Esra Altintas

Article in Press

Sketch strategy of knowledge in physics learning and its influence on metacognitive

Metacognitive knowledge is a necessity in starting learning process. Solving physics problems requires metacognitive knowledge which comprises factual, conceptual and procedural knowledge. The purpose of metacognitive knowledge is to train students in developing their abilities in higher order of thinking. The problem is what kind of strategies can be used by teachers to facilitate student’s comprehension? This study...

Author(s):Bunga D. Amin, Helmi Abdullah and Jasruddin D. Malago

Article in Press

Analyzing students’ views about mathematics teaching through stories and story generation process

The purpose of this study is to investigate primary mathematics education students’ views about mathematics teaching through stories and the story generation process. To this end, the study attempts to help primary mathematics education students to create stories for teaching middle school students mathematics and to gain experiences through the story generation process. Accordingly, the research question was formulated...

Author(s):Esra Altintas

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