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JCAB Articles

Application of premetamorphic oral cavity electron micrographs for Egyptian toads’ taxonomy

January 2011

In the present study, the microanatomy of both the oral disc and buccal cavity of the tadpole of Bufo regularis was described. Tadpoles of 32, 38 and 40 stages were dissected and analyzed using scanning electron microscope. In all the stages, the mouth was ventral and the oral disk width was large, that is, equal to about 44% of the greatest width of the body. The disk was provided with a broad gap...

Author(s): Gamal Mahmoud Bekhet

Isolation and characterization of breast cancer stem cells from malignant tumours in Vietnamese women

December 2010

Cancer stem cells are the origin of tumors and have been isolated successfully from different kinds of tumors. Breast cancer stem cells have been recently identified in breast carcinoma with markers CD44+/CD24-/dim. This population can cause tumor and display stem cell-like properties. However, direct evidences that breast cancer stem cells can be propagated in vitro is still lacking. This research was carried...

Author(s): Pham Van Phuc, Tran Thi Thanh Khuong, Le Van Dong, Truong Dinh Kiet, Tran Tung Giang and Phan Kim Ngoc

Toxicity evaluation of dextran-spermine polycation as a tool for genetherapy in vitro

December 2010

Cationic polymers are a leading class of nonviral self-assembled nucleic acid delivery systems. Cationic polymers have been shown to condence the DNA so that the entrapped DNA is protected from contact with DNase. The objective of the present study is to evaluate the effect of cationic dextran on the proliferation rate, morphological changes and biosynthetic activities in vitro. Cationic dextran was prepared by...

Author(s):   Fatemeh Abedini, Maznah Ismail, Hossein Hosseinkhani, Tengku azmi, Abdolrahman Omarb, Chong PeiPei, Norsharina Ismail, Ira-Yudovin Farber and Abraham J. Domb

Selecting for higher growth in rabbit raised in the rainforest zone of Nigeria using stochastic approach

November 2010

Five hundred and fifty four weekly body weight records of mixed strains of Dutch and New Zealand White rabbits were analysed to model the growth of rabbits using the stochastic approach for improved breeding. The weekly body weights were collected from 2 weeks to 22 weeks of age when the rabbits were sexually matured. The result of stochastic modeling approach on the data gave a deterministic equation of...

Author(s): Orheruata, A. M., E. E. Ajise, E. Oyekpen and A E. Ojo

Changes in the haematological profile of the West African hinge-backed Tortoise (Kinixys erosa) anaesthetized with ether or thiopentone sodium

November 2010

The effect of ether or thiopentone sodium on haematological parameters of tortoise was determined by evaluating the Packed Cell Volume (PCV), Red Blood Cell (RBC) count, Haemoglobin (Hb) concentration, Mean Corpuscular Haemoglobin Concentration (MCHC), Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV), Mean Corpuscular Haemoglobin (MCH) and White Blood Cell (WBC) count of ether or thiopentone-anaesthetized West African Hinge-Backed...

Author(s): Saba, A. B and Oridupa, O.A

When DNA sequences and microsatellites loci tell the story of field groundnut infestation by Caryedon serratus Ol. (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, Bruchinae).

October 2010

The first infestations of stored groundnuts by the seed-beetle Caryedon serratus were reported in this country at the turn of the 20th century. This bruchid has a wide distribution in Africa, from Senegal to South Africa and in southern Asia. Native hosts of C. serratus in Senegal include Bauhinia rufescens, Cassia sieberiana, Piliostigma reticulatum and Tamarindus indica, all of...

Author(s):   Mbacké Sembène, Awa Ndiaye, Khadim Kébé, Ali Doumma, Antoine Sanon, Guillaume K. Kétoh, Laurent Granjon and Jean-Yves Rasplus

An epizootic of Ichthyophthiriasis among fishes in Armand River, Iran

October 2010

Ichthyophthirius multifiliis is one of the most important ciliated protozoan parasites of freshwater fish and has been frequently reported from different fish species from Iran and other parts of the world. The parasite regularly is found in skin and gills with high lesions especially in gills and may result to death by disturbance of osmoregulation.The current study was done in spring and summer 2010 as a part of...

Author(s): Mehdi Raissy, Mahsa Ansari, Manouchehr Moumeni, Mohammad Ali Goudarzi, Hamid Reza Sohrabi and Mojtaba Rashedi

Phosphatase profile in Manihot escculenta induced neurotoxicity; role in neuronal degeneration in the brain of adult Wistar rats

September 2010

As a general trend, a change in cell activity and morphology is usually depicted as biochemical differentiation occurring structural differentiation, cell migration and even cell death. In cassava induced neurotoxicity, several substance has been identified to be naturally occurring in cassava and Cyanogenic glycosides or other phytotoxins which has been found to have neurotoxic effects; Scopoletin, afflatoxin and...

Author(s): O. M. Ogundele, E. A. Caxton-Martins, O. K. Ghazal and O. R. Jimoh

Effects of aqueous extract of Sorghum bicolor on hepatic, histological and haematological indices in rats

September 2010

Herbal medicine is still the mainstay of about 75 - 80% of the world population, mainly in the developing countries for primary health care. In Nigeria today, there is an upsurge in the acceptance and utilization of these herbal medicine partly because of scientific support for some of their medicinal uses. In recent times, findings from medicinal plants research indicate that extracts from some plants both hepatotoxic...

Author(s): Akande, I. S., Oseni, A. A. and Biobaku, O. A.

Neurotoxicity of cassava: Mode of cell death in the visual relay centres of adult wistar rats

August 2010

Cassava (Manihot escculenta) is an annual tuber root crop cultivated widely in the tropics and subtropics, it serves as a major food crop of low protein but high calorie content. At the cellular level, both free cyanide and hydrogen cyanide has been found to induce degeneration via increased lysosomal activity in vivo (Sotoblanco et al., 2002). In this study we investigated the effects of cassava diet...

Author(s): O. M. Ogundele, E. A. Caxton-Martins, O. K. Ghazal and O. R. Jimoh

Beneficial effects of canola oil on breast fatty acids profile and some of serum biochemical parameters of Iranian native turkeys

August 2010

During many years, the main objective of the poultry meat industry was to improve body weight and feed efficiency of the birds. However, in the modern poultry industry, there are other parameters that need to be taken into consideration such as low cholesterol and improved fatty acid profile. For this purpose, an experiment was conducted to evaluate canola oil effects on the Iranian native Turkey’s serum...

Author(s): R. Salamatdoustnobar, A. Gorbani, K. Nazeradl, A. Ayazi, A. Hamidiyan, A. Fani, H. Aghdam Shahryar, J. Giyasi ghaleh kandi and V. Ebrahim Zadeh Attari

Investigation of oocyst count and performance affected by butyric acid and salinomysin in broiler

July 2010

Organic acids such as butyrate are considered potential alternatives to antibiotic growth promoters. The efficacy of butyric acid, salinomysin sodium and litter moisture on performance and number of oocysts in broiler chickens were tested in this study. The experiment was a factorial design, with/without butyric acid (0/5 and 0%), with/without salinomysin sodium (0/3 and 0%) and 2 levels of moisture (33 and 77%) of the...

Author(s):   Reza Rahmatian, Mehrdad Irani, Mehdi Ghaderi Jouybari, Vahid Rezai Pourand Zahra Rahmani

Cisplatin induced histological changes in renal tissue of rat

July 2010

The present study reviews the effect of anticancer drug cisplatin regimens on the renal histopathological and ultrastructure of male rat. The kidney being an essential organ of metabolism and elimination of most of the toxic components, it serves as very important site of attack by various chemical agents including cisplatin, in the form of its activated metabolite. In our study, all the induced alterations revealed...

Author(s): Pratibha Ravindra, Dayanand A. Bhiwgade, Sameer Kulkarni, Padmanabh V. Rataboli and Chitra Y. Dhume

Climate change and the abundance of edible insects in the Lake Victoria region

July 2010

Global warming is adversely affecting the earth’s climate and its profound effects are virtually on all ecosystem. Every living animal will be affected in one way or another by climatic changes and insects being an integral biotic component of nearly all ecosystems are not an exemption. However, the various ways by which change will occur is yet to be determined by scientists. Insects being an integral biotic...

Author(s): Monica A. Ayieko, Millicent F. O Ndong’a and Andrew Tamale

In-vitro and -vivo anti-Trypanosoma evansi activities of extracts from different parts of Khaya senegalensis

June 2010

The in vitro activities of the aqueous and ethanolic extracts of the leaves, root bark and stem bark of Khaya senegalensis on Trypanosoma evansi were evaluated. The ethanolic extract of the stem bark was found to possess the highest in vitro activity among the six extracts tested; as it eliminated the parasites within 5 min post incubation at concentrations of 0.5 and 1 mg/ml....

Author(s): I. A. Umar, M. A. Ibrahim, N. A. Fari, S. Isah and D. A. Balogun

Contribution of tree ants towards the low production of fruits in Phragmanthera capitata (Sprengel) S. Balle (Loranthaceae)

June 2010

The follow up of the development of flowers of Phragmanthera capitata during four cycles of flowering had as objective to explain the low number of bays produced by this species observed in the agroecosystems of Douala. One collection of ants during morning were carried out in April, May and June 2009 on three floral knots belonging to a branch of P. capitata which parasites Citrus maxima, Psidium guajava and Theobroma...

Author(s): Mony Ruth, Dibong Siegfried Didier, Ondoua Joseph Marie, Engone Obiang Nestor Laurier, Boussim Issiaka Joseph, Amougou Akoa, Bilong Bilong

Analysis of the domestic animal reservoir at a micro-geographical scale, the Fontem sleeping sickness focus (South-West Cameroon)

May 2010

To better understand the epidemiology of sleeping sickness in two Human African Trypanosomiasis (HAT) sub foci (central and northern sub foci) of the Fontem focus where diversity in the prevalence of Trypanosoma bucei. gambiense was reported in domestic animals and man, 397 domestic...

Author(s): G. R. Njitchouang, , F. Njiokou, H. C. Nana Djeunga, P. Moundipa Fewou, T. Asonganyi , G. Cuny  and G. Simo  

Histological and histomorphometric study of gametogenesis in breeders and helpers of sub-tropical, co-operative breeder jungle babbler, Turdoides striatus

May 2010

In majority of birds, the reproductive commotion is restricted to a favorable but short period of time. This results in crowding of several physiological and histological changes during its breeding state. Such changes take place in both sexes for successful breeding. Jungle Babblers are termed social/co-operative breeders because of the fact that the breeding pair is assisted by other individuals of the flock...

Author(s):   Bharucha Bhavna and Padate Geeta

Influence of stocking rate on growth and reproductive performance of breeding snails (Archachatina marginata)

April 2010

It has been established that performance of livestock is affected by stocking density. Overcrowding has been found to have negative effects on growth and reproductive performance hence, this study was conducted to establish appropriate stocking density for breeding snails. A total of two hundred and twenty-five breeding African giant land snails (Archachatina marginata) without shell damage were selected for this trial...

Author(s): A. J. Omole, O. O. Obi, K. O. Soetan and T. O. Olaseinde

Histomorphometrical study of seminiferous tubule in rats after used Tribulus terresteris

April 2010

The aim of the study was to determine the histological and histomorphometrical change of seminiferous tubule in mature and immature wistar rats after usingTribulus terresteris (TT). Twenty male wistar rats were selected and randomly divided into four groups: 1) Mature control group (MCG). 2) Mature experimental group (MEG) (orally received 75 mg/kg TT daily for 14 days). 3) Immature control group (ICG). 4) Immature...

Author(s): Arash Esfandiariand Reza Dehghani

Rectal temperature responses of pigs transported by road and administered with ascorbic acid during the hot-dry season

March 2010

Experiments were performed in order to determine the rectal temperature (RT) responses of pigs to eight-hour road transportation and the effect of administration of ascorbic acid (AA) on the responses in transported pigs during the hot-dry season. Twenty three experimental pigs were given AA orally and individually at 100 mg/kg prior to the transportation, while thirteen control pigs were administered with 20 ml of...

Author(s): O. O. Asala, J. O. Ayo, P. I. Rekwot, N. S. Minka and A. Y. Adenkola

Essential fatty acid content of eggs and performance of Layer Hens fed with different levels of full-fat flaxseed

March 2010

An examination of the earlier studies in the USA and Canada demonstrate that flax seeds are good source of omega 3 fatty acids. This experiment studies the effect of providing laying hens, with various levels of roasted and unroasted locally produced flax seeds. A key components of this experiment involved attentively observing the laying hens performance, and determining the fatty acids content of the eggs produced....

Author(s): Huthail Najib and Yousef M. Al-Yousef

Struggle against perinatal lamb mortalities by using techniques of improvement and control of breeding on the level of Tiaret area (Algeria)

February 2010

In order to struggle against perinatal lamb mortalities, one hundred and twenty of Algerian Rumbi ewes were used in our study. These ewes belong to a private farm located in the region of Tiaret; our work was based on the programming of three reproduction seasons over a period of two years (September 2004 to September 2006). During each season, our sheep have received treatment of oestrous synchronization, control and...

Author(s): S. A. Abdelhadi, A. L. Niar, N. L. Smail and F. Z. Abdelhadi

Erythrocyte osmotic fragility of Wistar rats administered ascorbic acid during the hot-dry season

February 2010

The experiment was carried out with the aim of investigating the effect of an antioxidant ascorbic acid (AA) on erythrocyte osmotic fragility (EOF) of Wistar rats during the hot-dry season. Fifteen adult Wistar rats administered with AA at the dose of 100 mg/kg per os and individually served as experimental animals, and 15 others administered orally with sterile water were used as control animals. The...

Author(s): A. W. Alhassan, A. Y. Adenkola,  A. Yusuf, Z. M. Bauchi, M. I. Saleh and V. I. Ochigbo

Assessment of viability, chromatin structure stability, mitochondrial function and motility of stallion fresh sperm by using objective methodologies

February 2010

Methodologies, such as flow cytometry and computer assisted sperm analysis (CASA), provide objective, reproducible, rapid and multi-parametric evaluation of semen quality. In this study, semen samples collected from six stallions were analysed for viability (by propidium iodide), chromatin stability by sperm chromatin structure assay (SCSA) and mitochondrial membrane potential by JC-1 using flow cytometry. Total and...

Author(s): Giannoccaro Alessandra, Lacalandra Giovanni Michele, Filannino Angela, Pizzi Flavia, Nicassio Michele, Dell’Aquila Maria Elena and Minervini Fiorenza

Molecular genetic analysis of male alternative strategy and reproductive success in the polygynous mating bat Cynopterus sphinx

February 2010

Cynopterus sphinx is known to use polygynous mating system based on availability of resources, called resource defense polygyny. It is the primary mating strategy adopted by C. sphinx. In addition to such harem groups, a number of single adult males roost solitarily, nearer to the harems. Identifying the reasons behind the solitary roosting behaviour of such adult males is essential to further understand...

Author(s): T. Karuppudurai and K. Sripathi

Factors determining the load of Staphylococci species from raw bovine milk in Khartoum State, Khartoum North, Sudan

January 2010

In this study, 644 raw milk samples were collected from various milk sources of Khartoum state during May 2003 till April 2004. Using the API kits, both coagulase positive and negative Staphylococci (CPS and CNS) were identified. Most of the CPS isolates were Staphylococcus aureus, while the majority of CNS wereStaphylococcus epidermidis. 23.8% of the samples were found to be positive to both CPS and CNS...

Author(s): Adil M. A. Suliman and Tawfig El tigani Mohamed

Morphine is an exogenous ligand for MrgX2, a G protein-coupled receptor for cortistatin

December 2009

MrgX2 is reported to be expressed in a specific subset of dorsal root ganglion sensory neurons and it is activated by the endogenous peptides, cortistatin and proadrenomedullin N-terminal peptide. Here, we show that morphine but not opioid peptides stimulated a dose-dependent increase of the intracellular calcium ion level in MrgX2-expressing cells. Naloxone, an opioid receptor antagonist, did not influence these...

Author(s): Natsuyo Akuzawa, Hideru Obinata, Takashi Izumi and Shigeki Takeda

Effect of inorganic mercury on biochemical parameters in Wister rat

December 2009

The present study has been carried out to investigate the effect of inorganic mercury (mercuric chloride - HgCl2) exposure on biochemical parameters in adult male rats. 48 rats whose average body weight was about 290 g were included in the experiment. HgCl2, dissolved in distilled water, was administered per os at a dose of 0.25 mg/kg of body weight daily during 15, 30, 45 or 60 days. Rats receiving distilled water were...

Author(s): Sameha Merzoug, Mohamed Lamine Toumi, Abdelkader Oumeddour, Nadia Boukhris, Bruno Baudin, Abdelkrim Tahraoui and Abdelmadjid Bairi  

Numbers and phenology of the Yellow - legged Gull Larus michahellisin the wetland of Réghaïa

December 2009

The Yellow - legged Gull Larus michaellis is a common visitor to the Marsh of Reghaia (Algeria) and breeds off the coast in small numbers on the Agueli islet, a rocky outcrop with scarce vegetation. It is especially frequent in the marsh out of the breeding season, particularly in December (120 individuals) and January (234 individuals) (data from 2004). Gulls breed on the islet: 31 nests were recorded in...

Author(s): Samia Ouarab, Jean-Francois Voisin, Michel Thevenot and Salahedine Doumandji

Effect of cellulase-glucanase-xylanase combination on the nutritive value of Telfairia occidentalis leaf meal in broiler diets

November 2009

Telfairia occidentalis leaves were purchased fresh from local farmers, sun dried and milled into T. occidentalis leaf meal (TOLM). The proximate analyses revealed that TOLM contained 35.14 ± 0.44% crude protein; 9.61 ± 0.01% fat; 12.68 ±  0.02% crude fibre; 10.87 ± 0.02% ash; 9.04 ± 0.13% dry matter and 3.25 ± 0.01 kcal/ g gross energy. Eight broiler starter...

Author(s): A. O. Fasuyi and O. A. Kehinde

Hepatic pathologies in the brackish water catfish (Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus) from contaminated locations of the Lagos Lagoon complex

November 2009

Several toxicological studies into the effects of aquatic pollutants on the liver of teleost fish exist in literature. The focus on the liver in these studies is predicated on its central nature in the scheme of biotransformation and excretion of xenobiotics following exposure in polluted water bodies. As a consequence of the latter primary role of the liver in these processes it is regarded as...

Author(s): O. M. Olarinmoye, V. O. Taiwo, E. O. Clarke, C. A. Kumolu-Johnson, O. J. Aderinola and F. Adekunbi

Study on sexual maturity and levels of gonad steroid hormones in female kutum Rutilus frisii kutum (Kamenskii, 1901) during spawning season from river Sefid-Rood of the southern Caspian sea

November 2009

Sexual maturity and levels of two main steroid hormones in gonads, 17-β estradiol (E2) and testosterone (T) relations which occur in female kutum Rutilus frisii kutum during spawning season from the river Sefid-Rood of the southern Caspian sea were studied using histological and radioimmunoassay. The study was carried out from February to May, 2008 using 105 fish specimen. The results of present study revealed that...

Author(s): Saeed Shafiei Sabet, Imanpoor Mohammad, Reza, Aminian fatideh Bagherand Gorgon Saeed

A comparative study of the gross structure and distribution of spermatogonia-like cells in the testis of pre-pubertal and mature adult rats

November 2009

The testis of pre-pubertal and those of mature adult albino rats were physically divided into three segments with a view to studying histologically the gross structure and distribution of spermatogonia-derived cells (spermatogonia,spermatocytes, spermatids and mature spermatozoa) in the seminiferous tubules in these segments.  After using 50% Mezo stain (organic), spermatogonia-derived...

Author(s): U. A. Osunkwo, N. Ezeunala Mercy, M. O. Duru Osunkwo,  A. Damaris, A. Ajoku Gloria, A. Anyalewechi Ngozi, G. A. Etuk-Udo and U. S. Inyang

Efficacy of Ocimum kilimandscharicum plant extracts after four years of storage against Anopheles gambiae ss

October 2009

Reducing vector-human contact is of priority in breaking the transmission chain of malaria parasites. The use of plant extracts as repellents against malaria vectors have been advocated in different studies. The feeding inhibition of four years oldOcimum kilimandscharicum in liquid paraffin or glycerin was compared with N, N-diethyl-3-methylbenzamide (DEET) using cage evaluation method. The four years old extracts...

Author(s): Eliningaya J. Kweka, Hassan M. Nkya, Lucile Lyaruu, Epiphania E. Kimaro Beda J. Mwang’onde and Aneth M. Mahande

Comparative biochemical studies of the pregnant and non pregnant uterine limbs of the frugivorous bat, Eidolon helvum

October 2009

Biochemical differences existing in the two uteri limbs during the pregnant state in the fungivorous bat (Eidolon helvum) were investigated. A total of twenty female pregnant bats were studied. They were harvested on the Obafemi Awolowo University Campus at different times to assess the different stages in their gestation and uterine cycle. The animals after being carefully assessed...

Author(s): Samson A. Odukoya, David A. Ofusori, Olusola A. Adeeyo, Oladele A. Ayoka, Taiwo A. Abayomi, Sunday A. Ajayi and Benedict A. Falana

Isolation of Theileria parva ring-infected erythrocyte surface antigen (RESA) homolog

October 2009

East coast fever (ECF) is a severe lymphoproliferative disease of cattle caused by the intracellular protozoan Theileria parva from the phylum Apicomplexa. Gene homologs encoding antigens from other apicomplexan parasites constitute a source of vaccine candidate antigens. The ring-infected erythrocyte surface antigen (RESA) protein is a vaccine candidate for malaria caused by Plasmodium...

Author(s): Nyerhovwo J. Tonukari and Richard T. Kangethe

Cloning and expression of Theileria parva T-complex 1 protein zeta subunit ortholog

October 2009

East coast fever (ECF) is a severe lymphoproliferative disease of cattle caused by the intracellular protozoan Theileria parva from the family Apicomplexa. Gene homologs encoding antigens from other apicomplexan parasites constitute a source of vaccine candidate antigens. An ortholog of the zeta subunit of T-complex protein 1 (TCP-1) which plays a role in protein folding, assembly and transport was identified...

Author(s): Nyerhovwo J. Tonukari and Richard T. Kangethe

Convenience of the traversal beam test modified to evaluate the model of Parkinson’s disease in rat lesioned in SNPC

September 2009

The nigrostriatal degeneration underlying Parkinson’s disease is commonly studied in experimental animals by injection of the neurotoxin 6-hydroxydopamine (6-OHDA). The present study describes a modified version of a beam traversal test which allows the quantification of the motor deficit through the time spent to arrive to the platform once all four paws of the animals are in contact with the beam (escape...

Author(s): Lisette Blanco Lezcano, Lourdes Del Carmen Lorigados Pedre, Caridad Ivette Fernández Verdecia, Teresa Serrano Sánchez, Nancy Pavón Fuentesand Liliana Francis Turner

Egyptian Suffolk ewe traits bred in 3 lambings / 2 years system as affected by treatment with selenium in winter, progesterone + BMSG in summer and vitamin A in autumn, under the sub-tropical environment of Egypt

September 2009

Conception rate was affected significantly (P < 0.05) by progesterone + PMSG treatment in summer and insignificantly by supplementation with each of dietary selenium in winter and dietary vitamin A in autumn. When expressing the results in percentages, the highest increase in conception rate was by treatment with progesterone + PMSG in summer (46.91), followed by selenium treatment in winter (7.17) and treatment with...

Author(s): I. F. M. Marai, A. A. El- Darawany, E. I. Abou-Fandoud and M. A. M. Abdel- Hafez

Reassessment of endemicity level of Urinary Schistosomiasis in the Kotto-Barombi focus (South West Cameroon) and impact of mass drug administration (MDA) on the parasitic indices

September 2009

The level of infestation and mechanism of persistence of urinary schistosomiasis was determined in two villages (Kotto Barombi and Marumba II) by conducting a survey on school children from May 2007 to May 2008. Urine samples were collected from 418 children and examined using filtration technique. All participants were subsequently treated by Praziquantel. Drug efficacy and incidence rate were assessed 3 months and 1...

Author(s): L. Nkengazong, F. Njiokou, F. Teukeng, P. Enyong, and S. Wanji ,

Anticestodal activity and toxicity of some Praziquantel analogues

September 2009

Four hundred - 21 days old male Bovans type chicks in 10 groups were infected with Raillietina tetragona cystcercoids. 6 groups treated with the N-alkyl/COOR derivatives of the open lactam form of praziquantel (PZQ ) in oral dose of 20 mg/kg body weight on day 21 and on day 24 post infection. The open lactam form compounds showed an efficacy of 40, 100, 100, 100, 74 and 56% on the first dose and an efficacy of...

Author(s): A. E. M. Saeed, E. I. Abdelkarim, B. M. Ahmed, K. E. Ibrahim, I . S . A . Hafiz  , M. I. Suliman, O. S. A. Mohammed

Bioconcentration of metals in the body muscle and gut of Clarias gariepinus exposed to sublethal concentrations of soap and detergent effluent

August 2009

The toxicity of sublethal concentrations of effluents from a soap and detergent industry were investigated on African catfish Clarias gariepinus using a renewable static bioassay. The trend of bioconcentration of metals in the muscle and gut of the test organisms differs significantly (p < 0.05) and it followed the order, gut > muscle. The result revealed that the muscle had the least concentration of...

Author(s): T. A. Ayandiran, O. O. Fawole, S. O. Adewoye and M. A. Ogundiran

The effect of novel probiotic on blood parameters and performance in broiler chickens

August 2009

In this experiment, effects of two phosphate solublizing bacteria as a novel probiotic on serum concentrations of cholesterol and triglyceride and performance factors were investigated. The experiment included 320 Ross broilers from 1 to 49 days of age. Birds were randomly allocated to 4 treatments, with 4 replicates of 20 birds. Treatments include T1.Negative Control (basal diet, with no added...

Author(s): Mehdi Ghaderi Jouybari, Vahid Rezaei Pour, Mehdi Mohammad Zadeh Nagharchi, Mohammad Reza Taghizadeh and Naser Dehpanah  

Ultrastructural study of ovarian follicles in growth (Algerian rumbi sheep)

July 2009

The present study is a contribution to the knowledge of the ultrastructure of ovarian follicles in growth of the sheep of breed Algerian Rumbi. This last is characterized by parameters of reproductions very valuable and puberty seems to occur between 10 and 12 months with the onset of the first heat among lambs. The aim of the present study was to characterize the ultrastructural of Rumbi sheep preantral and antral...

Author(s): Mohand Said Hamaidi, Nacer Benmeradi, Fella Chergui, Affaf Zoubiri and Djamel Guetarni

Unbiased stereological and histological study of silymarin effects on hamster adrenocortical structure in response to an exogenous glucocorticoid

July 2009

Adrenal cortex is an essential portion for life and its function can be affected by many chemical agents and drugs. In this investigation, effect of silymarin, a flavonoid, on adrenocortical structure of male dexamethasone (Dexa) treated hamsters were studied by histological and unbiased stereological techniques. The results showed that the adrenal gland mass of Dexa treated hamsters was...

Author(s): Hamidian, Gh., Alboghobeish, N., Najafzadeh Varzi, H. and Esmaeilzadeh, S.

Biological characteristics of the Bungarus candidus venom due to geographical variation

June 2009

The objective of this study was to compare the biological characteristics of the venom of the snake Bungarus candidus from three different localities of Thailand (wild-caught groups) and from a captive-born group in aspects of the lethal toxicity, the enzymatic activities, and the molecular weight of protein components. All venom samples exhibited no significant differences in lethal...

Author(s):   L. Chanhome, O. Khow , S. Puempunpanich , V. Sitprija and N. Chaiyabutr,

Epidermal sense organs of the Gekkonid Tropicolotes tripolitanus Peters 1880

June 2009

Seven Juvenile stages (I,II,III,IV,V,VI and VII) of the Gekkonid Tropicolotes tripolitanus, Peter, (1880)  were investigated . Scanning  electron microscopic examination of the dorsal skin of head and trunk region exhibited the presence of lenticular epidermal sense organs with characteristic emerging hair let structures of different forms according to the studied...

Author(s): assan El-Sayyad, W. F. Mohamed Yonis, F. F. Mohamed Bayomy and Somia Shalaby.

Growth performance of Alma millsoni fed with brewers dried grain (BDG) and coconut husk

May 2009

The growth performance of Alma millsoni cultured on 'brewers dried grain and coconut husk was studied in a completely randomized design with three treatments (Control, brewer’s dried grain and coconut husk) and three replicates. Earthworms were cultured in plastic bins of 60 x 30 x 30 cm. While coconut husk was used as the bedding, the earthworms were fed with brewer’s dried grain, coconut husk...

Author(s): G. A. Dedeke, A. A. Aladesida and O. A. Akinola

Host determinants of bovine mastitis in semi-intensive production system of Khartoum state, Sudan

May 2009

Out of 2283 quarter milk samples, 224 (9.81%) gave positive reactivity to California mastitis test, while 600 (26.28%) and 1459 (63.9%) recorded as doubtful and negative respectively. In this study isolated Corynebacterium wereCorynebacterium striatum 9 (33.3%), Arcanobacterium pyogene 4 (14.8%),Corynebacterium Pseudotuberculosis 2 (7.4%), Corynebacterium ulcerans 5...

Author(s): Nuol Aywel Madut, Atif Elamin Abdel Gadir and Isam Mohamed El Jalii

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