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  • Start Year: 2006

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Article in Press

Status and distribution of soil available micronutrients along a hillslope at Ekpri Ibami in Akamkpa Local Government Area of Cross River State, Nigeria

A field study of the status and distribution of available soil micronutrients along a hillslope of Ekpri Ibami was carried out on a 50 ha land. The aim of the study is to evaluate the micronutrient status and distribution and their relationship with some selected soil properties. A total of 16 soil samples were collected from each pedogenic horizons of four profile pits dug along a hillslope classified as upper slope,...

Author(s):John Kingsley, Ayito Esther O., A.U. Akpan-Idiok, O.D. Effiom

Article in Press

The effects of sowing date on growth, seed yield and oil content of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) cultivars under rainfed conditions

This study was conducted at Research Farm of Ahi Evran University in Kırşehir Province of Turkey in 2012 and 2013 to determine effects of sowing date on yield and agronomic characteristics of sunflower hybrid cultivars in rainfed conditions. Five sowing dates 10 days apart set on 10th April, 20th April, 1st May, 10th May and 20th May and 6 hybrid sunflower cultivars (LG-5580, SanayMr, SanbroMr, Sirena, Tarsan and Transol)...

Author(s):İsmail Demir

Article in Press

Characterization of Pico Island (Azores) wood-pastures

Wood-pastures are gaining importance in various parts of the planet, either for their role in combating desertification, protecting endemic faunas and flora, or their role in animal welfare or nutritional value in all year round grazing systems. On Pico island and on other islands in the Azores, farmers have been using tree pastures for a long time, especially in the winter, when there is a shortage of grass and the...

Author(s):C.S.A.M. Maduro Dias, C. Ortiz, C.F.M. Vouzela, J.S. Madruga, A.E.S. Borba

Article in Press

Effects of Moisture Stresses during Vegetative and Reproductive growth Phases on Productivity of Six Selected Rainfed Rice Varieties in Ifakara, Tanzania

In order to study the critical growth stages, and the most tolerant rice varieties in both lowland and upland rainfed ecosystems, an experiment arranged in split plots based on randomized complete block design was conducted under field conditions with 3 replications. Three stress timing irrigation treatments (No stress, Vegetative moisture stress, and Reproductive moisture stress) were assigned as th main plots, while 6...

Author(s):Kitilu, Mganga Joshua Fimbo, Nyomora AM S, Charles Joseph

Article in Press

Foliar Application of Zinc Sulphate to Improve Yield and Grain Zinc Content in Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Foliar application is a promising agronomic strategy as it involves direct adsorption and loading of nutrients from leaf surface to phloem in comparatively far less quantity than soil applications. Present investigation entails the evaluation of most suitable treatment of zinc sulphate to improve growth and yield components of wheat. Significant increase in leaf length, leaf area, plant height, number of tillers, spike...

Author(s):Shehla Noreen, Atif Kamran

Article in Press

Effects of Intercropping of Teff and Haricot Bean Different Row Spacing and Seeding Rate on Yield and Yield Components in Tach Gaint District, Ethiopia.

A field experiment was conducted during the main cropping season 2016 at Tach Gaint, Ethiopia, to study the effect of intercropping of teff with haricot bean different row spacing and seeding rate on yield and yield components. The experiment was designed through factorial combinations of two seeding rates of teff (3k g/ha and 5 kg/ha), four inter-row spacings (15 cm, 20 cm, 25 cm and 30 cm) between teff and haricot bean...

Author(s):Tsegaye Demlie, Getachew Alemayehu, Zigyalew Gashaw

Article in Press

Screening of Bread Wheat Genotypes for Slow Rusting Resistance to Yellow Rust (Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici) and Association Among Parameters in Southeastern Ethiopia

Rapid evolution and spread of new virulent races of yellow rust results in frequent failure of new varieties released in Ethiopia. Thus, it is inevitable to identify durable sources of resistance for wheat rusts. The study was conducted to identify slow rusting resistance to yellow rust among thirty bread wheat genotypes and to understand the association of slow rusting characters with grain yield at Sinana and Agarfa,...

Author(s):Tilahun Bayisa, Habtamu Terefe, Tesfaye Letta

Article in Press

Seed treatment and pre-inoculation of soybean: effect of storage period and agrochemicals on the physiological quality of seed and yield

Industrial seed treatment of soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr.] has increased over the last years. New technologies have been developed to allow the inoculation procedure, which is traditionally done at the day of sowing, to be performed with the industrial treatment days or even weeks before sowing. Since little is known about the compatibility of agrochemicals and pre-inoculation, the objective of this study was to...

Author(s):Itacir Eloi Sandini, Rafael Brugnera Belani, Margarete Kimie Falbo, Fabiano Pacentchuk, Jaqueline Huzar-Novakowiski

Article in Press

Women involvement in the fishery activities of two coastal communities in Sierra Leone

Women make up an important part of the fishing sector and play critical role particularly in small-scale fisheries, and increasingly in capture fishing and other activities. However, the roles of women are often undervalued due to the lack of attention to gender roles in fisheries especially in Africa. This research was therefore motivated to investigate the roles of women in two coastal communities of Sierra Leone....

Author(s):Olufemi J. Olapade, Daniella F. Sesay

Article in Press

Land Use Land Cover Change Trend and Its Drivers in Somodo Watershed South Western, Ethiopia.

Land use land cover (LULC) dynamics are a widespread, accelerating, and significant process driven by human actions. LULC changes analysis is one of the most precise techniques to understand how land was used in the past, what types of changes are to be expected in the future, as well as the forces and processes behind the changes. This study was carried out to evaluate the historical and future trends as well as driving...

Author(s):Fasika Alemayehu, Motuma Tolera,Gizaw Tesfaye

Article in Press

The Effect of Institutional Credit on Sugarcane Productivity: Evidence from Southern Sindh, Pakistan

The purpose of this paper is to examine the impact of institutional credit on sugarcane productivity in southern Sindh, Pakistan. Data used in this study are gathered through a survey of 120 sugarcane farmers in Badin district within Sindh province of Pakistan. This study employed descriptive statistics and Cobb-Douglas production function to analyse the data. The findings show that the coefficient of institutional credit...

Author(s):Abbas Ali Chandio, Yuansheng Jiang, Abdul Rehman

Article in Press

Evaluation of improved chickpea varieties for resistance to Fusarium wilt (Fusarium oxysporum) under field condition in sick plot.

Chickpea wilt/root rot caused by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp ciceris is devastating disease of chickpea in Ethiopia. A study was to evaluate the resistance of the improved chickpea varieties to fusarium wilt disease. About nine kabuli and ten desi type include one JG-62 differential were evaluated in RCB Design with three replications in Debre Zeit sick plot in 2017. As results of the study found that significant differences...

Author(s):Asrat Zewdie

Article in Press

Promoting Digital Agriculture through Big Data for Sustainable Farm Management

Digitalization of agriculture may be a solution to feed a huge growing population in the future. Application of big data is a key tool to digitalize the agriculture sector. Though there is a long debate on its applicability to agriculture, this study aims to address how big data technology contribute to digital agriculture in terms of sustainable farm management. The study uses an extensive review of current research work...

Author(s):Md Altab Hossin, Md Nazirul Islam Sarker

Article in Press

Feed Intake, Digestibility and Live Weight Change of Hair Type Lambs Fed on Tef (Eragrostis tef) Straw Silage Inoculated with Effective Microorganism Basal Diet and Supplemented with Concentrates

The study was conducted with the objectives of assessing the effect of breed and concentrate supplementation of tef straw silage (TSS) inoculated with effective microorganisms on intake and digestibility of nutrients, growth and feed efficiency of Afar (Af) and Arsi-Bale (AB) lambs. Each lamb was fed on TSS alone or supplemented with either wheat bran Bokashi (WBB) alone or WBB mixed with noug seed cake (NSC). Results...

Author(s):Tibebu Manaye Zewide, Ashenafi Mengistu Wossen, Adugna Tolera Yadeta, Geert H. Geesink

Article in Press

Potential Food Safety Risk: Extensive Use of Agro Chemical in Fruit Production in Bangladesh

The main focus of this study is to investigate the farmer’s use of agro-chemicals in the cultivation, ripening and preservation of fruits and to explore the determinants which influence use of agro-chemicals. Ninety-four farmers are selected randomly from a total of 157 fruit growers in a major fruit production area in Bangladesh. Co-efficient of correlation are computed in order to explore the determinants of...

Author(s): Md Nazirul Islam Sarker, Md Altab Hossin, Md Shahidul Islam, Mir Mukut Md Abu Syed

Article in Press

Big data driven smart agriculture: pathway for sustainable development

Increasing agriculture production is top most solution in the face of rapid population growth through digitalization of agriculture by using most developed technology like big data. There is a long debate on the application of big data in agriculture. This study is an attempt to explore the suitability of the big data technologies for increasing production and improving quality in agriculture. The study uses an extensive...

Author(s):Md Nazirul Islam Sarker, Md Altab Hossin, Md Shahidul Islam, Md Saiful Islam, S M Hasan Mahmud

Article in Press

Determination of urban sprawl effects on farmlands value using GIS

This paper aims to determine urban sprawl boundaries and the factors of affecting farmland value in urban sprawl. Urban sprawl index is calculated to identify its boundaries and Analytic Hierarchic Process Method is used for the determination of weight for the factors. By using these weights in the Geographic Information System (GIS) technology, the value map is created. We illustrate that the farmlands in urban sprawls...

Author(s):Zuhal Karakayaci

Article in Press

Dietary Houttuynia cordata/fermented red koji blends to improve duck growth performance and alum blends addition to reduce litter ammonia content

We investigated the effects of different formulations of the herb Houttuynia cordata (HC) mixed with fermented red koji (FRK) as feed additives on the growth performance ducks and the effects of adding chemical blends (alum and AlCl3) on the pH and ammonia (NH3) content of duck litter. After a 2-week brooding period, 240 one-day-old Peking ducks (160 male and 80 female) were allocated to one of four dietary groups...

Author(s):W.W Jang, T.H. Chung, I. H. Choi

Article in Press

Nutrient utilization and nitrogen metabolism by West African Dwarf bucks fed molasses-treated biodegraded rice husk

The quest for meeting animal protein demand in the tropics using unconventional feed resources without compromising the quality led to this study. Hence, the study was conducted to assess the nutritional potentials of biodegraded rice husk treated with or without molasses and evaluate the response of West African Dwarf (WAD) goat-bucks fed the diets. Five experimental diets were formulated: Diet 1 – control diet contained...

Author(s):Oluwatosin Bode Omotoso, Tomilola Ayo Arilekolasi

Article in Press

Genetic Diversity of Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Accessions collected from Sudan and IRRI Using SSR Markers

The assessment of genetic diversity of the traditional rice varieties or landraces is an essential component in germplasm characterization and conservation to identify potential parents. In the present study SSR markers (588 SSR markers) were used for the assessment of genetic diversity and relatedness among 31 rice accessions. These included 18 accessions from Sudan and 13 from IRRI. Among the SSR markers used only 483...

Author(s):Seif Gasim, Ishraka Abuanja, Abdel-Wahab Abdalla

Article in Press

Assessment of land use patterns and land cover change in Igwuruta Area of Rivers State, Nigeria

The study assessed land use land cover change in Igwuruta in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria within a thirty year (1986 – 2015) period. Land cover and land use (LCLU) analysis of Igwuruta (about 8.69 km2 or 870 hectares), was appraised for the period using remote sensing, GIS and physical soil resources inventory techniques. Primary source satellite imageries were extracted from the maps of the LCLU by the application of...

Author(s):Kamalu, O. J, Wokocha C. C

Article in Press

Physiologically Meaningful Moisture Content Determination for Brazil Nut (Bertholletia excelsa Bonpl.) Seeds

Brazil nut (Bertholletia excelsa Bonpl.; Lecythidaceae) seeds are large, and the oily embryo (edible part) is covered by a thick, woody seed coat. Difficulties in seed storage may be due to desiccation sensitivity of the seeds, and prior variable results may be related to procedures for seed moisture content (MC) determination. This study first compared 3 methods of preparation of whole seeds, prior to MC determination:...

Author(s):Diana Soares Bentes, Geângelo Petene Calvi, Isolde Dorothea Kossmann Ferraz

Article in Press

Local adaptation strategies of climate vulnerable riverine Island (char) dwellers for livelihood resilience

Adaptation is a key tool to reduce the vulnerability of climate change impacts of rural people whose livelihood is dependent on agriculture. Adaptation policy and strategy cannot be effective without an understanding of the perception of climate change and local adaptation strategies of the people. This study aims to explore the perception of climate change and local adaptation strategies of the riverine island (char)...

Author(s):Md Nazirul Islam Sarker, Wu Min, Md Altab Hossin, GM Monirul Alam

Article in Press

Isotopic signature of the relation between environment and the quality of spatial coffee

The intrinsic quality of the Bourbon cultivar is well known for a high level of sweetness , intense aroma and pleasant acidity. With the evident relationship between product quality and the environment in mind, the need arises for scientific studies to provide a foundation for discrimination of product origin. Given this context, the aim of this study was to evaluate the use of stable isotopes in discrimination of...

Author(s):Barbosa, J. N ; Borem, F. M; Alves, H. M. R; Cirillo, M. A; Hanson, C. M. F. M. da S.

Article in Press

Analysis of potato market structure, conduct and performance: In case of Machakel district, Ethiopia.

This article investigated the structure conduct and performance of potato market in Machakel District using survey data for 2016/17.. Primary data was collected from randomly selected 150 potato producers and 30 traders. Concentration ratio and gross margin were used for this analysis. Machakel District potato market showed highly oligopolistic nature with concentration ratio of 87.16% which was dominated by four traders...

Author(s):Belayneh Yohannes Mebratie

Article in Press

Comparison of bioslurry to common nitrogen sources on potato (Solanum Tuberosum L) yield and yield components in andisols and oxisols of Northern Rwanda

This study evaluated the effect of bioslurry from on-farm biogas production units and other sources of nitrogen fertilizer on Irish potato yield and yield components in northern Rwanda. To achieve this, an on-farm experiment was undertaken in the Andisols of Musanze District and the Oxisols of Gicumbi District in 2012. Three farms were selected to host the study in each District. Six (6) treatments were randomly tested in...

Author(s):Karemangingo Charles, Aloys Fashaho, Judith Uwihirwe

Article in Press

Levels of some selected metals (Fe, Cu and Zn) in selected vegetables and soil around eastern industry zone, central Ethiopia

The purpose of this study was to determine the concentration of selected metals (Fe, Zn and Cu) in vegetables and the soil contaminating levels as a result of irrigation using Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (FAAS). The wet digestion and sequential fractionation extraction procedures were employed to solubilize the metals from the collected samples. The results obtained from this study showed overall...

Author(s):Dagne Bekele Bahiru, Endale Teju

Article in Press

Fluid form of P fertilizers and soil amendment application improve the availability and mobility of P in calcareous soils

Increasing the efficiency of phosphorus (P) containing fertilizers, which are dependent on limited raw material sources, is very important for the use of sources as well as minimizing possible environmental risks. That’s why; effects of P applied as mono-ammonium phosphate (MAP) in different forms (liquid and granule) and soil amendment containing humic acid and fulvic acid (HA+FA), on growth and P uptake of model plant...

Author(s):Emin Bülent Erenoğlu, Şeyhmus Dündar

Article in Press

Mango (Mangifera indica L.) production practices and constraints in major production regions of Ethiopia

Mango (Mangifera indica L.) is the second among fruit crops in Ethiopia in its production coverage and economical importance. However, compared to the countries’ potential, it is at the infant stage. This study was conducted to identify the main mango cultivars, production practices and constraints in east and western Ethiopia in 2016. Study areas were selected purposively based on their extensive mango production....

Author(s):Tewodros Bezu Neguse, Fredah K. Rimberia Wanzala, Wassu Mohammed Ali, Willis O. Owino, Githiri Stephen Mwangi

Article in Press

Management of the nematode of the nodule of Meloidogyne incognita in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) with extracts in a biospace condition

For the management of nematode of nodule of Meloidogyne incognita in plants of Solanum lycopersicum L., it was determined the effectiveness of plant extracts: Ruta graveolens, Eucalyptus spp., Ocimum basilicum, Acacia farnesiana, and Nicotiana tabacum, and as a control fungus Paecilomyces lilacinus 6.5x1013 UFC/g were used. For each treatment, 5000 nematodes J2 of M. incognita/plant were used. The extracts were applied per...

Author(s):Aquino Bolaños T, Matadamas Ortiz PT, López Vásquez C F and Inés Vásquez S

Article in Press

Examining the viability of the shea industry in Ghana

This study examined the viability of the shea butter industry in Ghana and the potential for establishing shea tree plantations in Ghana and. The financial costs and returns of establishing shea tree orchards in Ghana were examined. The viability of shea processing was also examined using household level data from 14 shea producing communities. 150 shea butter processors were interviewed using semi-structured...

Author(s):Patrick Muotono Izideen Maanikuu, Kenan Peker

Article in Press

Genotype x environment interaction and AMMI analysis oil yield performance of white seeded sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) genotypes in northern Ethiopia

The experiment was conducted during the 2014-2015 cropping season in northern Ethiopia with the objectives of evaluatinge the nature and magnitude of Genotype x Environment Interaction (GEI) for oil yield of white seeded sesame genotypes and to identify stable and promising genotypes for general and specific adaptations across sesame growing areas. The experiment was conducted in Humera, Dansha, Maykadra, Sheraro,...

Author(s):Yirga Belay, Firew Mekbib, Eyasu Abraha

Article in Press

Changing apple producers’ behaviour in pest control through pheromone traps: The case of Balkiri Village in Egirdir District of Isparta, Turkey

The study discusses the results of research carried out in Balkiri village in Egirdir district in the province of Isparta in Turkey. The aim of the study was to identify the perspectives of the apple producers regarding pest control and specifically biotechnical control, based on data collected through face-to-face interviews with 100 apple producers in 2015. The village has been one of the pilot areas with a state support...

Author(s):Fatma Handan Giray, Fatmagül Çetin, Bektaş Kadakoğlu

Article in Press

Host Preference and Performance of Cabbage Aphid Brevicoryne brassicae L. (Homoptera: Aphididae) on Four Different Brassica species

Host preference and performance of cabbage aphid B. brassicae were studied on seven brassica varieties under Greenhouse. Nymphs, apterous and alate aphids were significantly different on day three and day 15 among tested varieties. Higher total number of aphids per plant was recorded on Brassica carinata and lower on Brassica oleracea. Alates of B. brassicae preferred more to feed and reproduce on B. carinata varieties...

Author(s):Amlsha Mezgebe, Ferdu Azerefegne, Yibrah Beyene

Article in Press

Crop abiotic stresses and nutrition of harvested food crops: A Review of impacts, interventions and their effectiveness.

In tandem with the accelerating effects of climate change, efforts to increase agricultural productivity to feed the growing population are still being extensively rolled out in Africa. That notwithstanding, a large population in the continent remains food and nutrition insecure; rendering malnutrition the biggest public health challenge. Coupled with the increased incidences of abiotic stresses, developing countries are...

Author(s):Rowland M Kamanga, Leonard Mndala

Article in Press

Energy Demand Forecast for Turkish Agriculture Sector

Agriculture sector’s share in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is steadily decreasing in Turkey. According to Turkish Statistical Institute’s database, agriculture sector shares in GDP 6.2 percent in 2016 and percentage change compared to same period in previous year -0.1 percent. Agriculture sector shares in GDP 6.1 percent in 2017 and percentage change compared to same period in previous year 17.2 percent. Gross domestic...

Author(s):Mehmet Arif Şanhinl

Article in Press

Role of climate smart agriculture in promoting sustainable agriculture and resilience

In the face of global environmental change, the notion of Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) has emerged as an approach which can contribute to increase agricultural production and income of the poor households through contribution to by reducing greenhouse gases emission. This paper explores the suitability of adopting CSA practices for promoting sustainable agriculture in order to attain global food and nutritional...

Author(s):MdNazirul Islam Sarker, MdAltab Hossin, Wu Min, GmMonirul Alam, MdSaiful Islam

Article in Press

The efficacy of jatropha (jatropha curcas l.) seed cake as an organic fertilizer

Studies to evaluate the efficacy of Jatropha curcas L. (Jatropha) seed cake as an organic fertilizer were carried out at Bunda College of Agriculture during the 2010/2011 growing season using an on-station experiment. The major objective was to evaluate the efficacy of Jatropha seed cake as an organic fertiliser. The field experiment was laid in a 3 × 3 design with 3 levels of Jatropha (0 kg N/ha, 92 kg N/ha and 184 kg...

Author(s):Emmanuel Chidiwa Mbewe, Patson Cleopus Nalivata, Wlikson Makumba, and Venon H. Kabambe

Article in Press

Inventory on banana (Musa spp.) as trading commodities in Maluku islands, Indonesia

This study was conducted with the aim of providing the latest situation on banana genotypic diversity present in the market places, their cultivations, their market chain and trading facilities in Maluku Province, Indonesia. A survey method was used, in which different markets, farmers and government institutions were visited and interviewed. Seventeen genotypes of three different species and different genome and ploidy...

Author(s): Leunufna Semuel, Woltering Ernst, Hogeveen-Van Echteld Esther, Van der Waal Hans-Willem

Article in Press

Natural occurrence of Diadiplosis megalamellae (Barnes) in mealybugs on roses in Kenya

Over the last decade there has been an increasing adoption of Integrated Pest Management on rose farms in Kenya. As a consequence, there has been a rise in secondary pests on rose plants, including in particular the citrus mealybug Planococcus citri (Risso). On cut flowerrose farms in Kenya, the presence of the predatory midge Diadiplosis megalamellae (Barnes) (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) was observed. Therefore, a survey was...

Author(s):Anouk H.J. Hoogendoorn, Ruth Murunde, Evans Otieno, Henry Wainwright

Article in Press

Effects of Brewery Beer Bio-sludge and Liquid Bio-fertilizer on Performance of the Malt Barley Yield, Grain Quality and Soil Fertility at Arsi and West Arsi Zone, 2017 Ethiopia

This study was conducted to investigate the effects of beer bio-sludge, liquid bio-fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer application to barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) var. traveler on the plant performance, grain quality and some soil properties. Treatments applied were: (1) Beer Bio-Sludge (BBS) (2) Liquid Bio-Fertilizer (LBF) (3) Chemical Fertilizer (CHF) (4) No Fertilizer (Control). The experiment was laid-out in simple plot...

Author(s):Aschalew Sisay, Tarekegn Garomsa, Lemmi Legesse

Article in Press

Multi-Criteria Decision System For Greenhouse Site Selection In Lower Euphrates Basin Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Greenhouses have become quite a sought-after agricultural sector due to government support and private company preferences in recent years in Turkey. Greenhouse activities are only limited with Mediterranean and Aegean regions of Turkey and it is not much preferred in the inner regions. Due to these regions being preferred by people, mainly as tourism and settlement areas, it has become essential to find new areas for...

Author(s):Burak Saltuk, Ozan Artun

Article in Press

Associations of biophysical factors with garlic rust (Puccinia allii) epidemics in the Bale highlands, South Eastern Ethiopia

Field survey was conducted in Bale highlands of South Eastern Ethiopia to determine the disease intensity of garlic rust and the association of disease intensity with environmental factors and cultural practices. A total of 140 garlic fields were inspected in four districts and type of cropping system, weed management practices, crop density, previous crop in the field and planting date were recorded. The associations of...

Author(s):Tilahun Negash, Hassen Shifa, Tefera Regassa

Article in Press

Genetic variability in agronomic traits and associations in sorghum [(Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench)] genotypes at intermediate agro-ecology sorghum growing areas of Ethiopia

The present study consists of 14 sorghum genotypes evaluated at Bako, Jimma & Mechara research centers to study genetic variability and interrelationships of traits with GY. The experiment was conducted by using RCBD with three replications during 2014 and 2015 rainy season. Data on important agronomic traits were collected. The combined ANOVA across years and locations showed highly significant differences among genotypes...

Author(s):Adane Gebreyohannes, Taye Tadesse, Amare Seyoum, Habte Nida, Amare Nega, Tsegau Senbetay, Chalachew Endalemaw

Article in Press

Phytochemicals (Phenolic Acids, Flavonoids, and Alkaloids) Contribution to the Feeding Value of Mulberry (Morus spp.) for Rabbits

The feeding value of mulberry leaves for rabbits was quantitatively evaluated based on a single-factor design with five levels in diets (0%, 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20%). Results showed that rabbits given mulberry at 20% & 15% had a relatively lower body weight gain, higher feed conversion ratio, and lower meat ether extract contents than that in the 0% group (P < 0.05). Increased activities of antioxidant enzymes and reduced...

Author(s):Q.R. Hou, W.G. Zhao, T. Chen, L. Li

Article in Press

Climate-smart Integrated Fertilizer Impact on Growth and Yield of Three Varieties of Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus Thumb) in Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria

Field experiments were carried out to determine the impact of climate smart integrated fertilizer; (a) control (no NPK, no GM or 0kg/ha), (b) NPK (15:15:15) at 200kg/ha (c) GM at 20t/ha, (d) 150kg/ha NPK + 5t/ha GM (e) 100kg/ha NPK + 10t/ha GM and (f) 50kg/ha NPK + 15t/ha GM on growth and yield of three watermelon varieties (Sugar baby, Kolack and Charleston grey). The experiment was a split plot fitted into a randomized...

Author(s):Ejiofor, T. E., Ukonze, J. A., Onu, F. M., Ifeanyieze, F. O., Okadi, A.O., Ugwoke, C. U., Ali, C. C., Eze, C. M, Osinem, E. C.

Article in Press

Evaluation of Bread Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Genotypes for Resistance Against Stem Rust (Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici) Diseases at Seedling and Adult stages

Bread wheat is the most important food crops among cereals cultivated in the world and consume in various diets. However, the production of bread wheat majorly affected by fungal diseases especially rust diseases. Of the rust diseases, stem rust is the most destructive due to the frequent emerging of new races of the pathogen. The field experiment was conducted at Kulumsa Agricultural Research Debre Zeyit sub-center using...

Author(s):Desalegn Negasa Soresa

Article in Press

Determinants of Crop Diversification among red pepper producers: Evidence from Northwestern Ethiopia

Ethiopia is the homelands of various crops. As a result, smallholder farmers grow multiple crops on a given piece of land both for consumption and commercial purpose in Ethiopia generally and particularly in northwestern part of the country. However, crop diversification status and extent of farmers were not well understood in the study area. Therefore, this research attempted to examine determinants of crop...

Author(s):Abebe Birara, Tadie Mirie, Taye Melese, Tigabu Dagnew, Abebe Dagnew,Yigerm Mengist

Article in Press

Gender Differences in the Use of Plant Health information Services: A case of Plant Clinics under Plantwise Program in Kenya

A total of 8,699 female and 12,928 male farmers visited plant clinics in Kenya between 2012 and 2016. The lower clinic attendance by women farmers indicates they may lack information on plant health problems. This study aimed to understand the environment plant clinics operate in, identify the reasons for low clinic attendance by women, and possible strategies to reach more female farmers. Stratified random sampling was...

Author(s):Musebe R.O, Mugambi I, Williams F, Mulaa M, Nambiro E, Chege F

Article in Press

Quality of clonal plantlets of Coffea canephora Pierre ex A. Froehner produced using coffee husk in the substrate

Coffee husk is a residue produced during the fruit processing and it is an excellent source of organic matter, it is an interesting alternative to be used in the formation of the substrate to plantlet production, but the proportion in which should be recommended is still an incognita. In this context, this experiment was conducted with the objective of studying the growth, quality and gas exchange rates of clonal plantlets...

Author(s):Wagner Nunes Rodrigues

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