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  • Abbreviation: Afr. J. Agric. Res.
  • Language: English
  • ISSN: 1991-637X
  • DOI: 10.5897/AJAR
  • Start Year: 2006

AJAR Articles in press

Morphometrics and carcass production of Nile crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus) under intensive production system

Article in Press

The aim of this study was to determine the carcass production and obtain linear models for the estimation of live weight of Nile crocodile (crocodylus niloticus), reared under intensive system. Three year-old crocodiles destined for slaughter were restrained, stunned and thereafter, the spinal cord severed instantly. The live weight of each crocodile was measured and the corresponding morphometric measurements were taken....

Author(s):Bob Mali, Lillian Owembabazi, Celsus Sente and Sam Okello

Identification of resistance to Xanthomonas phaseoli pv. manihotis, agent of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) bacterial blight in Burkina Faso

Article in Press

Cassava bacterial blight (CBB) is rife in all production areas in Burkina Faso. The use of resistant varieties is known as the best control against this disease. Our objective is to identify resistant varieties within a collection of local and introduced cassava varieties in Burkina Faso. Eleven varieties of cassava were screened in the field for two successive years using a randomized block of Fisher design with three...

Author(s):Florence YAMEOGO, Issa WONNI, Narcisse Laogon ZAN and Irénée SOMDA

Contrasting responses to prolonged drought stress and mitigation effects of manure application on plant growth of two tropical forage legumes

Article in Press

Glycine and siratro are tropical forage legumes that especially thrive in regions with low precipitation such as sub-Saharan Africa. This study investigated legume responses to drought stress and cattle manure application in a greenhouse pot experiment aiming to contribute to their cultivation. Glycine was affected by drought stress-reducing plant physiology and growth expressed by leaf relative water content, stomatal...

Author(s):Andressa C. S. Nakagawa and Tetsuji Oya

Soil moisture content and maize grain yield under conventional and conservation agriculture practices – Results of short term field tests in liselo: Namibia

Article in Press

This article focuses on the results from trials developed to monitor the short-term effects of conventionally tilled systems versus CA on soil quality and crop productivity under conditions of the major cropping systems in central, north-central and north-eastern regions of Namibia. Conventional tillage (CT), Minimum tillage (MT), Minimum tillage, mulch (MT-M), Minimum tillage, rotation (MT-R) and Minimum tillage, mulch...

Author(s):L.P. Kudumo , F. Itanna, C. Thierfelder and J. Kambatuku

Evaluation of the in vivo efficacy of three contact fungicides on Curvularia lunata, cause of rice curvulariosis in Burkina Faso.

Article in Press

Curvulariosis is one of the major fungal diseases of rice in Burkina Faso. This study aims to contribute to the development of an effective control method against this infection. The experimental design was a split-plot. The primary factor was fungicides with 3 modalities and the secondary factor was doses with 4 levels repeated 4 times. The plant and fungal material consisted respectively of rice variety FKR19 and...

Author(s):Abalo Itolou KASSANKOGNO, Abdoul Kader GUIGMA, Abdoulaye NANA, Clément Bowendson NIKIEMA, Kadidia KOITA and Issa WONNI

Assessment of smallholder farmers’ perception of climate change and their response in adoption of adaptation strategies.the case of karat zuria Woreda, Konso zone, Ethiopia

Article in Press

The main objective of this study was to access smallholder farmers’ perception of climate change and their response in adoption of climate adaptation strategies in the case of Karat Zuria Woreda, Konso Zone, Ethiopia. The totals of 153 farmers from three kebeles were randomly selected. Both quantitative and qualitative data were collected using a semi-structured questionnaire survey, key informant interviews, focus group...


Present feeding management practices and socio-economic conditions of dairy farmers in selected areas of Bangladesh

Article in Press

A field survey was conducted with a total of 540 dairy farmers interviewed personally to collect data on their socio-economic condition and feeding management practices of dairy farmers from 6 Upazila under 3 divisions of Bangladesh. As result, a maximum of the respondents (43%) belonged to the secondary level of education whereas only (3%) of the illiterate farmer was involved with dairy farming. Farmers of patiya owned...


Use of information communication technologies by cricket farmers

Article in Press

Cricket farming is an upcoming enterprise to most households in rural communities. Apparently, there is no documented evidence on how farmers access agricultural information on cricket value chain. This study was carried out to assess the use of information communication technologies (ICTs) by farmers to access value chain information. ICTs application in cricket farming means ease to access cricket value chain information...

Author(s):Grace Mugumbate

Effects of Irrigation Regimes at Different Growth Stages on Seed Yield and Yield Components of Two Soybeans [Glycine max L. (Merr.)] Varieties in Semi-Arid Conditions

Article in Press

Water stress is the most limiting abiotic stress factor for soybean growth, development and production in semi-arid regions. The development of new soybean cultivars with high efficiency and ability to drought resistance is very important. Field experiment was conducted to investigated the impact of irrigation regimes at different growth stages [Full irrigation, irrigation regimes at vegetable growth, flowering, and pod...

Author(s):Adam Yousif Adam Ali, Muhi eldeen Hussien Ibrahim and Samia Osman Yagoub

Effect of Harvesting Stage on Yield and Nutritive Value of Antelope Grass (EchinochloaPyramidalis) Hay under Natural Pasture in Nuer Zone of Gambella, Ethiopia

Article in Press

The study was conducted to evaluate and identify the appropriate harvesting stage of growth and quality of antelopegrass (Echinochloa pyramidalis) hay under natural pasture.DM%, fresh biomass yield (FBY), dry matter yield (DMY) and gross energy (GE) were determined. The main analysis such as ash, crude protein (CP), neutral detergent fiber (NDF), acid detergent fiber (ADF), acid detergent lignin (ADL), Ether extract (EE)...

Author(s):Yien Deng Pathot

Evaluation of mulching and tied ridges on soil moisture, yield and yield component of maize in moisture stress area of Daro Lebu district, Western Hararghe Zone, Oromia, Ethiopia

Article in Press

The study was conducted to evaluate the effect of soil moisture conservation treatments on soil moisture, yield and yield components of Maize in Daro Lebu district of western Hararghe zone where highly affected by moisture stress. The soil moisture conservation treatments used were tied ridges, tied ridges with vetiver 5cm thickness mulch, tied ridges with vetiver 10cm thickness mulch, vetiver mulching 10cm thickness only,...

Author(s):Gamachu Ayala, Ayana Bulti and Bayisa Muleta

Cocoa (Theobroma cacao) and local fruit species interaction: Case of Beilschmiedia mannii in traditional agroforestry systems in western Côte d'Ivoire.

Article in Press

Cocoa (Theobroma cacao) cultivation in Côte d'Ivoire faces many constraints and remains one of the main causes of deforestation. However, cocoa-based agroforestry and the domestication of cocoa companion trees would be an alternative to overcome these constraints. This study was conducted to improve the sustainability of cocoa production through its association with "Bitéi" (Beilschmiedia mannii) in the localities of...

Author(s):Nzi Jean-Claude, Mbo Kacou Alban Antoine, Lougué Bassirou, Affessi Wenceslas, Kouassi Kouadio Henri and Kouamé Christophe

Combined effect of rates, insecticides and action mode on the controlling the fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda on maize

Article in Press

This work aimed to evaluate the combined effect of rates, insecticides and of action mode to controll the Fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda in the corn crop. The trial was conducted in, Vilankulo distrit, Mozambique, based on a completely randomized block design, on factorial arrangement, consisting of three factors, (i) application rate, with five levels: 100% - recommended; - 5% below the recommended; - 10% - below...

Author(s):Armando Egas José, Bartolomeu Félix Tangune, Jorge Wilson Cortez and Sálvio Napoleão Soares Arcoverde

Harvest timing and nitrogen fertilization alter the production of biomass and antioxidant compound in the parsley

Article in Press

Parsley is a plant widely used in cooking as a condiment which has potential for pharmaceutical use due to flavonoids production, including the apiin, which has antioxidant activity. The current study investigates the influence of N fertilization on the biomass production, soluble fractions, total flavonoids and apiin in the parsley plants at 28 and 56 days after germination (DAG). The experiment was carried out in the...

Author(s):André Marques dos Santos

Genotype by Environment Interaction and Seed yield stability Study of Ethiopian Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) genotypes in Western Oromia

Article in Press

Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) is an important oil crop in the world. A significant genotype by environmental interaction (GEI) presents challenges in the selection of superior genotypes. The objective of this study was to identify stable and high yielding sesame genotypes. Accordingly, 16 sesame genotypes were evaluated in a randomized complete block design at six distinct environments. All important data were collected and...

Author(s):Feyera Takele, Alemeyehu Dhabessa, Solomon Bekele, Chemeda Daba, Adane Arega, Teshome Gutu and Chala Debela

Politicking maize production subsidies, discordant policing and maize self- sufficiency in Zimbabwe

Article in Press

This paper discusses the main challenges faced by Zimbabwe in attaining self-sufficiency in maize production. Being a staple crop, failing to achieve self-sufficiency in maize production would force the country to import maize thereby straining its limited foreign currency and crowding out more important imports like fuel and healthcare drugs. Focusing on experiences, views, and opinions from three districts in Mashonaland...

Author(s):Bindu Samuel

Postulation of Stem Rust Resistance Genes in Ethiopian Durum Wheat Cultivars and Lines

Article in Press

Wheat stem rust (Puccinia graminis f.sp tritici) is the most important one production constraint in Ethiopia. Cultivars with the same genes may increase the selection pressure for corresponding virulent races. Thus, knowledge of resistance genes in cultivars is important for deploying cultivars with different genes to reduce damage. This study was aimed to postulate resistance genes in Ethiopian durum wheat genotypes....

Author(s):Kitessa Gutu

Characterization and performance evaluation of okra (Abelmoschus esculents L.) accessions for agronomic traits in Assosa zone, Northwestern Ethiopia

Article in Press

Okra is an economically important vegetable crop cultivated in tropical and sub-tropical parts of the world with a multipurpose due to its various uses of the fresh leaves, buds, flowers, pods, stems and seeds. Thus, characterization and quantification of the genetic diversity and information on the genetic diversity within and among closely related crop genotypes is essential for a rational use of plant genetic resources...

Author(s):Mesay Paulos and Gobeze Loha


Article in Press

Introduction: The animal handler performs activities such as feeding, restraining and transporting animals. This worker may develop musculoskeletal disorders resulting from working conditions. Objectives: To describe musculoskeletal symptoms in Brazilian animal handlers. Method: This study was carried out with the population of animal handlers in an Ecological Park. Initially, a sociodemographic and health questionnaire...

Author(s):Ana Lucy Rodrigues Ferreira and Tatiana De Oliveira Sato

Comparative Studies on Biomass and Yield response of Sorghum Cultivars under Various Population Densities in Anambra state Various Population Densities in Anambra state

Article in Press

Field experiments were conducted at ChukwuemekaOdumegwuOjukwu University, Igbariam research field in 2019 and 2020 cropping seasons. The objectives were to evaluate the biomass and grain yield of six sorghum cultivars (CSR01, Samsorg11, Samsorg40, Samsorg44, Samsorg45 and Samsorg46) under four plant densities (941760, 1333000, 2182000 and 5714000 plants/ha) constituted the treatments which were laid out in a randomized...

Author(s):Ngonadi, E.N. and Okoli, E.E.

Raising crop productivity of smallholder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa: long-term Ugandan fertilizer study

Article in Press

Peri-urban small-holder farms throughout Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) are predominantly run by women who traditionally use livestock manure as a fertiliser. The rates applied are often inadequate for optimum crop yields contributing to low farmer income and exacerbating food insecurity in the region. This report summarises targetted fertilizer experiments in Uganda from 2010 to 2019 aimed to improve crop yield. Preliminary...

Author(s):Innocent Muhereza, Deborah Pritchard and David Collins

Participatory Demonstration and Evaluation of Improved Maize Technologies in Selected districts of West Shewa, East Wollega and Ilu-Ababora Zones of Western Oromia

Article in Press

This activity was conducted in Ilu-Gelan, Bako Tibe, Gobu Sayo, Sibu Sire, Bonaya Boshe and Ilu-Harar districts of Western Oromia with the objective of demonstrating the recently released maize varieties, BH-546 and BH-547 along with Limu as standard check to the farming community in these districts. These districts were purposively selected based on potentiality for maize production; and one potential PA from each...

Author(s):Effa Wolteji, Bayisa Gedafa, Dubiso Gacheno and Berhanu Soboka

Effects of Blended NPSB Fertilizers and Farm Yard Manure Rates on Yield and Yield Components of Hot Pepper (Capsicum annum L.) in Jima Genet District, Western Ethiopia

Article in Press

Hot pepper is one of the Ethiopia's most commercially significant vegetable and spice horticultural crop. However, due to a lack of soil fertility and other variables, its output is quite poor. Moreover, the main obstacles restricting the production are insufficient fertilization and a lack of recommendations on the proper rates of application of organic and inorganic fertilizers. In the 2020–2021 growing season, research...

Author(s):Negasa Desalegn

Coping with Catastrophe: Crop Diversity and Crop Production in Tigray National Regional State in northern Ethiopia

Article in Press

Tigray, the most northerly of Ethiopia’s ethnically based Regional States, covers an area of 53 386 km sq and has a population exceeding 5.17 million of whom some 24.3% are urban dwellers. Wide agroclimatic variations result from altitudinal differences (600-300+ meters) and rainfall patterns. The area is a center of origin of many cultivated and wild plants. The mainly agricultural rural population, farming small areas...

Author(s):R Trevor Wilson

Effects of plant densities on the performance of common bean varieties in multiple environments of northwestern Tanzania

Article in Press

A study was carried out at two sites in Tanzania to assess the effect of different planting densities on growth and yield of five recently released bush bean varieties. The experiment was laid out in a split-plot design in a factorial arrangement with three replications during long and short rainy seasons of 2019/20 and 2020/21. The treatments comprised five bean varieties; TARIBEAN 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, and five plant...

Author(s):Raya Joseph Amara Nundu, Joseph Josephat Kimisha, Julius Peter Mbiu, Teshale Assefa Mamo and Boaz S. Waswa

The Effects of Agricultural R&D Investments on Poverty and Undernourishment in sub-Saharan Africa

Article in Press

The analysis explores the relationship between agricultural R&D investments, and rural poverty and undernourishment in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Agricultural R&D knowledge stocks (KS) account for the lagged effects of research. Causal mediation analysis assesses the impacts of KS and measure the effect of KS-induced productivity growth on poverty and undernourishment. Evidence suggests that growth in KS helped reducing...

Author(s):Rui Benfica and Alejandro Nin-Pratt

Enhanced off season seed yam production from rooted single node vines under drip irrigation and rice mulch

Article in Press

Yam (Dioscorea rotundata) performance under irrigation and mulch has not been widely investigated. It is propagated vegetatively, primarily by small whole tubers (seed yams), pieces (setts) cut from larger tubers and vines. However, the use of single node vines for seed yam production remains low due to unavailability of adequate soil moisture and consequential poor vine survival. This study was carried out to investigate...

Author(s):Chantal A. Tiku, Israel K. Dzomeku and Emmanuel B. Chamba

Role of inclusive finance in smallholder farmer’s growth and commercialisation in SADC

Article in Press

Inclusive finance refers to the delivery of financial services and products that are available, accessible, and affordable to all segments of society, to achieve inclusive economic growth. In the Southern African Development Community (SADC), smallholder farmers are disadvantaged from accessing formal financial services and this has affected the commercialisation of smallholder farmers. This paper examines the role of...

Author(s):Isaac Phiri, Moraka N. Makhura and Nobuhle D Mbonane

Daily weight gain of goats until weaning receiving two schemes of mineral supplementation

Article in Press

The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of commercial mineral supplementation and selective mineral supplements in which only elements known to be deficient in the animal's diet. In an experiment conducted in Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, were analyzed: daily weight gain, nutritional and economic aspects of goats mixed breed receiving two types of mineral supplements. The sixteen...

Author(s):Viviane A. Pimentel, Pedro A.M. Malafaia, Karen P. Freitas Magiero, Bruno B. Deminicis, Gustavo S.L. Mariana de S. Farias and Bráulio P. Faria

Phenotypic characterization of white, red and yellow maize germplasm and selection for high beta-carotene accessions

Article in Press

Yellow maize varieties in Ghana have low beta-carotene levels, but if improved, they could lessen the negative health effects of vitamin-A deficiency. Finding promising yellow maize accessions that could be used to breed higher beta-carotene varieties was the goal of the study.The study involved the collection of 100 local accessions, phenotypic identification, evaluation of genetic relatedness, and quantification of the...

Author(s):Gilbert Ansah, Samuel Amiteye, Harry Mensah Amoatey, Vivian Oduro, Maxwell Abive-Bortsi, Jacob Teye Kutufam, Doris Akua Dzimega, Jonathan Okai Armah, Innocent Kwaku Dorvlo and Godwin Amenorpe


Article in Press

This study adopted the concept of marketed surplus to establish output supply response of paddy rice to input and output prices using cross sectional panel data produced by NBS in 2012/2013 and 2017/2018 later referred to in this report as period I and II respectively. A Tobit regression was performed on a semi-log functional form and the supply response elasticities estimated as products of coefficient of the marginal...

Author(s):Ogundele Olorunfemi Oladapo

Zai pit combined with integrated nutrient management for improving soil aggregate stability, moisture content and microbial biomass in drylands of Eastern Kenya

Article in Press

This study sought to assess the impact of selected soil conservation and water harvesting technologies as promising options for alleviating soil moisture crisis, enhancing soil fertility and reducing soil erosion in the drylands of Eastern Kenya. An experiment was set up to investigate the responses of soil aggregate stability, moisture contents and soil microbial biomass carbon and nitrogen (SMBC and SMBN) to Zai...

Author(s):Mercy Cheruto Kebenei, Monicah Mucheru-Muna and Felista Muriu-Ng’ang’a

Plantleaf detection using Deep Learning

Article in Press

Precision agriculture demands the recognition of plant species with help of distinct leaf characteristics such as form, texture, border, and colour etc. Plant leaf recognition has drawn special interest in the domain of computer vision.Existing models classifyspecific types of plants. These models classify limited number of plants at time. But there is need to recognize maximum number of plants in single model. This paper...

Author(s):Ganga Holi, Madhu B, Priyanka.V, KJ Varma

Fertilization options for improved cassava productivity and economic profitability in the Pissa and Damara areas, Central African Republic: Comparative Approach

Article in Press

This study aimed to identify fertilization options for improving cassava productivity and profitability in two contrasting regions of the Central African Republic. The Pissa (guinea forest) and Damara (savannah). The study adopted a randomized complete block design with four treatments replicated four times in a plot size of 7m by 7m. The treatments were; T1(Control), T2(Peasant practice), T3(sole NPK), and T4(Cow...

Author(s):Gougodo De Mon-Zoni L. J., Kosh-Komba E., Omenda J.A., Zaman M., Mingabaye-Bendima B., Batawila K. and Akpagana K

Evaluation of micro-irrigation and mulch systems on nectarine fruit production

Article in Press

The study was conducted during 2018/2019 early summer season at Marondera University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology orchard which is located in region 11B. A factorial experiment to evaluate water use productivity, growth and development of nectarines tree under drip irrigation and different mulching treatments was done. A 2x4 factorial treatment of irrigation and mulching (no mulch, black plastic, grass and maize...

Author(s):Nyagura Sinikiwe and Wonder Ngezimana

Protective Equipment Use By Veterinarians In Nigeria

Article in Press

The transmissible nature of certain diseases makes anthropozoonosis an important hazard associated with veterinarians. For this reason, the attitude and compliance of veterinarians in Nigeria to personal protective equipment (PPE) use was studied using a structured interviewer-administered questionnaire. Questionnaires were administered at the 2017 Veterinary continuing education seminar held at Akure (Ondo state),...

Author(s):Jones S. Akinbobola, Jerome Nyhalah Dinga, Jude N. Omeje, Ruth I. A. Akinbobola, Emmanuel E. Oguntade, James O. Babalola, Olabode R. Ifarajimi and Kazeem A. Tijani

Effect of girdling and harvest maturity on ‘Hass’ avocado fruit exocarp colour development during ripening

Article in Press

During ripening, ‘Hass’ avocado fruit develops exocarp colour from emerald-green to purple, then black, which is regulated by anthocyanin; specifically, by cyanidin 3-O-glucoside. Branch girdling and maturity has been shown to increase carbohydrate accumulation and fruit colour in several fruit crops. This study determines the interactive effect between girdling and harvest maturity to improve avocado fruit exocarp colour...

Author(s):Kingsly Shikwambana, Nhlanhla Mathaba and Tieho Paulus Mafeo

Can maize smallholder farmers in the Southern and Northern highlands of Tanzania increase net revenue from their storage facilities?

Article in Press

Most farmers in Tanzania implement risk reduction strategies of storing maize in local facilities and sell the grain soon after storage. The approach buffers against crop price fluctuation and market instability. This study aims at understanding the integration of hermetic bags technology to local storage facilities at smallholder farmers’ context and its contribution to maize crop net revenue. The Agronomic Survey (APS)...

Author(s):Mwaijande V.J., J.V. Msinde, A.M. Akyoo and A.A. Mushongi

Effect of molybdenum and nitrogen rates on the growth and vegetative structure of Megathyrsus maximus (Syn. Panicum maximum).

Article in Press

The objective of this study was to identify the rate of molybdenum that, associated with nitrogen fertilization, would provide the best responses on the vegetative structureof Mombasa grass. Forty days after planting, a uniform pruning was made when the established levels of molybdenum were applied and the experimental period started. The experimental design was a randomized block, with four replications (blocks), in a 5x6...

Author(s):Borges Deminicis Bruno

A survey on the socio-economic aspects of indigenous Tswana goat production systems in the five agro-ecological regions of Botswana

Article in Press

This study aimed to assess the production systems of the indigenous Tswana goats reared under typical smallholder farming settings in Botswana. A total of 310 households with Tswana goats were randomly selected from five agro-ecological regions of Botswana. Key structured questionnaires were used to collect baseline data on goats' socio-economic parameters, husbandry practises, breeding and selection, disease control,...

Author(s):Ditiro Maletsanake

Ethnobotany and perceptions of farmers on the value of taro (colocasia esculenta) in Benin republic

Article in Press

Taro (Colocasia esculenta) is a widely grown vegetatively propagated food crop in the Benin Republic. The taro leaf blight (TLB) epidemic in 2009, caused by Phytophthora colocasiae, has destroyed taro production and wiped out many taro landraces in West Africa. A survey was conducted in the southern region of Benin to assess the status of taro and TLB, ethnobotany, farmers' perceptions of taro, and identify production...

Author(s):Z. Natacha Julienne Quenum, P. Lava Kumar, Malachy O. Akoroda, Alexandre Dansi Ramesh Raju Vetukuri, Ranjana Bhattacharjee

Assessment of Performance of SWAP and CROPWAT model simulating irrigation water requirement on Sugarcane Yield of Kuraz Irrigation Project

Article in Press

The role of simulation models in understanding the processes in the soil-plant-atmosphere system has increased significantly in recent years. This is attributed to increased computing capabilities available today. Mathematical models, be it physically or empirically based, have the promising potential to explore solutions to water management problems. In the sub basin, frequent events of high and low rainfall, less work...

Author(s):Natan Molla Yimer

Growth performance and carcass characteristics of Kuroiler chicks fed on Silkworm pupae (Bombyx mori) diet.

Article in Press

Utilization of silkworm pupae meal for feed will partially meet the protein feed deficiency, and fish meal competing uses. Silkworm pupa was used as a fishmeal substitute at different levels in poultry feeds to determine the growth performance and carcass characteristics after feeding day old Kuroiler chicks for 8 weeks. Fishmeal was substituted with Silkworm pupae at percentages of 25 (T3), 50 (T2) and 100 (T1) with a...

Author(s):Nyanchoka W, Muriithi A. N and Kasina M

Survey of the distribution and severity of white mango scale in mango production in Eastern Ethiopia

Article in Press

Mango production in Ethiopia is harmed by a number of arthropod pests particularly the White Mango Scales (WMS) is major pest of grave concern to mango growers. The main objective of this study was to assess the current status of WMS insect pest in Mango production and farmers’ knowledge about the pest in eastern Ethiopia. WMS distribution and severity specifically in the major mango growing areas East Hararghe, Harari...

Author(s):Gelana Keno and Mulatu Wakgari

Production and utilisation of Bambaranut (Vigna subterranea (L.) Verdc.) in Northern and Eastern Uganda

Article in Press

Bambaranut (BN) (Vigna subterranea (L.) Verdc.) is a nutrient rich, drought tolerant food legume that can contribute to food security and community resilience. In Uganda however, production and utilisation remain in relative obscurity. A study was conducted in Northern and Eastern Uganda to determine production and utilisation practices and identify challenges and opportunities for BN improvement. Primary data on...

Author(s):Gerard Oballim, Morish Obura, James Mumo Mutio, Prossy Isubikalu, Wilson Opile and Julius Onyango Ochuodho

Application of pulverized local rhyolitic powders to improve cabbage productivity and soil chemicals in Bandjoun, west Cameroon

Article in Press

A field trial was conducted to assess the effect of the application of pulverized rhyolitic materials and poultry manure on the yield of cabbages and soil chemicals in the locality of Bandjoun, west Cameroon. The treatment with rhyolitic rock materials combined with poultry manure portrayed the best yield (= 51 000 kgha-1) followed by the treatment with poultry manure alone (= 27 000 kgha-1). Lower yields were obtained...

Author(s):Tetsopgang Samuel and Tagne Foka Armand

Assessment of different rates of neem extract as bio-pesticide for the control of insect vectors and associated viral diseases in okra

Article in Press

Neem extract as bio-pesticide is effective in reducing insect pest populations. However, farmers lack information on the effective application rate. The study ascertained the effective neem extract concentration for reducing insect vector numbers, incidence and severity of the viral diseases. Three rates 20, 30 and 40 ml/L of neem extract, commercial pesticide Akape® and water as control were sprayed as treatments on field...

Author(s):Christian Kwasi Akama, Samuel Amiteye, Andrew Sarkodie Appiah, Prince Buertey Kpentey, Robert Appiah, Jacob Teye Kutufam, Doris Akua Dzimega and Godwin Amenorpe

Pastoralists Perceptions towards Rangeland Degradation and Management practices in Pastoralist Dry Land Area: The Case of Gomole District, Borana Zone, Oromia Region, Ethiopia

Article in Press

The purpose of this study was to assess Pastoralists Perceptions towards Rangeland Degradation and Management practices in Pastoralist Dry Land Area among the Borana pastoral communities. Mainly the data for this particular study was collected from both primary and secondary sources. The primary data obtained through household questionnaires, key informant interview, focus group discussions and field observation while...

Author(s):Galma Dabbaso waariyo and wakala Gababo Guyo

Does urban agriculture help to win battle against food insecurity? Evidence from city administrations of gurage zone southern Ethiopia

Article in Press

This study aimed to assess the impact of urban agriculture for improving food security in four town administrations found in Gurage zone. Primary data was collected from 340 sampled adopters using interview, focus group discussion and observation. Propensity score matching (PSM) model was used to assess the impact of urban agriculture on food security. The statistical analysis revealed that there was a statistically...

Author(s):Henok Tesfaye, Mossa Mitikue, Tatek Tamiru

Variation of some growth, agronomical and biochemical parameters of Vigna unguiculata (L. Walp) under salinity stress

Article in Press

The variation of some growth, agronomical and biochemical parameters of Vigna unguiculata (L. Walp) under salinity stress were investigated in the greenhouse and farm conditions. Plants were subjected to 0, 50, 100 and 200 mM NaCl. The increases of NaCl in the culture medium significantly (P< 0.001) decreased the growth parameters (number of leaves, noose diameter, leaf area and stem height), dry biomass (roots, shoots and...

Author(s):NOUCK Alphonse Ervé, Mbouobda Herman Desiré, Nzouakeu Mbuntcha Cynthia Linelle, Choula Fridolin, Ndouma Mbondjo Cécile, Erica Wiraghan Shang, Taffouo Victor Desiré

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